How Lucky Can You Get? Ch. 05


All names are fictional throughout this story, from chapter 1 to the end.

All Characters are over 18.

To enjoy this story, you should read the previous chapters first.

This chapter is mostly about Cindy, Ben’s daughter.



At the Airport

Cindy exit with a group of passenger, pushing a cart with her luggages. She spotted the chauffeur holding a card with her name on it and walk toward him. The distinguish chauffeur put the card away and quickly took hold of the cart and greeted Cindy.

“Welcome to Montreal Miss Cindy, I’m Mr. Kiro. If you’ll follow me, the car is just in front over there.”

Cindy was impressed by the reception. She quietly followed the chauffeur. She was about to cross the rotating door to go outside, leaving the chauffeur a bit behind her. Two guys went with her at the same time. One guy crushed her in the doorway, the other stole her purse.

She felt the guy pressing on her being pulled out almost at the same time as she was pushed. Then he was laying knocked out on the floor. The second guy only took 5 steps before hitting the ground hard. Mr. Kiro had swept his legs and cause him to fall. The guy was quick and stood right back up, he was towering over Mr. kiro by at least a foot. He smirked and took a swing at the chauffeur. Mr. Kiro barely moved just enough to let the punch only hit air.

The big guy was unbalanced by the move and Mr. Kiro let go a quick short punch with open hand at the guy’s nose. The guy was stunned and then Mr. kiro finished him off by another blow to the throat. Now the big guy fell to his knees, trying to breath without success and just stayed down for the count. A few policemen came running to help. Mr. Kiro bent down grabbing the purse and went back to take care of Cindy. She was a bit shook up, but smiled widely at Mr. Kiro.

“Mr. Kiro you’re my hero for life. I was so scare when they pushed me, and out of nowhere you were right there on top of them.”

“Just doing my job Miss Cindy. Oh! You have a small cut on the side of your cheek over here. Your nice dress is also damaged. Please put this tissue right there, to stop the blood. Now let’s get you inside the car. I’ll get the luggage in and give the police a quick deposition with our names and address. I’ll take care of everything.”

Mr. Kiro very efficiently store the luggage in no time in the trunk of the limo. Taking the first aid kit from a small compartment inside the car, he left it on the front seat and went to the police.

He gave them a quick report of the incident. They thanked him for being so professional, and ask if he want to press charges. Mr. Kiro confirm, but ask to leave Miss Cindy out of it, as she didn’t see anything. They told him it wasn’t possible. She was the victim, so she might have to testify in court.

One of the officer and Mr. Kiro walk back to the Limo. I saw them coming and start shaking from the recent trauma. He asked me what happen. In a few sentences, I explained with all the details I could remember the incident. The officer thank us for the report and told us someone would call if they needed more info.

In just a few minutes, all was settled with the officer. Mr. Kiro walk briskly to the front seat, and he took care of the scratch on my cheek. He was so attentive and carefull. He gently swab the cut with some antibacterial cream and cover the cut to prevent infection. He was very focus, I could see it in his dark brown eyes.

He saw my serious look and made a soothing comment:

“Do not worry Miss Cindy, it won’t show in a couple of days, and I will contact Mr. Kawaguchi to explained the incident. I’m sure you won’t be bothered about it again.”

My eyes welled up, and tears started to fall down my cheeks. As strong as Mr. Kiro was fighting the bad guys, he could equally be soft and caring. He took me in a smooth embrace, soothingly taping my back. This man was old like my Dad, and I felt so secure in his strong arms, for a strange reason it started to turn me on. Was my mind doing trick on me?

“So sorry you had to go through such a bad experience on your first time in Montreal.”

“It’s not just that Mr. Kiro.” my voice caught in my throat.

Mr. Kiro start rubbing the top and middle of my back. A great feeling of relief went through me. My tears diminished and I sniffed loudly.

“Let me get you a tissue, to wipe those away and clear your runny nose.”

He let go of me to search for the box of kleenex between the seats. I was feeling a bit better, although missing the warm embrace from the older man. He took the time to wipe the tears as he was putting one of his gentle hand on my shoulder.

Again a warm feeling invade my body. He stopped at my nose, and I blew hard into the offered tissue. He gave me a reassuring smile and touch the tip of my nose. I couldn’t help smiling back at him, this man was tough as steel and also comforting.

