Location, Location, Location…


“This place is a shithole!”

Georgia complained about the apartment like this at least once a month, mostly around when rent was due.

“Georgia, that remark is an injustice to other shitholes everywhere.”

She wasn’t wrong, it just didn’t do any good to complain about it, so this became like many other things had, a game between the three of us.

“You do realize, the roof leaks, the outside wall has holes through it, there’s no insulation, and most of the building is floating over a swamp. We’re going to catch a tropical disease and die. Soon.”

I thought the warehouse on the pier apartment was pretty cool, even if nothing worked and we had to listen monthly to Georgia complaining.

“It’s all we could afford. And look at all the space!”

I fingered the frets of my guitar, without strumming, trying to memorize a new chord change.

“It’s a fucking warehouse with apartment bits stuck to it so they can charge rent. The pipes spray water from places they shouldn’t when you try to take a shower. The only plus is no one complains when you play your guitar because no one wants to stand around in a swamp.”

Georgia stamped her foot, jiggling the substantial flesh that rode above it. She knew I was looking harder than I should be at my house mate’s girl. She put on weight in the last two years they’d been dating. She’d found that place where she was too thick to really keep his dick up, he complained to me about her fat ass and thighs. He wasn’t unhappy about the increase in her tit mass, but for him, her belly was a complete turn off. Maybe I was just a pervy chubby chaser, Georgia only got hotter as the months went by.

“We could throw a concert here!”

Gabe was really trying to see the bright side, but a year of phoned in sex had begun to wear on Georgia. She jumped up and down shaking the boards underneath us.

“They could fall through the floor!”


If this conversation kept going in this direction, Gabe would be sleeping on the couch.

“Will you two stop complaining? The slum lord sold the warehouse. We have to sign new contracts with the new guy, or they kick all of our butts out on the street.”

“But we had a lease.”

“We had a lease with the old owner, Gabe. Maybe we’ll get lucky and this guy will fix something.”

He grabbed his book and headed to their room.


Georgia curled on the thready couch next to me.

“So where do we have to go to sign this stuff?”

I tuned the “G” string on the guitar, glancing down at the g-string stretched tightly between her round fucking ass-cheeks.

“He’s coming here to look the place over tomorrow, so stash what you need to stash, and clean the rest up. Oh, Georgia your cut of the rent was a little light again.”

She pulled her sweatshirt over her head, messing up her hair, and letting her braless tits roll around under her shredded crop top. Georgia reached her hand in, over my leg, under my guitar, scooping up my balls, and thumbing them in her hand.

“We’ll do that thing again, if you’ll cover it?”

Leaning back in to the couch cushions, I sucked my breath in between my teeth. My cock masted far over her hand brushing the body of my guitar.

“I don’t like fucking over my friend.”

I hissed at her trying to keep quiet in spite of the blood rapidly rushing away from my brain. I really try to not be a punk ass shit. I really do. This wasn’t the first time, and I knew how good fooling around with Georgia could be.

“Think of it more like sharing.”

She squeezed my balls a little, making me moan, then flicked the underside of my cock with her thumb. She leaned forward, showing cleavage down to her rounding belly.


She knew my secrets, she knew she could easily wrap me around her finger. All of them.

“We’ll wait for him to go on shift, and I’ll do that thing you like tomorrow morning.”

One more squeeze of my nuts and she let go. Georgia continued to strip off her clothes on her way into her room, leaving me with a fierce need to jerk off. Gabe wouldn’t leave for his shift for another seven hours and now I have to deal with the image of her pale butt-naked body going through the door to their room.

I hate waiting.

I hate the thoughts that go through my head.

Hate the sounds of them fighting.

Hate the sounds of their lackluster fucking.

Maybe I should use the excuse to move out.

I tossed and turned all night long. I heard Georgia trying to get some dick from Gabe. She wanted to keep the lights on, but he turned them back off. She whined and he let her suck his dick hard, let her get him close to cumming and then held her head in place to spooge his spam straight into her belly.

“You fuck! You didn’t even let me taste it!”

“Go to sleep Georgia, you’re lucky your fat ass gets fucked as often as it does.”

He didn’t deserve her. Not one bit. I passed out on the couch. I dreamed of Georgia walking naked through the house, her soft curves bouncing a little with every güvenilir bahis step.

“Dude? I’m leaving for work. Could you make sure Georgia doesn’t drink everything in the house? I don’t care what you have to do, man.”

