Fucked Part 1


Fucked Part 1″Get on your knees” it was more of a demand than a request, my boyfriend had had a hard day at work and wanted to relax and the best way to do that was to lose himself in my body.I smiled up at his naked body, “make me”His hand lashed out and caught me across my large rounded breast, making it lift and bounce against my body, the red mark instant across my nipple making it harden, rosy and swollen like a freshly picked cranberry.The moan escaped my lips , joined by an intake of breath as his other hand squeezed grandbetting yeni giriş the other nipple hard. he pulled it taut, my head falling back with the pure pleasure of that feeling of pain that always linked instanly to my clit, it twitched and ached for his touch.”now turn the fuck over” he growled sexilyHe watched as I turned onto my stomach, my plump flesh pressed down on the tossled bedding, I pushed my body up on to my knees, spreading the distance between my legs enough to feel grandbetting giriş my pussy lips part, I could feel the heat and moistness escaping their entrapment. my hands clutched onto the metal headstead, my long hair cascading down my back, slipping to the side exposing my bare flesh to his gaze.I shivered as his fingers traced lines down my back, making me arch to their touch, goosebumps raised along my flesh and cold shivers rippled along my skin.I felt his fingers hover just above my wet pussy, grandbetting güvenilirmi could feel him close even though no contact was made.Then his fingers touched my parted lips, his fingers slipping across the swollen plump, spreading my lips, his fingers twisting, closing and opening as they began to enter.I moaned as his fingers began to slip deeper and deeper, my hot wet pussy contracting against the probing, his other hand grabbed my arse cheek and squeezed and molded the willing plump flesh.I pushed back onto his fingers willing them deeper inside, which they did, 3 fingers now in deep, twisting left and right ploughing my flesh, in and out, twisting deeper with every movement.”yes, yes ” I moaned, “yessssssssssss” my body began to rock, backwards and forwards making his fingers fuck me deeper and deeper.

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