coast to coast with mom’s best friend part 4


coast to coast with mom’s best friend part 4When I woke it must of been 4 in the morning and Shelly was yelling “Eat me bitch, drink my cum.” As I opened my eyes there she was sitting on Carly’s face, coming all over it. I could see Shelly’s cum running off of Carly’s cheeks and I could hear her swallowing as well. Ya when Shelly squirts she really squirts a lot. I wondered if they had been at it all night or if they stopped for a nap.I got up and after using the little boys room I walked back to see Shelly on her side breathing hard and Carly looking at me with lust in her eyes. She got up and fell to her knees in front of me saying “Lets see if the better part of you wants to wake up.” I watch her take me in her mouth as she wrapped her hand around me as well. She soon had me at my full readiness pulled me with her to the bed, she pulled me on top of her as she breathed into my ear “Fuck me, I need it hard and deep.”I pushed into soaking wet pussy and started fucking as hard as I could with her digging her finger nails in my back making me breed as I fucked her. She came hard and loud and as I looked over Shelly was watching us with two fingers in her pussy and with her other hand she was pulling on her left nipple. I could see she was getting off just watching my hammer our new friend and before I could cum myself Shelly said “Save it for me Mike, I want anadolu yakası escort your cum inside me.” With those finger nails dug deep in my skin I had no idea how I was going to be able to pull out the give Shelly what she wanted.Carly moved her hands to my chest pushing me away saying “Fuck her stud so I can suck it out of her, go on fuck her now.” As I stood up Shelly was on her back spread wide waiting for my deposit. I climbed between those sexy legs, all but falling inside her wide open pussy and as I started pumping my shaft in and out of mom’s friend. Carly grabbed my ass with both hands pushing me in even deeper if that was possible. I then felt my ass cheeks being pulled open and I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Carly was pushing her tongue into my asshole. Shelly grabbed and twisted my nipples and I shot off. Shelly started coming right a long with me and it felt so right but kinky as shit as well. Carly took a hold of my hips pulling away from Shelly and almost knocked over to get at had freshy fucked cunt. Shelly yet out a deep groan of pleasure as she felt Carly start her sucking and licking. As I watched the two of them going at it again I wondered with so little sleep how I was going to be able drive anywhere today with crashing the dam car. I wasn’t worried about Shelly cause she would just pass out as soon as we left the anadolu yakası escort parking lot.It didn’t take all to much time for me to hear the sounds of Shelly’s orgasm as it hit her and Carly’s swallowing the love juice I was sure had to be flowing in her mouth. I had heard of women who love oral sex but Carly was out of this world. I sat back in the same chair again as the women appeared to be ready for a break as well.I fell into a deep sleep only to wake at some ringing sound which once I come to my senses I grabbed the phone only to hear some guy saying “It’s past check out time. Do you wish the room for one day more?” I think I said “Ya” and hung up but I wasn’t sure. Shelly was flat on her back sleeping soundly and when I looked around I noticed Carly was gone. I went to get a drink and there was a note from her saying ‘thanks for the best sex I have ever had. Carly.” No number where we could call her or anything. Oh well she was right about the sex that was for sure.I took a shower and as I was drying off I heard Shelly on the phone, it sounded like she was talking to Bill. I cracked the door open and got a real shock. I heard Shelly say “Yes bill I’m sure by the time we get to Hollywood that I will be pregnant. Yes I have got him to cum in me 2 or 3 times a night. No he never asked if I was on any protection and I think he just took anadolu yakası escort it for granted that I was. Ya I know honey I can’t wait to be hold our baby either. I’m sure once we tell him he will be cool with it, don’t worry honey I will let him down easy once I know for sure. Ok honey I love you too and I better going cause the shower isn’t running anymore, bye for now love you.” She hit the end on her phone looking at the bathroom door seeing me standing there dripping wet.She yelled ‘oh god you heard didn’t you? I’m so sorry Mike I was going to tell you when we got to Hollywood, I really was. Please don’t be mad at Bill and me.” I walked over to her taking her in my arms as I noticed the tears running down her face hugging her as I said “It’s ok with me cause I can’t do enough for either you or Bill, you should know that. I wish you would’ve told me cause every morning I have been beating myself up over what we were doing behind Bill’s back. But Shelly I don’t know if I can stop making love to you even once we do get to Hollywood.” I kissed her with all the feelings I have for her and she kissed me back the same way.She looked into my eyes and said “Do you want to make love to me now Mike, cause I really want you too right now.” I picked her up in my arms taking her to bed for a long slow love making session with a different ending. As I was about to cum with Shelly on top she jumped off taking me in her mouth drinking my cum, I loved it cause to me that tells me she does love me as well. I do have to say the thought of my baby growing inside of her is a huge turn on for me and I hope she is pregnant as I write this.

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