Gabe shook me awake. I’m still on the couch. I fell asleep listening to them fuck. Do I still have a massive hard on? Can he see my fat cock under my guitar?

“Uh, sure Gabe, no worries. See ya.”

The door locked behind him. I’m a slime.

“Is he gone?”

She stood naked in the half-light of the hallway in front of the mosquito netting we used to separate the sealed areas of the apartment from those open to the outside air. Georgia stood about 5’11” barefoot, that alone made most guys pass on her. She practically glowed, as pale as she is, her hips spread wide, giving her a spectacular hourglass figure.

“Yes, he’s gone.”

She moved quietly, this giant of a girl, had I been standing even barefoot she’d have three inches on me.


She stood in front of me, waxed smooth, holding an open container of lubricating butter and already aroused, the piercings in her thumb-sized nipples caught the light.

“Let’s put this away, I don’t want to break another one.”

She took my guitar and set it to the side. She rolled her fingers in the butter.

“Your ass is amazing.”

“I know you think so, I can see how much you approve. Nine inches worth?”

Georgia knelt in front of me, setting the container of lube down on the coffee table.

“Thank you for covering the rent.”

Georgia leaned over, her fat swaying dugs pointed more or less at my crotch. Her nipples hardened, the saucer surrounding her teats engorged becoming puffy and heavily pebbled.

“I don’t want to fuck you for money.”

She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans. My cock mostly freed itself from there.

“Oh? But I want to fuck *you* for money.”

She slid my jeans down to the floor, rolling her forehead into my abs. Almost panting, her hot breath alone would have raised my cock, which was currently digging into her collar bone, to full attention. She tossed my jeans across the floor.

“This makes you a whore.”

I spread my fingers in her short dirty-blond hair, keeping her mouth, for the moment, away from my shaft. Her tits dragged over my balls, and I couldn’t help but spread my legs.

“This makes me *your* whore.”

Her lips shone black against the alabaster of her flesh, although in truth her lipstick could have been any color in the dark. Gabe teased her for being a fat goth. He almost deserved this… Georgia’s lips stretched around my thickness, sending me straight to a hot, wet, place where my balls churned and all I wanted to do now was fuck the shit out of Georgia. I didn’t care about Gabe anymore. He had his chance.

“That’s right grrl. You’re my whore now.”

Georgia had her lips pressed to the base of my cock. Her tongue doing gods work, she wrapped one hand around my balls, and slowly twisted two slick fingers into my asshole.

“Fuck, Georgia!”

Her long fingers flailed against my prostate flooding my brain with bliss, but she wasn’t stopping there. With a pop, her mouth released my cock.

“Yes, you will fuck Georgia, but first I’m gonna do that thing you like, that we both know you won’t talk about.”

With three people living in one place, practically tripping over one another, secrets were bound to come out. Fifty pounds ago, when Georgia still kept Gabe’s complete attention, those two held marathon fuck sessions. They broke beds, dented walls, and one terrible day crushed a ukulele.

Georgia felt terrible about it.

She got dressed enough to be decent, and walked into my room to apologize.

They’d been fucking for hours.

In my pent up singleness, I wasn’t just masturbating, I was fucking a pocket pussy on the down stroke, and impaling myself with a thirteen inch dildo on the backstroke. Worst of all, I had a photo of Georgia on the desk from her freshman 15 plus 22 days. I had a furious rhythm going, and I didn’t see her until she gasped.

She held her hands to her face.

Don’t stop! she said. She closed the door, walked over to my desk, and picked up my photo.

She sat on my desk, spread her legs so that I could see up her shirt, and asked me to finish what I was doing.

I groaned, the rubber cock in my ass, banging my joy button as it slid in and out. She took the pocket pussy away. Fist it, she said, and I did, cranking away at my meat. She smiled as I blew my load, splashing her toes with my spunk.

Georgia wiped my cum from her foot with the photo before giving it back. She left my room smiling the entire time. I looked at her photo, sliding my sore gaped ass from the rubber cock behind me, she’d smeared my jizz over the image of her own face.


After that day, Georgia didn’t even pretend to care about my privacy. She’d coach me through more and more demented scenarios, where I’d debase myself further at her insistence and when the girth türkçe bahis of my dildos increased passed porn star sizes, she suggested that I’d save my money if I’d just ask her to fist me.