“Now I want you to relax in these very comfortable seats and I’ll Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort drive you to safety at our house. Are you going to be ok?”

“Thank you so much for everything Mr. Kiro. I do feel a little better. I’m going to be alright back here.”

Mr. Kiro help me sit back in my seat and close the door. Sitting up front, he took a quick glance from the rearview mirror. Seeing me with my eyes closed and breathing evenly, he started the Limo and slowly turn into the long file of car. We exit the airport in no time. The traffic was light at this time of the day, and we quickly got on the highway.

“Miss Cindy just sit back now and relax, I’ll put some soothing music and will be home in about a half hour.”

He choose some classical music, and I just leaned on the window looking at strange commercials building flying by. I let my mind wondered about the reason for flying in Montreal to see my father. I’ve missed him so much. It was totally my fault though, because Dad tried many time to talk to me. Why did I pushed him away…

Now like a little girl, I was running back to him for comfort. All that because of Krissy.

Oh Krissy…

Krissy the wild one. My next door neighbor while I was growing up. We did everything together, went to the same school, kissed our first boys while double dating, even experiment sex together, to see how it would feel with a girl.

She wasn’t afraid to seduce anyone, boys and more recently girls. She was open about being bi-sexual. Because of her, I had my doubt too. I am so shy, but not when I am with her. She made me feel bold and adventurous.

She was aware of my sadness about the family breakup. She was the one who suggested to go away for our University. We were both accepted in Toronto, but in different program. I was studying psychology and she was studying journalism. She practically ran the small college newspaper. Always looking for gossip. She had a knack to find sources about strange stories happening on school ground.

I guess her seducing ways were a big asset. But she was also partying too much. In college it wasn’t a big issue. She’s very bright, so she manage to pass her grade easily. But in University, not studying enough could lead to big problems.

We ended up sharing a small apartment together. I was the stay home studying type, she was always away on dates. But sometimes, she convinced me to tag along for a girl’s night out.

But one night changed everything for me. That happen about 2 weeks ago. We went out dancing and drinking at the local bar with our friends . This wasn’t the usual student hang out, more the yuppie drink hole. Some of our friends left about mid evening, not liking the scenes of older guy hitting on them like fresh meat. Krissy on the contrary was in her element, and played the seducing part to the hilt.

She also dressed the part quite overtly.

She had a black v-neck cut very low shirt and the way her nipples were poking through the material, no bra for sure. She match all this black with a very sexy short pleated skirt black and white pattern about mid tights. Her legs were shining with her black pantyhose and wearing 4 inches black leather high heels shoes.

She was literally a walking sex bomb.

After our friends left, we were receiving free drink sent to our table. I was about to call it a night, when Krissy came back from the dancing floor with a guy at least three time her age. I mean he didn’t looked a day below 50. Grayish temple hair, still a full set of hair though. He was charming and all, but kind of dominating. Even when he sat at our table, he took charge of what we should be drinking.

OK, the bottle of champagne he ordered was a pleasant surprise. But the way he was holding her like a possession was very annoying, at least that’s what I thought. Krissy didn’t seem to mind, but she was far gone by then. They were into their own bubble, so I excuse us and brought Krissy with me to the little girls room. We had a heated exchange and I decided to left her deal with Mr. Big. That’s how I name tag him.

I left with the car, Krissy told me to take it because she would ride with her new boyfriend. I was changed into a loose t-shirt and shorts as soon as I entered our apartment. I made myself a hot tea and opened one of my study book. There was a big test coming in a few days and I wanted to be fully prepared. I placed a nice cushion on one side of the couch and started to read, my eyes closed and I fell asleep on it.

A few screams woke me up. Looking at my watch it showed 2 am, I was up in a flash to give Krissy a shitload of curses. As I was about to barged in the bedroom, I froze right in the doorway. I took in the scene in front of me. Krissy was tied up to the bed with pantyhose, her hands hooked to the headboard. Another pair was holding down her spread out legs. She was on her stomach, her ass lift up and Mr. Big was behind her.

Krissy was topless, her huge DD breast laying flat on the mattress. She still had on her pantyhose ripped open around her ass cheeks and pussy. She looked sexy and vulnerable. Even if she was screaming, there was no tears in her eyes. Just pure lust as she turned to look over her shoulder.

