full moon


full moonWhen the moon hits just right, everything around you takes a turn, for the good or bad. It’s hard to do, but when it happens you better watch out and be careful who bares witness of anything you might regret at a later time. Here is a story of the two couples who had a little too much fun during a full moon. It was about 10 p.m and the two couples, who was really buzzed, wanted something grandbetting yeni giriş fun to do and just let loose. So Nikki, Kris, Kristy, and Megan decide to go swimming,but they didnt have a pool. They decided to go to a local appartment complex. The girls jumped in the pool and started playing. A couple people who lived in the complex came out and sat at grandbetting giriş the pool with there feet in the water. Everything was perfect. Not a care in the world until some of the girls started to take there cloths off. Touching and kissing started and no one cared about the spectators. In fact that added fuel to the fire. The girls swam to the side of the pool grandbetting güvenilirmi where the steps are so they can be mostly out of the water, but still in it if wanted to. The 4 girls are naked at this point and lips, tongues, and hands were all over the place. Next thing you know, heads dissapeared. Moans emerged. Muffled words of, ”oh baby right there” and ”don’t stop”. The girls must of turned the spectators on because they were undressed and enjoying each other. Now the moral of this story is, be careful where you are who you are with on a full moon. In the end, it’s all a group activity.This story really happened to me. It was one of the most hottest moments of my life.

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