Lonely Nights

It was a dark and stormy night. Twenty year old Ashley sat on her couch, watching the rain and lightning through her window. She was curled up on the seat, cuddling a pillow, and occasionally jumped at loud thunder, or bright lightning. When it was calmer, she enjoyed the storm, but held the pillow because she didn’t have anyone there to hold her. She would do this often; watch the storms at night, and ponder her life, and what she would do next. A nice storm had hit every night for the past week, and for that past week, she felt more alone every night.

Suddenly the door bell rang. Ashley jumped until she realized that it was probably just a friend, or a wrong house. Maybe the pizza she ordered fifteen minutes ago. She left her pillow on the couch, and wiped away the tears in her eyes as she headed for the door.

“Hey Ashley,” said Phillippe, eighteen years old, a friend of hers for about a year now.

“Hey Phil, how are you?” Ashley replied, still trying to keep her tears at bay.

“Well I was in the neighbourhood when the storm struck. For awhile I was hiding in a bus shelter, but then I realized you lived nearby so I thought I’d stop and see you.”

“Yea Phil, come in. I was just watching the storm.”

She led him to the couch where she was sitting. But before she could hold onto her pillow again, as if Phil knew she needed comfort, her friend pulled her close and hugged her. He was holding her as a lover would; he had an arm around her shoulder and her head leaned against his shoulder. She didn’t resist both because she did need to be held, and because he was a good friend, she didn’t want to upset him or hurt his feelings.

Much time passed in silence. And then something happened. Something Ashley did not expect; Phil kissed her forehead. No warning, no reason, just out of the blue kissed her. And he said nothing afterwards, just sighed and smiled. Ashley looked up at him, and saw him watching the storm. She smiled too; his lips were warm on her cold forehead. Unconsciously, she nestled her head against his shoulder, to him a sign that she enjoyed it. A few more minutes passed before he let his arm slide down to rest around her waist, his hand on her thigh. They were only good friends, but Ashley knew where this was going. For the moment, she wasn’t sure if she was comfortable.

“It’s ok Ashley, nothing will change between us.” The look in his eyes confirmed that he was sincere, and reassured Ashley.

Moments later, Phil was massaging Ashley’ inner thigh with his one hand, and the other was slowly rubbing her stomach. Ashley, though enjoying it, was a little confused and pulled away.

“I thought you said nothing would change, Phil?”

“I did, but I meant concerning tonight. No matter what happens, our friendship will not change. It will not get worse, it will never get worse. But I was trying to comfort you, you seem so sad. And I thought since you’re single, you might even enjoy some…” Again, his eyes and voiced proved sincere, so Ashley leaned against him for a second time. Once more, his hands got busy; one massaging her thigh, the other her breast. She moaned a little. It had been a while since someone handled her with such tenderness, such true passion and love.

“I love you, Ashley. I always have, but I couldn’t get the courage to tell you.” His one hand has slid off her thigh and was now rubbing her through her pants.

“But I guess you know that now, huh?” He chuckled then kissed her passionately as she had looked at him. After their lips parted he looked deep into her eyes. Deep into her beautiful hazel eyes…light brown, with a tint of yellow and green. The hand that had been groping her breast glided to her hair and he stroked it lightly, moving it out of her face.

“Mmhmm. I’ve always liked you, Phil, but not like this. You know I think you’re cute Picture upload and everything but…” She trailed off, looking into his hazel eyes, mostly green, and then kissed him back. Ashley moaned a little more, his hand was obviously in the right place. But then he stopped, only to slide his hand around her belly button then into her pants.

His fingers slid over her panties a couple times, and then went into them. As if he had done this many times before, he played around her, never penetrating, just teasing her. A finger would brush over her shaved pussy, and make her shiver. His other hand, still on her head, held her close as he kissed her again; a passionate kiss, with plenty of tongue. Ashley caught his tongue in her teeth, and then started tickling the end of it with her own.

