First Visit To The Master (And His Men)


First Visit To The Master (And His Men)While the transition from reading the internet advertisement to her present position of being bound and suspended by her wrists from the metal rings set in the ceiling of The Master’s playroom had been easy for Gloria, it had also been time consuming. Establishing new contacts always seemed to work out that way, if in fact they worked out at all. The classical music surged through the room but Gloria didn’t really hear it. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how she so willingly came to be in her present situation.Her marriage was comparatively happy and satisfying but somewhat staid and, with all her husband’s business travels, lonely. Sure they’d occasionally swung with other couples, mainly at his instigation, but none of those relationships had been ongoing simply because of her husband’s jealous nature. He secretly trawled internet sites but didn’t share information about them with her. Not that it mattered anyway because she knew his on line hiding place for them. Through reading his latest hidden treasures she’d come across The Master’s advertisement. His advert appealed to a hidden long held fantasy of hers, to be sexually used while helpless in bondage. It had been easy to reply and exchange emails and photos. The rest of the arrangements had followed naturally after her initial meeting with The Master in a city coffee shop. All she’d had to do was wait for her husband to be away from home on another business trip. Gloria and The Master had selected a mutually convenient night and she’d arrived at his home in a nearby suburb, dressed as instructed in black high heels, short black skirt, black G-string, white blouse with no bra, and no makeup or jewellery. It had all been a little nerve racking but not that difficult to secretly organise.The Master greeted her at the front door with welcoming and reassuring warmth. He was dressed more casually than Gloria, in shorts, a collared T-shirt and bare feet. With little preamble he had taken her inside, straight through the hallway to the rear of his comfortable home where he had simplistically converted a former games room to his playroom.The room was fitted out with only the minimal essentials for his business. He showed her over the room with the rings in the ceiling for body suspension, the short padded bench with its cloth Velcro binders and another ceiling ring, and the large double bed already stripped down to a fitted sheet with more strategically placed bindings. He left her in no uncertainty that she would get to experience the delights of each piece of furniture. The brief tour completed The Master sat back in the single lounge chair in one corner and instructed Gloria to strip for him.Gloria was still a little nervous and somewhat self-conscious about performing solo in front of The Master. Nevertheless her desire for fantasy fulfilment overcame any negative feelings. He seemed to be relaxed as he sat back and watched her begin. Unbeknown to her he looked forward avidly to seeing her naked for the first time. He had planned long and hard for this event after their initial introductory meeting. It was his intention to give her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams, to more than fulfil her simplistic fantasy shared in the coffee shop a few weeks previously.Of course Gloria had no inkling of The Master’s plans for her as she slowly and seductively unbuttoned the front of her blouse. She thought he might tie her up and fuck her a couple of times, if she was lucky.The Master watched her performance with professional voyeuristic interest. He liked her pleasant mature face. From her emails he knew she was forty. Their first meeting had confirmed that she was in good condition for such maturity. Her soft looking hair was light red, cut short to the nape of her neck and brushed back from her forehead. She smiled easily with a wide full-lipped mouth. Finally Gloria undid the last button of her blouse and tastefully and seductively eased her arms out of the sleeves. Her large heavy pink tipped breasts swung free. The Master nodded to himself in appreciation and smiled at her in encouragement.Gloria cast the blouse behind her on the carpet. He quietly admired her white skin, the fullness of her ample breasts as they hung and swayed on her chest, the thickness of her already hard nipples surrounded by large circular pink areolae.She released the clasp and zipper on her skirt. Slowly she let it slide over her hips to the floor. She could tell from his face he liked what he saw. Her belly was reasonable flat, her thighs fulsome, and her legs were shapely enough, accentuated by the high heel shoes. The miniscule lacy black G-string barely covered her vulva. Gloria eased it away from her body and let it fall past her legs to the floor.The Master caressed her body with his eyes and liked what he saw. Her triangle of curly pubic hair matched her head. While that was a pleasant surprise for him he knew he’d soon have her lower belly satin smooth.“Leave your stilettos on,” he commanded her. “Turn around,” he added. Gloria did as she was told, as elegantly and as seductively as she could. He meanwhile looked over the white skin of her back, the lovely round globes of her arse, the deep crack between her cheeks, and the shapeliness of her thighs and calves.“Bend forward and grasp your ankles,” he instructed. As she took this pose The Master sat forward in his chair. Her pudenda mounded fatly between her thighs. Her slit was slightly open and pink tips of flesh poked out. It seemed moist and he wondered if she was feeling some early excitement. He examined the pucker of her anus and started to sense some excitement himself when he thought about it being stretched open later in the evening.“Face me,” he told her as he put these thoughts out of his mind.The Master stood up in front of Gloria. “I want you to undress me,” he instructed.Obediently Gloria complied. She undid the buttons on his shirt and pulled it over his raised arms and head. She knelt in front of him, unzipped his shorts and slid them to the floor. As they dropped down over his body she noticed the bulge in his jocks. Her fingers eased the waistband away from his body and she slid his underpants down his legs to his feet.The Master’s half hard prick bobbed in front of her face. She looked at it, and him, just as critically as he’d looked at her. He was a solid man with a full head of black hair. Surprisingly the rest of his body was waxed. His olive complexion did suit him. The foreskin of his cock was drawn back, because of his partial erection, revealing the pink tip of his cock. Gloria was surprised to see a clear droplet of fluid in the slit. His tool was thick, very thick, with heavy veins running along its moderate length. His tight sac held two large balls. Mentally she keenly anticipated feeling his lovely looking cock penetrate her hot cunt, but The Master didn’t know those secret aspirations of hers.He drew Gloria to her feet and led her by the hand to a position beneath the rings in the ceiling.The Master used cotton sash cord loops around each of Gloria’s wrists. Her raised arms enhanced the curve and shape of her breasts, lifting them upwards on her chest. He liked what he saw. He parted her legs and fastened her ankles with adjustable straps to a round wooden bar. Her fastened body added to her vulnerability in both their minds. He used more sash cord to bind her boobs, looping the rope tightly around the base of each mound of succulent flesh so that each breast protruded swollen from her chest. The sensation wasn’t painful, just tight and yet erotic. He fastened another length of cord around her waist, passed it between her legs so that it divided the cheeks of her arse, rested against her anus, bit deeply into the groove of her slit splitting her labia apart, crushed her clitoris, and stretched through her pubic hair along her belly to link to the belt of cord around