Gloryhole tease


Gloryhole teaseThis is a true story from around 2005 when i was about 19 or 20. I was quite inexperienced, I’d had a couple of girlfriends but never really had any gay experiences other than fooling around with cousins when i was younger. I had just started a new job based in the town centre and after work one day I decided to have a look around some shops before catching the bus home. After about half an hour, just as i was about to go home, I decided I needed to have a shit, so headed to the public toilets around the back of McDonalds. I had used these toilets in the past but not since about 1997, and had no idea of what i was about to encounter. I walked into the toilet and walked past the trough where a couple of guys where stood having a pee and headed to the end where there were two cubicles. Fortunately one of the cubicles was free so i walked in sat down and started going about my business. As I was sat there I noticed a sheet of toilet paper fall on to the floor and wondered where it had come from. I looked to my left and and saw a hole going through to the next cubicle, through which I could see a guy sat there playing with his dick. I couldn’t believe it. This was the first time I had ever seen another mans erect penis in the flesh, and i could feel myself getting turned on. As I was sat there i started playing with myself and wondered whether the guy in the other cubicle was watching. I felt my heart rate pick up and carried on playing with myself for what felt like ages but was probably only 30 seconds, before I got spooked and thought I better leave in case there was someone waiting. I jumped up and began to make my way home. That night, I thought about what I had seen and how I had felt, I had always thought of myself as being straight but here i was getting turned on at the sight of another guy. I decided not to worry about it, pendik escort and had a wank instead.About a week passed and all I could think about was this gloryhole. I decided I was a single guy, not getting any at the moment, so I would visit it again. This time I decided I would go straight after work and I would use the cubicle to change from my work clothes into my sports gear, so hopefully I could give a show. Work that day felt like it lasted an eternity, I was sat at my desk getting hard just thinking about what I was going to do that night, I couldn’t wait!As soon as the clock struck 5 I was out of the door at work and made my way back to the toilet. I ran in and once again there was one cubicle free so I headed in and locked the door, looked around and there was a bit of toilet paper over the gloryhole. I was disappointed, did this mean I wouldn’t get to have any action? As i started to weigh up whether it would be brave or stupid to just take the toilet paper off so i could see through to the other cubicle a finger appeared through the hole. This was it, this must be the invitation, I ripped off the toilet paper and looked through and saw what looked like the same guy as before playing with himself.I started to undress while still looking through at the guy playing with himself, as I took each piece of clothing off I could see him starting to speed up his strokes. Before I knew it I was stood totally butt naked while a total stranger masturbated looking through the gloryhole at me. Then his finger came through the hole again and beckoned me towards it, as I got closer he put his hand on my now semi and started to wank me off. After a short time he lightly pulled me towards the hole and put my dick through it, at this point I couldn’t see what he was doing anymore, but suddenly i felt his mouth around my cock, his tongue swirled around escort pendik my dick, it was almost enough to make me cum straight away, but as quickly as my erection came it went when someone outside the cubicle said “can you hurry up please”. I quickly put my sports gear on and left, scared that as a straight guy i may have been spotted being blown by another guy through a gloryhole. As scared as I had been, it didn’t put me off. Over the next few weeks I went back to the gloryhole after work every Tuesday and Wednesday, went into one of the cubicles and changed into my sports gear. A few times there was someone in the other cubicle masturbating but nothing more than that. I started to wonder whether I had missed my chance, I needn’t have worried.It must have been my tenth visit, I walked in and went past a couple of guys stood at the trough and headed towards the cubicles, both were free this time but as i went into one i noticed one of the guys from the trough made his way to the other cubicle. Within a few seconds a semi erect cock was poking through the gloryhole. Just a few weeks ago i had never really thought about another mans cock, now here i was being invited to play with one. Without much thought i wrapped my hand around it and started to play with it. I felt it getting harder and harder in my hand, whilst my own cock started to get hard just thinking about what i was doing. His cock was a bit longer than mine, probably about 6 inches whilst mine is only about 5 inches, but his was thinner and was cut whereas I still have my foreskin. I played with it for a minute or so whilst taking my trousers and pants off with one hand, then put my cock next to his so that they were touching and started to wank them both off. As I was doing this I felt his hand come through the hole and start wanking me off while i continued to play with him. At pendik escort bayan this point I was horny as fuck and did something i never thought i would.I pulled my dick away, bent down and took him in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his dick just as had been done with me a few weeks earlier. I couldn’t believe it, I had a dick in my mouth. I carried on blowing him, a slight taste of piss and sweat mixed with pre-cum going round my mouth. I wanted more, i wanted to feel this dick in my ass. I’d never thought about being fucked by a man before but I had fingered my ass, now all of a sudden I wanted a cock in my ass. I stopped sucking him turned around and bent over, i held his dick and started to rub it up and down my ass crack. I could barely contain myself, what had happened that had caused this straight guy to be bent over by a gloryhole in a gents toilet, with another mans dick on my ass, about to bareback me? I continued moving his dick up and down my ass crack before stopping over my sensitive asshole. I started to press his dick against my asshole and tried to get him inside me, but the lack of lubrication prevented it, I kept trying, continuing to stroke his cock when suddenly I felt it convulse, A massive load of cum shot out and landed up my back and over my ass, I made sure the next spurt went over my asshole, and rubbed his dick around in it. I decided this was enough for the night and wiped myself down, got changed and left to go to the gym. A couple of minutes after leaving I was walking through the shopping centre when a guy walked up alongside me, he was an older guy and looked a bit like Larry David, he said he saw me in the toilet and wanted to know if I would go back to his place. I turned him down, which i regret now. I was never sure whether he was the guy I had sucked off or whether it was someone else. I told him I’d be back in there on Tuesday and Wednesday at the same time and to meet me there. Unfortunately I went back the next week and the hole had been covered by the local council, and that was the end of my gloryhole adventures.

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