Let the Adventure Begin


Michelle had always admired Sergei for his hockey talents but when they met through friends, she was in awe of just how sexy he really was in person. His blue eyes gleamed when he smiled and just made his face light up. His hair neatly trimmed, his physique was fit and his mere strength beckoned Michelle to get closer. Michelle wondered if there were any of her senses that weren’t awakened at his glance toward her way. So when Sergei asked for her number she gladly gave it to him.

They had spent some time getting to know each other on the phone and emails. Sergei lived in Ohio and Michelle lived in Michigan. Sergei was a hockey player and was on the road a lot, not really having the time for a serious relationship. Michelle understood that and accepted that she and Sergei probably would never evolve into anything serious, but she hoped.

Sergei arrived in town and Michelle was there at the airport waiting for him. He loved how she looked. He eyed her from the moment they had met. Her long red hair, flowing down her back, her curls, soft, ending just above her butt. Her ass, now that was a sight even for Sergei to indulge. He looked up into those wonderful brown eyes, full of warmth and inviting and yet a hint of mischievousness.

They arrived at güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Michelle’s apartment. Sergei made himself comfortable after unpacking. Michelle poured herself and Sergei a glass of vodka. They drank. He reached over to her and pulled her close to him. Her lips so full, so wanting, so needing, he kissed them, sucking the bottom lip, tasting the vodka. He kissed her long and deep. She let out a tiny gasp as Sergei used his tongue to part her luscious lips. Her tongue met with his and so began the dance. She poured them another glass. Michelle got up and asked Sergei to get really comfortable and that she’d be back in a bit.

Michelle came back with music playing in the background and she was dressed in a purple belly dancing outfit. The skirt was sheer and beautiful; accentuating Michelle’s gorgeous figure, the bra like purple top with gold sequence enhanced her lovely breasts. The veil hid her face but oh those eyes of hers. So the seduction began as she moved to the music, hardly taking her eyes off Sergei’s. He was in a trance. He was in need, in want, he was in lust. He was rock hard as Michelle continued. The music stopped as so did her dance. She was on the floor looking up at him. Breathing heavy but so beautiful.

Michelle güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri knew Sergei was in need of release. Her seduction was only beginning. She made her way to his pants, undid the zipper and revealed his buried treasure. It was big and thick but looked so good. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked and sucked. Sergei had wanted this all the while and he was so turned on that he came almost instantly in her mouth, his juices so hot, salty and hers for the tasting. She made her way up his body like a serpent, licking his stomach, his chest coming up to his chin, stopping there a bit to feel his stubble against her tongue, she sucked him there a bit, coming up to his lips, she kissed him, seductively, wantonly.

She moved across to his cheek and whispered in his ear, “Your juices are more intoxicating and satisfying than any bottle of vodka I will ever drink, Seryozha, I’m drunk with love.”

Sergei grabbed her, pulled her to him, pulling a breast out of the bra, he suckled on her nipple, feeling her moans, and he continued, reaching beneath her skirt, she had no panties on, he found her mound with his thumb, so swollen and needing him, she was so wet. He worked her clit, while inserting fingers into her güvenilir bahis şirketleri pussy. Her moans were music to his ears. He crouched down and lifted her skirt and stared at the moistness, the beauty of Michelle was breathtaking. He spread her lips and made his way to her swollen clit, he licked and sucked gently. She tasted so invigorating. He couldn’t stop. She was cumming and he lapped all of her. Her sweet nectar was his and he wasn’t going to let anyone else have her, never. That thought entered his head and he smiled to himself as he came up for air. He wanted her forever.

After an hour of cuddling and kissing, they headed to the bedroom. Michelle lay on the bed and Sergei eased his way on top of her, his erection, evident, as he entered her moist cave. It was a tight fit, this pleased him. He thrust inside her like an animal, all control gone as her pussy clung to his hardness. Each motion was met by the other. Both their senses reeling and both were uncontrollable, the passion, the fury, the animal, the lust, the fire, all building within the two lovers. Michelle grabbed onto Sergei as she screamed “Seryozha”, the force of her orgasm was felt between Sergei’s legs and the juices poured out like a waterfall around him. He held her as he came, whispering, “I love you”.

They lay back on the pillows, Sergei holding Michelle. He kissed her forehead as she was falling asleep and said, “This is only the beginning of our adventure together.” He smiled triumphantly before falling asleep with his arms around the woman he was falling in love with.

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