His First Time with Mom Ch. 03

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Mom the relationship continues…

After the first weekend we shared together, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We were like a young couple, just starting a relationship together. Over the next year, we would steal away, anytime we could get to be alone together. Thankfully, Dad continued working out of town most of the time. Leaving us plenty of time alone together. Be it me hurrying home from work, for a quick hour of passionate loving, before my sisters got home. Or me calling in sick to spend the whole day in bed making love. This even happened several times when dad was in town working. We just had to become more inventive, when he was around.

Finally one day, after a year and a half, of our relationship. I decided to surprise her, and sneak home in the middle of the day, when she wasn’t expecting it. When I got there I saw my aunt’s car in the drive. It seemed like she had been coming over more often, the last few months. Finding her here, several times when I got home. So I decided I would act like I was sick, if my aunt asked.

I quietly entered the house, and heard this strangely familiar sound. It sounded like Mom was having an orgasm. My curiosity peaked as I followed the sound. Finally as I peeked around the corner, into the living room. There on the huge sofa, I got the surprise of my life. Mom and aunt Mary, her sister, were in a 69 with each other. Both in them passionatly consumed, in the midst, of a massive orgasm. Thrashing about, completely unknowing that I was watching the two of them.

First I had no idea, that mom liked women, in this way, at all until now. The whole family, had their suspicions about aunt Mary though. Since she was married, but never really seemed happy about it. She was always a little too touchy, and feely, with the other women of the family.

I couldn’t help but to stand, and watch the two if them. Enjoying the beautiful, erotic display, going on before my eyes. I had seen porn video’s with two women before, but never for real. The longer I watched, the more aroused I became. Soon I had a painful, throbbing hard on, aching to be released, from the pair of jeans I was in.

Not wanting to disturb the beautiful couple, and their afternoon of fun. I was a little confused as to what I should do. Either way I would have to walk past them, to go to the bathroom, or to get to my room. Either place would have been fine to me right now. I just needed to release the monster, growing painfully in my pants, and jerk off to relieve myself.

Then I remembered an erotic novel, that a friend had given to me a few months ago. It was called, “Mothers Sweet Thighs”. It was about a mother, son, aunt, and cousin’s crazy lifestyle together, and how it had all started. Listening to the way my aunt was talking, to my Mom. She sounded almost like the aunt, in the book. Mom already reminded me of the mother so much. I had already fantasized about, some of the things the mother, and son done together, while Mom and i made love.

Never had I thought of this. The more I thought, the harder I got. Should I try to go join in? What would they do? I figured mom wouldn’t say anything. And since aunt Mary was under my mom, with her face buried in my mom’s pussy. She probably wouldn’t complain either. So after I worked up my courage, I figured why not just go join in.

I hurried up and stripped down to my boxers, being as quiet as possible. I already had a major tent pole growing in boxers. It almost breathed a sigh of relief, being released from the tight confines of the jeans. Finally I drew up my courage, and walked into the room.

They didn’t even notice I was there. Until I slowly placed my hand on my mom’s ass, and then slipped a finger, into her soaking wet pussy. Right in front of my aunt’s mouth. The look on Mary’s face was priceless, and I’ll remember it to this day. mersin escort Her eyes got really big, and she had a look of a kid, cought with her hand in a candy jar. My mom startled, and raised her head. Realizing the large finger in her, was not that of my aunt. She rose up on seeing me. With a smile on her face, she shoved her pussy tight to my aunt’s face.

Pulling me to her, and gave me a long passionate kiss. Sharing the taste of my aunt with me for the first time. At the same time, she erupted in a huge orgasm. Squealing and moaning into my mouth, as she Flooded Mary’s slithering tongue yet again.

As her orgasm subsided, Mom asked if I liked the taste of my aunt. I said, “Almost as much as you, but your way better.”

She smiled, then said, “Good.”, as she reached inside my boxers. “Your aunt could use some of this too, but I want it first.”

She continued to ride my aunt’s face, as she pulled my boxers down. My cock sprang out of its confines. Mom captured it, and began to sucking it, like a woman possessed. I began running my fingers through her hair, and she took one of my hands and put it on aunt Mary’s pussy. Stopping just long enough to say, “Do what I have taught you for her.”

It was as if I was living in a dream world. Next thing I knew, I have 2 fingers deep in my aunts’ cunt. Thrusting them in hard, with the palm of my hand, slapping her hard clit with each thrust. My fingers curved up, grinding her g-spot.

