Constance caught me with her sister


Constance caught me with her sisterI had published this here some time ago in German and was asked to translate it. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you do. Then I might translate the other parts as well. During my time at the university I had a short and pretty boring relationship with Constance. She was rather unexciting and sex with her was pretty bland but I simply had nothing better to do and to fuck by that time. Besides she had a small pad near the campus. Driving five minutes in the morning beats the hell out of 45 mins in traffic and then the occasional boring fuck in the breaks… Well, for good sex I had others. Yes, I was a pig but that’s how it was.She caught my attention the first day at the uni. An attendance sheet was passed around and one family name jumped to my eye. Unusual and on top the name of one of my teachers at Junior High. In the next break I walked over, asked her and in deed – I was standing in front of my former math teacher’s daughter. One thing lead to another another and without really knowing how we were a couple.Constance was three years younger than me and she was just below average. Ass a little too big and the tits too small. Her dressing style was pretty unsophisticated and for her sexy lingerie was everything without flowers, hearts or Teddy Bears on it and your common-or-garden black cotton thong was already endlessly wicked for her. In the beginning she had a pretty bad jungle around her cunt until I could convince her to shave it of. Of course not because it’s sexy but rather because it is more hygienic… Missionary or her on top was all she would do and sucking my dick was completely out of question. Initially I was licking her pussy once in a while but then stopped when it turned out to be only one-sided. Oh, and cum was a definite no-go for her as well and she would only let me fuck her with a rubber (even though she was on the pill and asked me to get tested). All things considered she was simply a little, boring k** of a teacher. But as I said – for real fun in bed I had others. One time she dragged me to meet her family. The rigmarole of her mother is still in my ear. But there I met Stephanie, her big sister, who was the same age and, as it turned out pretty soon, we had mutual friends. It was a little shock to find out that one of my dearest and most horny fuck-friends was her BFF. But either Sandy did not fill her in on her sexual life or at least Steph did not know that she was fucking me, the boyfriend of her little s*s.However – we had a lot if fun talking about friends and events. That much, that Constance got already jealous. Later the same day she tried to give me hell about it. Ranting about her sister, what kind of bitch she were for making a pass at her boyfriend, etc. I soon had enough vanished. She had told me before that they did not get along but after this experience it seemed to be the understatement f the year.A couple weeks later my birthday came around. I had invited a couple friends and, much to Constance anger, Stephanie as well. Unfortunately she let me know that she would probably not make it due to work.The party was at the weekend refuge of my grandparents. Out if town, with a cosy cabin and so deserted that you could literally do whatever you wanted. Most of my guests were soon pretty fucked when suddenly a bad fight started between Constance and my fuck-friend Sandy (who was actually still sober). I just stepped into the ring when Sandy told her how I were actually too good for a dumb chick like her and how she could not get her mind around it that I was with her, since I could have real women. Well, I think I did mention that I somehow slipped into this strange relationship and therefore I did not feel an urge to intervene. Actually I already had planned to end it the next day. The two of them were really at it and the final result was that Constance, as she said due to the lack of any intervention from my side on her behalf, left furiously with her friend Michelle. That pretty much killed the mood of everybody and they were soon all leaving. Even Sandy, the little bitch. At half past midnight I was sitting there alone. No drama, since I actually never was a big fan of parties. I cleaned up a little bit and – since I wanted to spend the night anyway, just actually not alone – I grabbed a still almost full bottle of tequila, sat down in a lawn chair and enjoyed the quietness of the summer night.It was maybe around an hour and a quarter bottle later when I heard a car. As mentioned it was pretty far out of town and especially at night you could hear approaching güvenilir bahis cars very early. Was it one of my guests coming back? Constance? Boring sex? Sandy? Incredible sex? Whatever! Tequila always seemed to flow directly into my cock and since I already had a few I was horny as hell. The car was getting closer and I could already see the headlights, definitely coming for my place. Soon it stopped behind mine and the engine stopped. Curious I waited in my chair but only heard the crickets and the clicking of the cooling engine. After a couple minutes a door opened, the light went on and off again as it was closed and I heard steps on the path. Out if the darkness I heard a female voice calling my name. „Down here?“, I answered my unknown visitor. The next moment Stephanie came around the hedge separating the yard from the road. WOW! What a stunning honey!When I met her at her parents she was dressed, as I could see now, rather unfavorable in a wide sweater and even wider jeans from a past decade… but now? Look at that! She was standing there in ultra-short, white jeans hot pants, peep toe heels which made for awesome long and beautiful legs and petrol crop top, accentuating her pretty remarkable boobs. Of course my dick got immediately awake and had some really naughty thoughts.she came over and hugged me, literally pressed me against the firm mounds in her top and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Hey Big boy, belated Happy Birthday! Where is everybody?