“Come on Dave, stop teasing me and fuck me already. I want to feel that big cock inside me. I fucking suck it for the last half hour to get you hard, while your slutty wife kept munching at my pussy.”

I didn’t understand what she meant about her slutty wife, but Mr. Big was name tag right. He was sporting at least a 9 inches hard on.

I then saw him move his hand on her ass. He was rubbing oil all around her flesh and inside her ass crack. Then “swap” a huge slap on her ass. Again she screamed out loud and shook her body on the bed. Mr. Big turned his head to the side and spoked.

“So what do you think honey, should I go for her asshole or her juicy pussy?”

I was about to answered him to go to hell, when I heard a female voice from the other side of Krissy’s bedroom.

“You fuck her as you like, I just want to lick her clean when you’re done.”

My eyesight got used to the darkness in the room and I saw a dark haired woman. She was sitting on a chair, with one hand playing with her pussy on the other side of the bed. She was wearing only a red garter belt with matching pair of red nylon and 4 inches stiletto black heels. Her legs were stretched close to Krissy’s breast on the bed. She was licking her lips as her husband was about spear Krissy’s pussy.

I could see Mr. Big’s huge cock moving up and down her wet slit. Then he kind of back up a bit and went right in her fuck hole in one shot. She gasped loudly as it went into her. Mr. Big was now moving back and forth between her legs. Slutty wife was pushing her heels into Krissy’s breast, spiking them and laughing at her pained expression.

“Oh stop it bitch, you love to have your breast pinched in the car ride over here.”

To emphasize her statement, she lift her legs off the bed, and bent down. She grabbed one breast and pushed her mouth on the areolas and stiff nipple. She was biting her nipple and stretching it from her breast. Now Krissy was of course screaming again. I was thinking that some of the neighbor were about to knock on our door for all the noise.

“Come on Hubby, fuck the bitch harder. I’m sure you can make her squirt her pussy juice all around your candy stick.”

I was now backing off the room a bit, since they didn’t noticed me yet. I was standing just outside the door, with still a good view at the bed. To my surprise my hand had find its way inside my shorts and I was rubbing my clit hard.

The scene was so hot.

Then Mr. Big left out a loud shout.

“Oh fuck, my balls are on fire, I’m going to cream her cunt. Yeah! Here goes nothing…”

And he lift her off the bed as he push as far inside her as he could. I then heard Krissy high pitch scream as she was cumming on his huge cock.

The wife pushed him off and went for krissy’s ass licking the mixture of juice leaking from her pussy hole. She was moaning as she was swallowing mouthful of their combined cream. That was a bit shocking but her next move was the one that haunted me till this day.

“So you like me cleaning up your mess Missy? How about cleaning out my messy pussy now. I really needed to go for a while now, but I was waiting for you to be fuck hard and good with my husband dick. Now you give me my pleasure.”

And she turned Krissy on her back, crossing her still tied up arms and legs. She positioned herself on top of her flushed face and squat down and lowered her pussy over Krissy’s mouth.

“Hey Hubby come over here, I want to clean that dirty cock of yours.”

Mr. Big looks like a sub obeying orders from her slutty wife. With a subservient attitude, he crawled on his knees over Krissy’s body and sat on her stomach, pointing is semi hard monster cock. His slutty wife started to grind her pussy on Krissy’s face as she lowered herself to swallow Mr. Big cock. She was moaning as her hips moved in a back and forth motion. The moaning kept getting louder and I found myself about to cum from the fingers inside my pussy.

I was transfixed by the show of lust happening in front of me. Was I dreaming all this? The feeling of a big orgasm was creeping slowly from all over me. My body started to shake and juice was now flowing down my thighs. Just as I was about to scream from the powerful orgasm exploding inside me, slutty wife lift her hips a bit and started to squirt on Krissy’s face.

I couldn’t hold it and left out a high pitch scream and fell to the floor with one hand pinching my clit and the other full of fingers inside my now exploding pussy.

All heads and eyes turned toward me, even Krissy from under slutty wife’s legs. Then with a small smirk on Mr. Big face and laughter coming his slutty wife, Krissy shout to me.

“Oh good, now the real fun will begin!”

