Guide for Cum Eating


Guide for Cum EatingAre you having trouble bringing yourself to eat your cum after ejaculation?? Want to be a perfect little cum slut, but always back out and come up short?? If so, this item is for you. Using various mental drills and repetition, I’ll teach and condition you to crave it. With practice and time, you’ll overcome your trepidation and welcome the taste of your own hot cum. Commit to mastering it, slut!!The Basic IssueI know your type very well; you dream of a stunning woman forcing you to consume your cum after ejaculation. Not only do you dream of it, the thought consumes you. As you look at my photos and get all worked up to be my dirty little slut, you vow to lap it up like the whore you are. You vow to take a face full of cum as a means of proving your devotion and servitude to me. Jerking and stroking your cock harder and faster you cum hard. But what happen my little slut, your desire to eat your cum is gone?? You quickly wipe up your mess and go on about the days’ business. Does this describe you, slut?? Do you always back out at the last moment?? If this is you, shame on you for disobeying me. Many have told me what an issue they have with eating their ejaculation. You’re faced with a huge problem; on the one hand it’s nearly impossible for you to eat your cum. But on the other hand, you know it’s what I demand of you. It’s the only way that you can actually prove your worth to me. Fortunately for you, I’ve dealt with many man whores who, just like you, had problems eating their cum. Let’s start with a few basic facts. Why You Have a Difficult Time SwallowingI know that you lose the desire to eat your cum because after orgasm you are sexually satisfied. This is really flawed logic and thinking on your part for so many reasons. First, this isn’t about you or what you want, it’s about what Mistress Sarah wants- your sexual pleasure or lack thereof is unimportant. The second reason you find it difficult betsobet yeni giriş is because your mind is not in the right place and you haven’t fully accepted your role in this relationship. Some of you reading this may have indeed consumed your cum as I’ve instructed. But you can always be a bigger whore and a more disgusting cum eater. Regardless of where you are in your cum eating, the following five steps will properly refocus your efforts and get rid of your silly inhibitions. I mean seriously, why would a dirty little fuck whore like you have difficulty spraying your face with hot sticky cum?? I don’t get it!! Anyway, you will need to constantly practice the following five steps or elements so as to reinforce them in your mind, making them a permanent part of your thought process. Being a good cum grubber takes time and effort. Step 1: Focus and Visualize I want you to strip completely for me and sit down in front of your computer. Relax and lean back in your chair. It feels so nice to be bare for Mistress, doesn’t it?? Begin breathing deeply and feel the submissive wave come over you. Is your cock hard?? *giggles* I figured as much. Begin to feel me taking over your mind with my awesome power and strict control. Mentally remind yourself that you’ll do anything to please me- anything!! As you relax, I want you to repeat the following over and over again. “I love to eat cum.” “It pleases my Mistress so much when I fill my cum dump.” “I do anything Mistress wants.” “I love eating cum.” “Tasting my cum is no big deal.” “Eating my cum is natural for me.” “I love hot cum.” “I want cum all the time no matter what.” “I eat cum because it amuses my Mistress.” “Cum tastes the best when I’m not horny or turned on.” “It’s my place to be humiliated by Mistress.” “I love the taste of my hot cum.” You are to memorize the little passage and practice it on a regular basis. The idea is to embed it in your betsobet güvenilirmi mind that eating your cum is not only good, but easy. Every time you want to jerk off, perform this meditation. Remember, my dirty little skank, being an exceptional cum slut requires time, dedication, and repetition. Step 2: Conditioning After Your OrgasmOrgasm greatly reduces your desire to eat your cum- That’s the fun of making you my cum slut. Strip naked and stand in front of your computer. Begin touching your cock, getting it rock hard for Mistress. Stroke it for me, you dirty slut. Pretend that I’m standing nearby watching you. Squirt your load directly onto your desk and sit down in your chair. Relax as you did in Step 1. Close your eyes and take long deep breaths. Mentally see yourself rising out your chair, dropping to your knees, lowering your head, and licking up your mess of spunk. Tell yourself over and over: “I love eating my cum for you Mistress.” “I love the taste of hot spunk.” “I’m made to eat cum loads.” “I eat cum for my Mistress anytime she instructs me to do so.” “Mistress is my everything.” “I am nothing but a dirty cum slut.” After you’re thoroughly relaxed and accepting of the fact you love the taste of hot sperm, you may wipe up your worship puddle go on about your business. Remember that I may call on you at anytime to stroke, cum, and eat; you’re my property and you obey. Step 3: Getting CloseJust as in Step 2, get completely naked, stand in front of your computer desk, stroke and cum. As you stroke recite many of the sayings from Steps 1 and 2 in a trance like manner. As you bring yourself to orgasm, visualize yourself licking your desktop clean, lapping up every bit of your ejaculation. Regain your composure by taking a few deep breaths. Look at your cum. It looks so sexy there on the desk, doesn’t it?? You’re obsessed with it. Tell me, “Mistress I love my cum.” Tell yourself that you betsobet giriş want to taste it so badly. Tell yourself that you need to taste it and not just because Mistress demands it, but because you’ve accepted reality. Reach down and dab a bit onto your index finger. Play with it. Feel it. It’s not so bad at all, is it?? I mean if all the porn sluts can take a sticky load of cum in their mouths, it shouldn’t be any big deal for you. Dab a bit more on your fingers and rub them on your thighs; rub a small bit on your cheek. Step 4: Practice Makes a Perfectly Prepared SlutThis step is by far the most time consuming and will require the most effort from you. Each time you repeat the masturbation ritual, bring yourself a little bit closer to eating it. For instance, in Step 3, you rubbed a small amount on your cheek. Now, rub a bit on your actual lips. Next time you masturbate and shoot it on your desk, sit your bare ass in it. LOL!! The step is also perfect of practicing some of my other cum eating exercises. The intent is to gradually bring yourself closer and closer to filling and flushing your cum dump. Also, it’s essential that you continue chanting the slut phrases engrained in your mind for best results. Step 5: The Perfect Cum Eating SlutBy now, you’ve practiced extensively and you’ve become very accustomed to the idea of eating your cum. You’ve been very, very close on several occasions. Now it’s time for you to show me what your learned and how effectively you’ve been conditioned. You know the drill my slut. Strip naked and stand in front of your desk or table. Begin reciting my conditioning drills from Steps 1 and 2. With your cock hard and aching to perform for Mistress, begin stroking. Don’t you dare stop chanting. Cum hard and make a stick puddle of goo. Without hesitation, drop to your knees and move close to the puddle of cum. In your most seductive and slutty voice say, “I’m going to show you what a whore I am, Mistress.” Stick out your tongue and slowly lick every single drop of cum cleaning your desk top thoroughly. Once the table is clean, slide your index finger over your little cum slit, and lick it clean. Before dressing, thank your Mistress for teaching you to love the taste of cum.

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