her waist.He walked around her helpless strung body. She looked good. Her high heels enhanced the musculature of her legs. The various bindings accentuated her physical attributes. The ankle separator gave him open access to her pussy. Her raised arms emphasised the fullness of her breasts. He was pleased with the effects of his work. Certainly Gloria’s ready compliance helped. Bonding her had contributed to their physical closeness. In fact it felt like foreplay. His cock reflected his excitement. It now stood erect, muscularly thick, in front of his belly. She too noticed his increased excitement. It turned out that his hard cock would be the last thing Gloria would see for some hours.The Master stepped in front of her. “I’m going to blindfold you now,” he told her as he slipped a black cloth eye mask over her head. In response to her questioning look he assured her she’d be fine, to trust him, after all his primary role as her Master was to take good care of her. He fitted the blindfold. “I’m just going to be away for a few minutes,” he advised her, “I’ve just got to get a few things ready for us.” And he turned on the classical music.The music over rode all other sounds. The blackness in front of her eyes caused her to have an inwards focus. Gloria’s mind relived the actions that brought her to her present position. She had no fear, no concern. She believed The Master’s words. Already she’d found these preliminary rituals were very exciting. Gloria only hoped that the night would get better for her, that The Master would fulfil her fantasy. He would too, but not in any way she ever imagined, and within the next few minutes.The Master quietly entered the playroom leading a group of men, like him all naked, their movement and presence masked by the music. They had been briefed sometime before on the arrangements for the evening. The men had a number of things in common. They had all previously participated in similar events with their Master, and were all totally subservient to him, so subservient that none of them would dare breach his directions and wishes. All the men were shaved; and clean-shaven except for one, Bob, who had a trimmed moustache.Bob was different to the rest in other ways too. His size was just above average while the rest of the group were large to massive. Two men in particular stood out from the group in this regard. One man had a very long but slim cock, around twenty-five centimetres in length. The other man had a huge cock, around thirty centimetres long and massively thick.Bob had one final but critical difference to the rest of the group. It was his wife that hung in front of them in the playroom. The Master had discovered this fact only by accident in his early introductory conversations with Gloria. Apparently Bob and Gloria kept secrets from each other. She thought Bob was away from the city on business trips when in fact he was participating in The Master’s group activities. Bob thought she was a demure housewife staying at home. The Master had quietly told Bob he was in for a surprise this evening and reinforced the expulsion rule if he made their victim aware of his knowledge of her identity or his presence in the room. Bob too readily agreed to his Master’s directive.No one but The Master knew that, for the first time, the victim was the wife of one of the group members. If Bob was obedient no one would ever know. The Master wanted none of the group to be inhibited in their activities this night for any reason, let alone because they harboured some desire not to give offence to one of their number.The men stood in a silent circle around Gloria as she hung in her bondage in front of them. They were too busy looking at Gloria’s obvious physical qualities to notice Bob’s reaction to the woman. Bob’s face reflected his utter shock as he recognised his own wife. The Master caught his eye and, in a look, shrivelled Bob to silence. Bob knew he could leave if he wished. If he stayed he realised that his silence would prevent Gloria knowing of his presence. If he left he could only imagine what the men would do to Gloria, based on his previous experiences of the group’s dealings with other victims. But if he stayed he’d get to witness first hand what was done to her, and maybe get to do some things he wouldn’t otherwise do with her. The voyeur in Bob overcame his jealousy. He stayed.The Master signalled to one of the men. He reduced the volume of the music to a pleasant background level. The volume change alerted Gloria to The Master’s presence.“I’m sorry I left you for so long,” he told her, adding “I’m glad though you waited for me.” Gloria smiled at his little joke. “I think it’s time to remove some of those ropes so they don’t mark your skin.” “That would be nice,” she replied. “You are not to speak to me unless I ask you a question,” he admonished her. She nodded her acquiescence.Again The Master signed to one of the men. The man obediently stepped forward and carefully untied the sash cord from Gloria’s breasts. The Master knew that Gloria would think it was his hands on her body. Her swollen breasts swung free. He knew the faint rope marks on her skin would go within minutes. The man untied the rope around Gloria’s waist and removed the strand of cord that passed between her buttocks and pussy. The Master noted the moisture on the cord where it had rested in the cleft of her cunt. Task completed the man stepped away from her.The Master spoke to her. “Gloria, there is something important you need to know.” Her blindfolded face looked expectantly towards the sound of his soft reassuring voice. “I have a couple of acolytes, servants, slaves if you will, here with me to help me look after you.” Her body stiffened. “Now don’t speak. Just listen. I know you want to ask me questions. Don’t. These people here with us obey my every command, instantly. You will hear me speak to them from time to time. You will not see them but they will not hurt you. Their job is to help me give you pleasure. I know this is a bit of a surprise for you, but everything will be okay. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. In fact the night will be just the opposite. Now nod if you agree. Okay?” She nodded, and her body slowly relaxed again.He signed to all of the men. A number of them stepped forward and closed in around Gloria’s hanging exposed body. Fingertips examined, caressed and probed her all over. Behind the blindfold Gloria tried to assess the number of acolytes present. But the multitude of fingers eluded her efforts. She soon gave up. What did it matter anyway she thought? There was nothing she could do about it now except enjoy the experience.It was nice how some of the hands gently caressed her face and neck. Others stroked her back. Still others moved over her breasts, nipples, belly, bottom, thighs and legs. One set of fingers slid through the groove between the cheeks of her backside. Another hand probed the length of her gash.Unbeknown to her the men constantly changed places until all except Bob had fondled a vacant part of her body. Bob just watched until he could no longer tolerate just being the voyeur. Watched carefully by The Master he moved forward and lightly stroked his fingers through the open cleft of his wife’s cunt. She was hot, wet and swollen. He stepped away and continued to observe the group and his wife’s amazing voluntary situation.The Master too observed his team. He felt their excitement. He noted every one of the men had full erections, himself no exception. It was time to move on. He clapped twice. The men stood away from Gloria.