“If there’s one thing I long for just now, its the way you take me into yr arms and hold me close to you. There is no hurry to break the hold after touching my cheeks with yours. I always wish it could last longer!” Kabi said into her phone.

“I am on my way from town. I can drop at Junction. Are you nearly closing?”

“No, I usually close about an hour from now,” she replied.

“That’s more than enough time, even with jams brought about by the road construction works,” Gibson assured her. “I come with my hug in my hands.”

She felt a tremor of anticipation go through her body at the thought of being in his arms again.

He kept up a progress report, by SMS, of how far the bus had gone.

“Kipande Road.”

“Museum Hill.”


“Kangemi.” She knew this meant that they were in the thick of the construction zone. It would be slower, yet she could hardly hold herself steady, so eager was she for him.

“Kabete Police”

“Jackson.” She smiled at the thought that he had got off the bus at the stop called Junction. It was almost as if she could see him turn down the Ndumbu-ini road towards her shop.

At last he was at the door.

“Mama, do you have green beans? I want a kilo,” he joked as he navigated past the bags of cereals that she sold. He pulled her to himself.

“Oooh, just what I have been waiting for,” she exulted.

He rubbed his cheeks against hers then swung to the opposite side of her face. He smelt of a cologne or aftershave that had by now mingled with his body odour, giving him a very masculine scent. She wanted to prolong it but there was need to close quickly so that they could get to the security of her house.

This was quickly accomplished and they walked the few metres to the plot where she rented a large one-bedroomed house. They only stopped briefly for her to pick up a few items to make supper.

Her daughter had not yet arrived from college, so they had some twenty minutes to themselves before she did.

On this occasion they took their time. First she pulled off the thick coat she wore against the evening chill. She laid her head against his chest as he held her close to him. She breathed in his masculine aroma, causing her heart to beat faster. She wanted more of this man, but they did not have much time.

He laid his hand on her tummy, causing her to jump in surprise. Sure, he always talked about her hips, waistline and tummy but she had never felt that there was anything to admire there. If anything, there was too much fat on her lower belly. He insisted it made her very attractive.

Now he rubbed circles over her belly button and lower towards her vagina, without actually touching her there. Still she jumped, though she did not push away from him. A few weeks before she would have broken the embrace in a fit of shyness.

“What a lovely juicy body you have, my darling!” he murmured into her ear.

A warmth spread through her body.

Then his left hand shifted smoothly to her side. “He likes my waistline,” she thought. She raised her left arm to encircle his neck. “Ngai, he is so tall!” was her next thought.

He climbed higher rubbing her side, just by the swell of her breast. She wished he would touch the nipples he had been marks head bobbers porno talking about since their earliest days, when she still wasn’t sure he loved her at all. They were tingling with expectation now. He stopped at her armpit and she was amazed anew that she didn’t feel ticklish and run away from him. He descended back to her waist, and then pulled her body more tightly to himself. He stood holding her like that for some minutes. She enjoyed the way he was never in a hurry in embracing her. He kissed her forehead. It made her feel protected and safe.

Unlike any man who had ever loved her he was almost ignoring her breasts. He then rubbed her back with both hands, which she found so comforting. As if he knew she had just remembered her son. He would have been 20 this month. She choked at the memory but for the first time in her life she felt that someone understood, for he kissed her forehead again, so tenderly she almost broke down at the mixture of emotions boiling through her system at that moment.

“I love you Marge!” She believed the simple words, for she felt it in the depths of her being.

They both heard the kitchen door open at the same time. Still he did not rush to break the hold. Kissing her again, he let his hand graze her breast as he pulled gently away. He pinched a nipple softly as their bodies came apart. He sat down languidly as if he had all the time in the world, as the footsteps came nearer. She pulled her clothes straight, but hoped that her breathing had come back to normal, and her cheeks returned to their normal colour before her daughter entered the room.

“Good evening, Esther!” he greeted her from his seat. The daughter dumped her bag onto the sofa nearest the door and gazed at the strange man in their house. Kabi trembled at the thought that she would say something inappropriate to him. Instead she saw Esther’s eyes suddenly fill with interest.

“Good evening to you,” she replied in a soft voice. Kabi thought she heard approval and curiosity in her daughter’s reply. He, on the other hand, was regarding Esther with an appraising eye.

“Bring the thermos and cups on the kitchen table, Esther,” requested the mother.

The girl wedged through the door towards the kitchen.

“She takes after you in so many ways,” he told her, causing a jolt of panic to surge through her. What if they start getting interested in each other! My daughter will snatch a good man from under my nose, if I am not careful! There and then she decided to keep him from going home that night.

Although she had only prepared a meal for two people this evening she did everything possible to stretch it to cover the three of them. When Gibson stood up to leave, it was Esther who served her mother’s interest, unwittingly.

“Please stay with us tonight!” she said. Kabi looked up at her then at Gibson with beating heart. She wondered whether he would take her seriously.

Quickly she put in, “I am sure Esther will offer to sleep on the sofa.” At which her daughter turned surprised eyes on her. Apparently she had not thought about sleeping arrangements before issuing her invitation.

“Yes, I will take the sofa,” but her eyes held some doubt as if she had been cheated out of something.

He massage porno sat back down, looking from one attractive woman to the other. His cock did a salute inside his trousers. “I never expected to inconvenience you guys by visiting this evening. But anyway, what’s done is done!”