“ To feel this hot body on my prick was one of the best presents I got. I offered her a chair, we sat down and I told her what had happened. My choice of words regarding her sister was definitely not very polite but Steph did not seem to bother. When I finished she just grabbed the bottle between our chairs and took a healthy swig, after which she shook her upper body in a cute girlish way. Seemed as she did not plan to leave too soon. And how she was sitting there in front of me. Butt on the edge of the seat, legs spread wide, one dangling over the arm rest – just like she was trying to provoke me. I could not peel my eyes away from her. In her crotch the pants consisted of hardly anything more than the seam and this little bit covered her pussy just so. On both sides you could even a small strip of skin. Besides her nipples were almost piercing holes in her top.“Well, well..“, she started after a while. “My dear little s*s.“ Her tone was almost toxic. “What shall I say? That is her. Always was.“ After a short break she added: “And the other one is absolutely right. I have asked myself the same question: What does a guy like you want with or from her?“ I grinned at her. “What do you mean? A ‘guy like me‘? Shouldn’t you be on her side?“ She laughed out loud. “You know that Sandy and me are very close. She tells me everything. For example that she regularly fucks a guy whose description matches you exactly, who barks at the same name and lives in the same town… Don’t need to be a Sherlock Holmes to add one and one, right? And regarding being on her side – she doesn’t like me same as I don’t like her. Nope, probably I like her even less. But for the sake of peace and appearance we always act like loving siblings when our folks are around. So I know her and a lot about you. All together more than enough to know that she is not right for you and that you could get something better.“Now I was kind of steamrolled. “So you do not have a problem with me cheating on your little sister and that I will shoot her off in the afternoon?“, I asked her. “Not at all. I even enjoy the thought. This dumb-ass chick always thinks she’s so special. But that’s probably our parents fault because they always spoiled her rotten. And the two boyfriends she had before were also always acting like the sun was shining out of her ass. You are the first real man she brought home and that’s such a waste. But that’s enough. This was supposed to be your birthday party and even if this stupid chick has mucked it up we should still celebrate a bit.“ Saying this she raised the bottle and said: “To you and the rest if this night.“ She took another big swallow and was shaking herself again so hard that her long, dark-brown curls were flying and her boobs, too. Again I was grinning my mischievous grin. “You know that I have to keep you here? Can’t let you drive anymore.“, I now voiced my former thought. Her grin was not less mischievous than mine. “I did not plan to leave.“ She looked deep into my eyes and, with a twinkle in her eyes, added: “Of course only if I am allowed to stay…“What followed then made türkçe bahis me wonder if I passed out and had wet dreams. Slowly her hand was sliding down to her crotch and her nails scratched over the narrow stretch of fabric, barely covering her pussy. After a short moment her fingers were slipping inside her pants and she bit seductively on her lower lip. I could see very clearly how she started to rub her twat and the horniness in her face. “Actually I have to thank my little cunt of a sister. Otherwise I could not have done this.“ She took her fingers out of her pants and licked the juice from them. Even in the weak moonlight I could see the slimy drops hanging on them. „See how horny you make me feel?“With these words she got up, came over and sat on my lap with legs spread wide. The next moment I felt her lips on mine and we started kissing passionately. First only lips but soon her tongue was looking for a way into my mouth. And just as she moved her tongue in my mouth, she moved her pelvis over my dick, which was of course already and almost painfully standing in my pants. My hands were wandering to her ass and I started to massage the firm cheeks. After a while she withdrew herself, was leaning back, grabbed her top and pulled it over her head. Now I could see her nicely shaped tits which were enchantingly packed inside a black lace wonder-bra. One hand was sliding to its backside and opened it. She let it slide down from her shoulders and I now had this wonderful couple of round and firm tits before my eyes. Not necessarily huge, guess it was a C-Cup, with almost perfectly round aureolas which were crested by beautiful and thick nipples. Her skin was perfect and glowing in the moonlight. I could not withstand and lowered my face slowly to these charming hard slugs. When the tip of my tongue finally touched them, Steph was moaning. She arched her back and held her tits challenging directly into my face. My initial tenderness was forgotten. I sucked on both buds in turn and she put her hands on my head, tousled my hair and pressed my face hard into her boobs. “Oh Ben, I’ve been waiting for this since we met at my parents’.“ Again she bent down and wildly kissed me. Then she slipped off of me. She looked like a goddess, standing there in only her heels and hot-pants. Her light skin was almost glowing in the light if the nearly full moon. She reached down to her zipper. With every millimeter it went down, it showed more skin. She did not wear panties. Finally she hooked her thumbs into the waist band and slowly lowered them over her fantastic ass and long legs. She freed her feet and just kicked them away into the gras.And then she was standing in front of me. Unblemished skin, endless legs, a completely shaved pussy and a pair of firm, round tits. Topped by a cute face framed by her dark, curly hair. I couldn’t do anything but stare at her. How could two sisters be so different? One so boring in bed that you could already call her frigid and the other with so much fire… „You just wanna keep staring at me or do you finally strip down and do me?