“We are going to release your arms now Gloria and move you to another position. Just relax and let us do the work,” he told her. She silently nodded. At The Master’s signal two of the taller men stepped forward and slipped the loops from Gloria’s wrists. He signed again. Four of the men moved to comply, two on either side of her. “Just relax,” he told her, “we are just going to move to the bench you saw earlier.”The four men gently leaned her backwards, picked her up in their arms and carried her across the room. Gloria smiled to herself. ankara escort At least she knew now The Master had three assistants. She was wrong, very wrong!The men laid her on her back on the padded bench. It was only long enough to support Gloria between her shoulders and backside. Her head hung over the end. Initially she tried to hold her head up in line with her body but she quickly found it easier just to relax her neck muscles and let her head hang down towards the floor. Her hands were tied at the wrists by cloth and Velcro bindings under the bench, so that her arms generally rested comfortably along side the trunk of her body. The tallest of the men lifted her legs, still fastened at the ankles to the spreader bar, vertically into the air. Another man drew a rope through the ceiling ring and fastened it in two places along the spreader bar, so that the rope held the bar horizontally above the bench and kept Gloria’s legs effortlessly vertical above the end of the bench.All of the men and their Master stood briefly and surveyed their work. Bound and blindfolded and on her back Gloria certainly now appeared very vulnerable. Her body looked ravishing the way her head hung back, the way her breasts mounded roundly upwards on her chest. Her spread thighs and raised legs emphasised the availability of her pussy to any desire. The ropes on the bar slightly raised the lower part of her backside off the bench. She was in no position to resist any activity on their part. Happy with the end result The Master signalled to three of the men. They left the room but soon returned with a large bowl of hot water, a razor, brush, shaving cream, towels and body lotion.“We’re just going to shave you now Gloria,” The Master told her. She nodded and tried to relax. Behind the eye mask she visualised how she looked to him and his helpers. She knew she was completely at their mercy but she trusted The Master, and hoped they soon do some of the things she so frequently fantasised about. Gloria felt the first touch of the shaving brush on her lower belly. While purposeful the touch was somehow also erotic to her imagination. She did briefly wonder how she’d explain her new appearance to her husband when he came home from his trip but then decided she didn’t really care. The disinterested way he’d been lately he might not even notice.One of the men deftly lathered her pubic hair, creating a layer of white soapsuds through the light red hair, swirling the brush along each side of her slit. The next man used the razor, frequently rinsing the hair away from the blade in the bowl of hot water held by a third man. He carefully shaved the few stray hairs that grew adjacent to her pussy. Soon she was completely smooth. One of the men wiped away the remnants of soap and shaved hairs with a hot towel, then dried her. The third member of the shaving team liberally anointed her smooth skin with body lotion to prevent razor rash.The group looked at the end result. She looked good, very good. All of the men were left in no doubt that their victim was aroused by the situation. While her position on the bench with her splayed legs did certainly expose her pussy to their voyeuristic view her condition was obvious. Her labia were fat and engorged, and lay spread apart like butterfly wings on either side of her pink gaping slit. The red throat of her vaginal entrance gaped open, clear strings of mucus dripping from the parted folds of flesh. If The Master had taken a consensus of opinion they’d have agreed this victim was a hot one. Even Bob was shocked at his wife’s overt excitement, and they hadn’t really done anything to her yet. He wondered what the bitch would be like when they really fucked her. He didn’t have long to find out. The Master was happy the way events were progressing so well. He silently assigned tasks to three of the group.Two of the men took up station on either side of Gloria’s supine body. They worked in tandem, kissing and tonguing and mouthing their way along her throat, neck, chest, breasts, distended nipples and belly. Simultaneously a third man, who had moved to the foot of the bench, kissed his way ever so slowly down the inside of her right leg. When he reached her bald pouting pudendum he stroked his long wet tongue along the groove of her backside, from the pucker of her anus into the open slit of her mucus filled snatch, between the parted fat folds of her thickly swollen labia, dipping into the yawning “O” of her hole, finally caressing her hard red fat clitoris. Her body jolted. The other two men now focussed their attention on sucking, kissing and mouthing her nipples while their mate tongue stroked her love bud.Gloria felt the pleasure surge through her body, from her nipples to her belly, from her clitoris to her pussy and thighs. She loved having her nipples sucked and knew, from almost forgotten past experiences, that her body’s nerve endings ran directly from her nipples to her pussy. She loved having her clitoris sucked even more than her nipples. Given she was already excited by her bondage and exposure to The Master and his three assistants it did not take long for the first orgasm to soar through her body.The three men knew her excitement was building. They could feel the heat of her skin against their lips; feel the muscular tension grow in her breasts and snatch. The orgasm surged through her. Her belly and thighs quivered. Her legs shook. Her open mouth sucked in air in between heavy groans. She came. The three men felt well rewarded for their efforts.The rest of the group displayed considerable excitement. Hard pricks stood up in front of all of them, most knobs slick with pre-cum. They all wanted a slice of the action now, but knew they’d have to wait on the whim of their Master. Bob could not believe his wife would willingly put herself in such a situation where she’d be naked in front of so many men, not only naked but subserviently bonded, available to their basest desires. He couldn’t believe three strangers had just tongued her to orgasm. And he knew, from past experiences with the group, that sucking her tits and cunt was only the beginning of what his leader had in store for his wife. In some ways he didn’t want to watch, but knew he had to see the bitch get what she deserved.The Master quickly made his selection. A man, with a heavily veined thick hard prick that was slightly longer than the norm in length, stepped up to the foot of the bench. He bent forward slightly over Gloria’s body, grasped his tool in one hand, and guided his large swollen knob into the open beckoning orifice of her cunt. The size of his knob stretched her. He eased forward. His shaft entered her cunt, her labia dipping inwards as his thick prick penetrated her tunnel, the flange on his large bulbous knob sliding and stretching the muscles of her love hole. Once buried inside her as far as he could go he paused, and then slowly withdrew. The group saw his shaft was glistening, slick with Gloria’s juices. The man slid into her again and slowly built up into the rhythm of his fuck.Another man acknowledged The Master’s signal. As he moved towards the other end of the bench his large muscled cock, the foreskin tight around the end of the shaft displaying a slim pink knob, bobbed in front of his belly. Gloria became aware of his presence as he bent forward over her body and the underside of his shaft touched the end of her nose. Absorbed as she was in the sensual gratification searing her snatch from the large hard hunk of meat that speared in and out of her cunt, she could not ignore the knob that now probed at her mouth. She parted her lips. The smooth swollen knob filled her mouth. She tasted the pre-cum and swirled her tongue over the bulb and shaft. Gently his cock eased forward. She sucked and hoped she wouldn’t gag. He took his time and let her throat adjust to the intrusive size of his tool. He felt her swallow, eased forward again and slid