Mary was bucking, and squirting, all over my hand, as I continue to work her g-spot. Pounding it like a drummer in a concert. Mom’s expert mouth, quickly brought me to orgasm, along with the two of them. Holding her head with my free hand, I groaned, “Oh fuck, here it comes Mom!!”, as I shot ropes of cum into her mouth. She slurped them all up, but wasn’t swallowing it all for some reason.

This was the first time, I ever saw my mom not swallow all of it. She kept my cock in one hand, as she climbed off Mary’s face. She turned and gave my aunt a passionate kiss. Sharing the creamy load of incestuous cum, that she had just sucked out of me.

Now that she had moved, I was finally able to see aunt Mary naked for the first time. They could have been twins. Meanwhile I continued to finger my aunt to another orgasm. While they kissed, and shared my cum between them. Finally we all settled on the sofa to recover.

Since I was the freshest one of the group, I went to the kitchen and made us all glasses of tea. While mom, brought aunt Mary up to date on a few things.

On my return, they lit up a smoke and shared it. Mom began to tell me, about how things had started between them. They had been doing this since they were teens themselves. Mom had just graduated, and was a year younger than aunt Mary. Mom had found out, about aunt Mary’s desire for women, instead of men. She had been curious, and asked her if it felt any different with a woman. Mary had told her, the only to find out is to try it. She had then asked aunt Mary to show her what it was like, with another woman.

Mary turned out to be an excellent teacher. Starting with Kissing, then of course that led to other things. Since they shared a room together, on the far end of the house, no one was any the wiser, about the wicked things they would do to each other. They had spent the rest of the summer together, before my Mom went to college. Enjoying many blissful nights, and afternoons at the park. Almost getting caught by my Grandma a couple times. Thank god for door locks.

Thoughts of this were going through my mind, as they continued telling me their story. Come to find out, they had been meeting like this for the last few months. Mary had eventually married, because she desired children. And back in those days, Artificial Insemination hadn’t been invented yet. Well kocaeli escort for humans anyway.

Her marriage of convenience had its advantages. She did like a good stiff cock sometimes. But now, my uncle was having problems. And couldn’t keep it up long enough to finish my aunt off. So she needed a release, and my mom was the best she knew of. Later I found out she had just wanted to be with my mom again. Even though she had been sleeping with my cousin, her daughter, for almost a year. Much like what Mom and I had been doing. My cousin is the same age as me. We had just turned 20, but that story is for another time.

All through our conversation, my mom had been absent-mindedly rubbing my cock, which was now rock hard. My aunt looked down at my hard cock in her hand, and asked, “Do you mind?”

Mom looked at me with questioning eye’s. I said, “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

Mom stood up and led me into the bedroom. Laid me on the bed, and said, “Come on Mary.” She didn’t have to tell aunt Mary twice.

Mary climbed on the bed between my legs, and swallowed my cock down her throat, in one single motion. She slurped it up, like she hadn’t seen a hard dick in months.

Mom sat on the bed beside us, sliding her fingers in and out of her own wet pussy. Only pulling them out long enough to suck them clean. Totally enjoying the sight of her sister, as she devoured my cock, like some wanton slut on a street corner. Making loud slurping and sucking noises, as she milked me up and down, with her hand and mouth. It was more than my Mom could take, seeing my tongue out licking my lips.

Her fingers just weren’t doing it for her, and she needed her loving son’s tongue. Mom got up, and straddled my head. Sitting with her pussy on my face, giving my tongue something else to lick. As she watched aunt Mary, swallow my cock to the balls, over and over. Mom’s pussy released a flow, of her syrup like nectar into my mouth, just from watching Mary sucking my cock.

Aunt Mary stopped sucking, and said to my mom, “Sister dear, I’ve got to have this in my cunt. It’s been so long since I had a nice young cock like this.”

“Go for it Mary, I’m sure DJ won’t mind.” Mom said.

Not that I would have complained, but there was no way I could. With a mouth full of Mom’s pussy, I just moaned and nodded my head yes.

Mary climbed up on top of me, facing Mom, and slowly lowered her pussy down on me. Wrapping my cock tightly inside her warm, wet vagina. Until it was firmly planted against her cervix.

I groaned into Mom’s pussy, as aunt Mary started sliding back and forth. Grinding the head of my cock against her cervix. I swear it felt just like Mom was riding me. Her pussy felt identical to Mom. Every ripple, and texture, the way her cervix ground around the head of my cock. The way it squeezed, and contracted tightly around me, each time she came. If anything, she might have been a little tighter. Maybe because I found out later, I was larger than Uncle Pete.

