Late Night One Night


How do you approach a man you don’t know and ask him to have sex?

Hailey watched him move across the lobby of the hotel from her perch curled up in an overstuffed arm chair in the corner. He was wearing a gray suit with a bright blue shirt and gray tie. It was the same suit he had been wearing when she had noticed him this afternoon when she checked into the hotel. She hadn’t been able to keep her eyes from following him as she signed in. Tall, bronzed skin, bald head, and a stride like a jungle predator when he walked; he had drawn her attention and made her feel urges that weren’t normal to have while haggling for a nonsmoking room after her original reservations had been accidentally cancelled by her new secretary. Stressed—definitely, mad—absolutely, but horny—well that was a new one.

Now at 2am she still couldn’t get the mystery man out of her head. She had hoped that he would be attending the same conference as she, but she hadn’t seen him at the opening night ceremonies. She had, however spent the long two hours of drawn out introductions and generic business fantasizing about the golden man with the perfect shaped bald head. She had focused so intently on her subject and her assessment of him naked that when the crowd got up to applaud someone’s speech she envisioned them cheering for her as she concluded her sexual escapade. Her blush was bright when she stood and cheered with the others, looking around to see if anyone had noticed her passionate response.

She couldn’t sleep. She had to speak the next day, and needed rest, but there was just too much….tension. After pacing the room, flipping through the free cable, and locating the ice machine; she decided to find the all night coffee bar in the lobby.

Now there she was, a styrophome cup in hand, curled into a large wingback people watching. She picked the chair because of the large plant that concealed her mostly from view. She had padded down to the lobby bare foot in her green silk pajama pants and matching lace camisole top. The top was thin and slinky, making her dark nipples practically visible as her large breasts strained against the edges of the lacy material, which by consequence caused the material to leave her midsection bare. She had picked up her button up dress sweater as an afterthought and draped it over the flimsy material. However without a bra it didn’t help, but seemed to add to the redirection of eyes from her face to her breasts. The night bell hop had ogled her openly his Adams apple bobbling as he held open the elevator door for no reason she could see. His assessment of her front was only matched by the assessment of her rounded ass accentuated by the silk material as she slipped by him.

It had been worth it. The bell hop, now behind the desk with one hand mysteriously under the desk…naughty boy, and the luke warm coffee that she drank anyway were all okay because he was there. His jacket draped over one arm, his tie loosened, and lucky day he was coming towards the coffee pot. It was time for a refill.

She stood behind him for a moment, admiring the way his arms seem to roll under his dress shirt, and the way his dress pants hang perfect off of his ass. Not many men could make a pair of dress pants look that perfect from the rear, she mused. He smelled good too, something spicy bahis firmaları and unfamiliar but arousing. When he turned he smiled at her.

Hailey straightened her shoulders, making her breasts push out against the open sweater and small top. She touched her black curly hair that was pulled up with chopsticks out of her nervousness, and bit her full bottom lip. “Hi,” she tested her voice as she met his gaze.

He stood a good foot above her, and when looking down had an open aerial view of her form in pj’s. “Hello,” he drawled out as he studied her. His voice was deep and clear.

Hailey looked at his hands wrapped around the cup, they were large. She imagined how they would feel cupping her breasts and felt her nipples grow hard in response to her wandering mind. She shrugged her shoulders, “getting one more,” she held up her coffee cup for him to view, “can’t sleep,” she offered in explanation.

He watched her from head to toe then smiled. “Hmm mmm, then you may want to try the herbal tea instead, to get some sleep.”

Hailey pressed her lips together then smiled again, her full lips soft and wet; she long lashes sweeping up to his direction. “Yeah, well I’m more edgy, nervous about the seminar I’m teaching tomorrow…tense, you know? Coffee calms me a little.” She was babbling. How did one go about these things? She had a feeling that this was not the way. For her next step she brushed her body against his closely as he moved around him to the coffee pot.

“Sounds like you need to unwind,” his voice came close to the back of her ear. His body warming her backside like a fire, her body tingled again, and she knew without a doubt that her nipples were rock hard and completely pressed out against her top by now. He reached for the creamer, his bronzed hand brushing her shoulder on the way in, and her neck on the way back. “Being that tense is never healthy.”

She turned around, her ass pressed against the coffee bar due to the closeness of her coffee partner to her person. Her chest touched his shirt lightly. She looked up at him with one sharp eyebrow raised, “Ah, and do you have a better idea?” Emboldened, she put a finger against his chest, and then curled her hand around his tie pulling him close to her. Tilting her face up, she whispered, “If so I’d be very willing to give it a try.”

The next thing she remembered was the whoosh of the door to the handicapped bathroom at the end of the lobby. As soon as the door slid shut, her mystery man slid the lock into place then pressed her hard against the wall.

They kissed rough, hungry, biting more than kissing against the cold marble walls. She could feel him growing hard against her abdomen and reached in to remove his belt.

He had pulled her sweater off, and was now working on the slinky top. His fingers were pinching her nipples through the material, those large hands cupping them as best they could. His mouth moving down her neck, her collar bone, and now one lucky nipple was inside his hot mouth.

Hailey leaned back against the wall as he slid his way down to his knees in the bathroom floor. He removed her top, sucking her nipples each back and forth. His tongue working in perfect circles, and teeth grazing just right each time his mouth came down. Hailey pulled at his shirt, loosened kaçak iddaa his tie, and when he tugged just right, gripped his perfectly shaped head against her aching chest.