“, she asked laughing. I woke up from my trance like state, took off my polo. While I was fumbling with belt and button of my shorts, I kicked away my shoes and soon was standing there naked with my cock hard and ready. Without further words I got down on my knees and went for her sweet cunt. Without having to say anything she placed on foot on the chair next to her and her pussy lips opened up. Greedily I inhaled her scent before I then attacked her wet pussy with my tongue.Only touching the lips lightly with the tip of my tongue made her moan heavily. Her juice had found a way outside and she was already dripping wet between her legs. Her taste and smell were more intoxicating than the tequila I had. Like a savage I was licking through her crack, once left, then right of it until I could not hold back any longer. One more time I was licking over her hard clit before I drove my tongue as deep as possible into her gaping hole and sucked on her pretty pussy. At the same time I grabbed her firm ass, fingers deep in the crack so that I could massage her butthole and let my tongue dance in her cunt. In mere moments, while her breathing and moaning got more and more hectic I had her right on the edge. She had one hand in the hair on the back of my head, the other was massaging her tits and playing with her fantastic nipples. I reached further around her ass and one finger slid into her backdoor. That was the moment when she was going over. A tremble went through her body and her legs started güvenilir bahis siteleri shaking. Her pussy juice was running out of her cunt into my mouth and I could here a long drawn whining sound from her mouth that did not seem to end. Her snatch was cramping around my tongue and her sphincter around my finger.I was playing on her body like on an instrument. Always when her moans were the loudest I held my tongue still. Once she calmed down a bit I let it dance around in her fuck-hole. And since she seemed to like it it pushed my middle finger another inch inside her gut and let it rotate there. With every new climax the shaking of her legs became stronger and I guess the only reason why she was still standing was that her pelvis was pressed against me and I held her up with my finger inside her ass. Again and again she screamed when she came and her cunt juice was spilling over. My mouth and chin were already covered in her slime and it was dripping to the ground between us. With a final scream she collapsed and could only pant “Stop! Finish! Pause!“ And turned herself lose from me. She stumbled to her chair simply fell into it, breathing heavily. Grinning and with a dripping and teetering boner I sat down as well, reached for my smokes and lighted one. Steph’s eyes seemed to be glued to my stout prick. Again and again little shivers were shaking the beautiful and sweaty body when she finally said: “Sandy told me a lot but I really thought it was an overstatement that you were such a great pussy licker… And Constance told our cousin that she finds it disgusting when you lick her ‘down there‘ and that she is relieved that you stopped doing it.” I laughed and replied: “Well, after I could never convince her to suck my dick, I thought she is not deserving it. And if she even thinks it is disgusting…“ “As I can only repeat: My sister is a dumb-ass and frigid chick. She told her as well that you tried to stick your gorgeous cock inside her mouth and that only the thought made her feel sick…“, she laughed again. “But don’t worry. I have no such reservations. Rather the opposite. I am loving it and if you give a couple minutes to catch my breath I will prove it to you.“ “That’s what I was hoping for. The way you came off has made me horny as hell.” Saying that I started to stroke my hard cock and jerked it slowly to keep it in fighting shape.Just this view seemed to be enough to get her all antsy again. Like the rabbit stares at the snake she was watching my hand on my cock and soon her hand was on her pussy, stroking it at the same gentle speed as I did. We both enjoyed watching each other. No rush. No greed. I grabbed another cigarette from the pack and Steph asked if she could get one, too. So I lighted up two and handed one over to her. Sticky pre-cum was dripping from my glans but she did not yet reach for it. I sat back down, proceeded where I had stopped and was watching her. She had again one leg over the arm rest so that her pussy was gaping wide. Her wet fingers were sliding over her clit, just to dive deep into her slimy cunt in the next moment. Once in a while a drag on the cigarette and the view when she slowly exhaled the smoke… It was divine!“I can’t remember having ever been so horny as right now. My pussy is itching like crazy and the juice is running down my butt crack. And just thinking that I will soon suck this gorgeous, hard cock into my mouth, makes me nearly come again. And the idea that you are Constance’s boyfriend makes me even hotter. I would love to have her here and make her watch how I suck her boyfriend’s balls through his dick until his his cum is spurting in my face.” Steph was talking herself into a frenzy. While talking her movements got more and more hectic and I could hear how wet her snatch was when she shoved her fingers inside.Abruptly she got up and just as I did before, went down on her knees in front of me. Without hesitation she put her mouth over my dick and sucked it inside her throat. Her hands were on my legs and she simply let her head go up and down. The whole time she was looking into my eyes. She did not intend to make me come just yet. She only wanted to pleasure me, make me enjoy and it was awesomely beautiful. I laid back comfortably and watched her.Suddenly I heard another car. I had a suspicion and was wondering if it really could be Constance coming back. I did not worry about myself, but if she would see her sister like this… sucking the cock of her boyfriend… Whoa, thinking about it made me even harder, if that was still possible. “Steph, a car is coming. Could be your sister.”, I said after a moment. She stopped for a couple seconds, listening into the night. Then she looked at me and I could see a diabolical sparkle in her eyes “So what? She can watch and learn if she wants.”End of part 1

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