into her gullet.Both men now fucked her cunt and throat in a steady unison. The rest of the group watched, fascinated and very excited. They wanted to participate too and their physical demeanour reflected their individual lust. The Master was just as excited as his group, the only difference being he needed to display some semblance of control. He knew from past experience with his team that for each of them the first fuck would not last long. They were just too excited to exercise much control. But in the first round of encounters with Gloria he knew there were enough of them to give her ample pleasure. He correctly guessed she might enjoy being pumped full of spunk.Gloria could sense the growing excitement in the two pricks penetrating her cunt and throat. Both, it seemed, were growing harder and thicker. Certainly the veins traversing the cock in her mouth were distended. She was happy enough for him to cum whenever he wanted, but she wanted the guy in her cunt to last until she came. After all there were only two other men left for her to fuck while these two recovered, weren’t there?She tried to focus more on the cock in her cunt. It was big and felt oh so good. She could feel the pleasure building in her thighs, snatch and belly. Her cunt responded to the thick cock of its own volition, her muscles grasping the thick shaft as it penetrated her depths. But the cock in her mouth proved a distraction. Though relatively helpless she wanted the guy to appreciate her efforts. Her tongue played with his shaft as he rocked gently in and out of her mouth and throat. His prick fluttered then pulsed along the underside of his shaft. He erupted and his spunk splattered the roof of her mouth, spurted into her throat. Gloria swallowed the load from each spurt, the taste once again familiar to her after a long absence. Eventually the pulsing stopped. The cock rested just inside her mouth. She squeezed her mouth around the shaft in a vain attempt to milk it dry and lapped up the last few drops from the slit in his knob.The hard fast thrusts from the thick tool in her cunt distracted her. She knew it was about to blow just as her own orgasmic climb had commenced again. “Wait for me, oh please wait for me,” she inwardly chanted to herself. Her thoughts were in vain. She felt his thick prick explode inside her, felt it pump between her thighs, felt the hot wet wads of spunk burst inside her. “Dam, dam,” she inwardly cursed, feeling thwarted and frustrated. The prick slid out of her, leaving her uptilted cunt and slit dripping with spunk. The men had no time to enjoy the view of Gloria’s dilated cunt or admire the cum streaked shaft of their associate. The Master had already assigned two replacements.The guy with the exceptionally long but slim tool took his place at the foot of the bench. The men watched as he dipped his knob in the gaping wet hole of Gloria’s cunt. He rocked his hips. His prick effortlessly slipped into her depths, deeper and deeper until his pubic bone rested against the slash of her gash. It came out with the taut skin of the shaft sheened in juice and cum.Gloria sighed contentedly. If only The Master knew how much she needed the feel of a hard cock deep inside her snatch. This one felt particularly good. It wasn’t thick enough to cause any initial discomfort. It was long enough to reach that hidden pleasure spot deep inside her vagina. She determined to enjoy this cock as she clutched at it with clenched cunt muscles. Another cock sliding over her nose into her mouth rudely interrupted her thoughts. At first she was slightly annoyed, but then thought more positive thoughts about taking pleasure from both of them. It was no bigger than its predecessor, but no smaller either. She knew she’d handle it more easily after the first one and perhaps be able to concentrate more on the prick that now slid faster and harder in and out of her juicy twat.Both men quickly rated Gloria’s efforts highly. The owner of the prick in her mouth enjoyed the hot warmth of her mouth and throat, the slickness of her saliva and the swirl of her tongue. Between her thighs the other guy luxuriated the sensation of totally sinking his prick completely inside her, the clutch of her cunt around his length, the welcoming wetness of her hot hole. As his knob slid into her depths he felt her response and knew he had found her G spot. He worked his knob back and forth until he knew its precise location. Gloria’s belly and thighs shivered and shook. He knew he was going to be the one to get her there first, though he also knew he couldn’t last long.Gloria sucked and laved the thick prick that moved in and out of her throat. She was proud of her oral skills. In spite of her lack of recent experience before tonight Gloria’s mouth and tongue worked reflexively on the cock between her lips. Meanwhile she directed her attention to the long hard piece of meat that slid so easily in and out of her aching cunt. She needed release and needed it now! The tool gyrated over her G spot. The heat seared through her pussy, belly and thighs. In spite of her bondage she managed to hump her lower body up at the penetrating prick.The group were awestruck by the power of Gloria’s orgasm. Her body lifted off the bench as she involuntarily impaled herself on the cock in her cunt. Her breasts shook, pointed nipples distended. Her belly and thighs quivered. The muscles spasmed wildly deep inside her cunt, but only one man knew that. Her mouth gasped air around the invasive shaft. Wild guttural sounds came from her throat. Beads of perspiration formed on her chest.The tight clutch of Gloria’s cunt in the throes of orgasm were just too much for the man to be able to sustain any control. The spunk boiled in his balls, surged up the stem of his shaft and burst into the inner recesses of her hot hole. He thrust deeply into her, his cock continuously pumping on each inward stroke. His spunk flooded her cunt. He rested and looked along her body.Gloria lay motionless. The man at her head showed no mercy. He continued to slide his hard hunk of meat into her mouth and down her throat. Like everyone else in the room he too needed release. The helplessness of the woman as he fucked her mouth, as he slid his prick into her throat kindled an inner fantasy and excited him. He could feel the pressure build in his belly. His hands reached for her head and held her. The muscle along the underside of his shaft throbbed and he, with long slow thrusts, pumped his load down her swallowing throat.Both men slowly withdrew their cocks from Gloria’s orifices. Unmoving she rested from the v******e of her climax. The Master, and his acolytes, examined her body. Her spunk filled cunt gaped open. Bob couldn’t believe the way his wife had just sucked off two cocks. He was stunned at that, but even more surprised that she’d been able to do it while simultaneously being well and truly fucked by two other men. The Master looked carefully at Bob before signing to one of the two enormously built men to participate. The man was tall and slim. His tool was his most noticeable and impressive feature. It curved upwards and inwards from between his legs, reaching past his navel. His appendage was simply huge everywhere, in every dimension. It was nearly thirty centimetres long, very thick around the base just above his balls, tapering only slightly along the massive length of the shaft to just below the head. The dark red knob resembled a ripe plum, circumvented by a thick flange of flesh. The muscle along the underside was definitively large. The veins traversing the shaft bulged with engorged excitement.A tangible thrill of electricity ran through the group, all of course except Bob. He knew his wife’s capabilities. There was no way she’d be able to take this huge hunk of meat inside her. The guy would have to be content with jacking off over his wife’s tits. Nevertheless he silently watched along with the rest of the men while he wondered when he’d be given his turn.The man stood