He let one finger penetrate, going in and out, wiggling around, rubbing, and Ashley let out a slight gasp and a moan as she released his tongue. Now free, he let his tongue slide down and started to kiss her neck, the free hand removing her shirt. He then set upon massaging her breasts. The tongue continued roaming; now stopping at her chest. He nipped at her nipples, and licked the contour of her bosom. He kissed her breasts, and licked them, and even started sucking on her now hard nipples. His finger stopped venturing inside her as he removed her pants. He let his hand slide slowly back up her inner thigh, and over her pussy once more, up her stomach, and to her breast where he massaged her. His tongue wandered lower, and played around her navel as he lightly kissed and tickled her stomach. After a few seconds, it found its way to her nether regions, and slid from side to side. Just like the fingers, he let his tongue play around her, but didn’t penetrate just yet, though he did go agonizingly slow went he passed over her pussy. Ashley’ hands were now gripping her breasts, as she moaned quite loudly. She jumped, maybe because of the lightning, or maybe because at that moment, Phil’s tongue penetrated her. He slowly made his way in and out, and around. He was enjoying teasing her like this, because he enjoyed the sounds she was making.

Ashley stopped him. “This isn’t right,” she said.

“What do you mean? I thought you were enjoying it?”

“I was. But what’s not right is, I’m naked and you’re not. Plus, I prefer to give rather than receive.” At that moment, she pulled off his shirt, and undid his pants. She slipped out his hard throbbing penis and proceeded to rub it gently.

She got down on her knees as he sat on her couch. She slid his penis into her mouth slowly, so he felt her take every inch as she let her tongue guide it to the back. Inch by inch he felt her take his dick and it felt so good, her tongue sliding along the sides, her saliva lubricating him, he could’ve came right then and there, but did his best not to. Phil used his hands to move her hair out of her face as she expertly gave him the best blowjob he’d ever get. She was taking it all too, and every once in awhile would take it out of her mouth and give him a handjob while licking the head. Every time her tongue slowly slid across the tip, he jerked…it was the best feeling he had ever felt. And then when she let it slide down the shaft and back to the head, he almost lost control. Eventually she stopped, and they began making out, their naked bodies pressing against each other in the flashes of lightning. Ashley pushed Phil down onto the couch and then mounted him, again inch by pleasure giving inch.

Pumping slowly, Phil was rubbing her chest. Ashley was moaning in a low tone. Getting a handle on things, Phil seemed to go from virgin to sexpert in an instant. He started going a little faster and harder every moment. His hands on her hips, he was guiding her up and down his hard shaft. She moaned louder, and started digging her nails images upload into his arms.

“Jesus Phil, I thought you were a virgin?” She managed to get that out between pleasurable moans, and while she wasn’t biting her lip. Her hair was flailing wildly but she didn’t care. She went back to grabbing her breasts, and biting her lip so hard she though she’d break skin.

“I was until a few minutes ago,” he smiled. Ashley leaned down while they were still going at it on the couch. They kissed a few times and then she started nibbling on his ear. He couldn’t help but let out a slight moan. Phil was thinking that for some reason, the ear lobe is a very sensitive and sexually arousing place…or maybe it was this incredibly sexy woman riding him. She moaned loudly, and he decided on the latter.

Faster and harder still, Phil made Ashley moan even louder and almost scream.

“I’m gonna come!” Ashley started digging her nails deeper into Phil’s arms, and he winced, but welcomed the pain. He was slightly masochistic and enjoyed it. Ashley squirted and it dripped out, all over Phil. He was now really wet, and was having a hard time staying in…then the pleasure became too great. “My turn…” Having said this, Ashley lifted herself up and got down on her knees and starting sucking him off. She was deepthroating him, the best feeling yet, especially while she was using her tongue along his shaft to guide it the whole time. He was rubbing her chest and moaning a little. Finally he came, and Ashley caught most of it, but some landed on her breasts. She swallowed what she got in her mouth, and used her finger to clean up the rest…then continued sucking on Phil as he went limp. Then she giggled.

They spent the next little while cuddling on the couch, still naked, and making out. Ashley still jumped at the thunder, but less so now that Phil was there keeping her safe and warm. It seemed he wasn’t as horny now, as if he’d had his fill. He was just there as a friend for her. Granted they were still furiously making out, but he didn’t seem to want to have sex again. Or maybe his right hand man just wasn’t ready for round two.

I love you, Ashley…I don’t want to let you go, and I want to have nights like this all the time.” Phil kissed her neck, still with the same passion he had shared with her all night.

“I don’t know Phil. Tonight was simply amazing, but I don’t think we can be more than friends right now…I just don’t feel that spark. But feelings change, it could happen…though I think you’d be better off forgetting about this, and moving on, looking for another girl.”

“Forget about this? This was probably the best night I’ll ever have in my entire life, and I plan on making it better!”