He pulled down her silk pants. Her pussy was shaved and bare underneath. He let out a low groan when he made this discovery, then buried his face against the smooth mound. His hands moved to her hips and pressed her against the handicap rail on the wall. With little difficulty, he placed Hailey’s bared ass onto the handicapped rail and her legs on his shoulders.

In this position, he dove in fast and deep. His hand on her hips to hold her in place and his tongue moving directly to her clit. He lapped at her in darting licks then buried his lips to suck her into him mouth and hum.

Hailey had never experienced anything like this. She felt on the verge of falling in her precarious perch, and a little like flying with the intense attention she was receiving. She let her feet touch his back, his upper arms, and her thighs balanced on his shoulders letting her fuck his face as he did amazing things with his tongue. In no time her head was slumped back against the cold wall in complete blissful submission. When his thumbs moved in to open her more to his mouth she knew that she would soon come undone.

The cries came low at first, and then built louder as her body tightened under his attentions. Just before she built her release, he changed his perch. Taking her legs and hooking her knees around his bent arms, he opened her wide, and kissed her mouth.

Hailey lapped at his mouth, making love to his tongue as he quickly pulled down his pants and slid on a condom. Holding her gaze and passions, he pulled her up and onto his hard cock.

He was large, thick. The largest that she had ever had before. Her mouth formed an involuntary “O” as she caught her breath to the new invasion. He smiled smugly, recognizing her dazed expression as he began moving himself deeper inside of her. He took her knees back with his arms and drilled into her against the wall. His strides were long and hard making her large breasts bounce each time he ground into her, and small gasps come from her each time his balls slapped against her bare ass. He bit at her ear, her jaw her lips as he set his jaw firmly and fucked her as hard as he could.

Hailey had never felt such an intense force while having sex. It was an addictive feeling. She gripped her nails into his back and held onto him, urging him more and more.

A rhythm was set and they began moving faster and faster, both frantic for the release the other could give. His hands were holding onto the handicapped rail on either side of Hailey as he drove harder in. Hailey used her thighs to rock against his cock, meeting his stride each time he pushed in.

Again they changed positions. He pulled the chopsticks out of her hair and stood her upright again. Holding onto her hair he bent her over in front of him, this time her hands on the rail and her ass in the air. He took her from behind. Fast, rough, so much force that she had to brace her self wide or else slam her face into the wall. She felt like a pinball machine as he took her faster and faster.

His hands grabbed her breasts, squeezing her nipples to painful hard points, and grinding his hips in circles kaçak bahis from behind. The motion touched the perfect spot inside of Hailey and she began to moan and push back each time.

Words exchanged between them, but none that could be understood or explained accept in the height of perfect pleasure. “Fuck, fuck me.” “Yeah, you like that, take it, take it.” “Oohhhhh….” Words uncontrolled building up to the final pleasure.

Hailey felt an intense warmth breaking free, just as she heard him groan low from behind her. She came quickly, her orgasm hitting fast and leaving her breathless. When she came back down he was still fucking her, deeper and deeper each time. She climaxed again and again as he found his own release and buried himself firmly inside.

Spent, she fell onto the counter with her lover leaning against the door. They stared at each other like a pair of boxers finishing a ten round match in a tie. Hailey looked down at her hands. They were shaking. Little tremors were coursing through her from the intense ride she had just experienced. Addictive, this stranger was, she smiled as she explored her new wilder side.

He smiled in return. He was panting as hard as her from his perch against the door. His shirt was still on, and his tie was backwards, and his pants were around his ankles. He pulled them up and picked up Hailey’s sweater as he approached her once more.

“Now that is how I’d suggest unwinding,” he gripped her thigh hard with one hand and kissed her hard one last time.

Hailey wound her hand around the tie and pulled him back to face her in the eye. He was the most incredible unexpected experience of her life. “Who said I was unwound?” she raised a cool brow at him and put her hand against his clothed groin, her fingers touching his balls in a firm caress. “I think we need to try this one more time.”

She slid off the counter, giving him a good view of her ass when she bent over to slide her pants back into place. The sweater she buttoned next, the middle two buttons only. She dropped the camisole on the counter and smiled.

“I seem to have lost this,” she took her room key from her pocket and put it in his front pants pocket, she could feel him stirring already. Boldly she flicked her fingers against the half mast of his manhood from his pocket then gripped his waist and wet her lips. “If you find it, could you bring it by 208? I’ll be in the Jacuzzi, so let yourself in.”

She left the bathroom and her lover behind. She pulled at her hair, remembering the chopsticks were somewhere on the marble floor, and that the open cut sweater left nothing to surprise of her chest. Emboldened by her adventure she strutted to the front desk were the same said bellhop was now flushed and hastily doing his fly. She leaned over the counter and smiled at him, enjoying the predatory feeling as he backed up awkwardly.

“I seem to have left my room key upstairs; could you kindly lend me another so I can go stretch out awhile?” She looked down at his crumpled shirt tucked hastily in his pants and slowly back to his face and smiled as he ran for the back room throwing her an extra key in his dash to the back.

Things were just looking up, she mused in the elevator. She spied her lover leaving the bathroom, her camisole tucked inside his jacket pocket. He was looking at her key and straightening his tie. The doors shut slowly, a little naughty fun never hurt anybody, she bit her lip and smiled. Especially, where there was more of it to come.

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