It Starts at the Table


Sitting beside you in a restaurant I feel the warmth coming from your body. So I slide closer to you and place my hand on your inner thigh. When you feel me squeeze it you reach under the table and lace your fingers into mine. Sliding my hand down your leg I push back. I want to feel you and caress you. I want you to grow in my hand and to feel how hot you can get. When I finally get my hand free and slide it closer to you, I feel your leg quiver.

We turn and look at each other and smile. We lean forward and as our lips meet, your eyes close. Gently I kiss one lip at a time and I run my tongue left and right, wetting your lips. I feel your tongue reach towards mine and when they touch I cup your balls and begin to rub you. Your tongue dances around mine as my fingers dance on you.

Your heat is making me wetter and all I want to do it taste you and feel you deep inside me.

I open my eyes and pull my kiss away, but I can tell by the look on your face you wanted more, you want more.

Finding the top of your pants I slowly slide my fingertips into your pants and find you. Your hardness makes me swell. I feel your breath get heavier as my fingers reach more of Antalya Escort you. Once at your tip, I twirl my fingers around it, feeling it move towards me. Gently I begin to pinch it and run my fingers up and down it. When I start to feel my fingers get wet with your juice I decide to move farther down.

Your cock is really hard now, ready for me to take advantage of the moment. As my fingers slide down your shaft, I wrap them one by one around you. Feeling all of my fingers causes you to grab my leg and tighten with delight. I take your hand and slide it up my skirt.

When you reach me, you can feel how hot and wet I am for you. My chest is moving quickly trying to catch my breath as my heart races. You let your fingers slide around my thong and sliding my thighs apart you find me. You run your fingers up and down me, teasing me. I start to rock my hips trying to help you enter me.

The shear excitement of you touching me has me fondling you even more. My hand is now pumping your hard cock. I lean over to you and after running my tongue up your neck, I whisper in your ear to follow me.

We get up and I walk you to the family bathroom. It was hard for you to walk Antalya Escort Bayan because you were so turned on, so I stayed close in front of you to help hide how hard you were.

Once the door was locked and I turned to you, I got on my knees and began to devour you.

As I was working your hard cock up and down in my mouth, I started pumping it a bit with my hand, caressing your balls with my other hand. Working up and down faster and faster I was getting it deeper and deeper in my mouth. Feeling that you are getting close to climax I leave your head for just a bit and trail my tongue down your hard cock to your balls. I start out by licking them in a figure eight pattern, making sure I give equal attention to both the right and left nut. After getting them all nice and wet, I take a chance and place one of your balls into my mouth, gently caressing it, using my tongue to roll it around my mouth. Switching to the other side, I run my tongue around it, and I look up into your eyes. They are closed and your head is tilted back. I took this new nut into my mouth, rolling it gingerly around, flicking it back and forth with my tongue, savoring the taste and smell of being Escort Antalya so close to your lively hood.

At this point my pussy is so hot for you I need you in me. I have you sit on the sofa and I push your pants to your ankles. Slowly I slide my shirt over my head and when you see my hardened nipples you pull me into you and passionately kiss me. Our lips lock and our tongues connect like never before. While we kiss, you slide your hands under my skirt and squeezing my ass you pull me into you. I reach down and pull my thongs over and let you enter me. As I feel you going deeper and deeper my pussy begins to explode around you. Thrusting up and down on your hardness my juices begin to flow. My head drops back and as I push my chest into yours, your hands begin to control me. Pushing and pulling me, you help me please you and as you feel me tighten and pulse around you, you climax into me. I start to rock my hips back and forth letting my heat massage you as you tense up. Your fingers tighten on my ass and you moan with delight. I keep riding you until the pulsing subsides. Your hard cock is still deep inside me and my heat and wetness feels amazing to you. Your arms wrap around me and squeeze me, I melt into you.

Each time you climax into me, I fall more in love with you. I love hearing your moans, seeing your eyes close with pleasure, and feeling your chest rise and fall quickly when you get out of breath.

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