He was hard again, and since Ashley was sitting on his lap, he easily slid into her and started pumping. Forgetting her little speech, she went along with it, cause he was good. It was the first time she had done it sitting down on a couch, but it felt amazing; probably because at this angle it was easier for him to stimulate her G-spot. His arms were wrapped around her and massaging her breasts, as she arched her back, bit her lip, and moaned. Her right hand came down and rested on Phil’s upper leg to support her, while she grabbed and rubbed his hand on her left breast with her left hand.

This kept on for about thirty seconds, which was when Ashley moaned very loudly, and then screamed Phil’s name. Immediately she started to rub herself. Phil, about to come again, slowed and then lifted her off. Getting the idea, she got down on her knees again and gave him head until he came once more. And again, she swallowed, then kept blowing him because she knew how sensitive his dick would be by now, but also how much better it would feel for him. While she was doing that, Phil was fingering her until she came herself, and squirted all over the floor. He licked his fingers, and then kissed her.

The storm was getting worse. The couple-for-the-night cuddled once again on the couch, Phil lying behind Ashley, an arm around her waist, lips pressed against the back of her neck.

“I still don’t feel too comfortable about this Phil. Like I said, you were awesome, darling, but I don’t know if this is right…”

“How many times do I have to say I love you, Ashley? You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re funny…you’re you. You don’t try to be someone you’re not, try to hide who you are. And after tonight, I’m thinking you share my feelings. You wouldn’t have just given me the best fucking lay of my life if you didn’t.”

Ashley was silent for a few moments. “Phil…You, well, this is kind of hard to say but…you were right, I do have feelings for you. I was only trying to deny it because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I didn’t want to lose what we have with each other. If things went wrong, I…”

“Listen hun, you’ll never lose me, no matter what. If we were a couple, and we broke up, nothing would change. I’d still love you, no matter what. And I’ll always be a great friend, as I hope you’ll be for me.”

They kissed passionately, a nice French kiss. Then they made out furiously for the next few minutes until the doorbell rang. “Who…” Ashley ran to the door, forgetting she was naked, and peeked through the hole. Pizza. She was about to open the door when Phil came from behind her, and wrapped a blanket around her: “Just cause I saw you nekkid, doesn’t mean this guy gets to too!” They both laughed as she opened the door. Phil was holding Ashley from behind and grinding with her, and rubbing her stomach.

She giggled and told him to stop, and grab her purse. He walked over to his own pants, not caring if the delivery guy saw him ‘flying free’ and grabbed some cash from his wallet. He paid the man, and Ashley slapped his arm.

“I ordered it, I pay for it. Come on Phil, I’ll pay you back.”

“No, if anything I still owe you for the amazing night.” And he kissed her. The delivery guy slowly turned and walked away as they stood there kissing again, and let the door close slowly.

“The storm is getting worse; can I stay the night, hun?” They were back to cuddling and watching the storm, and occasionally kissing and making out.

“Okay, but you have to sleep on the floor.” She giggled.

“Or, how about I sleep on you…” He laughed, and received a smack.

“Mmm, gimme more of those, babe.” He kissed her with the same passion he showed all night. Ashley was starting to get the feeling that he wasn’t lying at all, and that she made the right choice in her mind.

“Phil, are you still single?” The question caught him by surprise, and he didn’t know why she had asked it.

“Yea, why? You wanna hook me up with someone? This night meant no…”

“Shut up, silly. You were supposed to say ‘No, you’re my girlfriend'” She kissed him, with just as much love as he showed her.

The storm was finally letting up when they went to bed, early the next morning. Phil proceeded to go down on her, teasing her with his tongue as he’d done before. She wriggled and moaned, first trying to get him to stop, and then trying to make it so he wouldn’t.

“Mmm, baby that feels so good but I’m tired, and I can’t come anymore…you cleaned me today. Just cuddle with me, please.”

He reluctantly stopped, and got in bed behind her. After spooning for a bit, she turned to him, and said:

“I really do love you, I wasn’t just saying that, you know…”

“I know, love. Let’s just sleep now.” They kissed.

“But I can’t now…you’re hard again…” She smiled and went down on him. She twirled his member around in her mouth, and it wasn’t long before she surprisingly made him come a third time, and of course she swallowed again. Then they slept face to face, their bodies keeping warm pressed against each other under the covers…

And so the fantasy ends…

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