Hot Summer Camp – Part 3


Hot Summer Camp – Part 3Hot Summer Camp Part 3After hot day at summer camp I headed to the showers to clean up. While soaping up I looked around and with no one around I started to stroke my cock. As I started to get hard I grabbed my balls. I felt something on the underside and stopped jacking off then lifted my balls and notice a black insect on my balls. I pinched and pulled but the black spec but it would not come off. I did not know what to do I had a tick stuck to my balls. I decided I needed to get dressed and go to the nurses office.As I walked over to the nurses cabin I was very nervous and did not know what to say. As I walked in I got really nervous when I saw the incredibly hot woman standing inside the office. She turned and asked me if she could help me. I pause for second looking her up and down she was slightly taller than me wearing a white lab coat with a large amount cleavage hanging out the top. Her tits where huge and halfway pushing out her blouse. She had very long tan legs with short white skirt. Her body was very firm and built like a super model. She asked again, “Can I help you?”.I stuttered then ask “is there a doctor I can see?”. She responded, “Well there’s no doctor but I am a nurse”.I paused again wondering how to get out of here.She noticed my nervousness and asked “what is the matter?””I I I believe I have a tick stuck to me” She smiled with beautiful white teeth and red lips, “That is very common out in the woods, come on in to my office”.She led me into the back room and I watched her long firm legs and curvy ass walking ahead of me.She made small talk with me as she filled out some paperwork. She told me to sit up on the examination table and she sat across from me on a rolling stool. She crossed her legs and I could artemisbet yeni giriş see her short skirt riding up her tights. Also from my vantage point sitting higher then her I could see down her blouse. I could see the top half of her large breast. They where firm and the size of small basketballs. I could not control myself and my dick was getting was hard just looking at her.She then asked me to show her where the tick was locate. I protested and asked if there was something I could do to remove it.She said “don’t be silly it was very harmless and she wouldn’t hurt me”.I still protested but she insisted I show her. I explained that the tick was in a private part. She laughed for a second and said she was a nurse and there was nothing to be embarrassed about.She told me to undo my pants and let her examine the tick.I could see that I was not going to win and reluctantly stood up on the ledge of the examination table and started to unzip my pants. After arguing with her over removing my pants, I had forgotten that my cock was still erect and hard as a rock.She was sitting on a stool directly in front of me as I pulled down my pants and my cock shot straight out less than a foot away from her face. Her eyes jumped in amazement not expect a fully erect 10 inch cock to jump out at her.She stammered for a minute, then slid her chair back, she said “I think you need a minute and I’ll be right back”. She got up and walked into the other room. I stood there in completely embarrassed with full erect dick and my pants around my ankles. She was gone for several minutes and then came back into the room with a tray. By this time my dick was semi erect and I was laying back on the examination table. She again asked where the tick was artemisbet giriş and I point to my left ball sack. She sat on the rolling stool and put the tray next to the table. She grabbed two rubber gloves and put them on. She said she was going to examine the tick. She took the back side of her hand and lifted my ball sacks up. There it is she said. The minute her hand touched my balls my cock sprang slightly. She push on my balls again and my cock started getting very hard. By this time she notice my large erection sticking up in the air. She said it was normal for young boy like me to be very sensitive. She let go and rolled away from the table. My cock was throbbing fully erect, I was so embarrassed, my legs where hanging off the edge of the examination table and with all the blood flowing to my cock. My legs started to get numb. I had not noticed the nurse messing with stuff on the the tray and I glanced over and saw her opening a small white package labeled razer. My heart jumped and I asked what that was for? She told me to relax that she was going to numb the area and cut the tick off.I said, “you are going to cut my balls!”, She said, “just relax it will be OK”I started to panic and wanted to get our of there. I sat up off the table and then stool up. She put her hands up and said “what are you doing lay back down”.At the same time my legs had been hanging over the edge of the table not getting enough blood circulation. Both legs where numb and asleep. I tried to step off the ledge of the examination table but also forgot my pants where around my ankles. The nurse sitting on the stool below me just look up in horror as I started to fall toward her. My body collapsed on top of her and we both fell backwards knocking her artemisbet güvenilirmi off the stool. My fully erect cock fell straight at her, as she fell, she opened her mouth and screamed. When we hit the floor my hips landed on top of her face and my cock rammed straight into her open mouth. My legs landed on top of her arms trapping her under the weight of my body. My cock violently rammed into her mouth. And the weight of my body shoved my entire 10 inch cock all the way down her throat. She started to gag and her tongue moved up and down trying to push my cock out of her mouth. This had the opposite effect and felt great on my shaft my dick swelled even bigger. I tried to lift my body off of her, but with my legs where numb from falling asleep and my pants where still caught around my ankles. It caused me to lift off her and pull my cock half way out of her mouth but then I fell again. And my cock slid back down her throat. I tried just a few more times but as she squirmed trying to get me off, it caused me to slip again with my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She grew mad and started trying to shake her head. With my body on top of her this only had the effect of exciting my dick even more. At this point with my penis throbbing inside her mouth and her lips moving back and forth I could not stand it anymore. I rapidly lifted my hips up and down, up and down, for 30 seconds straight I fucked her mouth with my cock as fast as I could. My balls slammed into her chin and lips as I stuck my cock in as far as it would go. And then as I reached the best feeling I had ever felt. My cock exploded inside her mouth. I felt my cock shoot inside her once and then again with long stream of sperm. Realizing what I was doing I pull my cock out of her mouth and she gasp for air. At that point I exploded again and my load shot all inside her mouth. Gasping for air she swallowed the entire load and yelled for me to get off of her.She stood up and told me to get out and slammed the door behind me as a scrambled to leave.Coming Soon – Part 4

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