Georgia had never touched me this whole time. She’d watched. She’d barged in, she’d tease me with innuendo, but she’d never touched me. She’d gained all that weight back, and more. My cock would harden when she walked in the room. There I was, squatting down in the crab position onto a horse cock shaped phallus, my throbbing cock pointing straight at the ceiling while she ate chips. She wiped her hands on her blouse, wrapped her hands around my dick, and helped force the horse cock the rest of the way up my ass.

Until that day, I was trying to be a good friend.

“You have a beautiful cock! After I milk your little prostate, I’m going to suck you hard, and ride you until my thighs cramp… I have three fingers inside you, here comes the fourth…”

At this point, I was practically crawling up the back of the couch, except for the firm grip she had around my cock and balls, I stayed exactly where she wanted me. Her left hand corkscrewed my ass open.

“Here it comes… What you’ve been waiting for… it’s my thumb… Oh, there, don’t tense up.”

My ass, caked in lubricant, made obscene squelching noises as she worked me open. Her right hand jacked my cock and balls simultaneously. Then it happened. Georgia’s thumb slipped in my ass, and all the pleasure lights inside my head flipped into the green.

“I’m in! You’re doing it! I’m fist fucking your ass!”

Every thought left my mind. The only things I was capable of noticing revolved around Georgia’s knuckles rolling across my prostate, as her right hand jacked my junk.

“and this makes you *my* bitch.”

She made a fist inside me, tripling the pressure she directed on my p-spot.

“Oh my fucking-fucking God, Georgia. Oh, Oh my fucking God.”

She caught the leaping end of my shaft in her mouth, slowly allowing me to slide down her throat.


And there I was, laying there paralyzed with pleasure, she throat fucked me like there was no tomorrow while she fist fucked me, ‘cus I *was* her bitch.

“that’s right, FEEL it!”

Her lips popped off my cock, as she twisted her wrist inside me. Neither of us heard the click of the front door.

“So what the fuck do we have here? No. No, don’t stop on my account. Where are my manners, I’m the new slumlord, Babbage Grail.”

Georgia turned in shock, she tried to pull her greased up arm from the depths of my bowels, but the muscle ring of my anus had cranked down trapping her wrist in place.


I wasn’t exactly capable of saying or doing anything else.

“No. I told you not to stop. You must be Georgia, and you must be Gabe.”

Georgia flinched.

“So *not* Gabe. Well now that *is* interesting. Continue. Fill him.”

Blood pounded in my head and my cock. Georgia’s hand had slipped back from my prostate, and I ached to get her knuckles back in touch with my button. Unconsciously, I shoved my ass back down her arm, the muscle of her forearm spreading my hole open again. I loved it. And I wanted, needed more.

“Get the fuck out of my house!”

Georgia panicked.

“Your house! My property! And I told you to keep going.”

Grail stood over the two of us, leaning heavily on his cane.

“Do as I say or the lot of you will be out on your asses and you, my dear, will have so much more to explain to your variable significant other. Fuck him. Fuck him hard, dear, and when he cums, suck it all down.”

I could care less about who was watching. All I needed in the universe was to have Georgia finish milking my prostate. I wanted, no… I needed her to finish before I could claw my way back to anything that resembles civility. Babbage Grail set his brief case down on the table unlocked the catches, and produced a camera.

“That’s it. Get going girl.”

Flashes filled the corner of my eyes, as the blackmail evidence accumulated. Babbage undressed.

“I’m not going to let you fuck me!”

She shoved her fist back inside me to the elbow, and my eyes rolled in my head as I returned to bliss.

“What on earth makes you think *I* want to fuck *you*?”

He kicked off his shoes and his shirt landed on the floor revealing cut abs and a well muscled frame. His eyes drank in the details of my body.

“He’s not gay.”

His cock at half-mast hung from a pubic lion’s mane to six inches. His impressive meat continued inflating as he stepped out of his pants.

“For a straight guy, he doesn’t seem to be doing much complaining about your fist up his ass.”

He set his camera down in position to record us.

“He can’t even talk right now, you’d be raping him.”

His cock was at least as long as mine and thicker.

“Don’t you understand, dim, fat girl, *I own you both* as of five minutes ago.”

Even though she didn’t stop fisting me, Georgia’s jaw dropped. This wouldn’t end here tonight. güvenilir bahis siteleri This was for the duration.

“Get him over the coffee table.”

He put his cane down and grabbed me under the arms. My head rolled, and I saw his engorged cock and heavy balls inches from my face.