Esther clapped her hands in glee. “Thank you for keeping us company tonight. There have been instances of robbers knocking down people’s doors at night. Last week they came to the next plot. I am so scared when dark falls and I have to go through another night.”

Kabi looked at her daughter and understood her motives to be pure and nonsexual. “OK let’s go to bed, Gibson.” With that she stood up holding her hand out to him.

He was led into the bedroom and the door closed. He saw her digging in a corner and come out with a bundle of sheets. She pulled a duvet from another pile and called out to Esther. She opened the door a crack, handing the beddings to the young woman.

They undressed and climbed naked into bed. It was the first time in six years that Kabi had been in that state with a man. Indeed she always slept in a nightdress and a panty. He held her under the covers, kissing her hungrily. She repaid him generously in the same coin. Soon enough legs were parted and he could drive his cock between her legs seeking the pussy entrance.

When he felt how wet she was for him he nearly went wild with excitement. He pulled out of her pussy to cool his ardour, causing her to panic. Her hand went to his buttocks to prevent him coming out of her just when she was getting to enjoy a rampant cock buried in her. He thrust firmly back in, opening her up in ways she thought she had forgotten. “Oooh, darling!” she hissed under her breath. Keeping to her depths he made shallow strokes knocking at her cervical entrance. She only needed a few, so great was her hunger.

“Eeeiiii!” she squealed before remembering that the girl might hear. She was hitting her first ever orgasm in several years. Her legs stiffened against his body squeezing him cruelly. He almost came at the same moment. He reduced his ardour while she rode out the peak of her orgasm.

Soon he increased the length of cock he was giving her, sending her up the ladder of excitement again. He felt her walls contracting against the stem of his cock. “Ssss!” she hissed as her excitement reached higher and higher levels. Then he plunged to her very depths, knocking the entrance of her cervix. A violent shudder went through her body like a tsunami. He made shallow strokes, each time rubbing the three-fingertip formation. This sent her sky-high again, this time carrying him with her to the summit. He poured torrents of come down her channel as she also lost herself in the grips of a giant orgasm. Multiple tremors shook through their bodies as they climaxed together.

They died away in a sweet slumber, legs intertwined and arms around each other’s bodies.

It seemed only a short while later that a loud bang woke them up. Another came, confirming that someone was trying to break down the door. Esther screamed. Gibson was on his feet and squeezing through the door in a trice.

“Who the hell is that?” he roared. The banging stopped immediately. He peeled back the curtain only meet-suck and fuck porno to see three dark shapes slinking away into the shadows. Apparently they had thought it was only the two women inside and the sound of a male voice had thrown them off-balance. Suddenly he felt a warm body plastered against his; it was trembling.

From the door came Kabi’s voice. “What if you had not been here, Gibson? What would those horrible men done to us?” Her voice held a slight tremor. He threw his arms around the girl, trying to comfort her. She held on tenaciously. Kabi came into the huddle and all three scantily clad figures held to each other in the darkness, drawing strength from each other. Gibson was thinking what if his roar had not been enough to discourage the robbers, and they had broken through. Could he have managed to fight them off singlehandedly? What would have been the fate of these two lovely women in his arms?

After a while the trembling died down and it was time to go back to bed. “I don’t think they will come back to this house in a hurry,” he said into Kabi’s hair.

“I am not sleeping alone!” declared Esther vehemently. The three bodies tried to squeeze through the door of the bedroom in one huddle but eventually had to break up. They all climbed into bed with Gibson sandwiched between mother and daughter. Much as he wanted to fuck Kabi to comfort her, he had to make do with fondling her back and kissing her silently. Esther clung to him mashing her ripe breasts against his side also driving his hormones beyond the end of the scale.

He jumped when a hand went to his groin, rubbing him gently. He pushed Kabi hard to stop her games in case the daughter heard them only to discover the mother’s hand on his chest. Whose bloody hand was that at his waist edging towards his cock? The truth hit him with savage violence, causing his cock to stand up tall like a mast. The shoe was on the other foot, for real. He must prevent the mother discovering what was going on. He hesitated grabbing Esther’s hand away from his cock, not wanting to add rejection to her already heightened emotions.

He tried to twist his body away from her fingers, but that had no effect at all. She crept closer and closer to his cock. Meanwhile Kabi, resigned to a night of mere cuddling, had relaxed enough to be snoring quietly, very nearly asleep. Those sounds seemed to spur Esther’s crazy hand to reach her destination. Soon he felt dainty fingers around his rigid stem. She knew what to do with it, too.

She began quietly rubbing it up and down in a fucking motion until she heard him groan. Both stopped to listen for Kabi’s awakening. But she continued snoring quietly undisturbed. The young woman renewed her masturbation of their guest’s cock until he shot off into the sheets with a rigidity attacking his whole body. At that moment Kabi drew a deeper breath and then resumed her regular breathing.

He twisted slightly to allow his hand to find Esther’s groin. She turned onto her back and parted her legs for him. He found her cunt so wet he almost said so aloud. He sank his finger into her hole, setting up a gentle fucking motion. She moaned under her breath. He increased his speed slightly as he felt her legs tighten around his hand. He increased his vigour and sloped the hand to allow the finger to graze the clit. It was a thick nub which now proved to be very sensitive, when touched. She hissed into the darkness, while he felt warm fluids flow over his fingers and hand. She came for long moments clasping his torso almost desperately. Soon the two of them joined Kabi in her deep satisfied slumber.

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