between Gloria’s splayed hung thighs and looked at her vulva. The labia seemed ankara escort bayan fatter than before and lay back framing the pinkness of her aperture. Her clit stood erect. Her vaginal entrance gaped open. The pink of her flesh was pooled and copiously clotted with the spunk of his predecessors. Juice had run down the groove of her arse. Tendrils of clear mucus streaked her slit.He wanted to fuck her badly, wanted to feel her hump his massive cock just as she had done to the man before him. He didn’t always find a woman who could accommodate his size. But he knew if he displayed some initial care and consideration he had a good chance of achieving success. That would give him pleasure, please the woman and, more importantly, improve his status with The Master.He carefully slotted the broad tip of his mighty knob just inside the entrance to her tunnel. Her muscles initially resisted him then relaxed. It seemed though she couldn’t see him she certainly felt him and was relaxing her body and making herself compliant. Unbeknown to him it was more than that. Gloria badly wanted to be fucked; she needed to be fucked now; fucked hard; she wanted to be fucked fast; all while helplessly bound. Her earlier climaxes had not satiated her want; rather they had inflamed her lust. She could feel the gently probing prick in her snatch, and knew it was big. In reality she had no idea how large it really was.He gently slid forward so that his knob opened and stretched the entrance of her gash. Gloria groaned, but it was a groan of pleasure. The presence of wet cum lubricated his massive knob. He slid forward. Her cunt stretched around his girth, opened up around his protrubence in welcome. His was delighted. A fuck with this woman was now looked highly probable. Though encouraged he still displayed considerable care. He rocked his enormous tool in and out, easing forward into her in each inward movement. Her snatch was tight, very tight, but he could feel it stretching wider around his girth as it sought to accommodate his invading protrubence. Further and deeper he slowly and carefully penetrated her hot twat. Each inward push became a little easier. Each outward pull and inward push widened her cunt around his cock, until finally he was completely buried, completely engulfed by her hot wet snatch. His sac rested in the groove of her cleft. His massive tool filled her. His bulbous knob rested again her cervix. He paused, rested for both their benefit.Gloria certainly appreciated his care in the initial stage of his fuck. She could feel his massive size. The man’s obvious concern had helped her relax and enjoy his length and girth. The sliding sc**** of his swollen knob, the sense of fulfilment in the penetration of his huge muscled hard shaft, excited her. As rested inside her she felt completely filled. She sensed he was about to fuck her, and anticipated his thrusts with want and lust. She wanted him to take her, now. She wanted to feel the pleasure that such a massive cock would surely give her. Her cunt involuntarily clutched at his cock in response to her thoughts and fantasies.The man felt her cuntal clutch and knew she was ready. He slowly withdrew his prick until only just the huge fat knob remained fastened in her twat. The men around him looked at his thick glistening shaft with lust. They had already noted the way her cunt compliantly stretched to accommodate it. All, except one man, wanted to see him fuck their victim.Bob was simply stunned that his normally demure little wife’s cunt had so effortlessly gobbled up this massive prick. He’d never seen a prick larger than this one, except maybe on one of the other guys in the group. He was miffed at her hunger for cock, particularly large cocks, and lots of them. Yet so often she rebuffed his advances. Still the guy about to fuck her had been very gentle so far. Let’s hear her squeal when he really gets going he thought. Then Bob noticed The Master watching him. Bob quickly composed his face and turned his attention back to his wife.The man commenced a slow gentle but deep rhythmic fuck. Gloria’s body responded. Her muscles relaxed as he buried his prick inside her cunt all the way to her womb, then tightened around his shaft as he withdrew. He could hear her breath suck in and out of her lungs, punctuated by occasional groans of pleasure.The fuck felt simply superb to Gloria. Already most pleasant sensations pulsated through her breasts, belly, thighs and pussy. Her climb up the stairway to her internal heaven had inexorably begun. Control of her destiny was slipping away from her. She knew that lay in the power of the prick pulsing in and out of her hungry cunt, and the calibre of the man behind it.Gradually the man surged into the rhythm of his fuck. He looked at Gloria’s body as he ploughed his prick into her furrow, noted the perspiration beading on her skin, the hardness and size of her distended nipples, the flutter in her belly. I’m going to give you the fuck of your life he mentally promised her.The regular firm thrusts of the prick, the continuous slide back and forth over her G spot, the penetration to depths of her cunt never before touched by a cock began to have a wondrous impact on Gloria. She had forgotten the presence of anyone else in the room. The Master’s earlier instructions were long forgotten. The power of the prick, the pleasure that permeated her body completely absorbed her consciousness. It was all she could think of. Her heavy breathing, moans and groans became involuntarily interspersed with words of passion.“Oh yes! Oooh yees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh please fuck me! Ooooh fuuuck! Oooooh harder! Oooooh faster! Oooh yees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees!”The Master smiled inwardly at Gloria’s response to this cock. He didn’t care that he’d told her not to talk. He was content that she was getting what she’d come to him for.On the other hand Bob was mortified. Jealousy flowed through his mind. He couldn’t believe she was so obvious in her enjoyment. She never cried out like this when he fucked her!Gloria rocketed and rocked to a fierce vocal body shuddering climax. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck!” Her body strained against her bonds, her breasts wobbled, her belly quivered and her legs shook the ropes to the ceiling. At last she relaxed on the bench.The men in the group were awestruck and inspired by the strength of Gloria’s climax. She excited them. Even Bob was overwhelmed and impressed by his wife’s performance.The man was far from done, though he was both impressed and pleased with her response. Throughout her orgasm he thrust firmly and deeply into her churning twisting clutching spasming writhing cunt. He was determined to take her there again, quickly. His thrusts were harder, faster, firmer and deeper. He no longer experimented with her. He knew what she wanted, what she needed. His massive prick drove into the depths of her hot chasm.Gloria was soon aware of the increased tempo of her unseen lover. While the orgasm had peaked through her body it didn’t slide into the valley of post coital exhaustion. Her nerve endings still tingled with life. Lust still burned in her brain and belly. The massive prick impaling itself in her pussy was relighting her fires afresh. This man is a perfect fuck, she thought to herself, his cock was made for my cunt. As much as her bondage let her she fucked him in return.It did not take them long. Again Gloria voiced her feelings as she told the room of her impending pleasure. Her pussy clutched tightly around the huge hunk of meat spearing into her. The man felt the surge of cum burst along the stem of his shaft. As Gloria shivered and shook around him his cock pumped, and pumped searing wads of gelatinous spunk into the innermost crevices of her cuntal cavern. He emptied and rested deep inside her.If The Master had permitted such behaviour the team would have cheered. Their impressed lust had been