“Keep working his ass dear, he needs to be nice and ready for when I need him.”

Georgia gasped. My head rolled over the edge of the table. He let me lay there, my arms flopping limp on the flat surface, my pre-cum smeared against Georgia’s fat tit as she moved me.

I nearly blew my load right there.

My mouth opened as my balls jumped.

“No, don’t…”

Georgia weakly protested, raising her free hand to defend me as Babbage held the sides of my head, and shoved his knob in my mouth.

“You’ll both have to sign new contracts with me of course, cock-suckers, and then of course new leases also…”

I don’t think Georgia was prepared for how turned on she’d get watching the landlord mouth rape me, because she matched his tempo with her fist.

“He’s got a lovely mouth. You’d never know that it was virgin. I’d almost say he was born to be a cocksucker, just like that ass was made to be fucked. You are both quite the find here.”

His hairy plums bounced against my face, and Georgia’s fist beating my prostate finally won out against the grip she had on my nuts. My lips opened in a perfect “O” around his dick as I was readying to spray my milk.

“Suck him now, Cunt!”

He grabbed her head by the hair and forced her mouth down my cock. He buried his shaft in my throat as my balls emptied into Georgia’s belly. She whimpered, both of us being mouth raped, and knowing she had no choice was doing her in.

“Good girl, fatty. I don’t have much use for your kind, but I think you’ll be fun to have around. Stay there.”

He held Georgia’s lips down around the base of my still streaming shaft. He fucked my face savagely, bouncing his sack on my nose and eyes.

“Good boy…”

He flung his head back, unquestionably the Master of us both.

“Good whores.”

As the fountain of my nut expended itself down Georgia’s throat, my mind returned to the world around me, to the man fucking my face, to Georgia keeping my dick hard in her mouth.

I struggled a little.

“Cocksucker, don’t move. I will make her bite your dick off.”

His thrusts, became militant, banging with force and even tempo. I became aware of how unconsciously I had been sucking and swirling my mouth and tongue around his fat knob and veiny shaft.

Georgia cried out, and I tried to speak, but he buried himself to the balls and cut off my air.

“Sluts, Don’t talk.”

Georgia mashed her clit against my shin making her juices run down my leg.

“Fuck, fuck yeah, bitches!”

His cum filled my mouth, and I had to swallow as fast as I could or smother. His bitterness mixed with the taste of his sweat, which was already present, and triggered a second almost painful orgasm from my emptied balls.

Georgia made a surprised noise, but sucked my cum down immediately. She nursed my softening dick rolling me in her mouth. I couldn’t see her, but felt her love and reassurance through her hands on my thighs, as she came hard on my leg.

His thrusts slowed, and I found myself doing the same things to him as Georgia had done to me, except that Babbage wasn’t going soft.

“You little whore.”

He let go of her hair and rubbed my belly.

“Georgia, you can slip that hand out of his pussy now.”

The air around my gaped hole felt cool. My pussy. I wanted to cry, but I’ve never been so sexually satisfied.

“Get up Georgia. Kneel your fat ass right there and watch. Roll over, boi, now.”

I rolled over, flaccid cock hanging over the edge of the table, I faced Georgia. She was flushed, humiliated for me, for her as well, her saliva ran down her fat tits.

“You both will call me Mr. Grail, or Sir, or Master if we’re alone. You will both do as you are told without question. Stay still, boi.”

His cock filled my ass in one swift thrust, his thickness returning the joy that had left me when Georgia removed her arm. The apple of his phallus rang my bell each time he bottomed out in me and pulled back. His huge balls banged hard against my own.


I reached out to her.

“She can’t help you. I own you both, remember. Stay where you are fatty.”

Georgia sat on her ankles, her hands on her knees. Tears of frustration and hate ran down her cheeks and tits. My completely fucked up brain focused on the teardrop that beaded and hung from her left nipple. I so wanted to suck it into my mouth, but Mr. Grail held my hips in place so he could more efficiently reshape my insides to his liking.

“I don’t care for your cock, boi-pussy, so Georgia that’s all yours. His, ass-pussy I’ll let you warm up for me, but his mouth is all mine.”

My prostate had never had such a work out. Even though I remained flaccid, my shrunken balls continue to stream a thin constant volume of fluid. It was pleasure and pain.

I would never be the same again.

“Now that I’ve broken your lover, we’ll have to see about working in your boyfriend too. One can never have too many holes to fuck.”

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