Her New Life Ch. 03


He knew Carly was approaching the point at which he would be done with her. He still had her grand finale, but then it would be time to make a decision. He really liked this one and didn’t know what he would do with her. First though, he would make sure that her descent into sluthood was complete.

He had Mark and Lisa come over frequently to use Carly and make her cum. He wanted her to orgasm at least 5 or 6 times a day for 10 days before he cut her off of sex completely for 2 weeks. He made her masturbate every morning, play with her sex toys while watching porn, and he would try to give her head and fuck her daily. Along with Mark and Lisa’s use, Carly was in an almost constant state of arousal.

On the day he cut her off, he clipped her wrist restraints to her collar and told her that she was not to cum for awhile. He warned her that if he caught her trying to get off he would punish her severely. She said “yes Master”.

He made reservations for a suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. He called some contacts in Vegas and had them keep their eyes open for the right people for Carly’s debut, and sent photos of Carly in a schoolgirl outfit to each of them.

He made sure that Carly exercised daily, ate right, and let her lay out by the pool so that she could get her color back. She hadn’t been outside in the time that he had possessed her and within a week she had a very healthy glow back in her skin. She had blossomed into a very beautiful woman since had had taken her; at 5′ 7″ and 130 lbs she was full bodied, but she had lost all the fat she had accumulated over the years. The exercise had firmed her arms, legs and stomach, and her 36c breasts had not lost their shape or firmness. It was her face that showed her beauty though, the healthy living had erased the booze and worry lines, and the sex had made her glow. He had always known that she was attractive, but now it had bloomed into stunning beauty.

At the end Bycasino of two weeks, Carly was beside herself with the desire for sex. He had punished her twice, once when he thought he wasn’t looking she tried to play with herself; he swatted her and tied her down for 8 hours. The second time, on the last night, she wasn’t even aware of her actions, her hand had subconsciously made its way down to her pussy. He simply clipped her hands to her collar, knowing that she could not be responsible anymore.

The next day they drove to Las Vegas and check into the suite. She was amazed by the luxuriousness of the suite, and by Las Vegas itself. He took her down to the casino and let her play the dollar slots for a bit and then took her to the hotel spa where she was pampered, waxed, and her hair styled. Back in the suite, he had her put her hair up and do her makeup in a very subdued manner, like she was going to a job interview. He then had her dress in a sexy bra and matching panties, the first she had worn in months, and thigh high stockings. Then he dressed her in a white blouse, a dark blue business suit and high heels. The effect transformed her into looking like a librarian and he put on glasses on her to complete the look. He put some music on and had her sit her on the end of the bed and wait. He left the bedroom and closed the door. She had no idea of what was going to happen.

His contacts had produced six men, all in their twenties, all very attractive and fit, and all high rollers. It had cost each one of them one thousand dollars for the right to participate in Carly’s cumming out party. All six men arrived on time and he had them sit down and got them drinks. He collected their money as he explained the few simple rules to them.

Carly was shocked to see six naked men enter the bedroom of the suite. As they walked toward her, she looked for her Master and saw him standing in the doorway. The men stood her up and Bycasino giriş moved her to the center of the room and surrounded her. She was frozen in nervousness as first one man touched her arm; another reached up and let her hair down. She felt her ass being grabbed and she tried to pull away. The man directly in front of her took the glasses off her. She looked down and saw their cocks starting to get hard and she knew what was going to happen. Suddenly, she started to get wet and looked over at her master. As he gave her a little nod of approval and winked at her, she started putting on a show for him. She acted offended and protested, saying “no, don’t do this. I can’t…, Please don’t…” She could see it was turning the men on even more.

Carly felt more hands on her; one was unbuttoning her suit coat, another trying to reach up her skirt. She pretended to bat their hands away but they kept coming at her. Someone pulled her jacket off her from behind; one man pulled her blouse and buttons popped everywhere. The man in front of her grabbed her hand and put it on his now fully erect dick. Another did the same with her other hand. Her blouse was pulled off her shoulders, her skirt was pushed up and she felt a hand on her pussy, a finger probing her through her panties. Her bra was pushed up and someone roughly grabbed one of her nipples and pinched it hard. She felt her self cumming for the first time and let out a moan.

She was forced to her knees before her orgasm had subsided and found herself staring at four large hard dicks and she still had two in her hands. Her last little fake protest was to open her mouth to say “nooo…” as one of the men rammed his dick into her mouth. She started sucking as he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth. Carly jerked the two cocks in her hands and felt her panties being pushed to the side, a finger entering her wet pussy, hands on her ass, and hands on her breasts, pinching Bycasino güncel giriş and kneading her nipples. She could never have imagined feeling this sexy and excited, and she came again. Her moan was drowned out as the man in her mouth started to cum; she gagged a little as some of his cum dribbled down her chin. When he was done he pulled out and was quickly replaced by the one in her right hand. All the hands left her body and the men lined up in front of her, waiting for her mouth. One after the other, she sucked them to orgasm, jerking two others at the same time. Some came in her mouth; others pulled out and sprayed her face and breasts. After all six had cum, she was pulled to her feet, what has left of her clothes were removed, and she was put on the bed. One man told her to play with herself and she did so eagerly, looking up into the eyes of the six men surrounding the bed. She could see them rubbing their dicks back to hardness. She felt the power she had on them, and it exited her to know they wanted her even more. She came again and then again, craving more sex and more orgasms; she became entranced, and thought of nothing but the wonderful feelings she was experiencing.

One man lay between her legs and started licking her pussy; another was by her head forcing his rising dick back into her mouth. She felt her breasts and nipples being sucked and ravished, and could not stop cumming. The man between her legs entered her, the first of countless fucks of the evening. She felt them cumming in her pussy, mouth, and ass, only to be replaced by other cocks when they were through. She was tossed around like a rag doll, and felt as if she were floating in a dream as they used her.

Hours later, when they were done with her, as she lay on the bed, she scooped some of their cum from her pussy, licked it off her fingers and rubbed it into her breasts. She came once more before drifting into unconsciousness.

When all of the men had left, and Carly was asleep, he went down to the lounge and had a drink. His work with her was done and he had enjoyed it. In the morning she would begin her new life. He would miss her.

In a few days he would start again, looking for his next project.

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