heightened. Those who had not so far participated to wanted to, badly; even Bob.The men responded with alacrity to their Master’s signals. Before Gloria had properly recovered they’d undone the ceiling rope, removed the bar from her ankles and released her wrist bindings. Her eye mask was left in place. Two of them sat her up on the bench. She gratefully accepted a cold drink form The Master. And she nodded her agreement that she was happy to continue her session with him and his acolytes. Gloria meant it too. She wanted to, needed to, experience all he had to offer her tonight. The Master again reminded her to relax, that he and his team would take care of her. She nodded her acceptance and trust.At The Master’s silent direction Gloria was placed on her belly on the bench. Her wrists and ankles were fastened by straps on the lower part of each of the four legs that supported the bench. The high heeled shoes and mask were still all she wore. Her head hung downwards. At the other end the pose spread hers thighs wide apart, the mound of her bare vulva poked out in the vee. Her shoes accentuated her leg muscles. She looked excellent, and vulnerable, exposed. The Master applied a gob of clear lubricant to the puckered anus. As his finger loosened her hole she helped by relaxing. The group of men wondered who would be rewarded. No one was more surprised, or excited, than Bob when he was given the nod. He knew from The Master’s withering look that he should not be silly.He slid his knob along the groove between the parted cheeks of his wife’s backside, gathering up surplus lubricant with his prick. Bob used one hand to carefully open up Gloria’s arse hole with his knob. As much as he wanted to plunge his tool hard into his wife he was careful not to do anything to incur his Master’s wrath. The hard glans entered her relatively easily, her sphincter closely tightly behind the flange. Rocking himself gently Bob’s cock slowly slid into her backside. Happy with progress The Master decided it was time to pleasure himself and moved around to Gloria’s head. At least in that position he could also keep an eye on his recalcitrant acolyte.The Master lifted Gloria’s head slightly with his hands, and his thick hard cock brushed her lips. Obediently and expectantly her mouth opened. His cock slid into her mouth. Her tongue swirled over the eye and around the bulb.Gloria, surprisingly to herself, did not experience any real pain when the cock entered her arse. She correctly guessed what was in store for her when she felt the lubricant grease up her hole. Her efforts to relax certainly helped. Now having cock in her arse and mouth while helpless fulfilled a secret and long held fantasy. In other circumstances she might have thought she was going through hell. Right now in her mind and body she was in her own special heaven. She couldn’t do anything other than focus on enjoying the prick penetrating her arse though she’d have been blown away if she’d known the perpetrator was her husband. At least she could partially display her feelings about the thick hard cock in her mouth.She sucked and tongued. As the cock slid further into her mouth, into her throat and gullet she laved the underside with her tongue.Both cocks fucked into her two holes in a mirrored rhythm as each man watched the other spear their helpless victim. As much as each of them wanted their respective fucks to last there was little chance of that. Both, in their own way, were far too excited to realistically last long. Within a few thrusts of settling into any sort of rhythm both could feel the churning through their balls and belly’s.Through her lips Gloria felt the swell and hardening of the prick sliding in and out of her throat. The veins along the thick shaft distended. The whole piece of meat throbbed in her mouth. The muscle along the underside pulsed and the spunk spurted and pulsed down her gullet. She swallowed, and kept on swallowing as blast after hot blast poured into her. As the splatters died in intensity she clamped her lips around the circumference of the shaft, milking it on each withdrawal.Simultaneously she had awareness of the impending climax in the prick penetrating her arse. The rhythm behind it changed, slowed somewhat, becoming slower and more deliberate. It throbbed inside her backside. She felt it spasm inside her bowels. Both men rested briefly in her two orifices, then slowly withdrew.The Master signalled to one of the men. He wiped Gloria down with a hot wet towel. Four of the others untied her limbs. One slightly raised the volume of the background music. Two men sat Gloria up sideways on the bench. Another man handed The Master two long cold glasses of champagne. Then all the men, except The Master, left the room for a drink break and tidy up as a prelude to the next session.“Gloria I’ve got a drink for you,” The Master told her as he placed the flute in her hands. She was thirsty and gulped down half of the wine. “Are you okay?” he asked her. She nodded. “Are you able to continue?” Again he received a nod in reply. “Are you happy with the way we are treating you?” Another nod. If only The Master knew she thought to herself. Want burned somewhere deep in her belly and mind. She needed more relief. Desperately she wanted to be fucked. But she kept those thoughts to herself. “I’ve been thinking as I’ve watched you,” he continued, “that I might allow you a bit more freedom of movement when I move you. You might enjoy being able to respond a little better without so much bondage. Do you agree?” Gloria nodded. “If I do this there is one condition. You are not to touch the eye mask. You must leave it on. Do you agree?” She nodded emphatically after all, she thought, that is a small price to pay for a little bit of control over her physical responses to whatever stimulation was in store for us. Besides she was well on the way so far to having her fantasy fulfilled just by doing what The Master wanted. After all, her mind told her, he was the expert. She finished her drink and The Master took her empty glass. The men silently filed back into the playroom.At The Master’s sign two of them helped Gloria from the bench and led her across the room to the bed. They eased her onto her back in the middle with one pillow under her head. In response to the group’s questioning glances The Master indicated there would be no bonds. He assigned the next task to two of the thickly hung men. They both knew what was required.They knelt on the bed beside Gloria and tantalisingly kissed and caressed her all over from the lobes of her ears to her toes. She responded. Her nipples hardened again. Her labia remained swollen, fat, parted around her open dripping vagina. The occasional brush of the two cocks over her various parts of her body enflamed her want, her need.One man lay beside her and rolled her body onto her side facing him. He stroked her breasts then manipulated her around him. He lifted her upper leg over both of his and slid his thick prick in the open slit of her gash, nestled the fat knob inside the entrance to her vagina. The other man now lay against her back. His fingers probed and moistened her arse hole with lube. She felt her sphincter give as his glans pressed into her, followed by most of his thick prick. Just as she became comfortable with the sensation of fullness in her arse the man in front of her slid his equally thick tool into the depths of her cunt. The man behind her reached over her body and grasped the nipple of her lolling breast in his fingers while the man in front of her kissed her on the lips. Gloria sensed movement on the bed. The Master had noticed her upper leg wasn’t quite comfortable. He signed to one of the men gathered around the bed. This additional man stood over the three people on the bed and gently supported Gloria’s leg. This eased her position somewhat and allowed her to gain more enjoyment from the two pricks now alternatively sliding in and out of her cunt and arse. The additional escort ankara benefit, unknown to Gloria, was that gave the other men around the bed an uninterrupted view of her double penetration. They loved it. So did she.Gloria was in her own heaven. The two thick hard pricks fucking her touched her where she needed it. Certainly the caress of their hands on her body also helped. And she enjoyed the intimacy of kissing the man in front of her. He tasted good as he sucked her tongue. Already she could feel the surge of pleasure soar through her loins and belly. The heat built in her skin. She luxuriated in the efforts of the two men as they thrust in and out of her gash and arse. Of it’s own volition, as the urge for self-gratification built, her body responded to the two impaling tools. Her cunt clutched and ground over the cock, while her arse humped and rocked around that cock too.The climax roared through her. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried not for the first time that night, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooohh shiiit!”Still the two cocks pumped into her, only now both were a little harder, a little firmer, a little faster, deeper. Gloria’s frenetic orgasm stimulated and excited both of them. They wanted her to repeat her performance, and they wanted to cum too with her.Gloria never really bottomed out in this orgasm. The two humping cocks ensured she dropped no further than just below the peak of pleasure.The three intertwined bodies on the bed excited the onlookers. Each man, including Bob, couldn’t wait for their opportunity to join in. Every cock was erect and throbbing. Many dripped precum. The Master was certainly satisfied with the evening so far. His team had acquitted themselves well. Gloria’s participation had been spectacular. Already he was thinking about having her visit again, soon. But then he thought he’d leave that decision in abeyance until he’d more thoroughly tested out her abilities for himself.Gloria vocally soared towards her next peak. The angle of the prick in her cunt slithered along her clit just right to get her going. “Oooh! Ooooh yyyyeeeesssss! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh!” Her body shivered, shook, rocked, humped and quivered. Together the two cocks thrust hard, fast and deep. As she spasmed around them both pumped and spurted, spurted and pumped. By the time she began to return to reality they were both completely empty.The three of them held their close embrace as they slowly cooled. But The Master gave none of them any rest. He desperately wanted to keep Gloria on her climatic erotic stimulated high. Quickly he moved the two men from the bed. Two other men stood Gloria up and moved her to one side on the mattress while the man with the very long slim prick lay on his back in the middle of the bed. The two men supporting Gloria placed her feet on either side of their supine teammate.“Gloria, I want you to kneel over the man below you facing his feet. I want you to ride his cock and I want you to make him cum,” The Master instructed her. Without any acknowledgement she did as she was told, wondering what physical attributes she was likely to encounter in this next cock. She knelt on her haunches over the man and grasped his cock in her hands. She immediately remembered it from her previous encounter with it. Its length was incredible but at least she knew she’d easily accommodate its slim girth. She used her legs and thighs to rise up over it and fed the knob into her yawning cum dripping crevice. It rested inside the “O” of her vagina. Gloria let her own body weight drop down over the stiff prick. Her gash gobbled it up. Down, down she dropped until the cock was totally buried inside her. The heat from the shaft seared through the walls of her cunt. She used her thighs and legs to rise up until just the tip of the tool remained inside her. Down she dropped again. Quickly she achieved her rhythm and once more experienced the surge of lust in her belly.The men standing at the foot of the bed had an excellent view. They could see her fat swollen labia bend inwards around the impaling shaft as she sunk downwards. As she rose they could see the labia stretch out along the shaft once more. Her heavy breasts swayed and swung with her movements. The air hissed into her lungs. They could hear the squelch of hard cock in wet cunt. They saw the way she ground her snatch over his pubic bone each time she totally engulfed his tool. They saw her glistening juice and the spunk of the previous man coat the skin of his shaft.The man under her began to lift his cock up at her as she dropped. He had nothing left to fit into her hot twat. She took the lot. Beneath the crevice of her arse he watched his prick disappear in her hungry maw. He wanted to cum, but even more wanted her to get there first.Gloria plunged down and reared up on the long cock. Yes, oh yes, she could feel the orgasm begin its surge throughout her body, from the tips of her toes to the pointed ends of her nipples. She didn’t know it but she was panting with her exertions. In between gasps the words involuntarily flowed from her throat. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried out, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees!!” As her cunt spasmed and clutched the man beneath her shuddered. His load of cum spurted up the pole of his prick, splattered into her depths. She was lost to all but herself and didn’t feel the blasts. As she rested on his belly with his prick deep in her belly she knew he’d cum. Her cunt was filled with spunk.The Master and his helpers quickly repositioned her on her back in the middle of the bed with a pillow under her head and one under her backside. “Gloria I want you to use your hands to masturbate the man I’m going to put in front of you. I want you to get him to cum over your tits,” he instructed her.The man nominated by The Master knelt over Gloria’s tummy. She reached for him with both hands. His prick and balls were slick with oil. That pleased her for she believed it made her job easier. Her first impressions were correct. The tool was thick, very thick; so thick her hand didn’t quite fit around it. His ball sac was tight and heavy, but the skin was baby smooth. She used one hand to slowly jack his heavily veined shaft, fingertip the slit and bulbous knob. Her other hand caressed his balls. Her fingers occasionally slid into the groove of his arse where she was able to tease his anus. She maintained the steady rhythm for some time before her efforts were rewarded. His shaft thickened even more and, if possible, grew harder. His skin became hot in her hands. She heard his breathing go ragged. Forgetting The Master’s instruction she encouraged him. “Come on big boy. I can feel you want to cum. I know you want to shoot your spunk all over my tits. Come on. Let it go. Oh yes! I can feel you are going to shoot. Come on, spray me with your spunk.” The cock trembled and throbbed in her hands. The man put his hand over hers as she wanked and aimed his prick. The first large white wad jetted out and splashed on her chest. A steady stream of spurts followed in quick succession. Spunk splattered all over her heavy tits. The splashes felt hot on her skin. The stream ebbed. Gloria squeezed and milked the last few drops out of the end of his knob over her fingers. She raised her hands to her mouth and licked the white drops.Another man took the place of the first but this time just below her sex. His task was to shoot his load over her belly and snatch. He too had a very thick oil covered tool. As before Gloria wanked him steadily, offering him appropriate verbal encouragement. Together they fulfilled The Master’s instruction. The spunk spurted over the gape of her gash, splashed over her shaved belly.The Master gave his team no rest. Two of the men dutifully moved Gloria while Bob was placed on his back on the mattress, his head supported by a pillow towards the foot of the bed. “We’re going to kneel you over an acolyte on the bed,” The Master informed them. “I want you