Death of My Friend


What have I done?

Let me back up to the beginning. I met Bea and John several years ago when I moved into my condo. We immediately hit it off and I spent almost as much time in their place as I did mine. They have been there for everything, my breakup with my last mistake, dealing with my battles with my kid’s fathers, buying my first house on my own. Bea has truly been my best friend and John my adopted dad as I was closer to him than my real father.

Then yesterday I got the call. John was obviously trying to hold back his emotions as he informed me that Bea was gone. My stupid response was “Did she finally get fed up with you?” Then it sunk in and I felt horrible. I immediately told him I would be right over.

We sat and waited for what seemed an eternity for the police and coroner to arrive, John and I both fighting back the tears. They arrived about the same time as their children and went about doing their job. The coroner joined us in the dining room and very compassionately informed us that she evidently had experienced a coronary event, probably due to complications of her poor health and her years of smoking.

We all then waited on the funeral director to arrive now that the scene had been cleared. They had both made all the arrangements for this and had decided on cremation and absolutely no funeral services. So, all of us took a few minutes to say our last emotional goodbyes before they took her shell away. Everyone stayed for a long while as we spent the evening sharing our special moments with each other. John, being who he is, even fixed dinner though no one really had much of an appetite. Everyone was emotionally drained and left one by one.

I stayed to clean up afterwards while John was on the sofa. As I was finishing in the kitchen, I could hear John crying. I turned off the lights and sat down beside him and both of us wept as I held him and rocked him like he was one of my children. We were so close at that moment and at one point I went to kiss his cheek but brushed my lips against his. Electricity shot through me as I trembled. I couldn’t help myself. I pressed my lips softly once again against his and this time he pressed back. I am in my forties and have three children. Needless to say, I have kissed more than a few men but that kiss was nothing like I had ever experienced. His lips were firm and soft and I felt as if they were pulling me in closer the longer it lasted. My body temperature was rapidly climbing as if his lips had started a fire.

We never spoke as it ended but I could still see the tears in his tired eyes. I gently kissed his eyelids and cheeks trying dry them. I once again had to experience that kiss only this time It was more urgent and passionate than the first one. Our arms were wrapped around each other and his hand moved through my hair to pull me even closer. He kissed my entire face and kept coming back to inhale my breathing which was, by this time very heavy. His other hand pressed against my lower back gently kneading any fears and Yeşilköy escort anxiety I may had been experiencing away.

Everything was such a blur that I couldn’t even remember when our clothes came off. I do however definitely remember the feel of his hand massaging my breasts, his thumb running across my nipples making them hard as a rock and sending shivers through my whole body. I remember the warmth of our bodies multiplying each other’s. We writhed and twisted in our embrace as if we were teenagers exploring our boundaries.

When his hand slipped to my wetness, my whole body shook as if there had been an earthquake. I had never been with a man who could use his fingers to excite me as well as I could on my own but somehow, he knew just how and where to touch me. I know it had been a while but within two minutes I could feel the explosion coming on. Then with one simple circling twitch of his finger I was over the edge. Every muscle in my body was spasming and I grabbed his hand to mash it still against my clit as I rode the wave.

As my breath returned, I gazed into the depths of his eyes and knew immediately what I needed. Our eyes never wavered as I wrapped my fingers around his manhood and gently started stroking. I began kissing again but with each flick of my tongue I went to a different spot, his cheek, his left earlobe, just under his jaw. His musky scent brought on by the last couple of hours filled my nose, driving me where I wanted to go.

He let out a gentle moan as I sucked in one of his nipples and gently nibbled at it with my teeth to remind him who was in control.

I squeezed his cock harder as I caressed the area just below his navel with my tongue, teasing, making him anticipate. He shuddered when I took him in my mouth and began sliding it in and out slowly. With each outward stroke I ran my tongue in a circle around the head which was driving him insane.

It was impowering to have this much control over him knowing I could crush him at any moment but I would never do that to this man. Not this man who had given me so much love and respect and support for so long.

I took my hand away so he could totally feel the soft wetness of my mouth gliding up and down on his shaft. I pressed my fingers against the bridge just below his scrotum moving them in a slow circle massaging the gland that lay just below the surface. I kept increasing the pace as I could feel his balls tighten all the time looking up at him, gazing into his eyes. I knew he couldn’t hold back any longer as I pulled back to the tip hesitating just long enough for me to totally relax before I plunged down completely.

As he slid into my throat his muffled scream filled the room and I could feel the head of his cock pulsating as his entire load shot down the passageway. I kept my lips pressed against him while his orgasm subsided and he started to deflate. I remember thinking he was so deep in my throat that I didn’t even get a taste of his salty creaminess.