Mary purred, as she ground dripping cunt on me. She began making out with mom, as mom rode my face. From pussy to asshole, grinding my tongue into both of her delicious holes. Mom held tightly to aunt Mary. As she ground herself to a splashing orgasm. Filling my sucking mouth, with her sweet nectar, as she squealed, and moaned into Mary’s mouth. Trembling, and collapsing into Mary’s arms, from the intensity of her cum.

Just as I was about to cum, Mary stopped, climbed off of me. Got up on her hands and knees. “Fran I have got to have DJ’s cock like this. My god, I need that cock to fuck me hard.

Mom disconnected from my mouth. With a trembling voice she said, “DJ get up there and Pound your aunts fucking cunt. She needs this more than I do right now. I have you anytime I want you.”

I got up and samsun escort took my place behind her. Mary wagged her ass in front of me. “Give me that beautiful cock. Fucking pound me good and hard. Don’t be gentle!!” Not even taking my time, I just plowing my cock into her as hard as I could. So hard, that I made the headboard of the bed, slam into the wall.

“Oh fuck yes DJ.” she screamed. “Just like that, OHH fucking god yes!! Pound me hard and fast. Fuck your aunts cunt, like a whore!!” Slamming herself back into me, meeting each of my thrust, equally as hard as I was giving her. Our genitals slapping together, making squishing, and splashing noises, with each thrust.

At the same time Mom had moved around in front of Mary grabbing her by her hair. Shoving her face into her soaking wet cunt. Screaming, “Take my sons cock you whore, and like it. You fucking like it don’t you? Slam your cock to her DJ. Show her what a real cock feels like!!”

Mary’s cries of approval were muffled into my Moms pussy. As I drove her over the edge, she trembled and squealed into my Mom. Her pussy, sucking and milking my shaft, as I continued my assault on her cunt.

I groaned, from the aching in my balls, and the constant pounding I was giving them. It seemed like I was pounding my poor buddies forever. Finally I felt that familiar tingle, as it start to build at the base of my cock. “God I’m gonna cum… Fuckkkk.”

Mom cried out, having her own orgasm on my aunts tongue. Mary had also finger deep in her ass. “Fill her up DJ, give her all of your cum. Let her feel what it’s like to be cum in by a stud again. Pound it home Son. Fill that cunt!!”

Finally I slammed in hard once more. Groaning, “OHH Fuck here it comes!!” My cock exploded deep inside my aunt. Feeling the pulse, as shot after shot of hot cum, splashed against her waiting cervix. Like an erupting volcano, shooting thick streamers of cum.

This sent her over the edge, as she screamed into my mom’s pussy, bucking and grinding herself back against me. Hot rivers of my cum, was running down my balls, and aunt Mary’s legs onto the bed beneath us.

Mom released Mary’s head, and climbed out from under aunt Mary’s face. As I rocked back on my heels, pulling out of Mary. Mom scooped up my cock in her mouth, and began sucking it clean. Humming, and moaning, as she devoured our combined juices off my cock. Finally letting my soft cock, slip from her mouth.

Mom then turned her attention to Mary. She nearly dove between her sister’s legs. And proceeded to suck all of my cum out of her. Licking and slurping, and lapping it all up. Building Mary toward another orgasm.

Meanwhile I had moved around to watch Mom. Mary reached out, capturing my limp cock, greedily sucking it into her mouth. Purring, squealing and moaning, with the things my Mom’s tongue was doing to her.

Cleaning the last of our juices off of my cock and balls. Mom gave Mary one last orgasm, as she slurped and licked my cum out of her. With that Mary collapsed onto the bed. A huge smile on her face, and a very satisfied look in her eyes. “God DJ, Thank you. You have no idea how bad I have needed that. And thank you Fran, for sharing his wonderful cock with me.”

Mom said,”Your welcome Mary. I should have thought about this before. But as you can see, I like to keep that thing all for myself.”

It was me who came to my senses first. I looked at the clock on the bedside table, and realized my sisters would be home from school in 30 minutes. So we all grabbed our clothes, and one by one went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Thankfully Mom thought of the air-freshener, to cover up the smell of sex, that flowed throughout the house. We finished with little time to spare. We were sitting on the sofa, starting to plan the next time we could get together. when the girls came through the door.

Needless to say this wasn’t an every time thing, because mom liked to keep me to herself. But it happened a few times. My aunt asked me at a later time, when I was by myself. If I wanted to call in sick, and spend the day at her house sometime. That’s a story for another time..

The adventure continues…

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