to suck him while he sucks you. Of course I am going to have you fucked from behind while you do that. Do you understand?” Gloria and Bob both nodded assent.Bob was extremely excited already. The Master’s orders to him and his wife only served to excite more. She didn’t know it but she was going to suck his cock. It had been years since she’d done that. He looked up at Gloria’s body as she was positioned over him. Her heavy swinging tits with their distended nipples, splattered and splashed with white spunk excited him. The shaved belly was covered in drying cum. As she knelt on either side of his head her gash was just above his face. It was open, the fat lips spread apart, the slit no longer pink but red from wear and tear, white pools of mucus streaming from her yawning tunnel, her clit poking out erect. Hands spread her knees wider. Her gash opened wider and pressed down against Bob’s waiting mouth. Gloria and Bob both felt the bed move as a third person joined them. It was the man with the massive meat. He knelt behind Gloria’s backside and with no preamble slid his prick along her open cleft.Centimetres in front of his eyes Bob watched the huge swollen bulbous knob wedge itself in the entrance to his wife’s vagina. After a brief pause the enormous thick bulging shaft pushed forward. Her labia fastened onto the shaft, trailed inwards as the mighty hunk of meat forced its way inside her. There was another pause before the inward slide commenced again. Bob wondered when it would end. In two forward movements the muscle of meat completely impaled his wife, the ball sac resting against her slot. Bob felt Gloria’s hands caress his balls and cock, felt her lips suck him into her throat, felt her tongue lave his shaft. He remembered his own instructions, lifted his head slightly from the pillow and sucked his wife’s hard long clitoris into his mouth, feeling the heat and hardness of the man’s massive tool against his lips. The cock withdrew. It slid over Bob’s nose and lips. Spent cum, the spent spunk of many other men, streamed out of Gloria’s cunt over his face.Gloria was in humper’s heaven. The suck on her clitoris and the total penetration of the massive prick reaming her cunt drove her wild. She decided to focus on the cock in her mouth first, before she fucked herself stupid. The shivers in the cock in her mouth made her believe her task would be quickly completed. She swallowed it into her gullet, went down down until her nose pressed against his tight balls. Her head bobbed up and down its length. It soon throbbed and swelled. As she deep throated the cock pulsed in her mouth and the spunk spurted. She swallowed. She milked it with her lips. It plopped from her mouth onto his belly. At last she was able to direct all her attention to the other end of her body.Bob couldn’t believe how good his wife was at oral sex. She took all of his cock. It excited him so much he had no control and blew his load. Even though he’d seen her swallow the loads of the other guys he couldn’t believe it had just happened to him. Meanwhile he continued to suck and tongue circle her hard love button, all the while the massive member of the man taking her doggy fashion thrust her and out of her willing box. As Gloria began to rock her body back and forth at the impaling tool Bob found it difficult to remain fastened on her clit. But he tried hard.Gloria pounded and rocked her cunt at the prick penetrating her so deeply and completely. Her tits swayed back and forth under her. As the climax grew her belly muscles quivered, her thighs and cunt clamped tight. The orgasmic peak approached. She’d arrived once more. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried out, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooooh fuuuuuuccckk mmeee! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees!!” As she spasmed uncontrollably around the prick the man groaned. He drove his tool into her gyrating gash. The spunk raced up his inner core and bathed her vagina in with large gelatinous wads. Finally all movement stopped. Cock completely buried in cunt. Underneath Bob was amazed at his view of the cock and cunt in full climatic flight. Then the white spunky stream began to dribble out of her onto his face.The Master ordered them all to move. He had Gloria lay in the middle of the bed, her head and upturned arse on pillows. “I going to be out of the room for a few minutes,” he told her, “I want you to lay there and relax while I’m gone.” She nodded in assent. A rest was welcome.All the men filed quietly from the room. They dressed fairly quickly and departed. Even so it was ten minutes before The Master returned. Gloria lay just where he’d left her. “Are you awake?” he asked. She was and nodded. “Let me take the mask off.” He removed it and she looked at him for the first time in a number of hours. “All my acolytes and helpers have left,” he told her, “there is only you and I here now.” “Do you feel up to one last fuck for the night with me?” he asked. She then noticed his erection and nodded.The Master knelt between her thighs and probed at her pussy with his prick. Her cunt looked red and was certainly sopping and sloppy with juice, saliva and spunk; just the way he loved them. His thick prick slipped into her slot. Gloria reached up her arms and drew him down onto her body. She raised her legs up and around him, locked her hells behind his backside. He was cradled in the cocoon of her body. Her mouth sought his and there tongues intertwined. Steadily and firmly he commenced their fuck. Her cosy cunt gripped him. Both of them wanted this fuck badly. It seemed to be a way of cementing their newfound relationship. Both wanted it to be good for the other. He wanted her to want to come back again. She wanted him to invite her back.The fires of passion in each of them, and between them, were lit and burning. Their fuck built in intensity. He enjoyed her sloppy tightness. She enjoyed the fullness of his thickness. The tilt of her arse on the pillow ensured he penetrated her deeply. His knob and shaft caressed her hot spot. He felt the build up of pressure in his balls. She felt the surge begin in her belly. Their fuck became fiercer. As Gloria came around him his pent up dam of spunk burst and emptied into her depths. They lay together in tight embrace for a long time, enjoying the much needed release of tension as the sweat dried on their bodies. Eventually he made to move. Her arms and legs hugged him and held him in place. “Don’t move,” she said, “stay inside me.” Aren’t I too heavy for you?” he asked. “Just stay there,” she answered, “you’re just fine. I like feeling you in me.”Some time later as she thought that his flaccid cock inside her was not all that small she wondered, with a bit of encouragement of her part, if he’d be able to do it again. She squeezed her cunt muscles around his cock, clutched and released, grasped and let go. Simultaneously she began to kiss him.Gloria’s renewed interest surprised The Master. He assumed she’d be exhausted but he also delighted in her attention. He was even more surprised when his body began to respond to her lascivious encouragement. His prick hardened once more.“Let’s roll over carefully and I’ll go on top,” Gloria suggested. He easily agreed. She straddled him to ensure her cunt completely engulfed his tool. Then she lay her body down along his. Their lips met, their tongues intertwined and she began to rock her cunt up and down over his shaft as she fucked him.Their fuck lasted a long time. Eventually Gloria began to climax. Her gyrations excited him so much that he came too just as poured her passion out over him.It was a long while before they moved apart. They showered together. He was surprised her with his tenderness. As they dressed they assured each other they were happy with the night. And yes she agreed she’d be in touch soon. It really depended on her husband’s travel plans.Totally satiated she went home.

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