Slutty wife sat back on Krissy’s open mouth and with her eyes looking straight at me she said:

“Well isn’t it sleeping beauty coming around to play with the adults here. Look baby face, I’m going to give your girlfriend here a nice shower.”

And again she lift herself a few inches over Krissy’s face and started to shoot juice over her. But from Krissy’s expression, making a disgusted face I got that this wasn’t pussy cum juice. Slutty wife was pissing all over her face, and Krissy was spitting the liquid as it entered her mouth.

“Come on Hubby, shower her with your candy stick. Piss all over her fucking breast and on my pussy. You know I love the feeling of your hot stream on my clit.”

Of course Mr. Big started to jetstream a nice long shower all over Krissy’s breast and then adjust the stream to hit dead center her slutty wife clit. All this juice was now dripping inside Krissy’s mouth. Even in her attempt to spit it out, she still add to swallow some as her mouth was always full of hot pee.

After what seems like hours, I was disgusted beyond reason. I was up in a flash and went to the bathroom to hide. I was wise enough to lock the door, so nobody could bother me inside there.

I sat on the toilet seat for a long time, hearing the nasty couple make all kind of noises and a few laughter and scream of pain/pleasure from Krissy. They shoot a few times at me to come out and play, but there was no way I would participate in their debauchery.

I just wanted them to go away, and have a serious talk with my friend. Or should I? I was afraid that if we get into it tonight, there wouldn’t be any friendship left. Was I too stuck up, or was she going too far? I needed answers about how she got all tied up.

Ok I’ll admit part of the scene was hot. The way slutty wife was taking control was stirring something inside me. Was I turned on by the way she was controlling the scene, or by the way Krissy was reacting to it? So many questions I would need to get some answer, but not tonight.

I heard them talking outside the door, as slutty wife and Mr. Big exchanged pleasantries. They were making jokes and laughing at the ruined mattress and Krissy’s desperate attempt to free herself.

Then I heard a few loud knock on our front door. I could hear some whispering as they both were moving around picking their clothes and dressing up. I thought it would be safe to exit and make them leave with a witness at the door. I didn’t trust these people. I waited another minute, while there was a second set of knocking on the front door.

So I open the bathroom door and went to the front door to see who was knocking. Slutty wife and Mr. Big were standing right beside the door, looking for a way to leave. Without a word, I pointed the door and made a sign for them to get out. As I open the door, they made a quick exit. They pass by our surprised neighbor and exit the building.

I reassured her that all was ok and thanked her for caring about us. She was a middle age single mom, working all kind of shift to pay her bills. She was friend with us, so I could understand that she was a bit concerned about us being so noisy at this late hour. I gave her an explanation about our evening of fun at the bar. Also having a bit too much to drink. and our friend leaving so it would be quiet now, she left with a look of concern and a see you soon.

I closed the door and breathing a bit faster, I went into Krissy’s room. I thought I would be ready for the mess inside, but I wasn’t. Krissy seemed to be sleeping as her chest was moving a bit. She was a total mess. I could only guess what they did to her while I was hiding inside the bathroom.

She was still spread arms and legs with the attached pantyhoses. Her pussy was raw and covered in cum juice and other stuff. Her hair was even worst, glued to one side of her face. It was sticky with a great amount of pee, cum cream from either or both of them. There was marks on her breast and along her thighs. What the hell was she thinking?

The room reeks of pee, semen and cunt juice. The mattress was good for the garbage, no way this was staying in our apartment. She did look peaceful even if she was tied up. A contempt smile bordering her lips.

I went to each corner of the bed and detach her fist and ankles. The flesh was red and a few drops of bloods were showing around the deep set marks on her wrists.

Feeling her hands and legs being freed, Krissy open her eyes and looked at me with a small smile.

“Well I guess that was a bit out there, hey?”

“Are you fucking kidding me, these were total maniacs.”

“Oh no Cindy. I mean ok, a bit kinky I’ll admit. Even for me, this was almost too much. But to be fair, they explained the scenario to me before we came here. I agreed to play the part of being tied up, and for them to play with me as they wished.”

“You mean to tell me that you agreed to be pissed on like they did?”

“well they weren’t all that specific about the details, but provided a safe word if I wanted to stop. I didn’t used it. My bad I guess, since I don’t think we can sleep on this mattress again.”

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