We Yeşilyurt escort bayan had not spoken since the kids left but the communication that was traveling between us was unmistakable. I came back up and once again the passionate lips were pressed against mine, drawing me into him. He suddenly stood up and scooped me into his arms like he was picking up a child and carried me into the bedroom. I felt everything but being childlike as I knew where we were going.

At least someone had changed the bed linens I thought as he laid me into his bed, the bed he had shared with Bea for many years. At this point, it didn’t matter, I needed to be with him.

His kisses and caresses touched every part of my body except the one place where I desperately needed them. I did find it curious how excited I got as he kissed each toe as no one had ever done that before. He slowly then came back up my legs and I almost broke the silence by begging him to continue but I didn’t dare. I know he could smell my readiness as he got closer but he circled all around, undoubtedly paying me back for my making him wait. I was very seriously beginning to regret that decision.

He must have sensed my growing frustration as his tongue began to stroke just the ridges of my swollen lips. He was good! He knew not to rush and just dive in like most men. He knew that a woman needs to take the train not the jet to fully experience the journey. His tongue slowly explored every part of my nether regions even the one part that had been totally off limits to every man I had been with. With him it felt natural, not perverted as I had always thought. By the time he arrived at the sweet spot, he had me so physically and emotionally engaged that my orgasm happened almost immediately. I whimpered as my legs trembled so spastically that I may have bruised his back.

I tried to push him away to calm down and catch my breath but he would have no part of it. He simply made circles around my clit so as not to irritate the sensitive nub but to keep me at a lower part of the mountain. As my panting and tremors began to level out, he returned to his total manipulation.

He did to me exactly as I had done to him. He took my clit between his lips and gently slid it in and out of his mouth. He was literally giving me a blowjob just as I had given him. He never once flicked his tongue across it, only moved in circles with each outward stroke. My entire body responded each time with stronger and stronger spasms.

How he knew so much about a woman’s body I did not know but I was definitely reaping all the benefits. He continued that until a storm of orgasms began, one after another each more intense and electrifying. Every neuron in my body was firing and I feared I might pass out from the pure pleasure of it all.

How many times had he made me endure? I wanted him to stop but I wanted him to keep going with each one. When I had literally been right on the edge of consciousness he relented. He Escort Zeytinburnu began kissing my thighs as my muscles began to finally relax.

I grabbed under his jaw and forced him up before he had a chance to pull any more of his shenanigans. I kissed him passionately tasting my own juices he had so greedily devoured. I pushed him over to his back and rolled on top of him all while savoring those gentle kisses. He had cum so hard earlier that I wasn’t sure what he had left in the tank but I wanted to find out.

I straddled him and reached down to stroke his cock once again. This time I rubbed it back and forth between my dripping labia and much to my surprise he responded. I thought I had totally sucked him dry but he was standing at full attention after only a little coaxing.

I guided him inside my waiting cavern and knew right away that I still had some left too. It had been a while but damn it felt good. I ground into him with each stroke and could feel him pushing against my still extremely sensitive clit. He kept giving it to me, pushing upward as I slammed down. This orgasm was much deeper, more basal than the others. More of an earthquake than a lightning storm. I do know that I flooded his balls with juices as they were flowing freely. Where he was getting his stamina was unknown but he kept going and going.

I finally had to change positions and turned around to offer him whatever he wanted which totally shocked me. He chose to continue what he had started with a twist. He entered me and began to slowly to withdraw only to plunge in again hitting my spot at just the right angle to drive me crazy.

I’m not sure what muttering came from my mouth but they definitely were not words. As my orgasms continued coming one after another, I felt his thumb running circles against my ass. He was rubbing my own juices all over getting me fully lubricated. I found myself totally relax as my hole opened to accept his digit. I was screaming like a banshee at the sheer pleasure of a double penetration ripping through my body. I don’t know how long it lasted but it felt like a magnificent eternity when he exploded deep within me, his own body experiencing the spasms I had.

There was a delicious void left as he withdrew from my body. We were both drenched in bodily fluids and totally exhausted but I didn’t care as he held me and we drifted off never having spoken a word.

I woke before the sunrise knowing I had to leave but still wondering “What have I done?”

“3 and 21” I jumped at the sudden break in silence. “What are you talking about?” I mumbled. His reply brought tears to my eyes. “It’s been three years since the last time she and I had sex of any kind and 21 years since I had the taste of a woman. Bea thought it was disgusting so that was completely off limits. I had grown to accept that but also greatly missed it. I Missed everything about it; the scent, the sweet taste, the chance to be totally giving and not thinking about what I was going to receive.”

I realized at that very moment that this was a very special person and I snuggled back to spoon some more all while knowing that I didn’t care about our differences, just our sharing. We both knew I would have to leave soon before one of the kids popped in to check on their father, but we also knew an adventure had just begun.

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