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FAT ASS FART WIFEJust as my last post, this is true with no embellishment. You can see the photos of my Wife’s HUGE ASS, and gaping poop-chute in my photo and video galleries. She enjoys anal activity, she does not deny it. And if I’m ignoring her backdoor during sex, she will ask for a finger, Toy, or cock up her ass. But that’s not what this story is about, I’m just establishing “slut factor”. This story is about FARTING. First I want to say the best thing about my wife’s flatulence… her big round ass RIPS the biggest, most airy, odorless, nearly odorless, ANAL ACOUSTICS I have ever encountered. And like she often does, she’s embarrassed to bring up, or suggest, certain things. So she makes it look like an accident, or like it was my idea. It started when she asked why I like to gape her ass. I said “I like to see inside your dirty wet butthole in between fucking it”. Then she yeah, but sometimes it makes me TOOT, I said türbanlı escort that’s OK, it mostly air. So she got in the habit of passing gas near me and giggling. She would say “ooops that was mostly air from all the ANAL SEX last night”. Then she would continue with something like “oh no, I feel some rumbling, do you want to watch it come out?” See how she makes it seem like my idea? But of course I would like to watch a HUGE BUTT BOMB come out of her musty backhole. So one night she had a bit to drink and was feeling loose. She set it up right from the start by warning me that she felt a bit bloated and thought “something was ready to explode between her ass cheeks”. Then she suggested I help soap her up in the tub before sex. I love getting her soft curvy body soapy and slippery, so I said sure. She got in the tub with the water running, there was no bubble bath yet… but suddenly türbanlı escort bayan there were BUBBLES IN THE WATER! The noise was crazy I thought the floor shook. She asked if I saw her poopchute open when the TURD TOOT came out. I acted very disappointed and said no, her turd tunnel is below the water. (She laughs so hard every time I make up filthy names for her anus.) So she said “I’ll get on my hands and knees so you can see better”. I squirt some bath and body works Japanese cherry blossom bubble bath into the water as she rolled over. Then her big wet can was up in the air and right in my face I added some more soap onto my palm and rubbed it between her fleshy buttocks. Immediately, she let loose with a BIG WET AIR BISCUIT RIGHT IN MY FACE. The Japanese cherry blossom soap was still kind of gloopy, but clear enough for me to see her crapper open right up and cause the kind escort türbanlı of bubbles you expect to see from nuclear sludge on the Simpson’s show. My dick was rock hard by now and I pushed two fingers into her loose brown knot. I sunk in about 2 inches when my fingers were met with a SUDSY WIND. With my fingers up her rectum and all that air flying out… I had a view of a glorious gaping shitter!. this story is getting a bit long, but we continued onto the bed after she rinsed off. I can honestly say, as kinky as she is, she does not care for 69. But this night she told me to lay down for a blow job, and she got right into position with her face on my boner, and her GLUTEUS MAXIMUS right in my face. As soon as she was settling down onto mouth, her ass pussy opened up and a huge thunder came roaring out. I swear I could see her bunghole vibrating and it felt like my eyebrows were getting blown off! I’ll have to cut the story short and save what happened next for your imagination… But I will tell you this. That night, her chocolate starfish gave me one of the bumpiest, wettest, noisiest, anal adventure I have ever had.Just go look at some of the photos and videos of my wife in my albums, and you will see I speak the truth.

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