Love In An Elevator (Revisited)


Author’s Note: This story has been previously published on this site, that’s why the title says Revisited. I pulled it to re-work it and submit it as a free read to a new publisher. Since it will be a free read under my pen name with that publisher, I’ve decided to repost it here as well. If you read the original version, please take the time to read this updated version. Feedback as always is welcome. Don’t forget to vote.

* * * *

Trey and Mark are brothers, and as different as night and day. The only similarity in the two was their height. They both stood just a little over six feet tall. At thirty-eight, Trey was the typical biker type. His collar length wavy brown hair and hazel eyes drew women to him, along with his well-toned body. His typical attire was jeans, t-shirts and leather jackets or vests.

Mark, at thirty-six, kept his brown hair cut short and while he was handsome in his own right, he’d always been told his best feature were his vivid blue eyes. He was engaged for a short time to a woman named Dana.

Dana herself was no slouch in the beauty department. Her long slender legs supported her well toned body. She was taller than average, standing about five foot ten with long dark auburn hair and bluish-grey eyes. At thirty-six, she could still turn quite a few heads. She and Mark dated a few times in high school, but it wasn’t until they were in college when they reconnected and eventually fell in love.

Mark was insanely jealous if another man even looked at Dana and he always prodded her to quit her job as a waitress and let him take care of her. She refused, wanting to keep what little independence she had. Eventually, his jealousy put a strain on their relationship and she had to break things off. It broke her heart to break up with him, but she couldn’t deal with his controlling ways.

Trey would torment Dana endlessly and unbeknownst to Mark, he felt very differently about Dana than he’d let on. She was so far away from the type of woman he was normally attracted to his feelings for her had him perplexed.

He always teased her about being so tall and about never learning how to drive. Dana didn’t think she ever needed to learn how to drive living in a big city like Southfield. There was always someone who could drive her, but she loved walking everywhere she went, even in the cold Michigan winters. Most places she went, including work, were within a few miles of where she lived, so it never really occurred to her to learn to drive.

Trey would also torment Dana about her relationship with his brother. He’d always told her she was with the wrong brother and he could sweep her away and show her the proper way a woman should be treated.

* * * *

Oh a hot August day, not too long after Mark and Dana had broken up, she found a few of his things in her apartment and decided to return them to him. Gathering up his things in a small box, she put her keys and cellphone in the pocket of her shorts then headed for the elevators and Mark’s apartment on the twelfth floor of their building.

As she approached the elevator, she saw her neighbor getting off and asked him to hold the door for her. He smiled as Dana passed him and she hadn’t noticed the other occupant in the elevator as the doors closed behind her. Turning to see Trey, she shot him a look and moved to the opposite corner of the elevator car.

She knew he was going up to visit his brother so she didn’t bother to push the button for the twelfth floor. Standing completely still and staring straight ahead, she felt Trey’s eyes on her.

“What?” she snapped, not turning to look at him.

“You look really good today, Dana,” he said quietly.

“Oh stop it, Trey. I know you can’t stand me anymore than I can stand—” she stopped when she felt the elevator jerk to a halt.

“What the hell?” Trey reached for the emergency phone. Both the eight and the nine on the numbers above the door were lit, indicating they must be between floors. The lights flickered in the elevator car then everything went dark.

“Oh perfect!” Dana leaned against the wall. A small emergency light appeared over head, casting an eerie glow in the elevator.

“The phone’s not working.” Trey hung the phone up and closed the access panel. “Must be a power outage.”

“No shit, Sherlock!” Dana slid down the wall of the elevator to sit down in the corner. “Of all the people to be trapped in here with, I’m stuck with Jumbo the wonder boy!”

Trey shot a glare at her. “You think I wanna be stuck in here with you?”

Dana heard her cellphone ring in her pocket. She pulled it out and saw it was Mark calling her. She flipped it open and brought it to her ear, eyeing Trey as he came and sat down next to her.


“Where are you?” Mark asked.

“Stuck in the elevator with wonder boy.” Dana returned Trey’s harsh look. “What the hell’s going on?”

“Blackout,” was all Mark said.

“And?” she replied.

“And what? There’s a blackout, Dana. Not much else to explain. What floor bursa escort are you on?”

“I think between the eighth and ninth.” Before Mark could say anything else, Dana heard two small beeps on her phone and the line went silent. She pulled the phone from her ear and saw the words ‘Call lost’ across the screen.

She dialed Mark’s number again with no luck. She knew her cellphone didn’t work well in the elevator, but she kept trying. Once she realized she couldn’t get a call out, she tried sending him a text message.

Call 911. She clicked send on her phone and waited.

“Well, this is fun!” she said sarcastically. Her phone beeped a few minutes later, indicating she had a text message.

Called 911. It may be awhile.

She remembered seeing a small hand held radio amongst the things she was returning to Mark. Fumbling through the box, she found the radio and turned it on. Rolling the dial, she tried to find the news station hoping to hear anything about the blackout.

The reporter on the news said the station was running on a generator to continue broadcasting. Keeping the volume low, but still loud enough to hear, she propped the radio up between her and Trey.

“So I guess since we’re stuck here together, we might as well bury the hatchet, Trey.”

“What fun would that be, Dana?” Trey flashed a quick grin.

“Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Then why are you always so mean to me?”

“Honestly? I don’t know. But I don’t hate you. Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate you. I just hate when you always pick on me. I could never figure out what I did to deserve what you dished out.”

Trey had always hated how Mark treated Dana. His constant tormenting of her was to vent some of his anger toward his brother. All he really wanted to do was get her away from Mark and make her forget him. He knew she could never go for a guy his type though. She loved the GQ type of guy, exactly the type he wasn’t.

Dana had always felt a strange pull toward Trey which confused her. He was so not her type. She could never make direct eye contact with him, instead looking at his nose or another part of his face. She knew if she looked him in the eye, she wouldn’t be able to stop what would happen. She also knew she wouldn’t want to stop what would happen between them.

Whenever she looked at Trey and caught him looking at her, even when she was still engaged to Mark, it always made her heart flutter. She wondered why he had such an effect on her. He wasn’t normally the type of guy she was attracted to and up until this point, she thought he hated her.

“Try your phone again,” Trey said, breaking the uncomfortable silence between them.

Dana flipped her phone open and tried to call Mark again. Still no luck. She closed her phone and set it down beside her. Grabbing the radio, she turned the volume up to hear anything more about the blackout.

“—as we hear about more states and power grids going offline. Reports are coming in about a grid in Canada being the initial cause of the blackout, effecting parts of Michigan, Ohio and several other Northeastern states. Reports estimate approximately fifty million customers are in the dark and it’s unknown when power will be fully restored—”

Dana turned the volume back down. She and Trey looked at each other in shock. Dana opened her phone and sent another text message to Mark.

How long?

She closed her phone and stared at it, waiting impatiently for a response from him. After a few minutes, he didn’t respond. Her hands fell to her lap, one still clutching her phone. When it finally beeped, it startled her.

Couple hours.

“A couple hours? Perfect!”

“Not much we can do but sit here and wait, Dana.”

Dana got to her feet and began pacing the elevator. She wasn’t claustrophobic, but the thought of being trapped in an elevator for a long time had her nerves on edge. She also didn’t like the way her body betrayed her when she was sitting so close to Trey. She wanted to throw herself into his arms and wait this out. As she paced, she felt his eyes on her again.

“Stop staring at me, Trey.” She stopped her pacing but didn’t look at him.

When he didn’t answer, she turned to see he’d gotten up from his spot on the floor and was leaning against the doors of the elevator.

“What?” she asked again.

“Do you know what you do to me?” His voice was so quiet, Dana had to strain to hear him. She shook her head in response. He took a step forward.”You’ve got me all tied up in knots.”

“You’re kidding, right?” She glanced at the wall behind him, the floor, anywhere but at him.

“Look me in the eye.” He took another step toward her.

She looked him directly in the eye as he requested. “I—you— ” she stammered before she stepped back and was stopped by the wall of the elevator.

Trey closed the gap between them, reached out and pulled her against him. Dana’s gaze remained locked with his and she felt her body tremble at the pure look bursa escort bayan of lust in his eyes. Trey lowered his head and captured her lips with his own.

The kiss started off soft and slow, both of them showing restraint even with the sparks and heat exchanged as soon as their lips touched. She felt his arms go around her waist and his tongue running along her lips, searching for access. Parting her lips, she plunged her tongue into his mouth, feeling more than hearing his moan as the kiss between them deepened.

He could feel the heat of her kiss roll through his body, causing the muscles in his groin to tighten. He’d wanted her for as long as he could remember, but he always kept at a distance knowing he wasn’t really her type. As her arms wrapped around his neck, he felt her thread her fingers through his hair. He pulled her closer allowing her to feel his broad muscular chest against the thin material of their t-shirts.

He started pulling her t-shirt up when she pulled away from him. Looking into his eyes again, she could see the need and the want simmering in the depths. Her breathing was ragged and her heart was beating rapidly.

“What the hell just happened?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but I’d sure like to find out.” Trey pulled her t-shirt up over her head then pulled her closer again and brought his lips hers.

“Trey,” she breathed against the kiss. She felt his growing erection between them and couldn’t help but let out a soft moan which was muffled by his mouth still on hers.

She ran her hands down his chest, under his vest, then back up to his shoulders, effectively causing the vest to drop from his frame. He pulled his arms away from her allowing the vest to fall to the floor behind him. He felt her hands at the waistband of his jeans, pulling his shirt out and up over his head as they broke the kiss. She threw the shirt to the side then pulled him to her again, her hard nipples pressed into his bare chest, separated only by the lacy material of her bra.

She felt his hands on her back, slowly unclasping her bra and letting it fall loose on her shoulders. He broke the kiss only long enough to pull her bra off, tossing it to the side with one hand while the other hand gently grazed around the outline of each breast, rubbing the taut nipples gently with his thumb. She let out a gasp and pressed into his hand, seeking more of his tantalizing touch on her sensitive mounds.

“Beautiful,” he whispered as he lowered his head and took one of the engorged nipples into his mouth, sucking and nibbling softly.

He reached between them and helped her unbutton his jeans. Trey stepped away only long enough for them to fall around his ankles. He pulled his shoes off with his toes and stepped out of his jeans then dropped to his knees in front of Dana. He felt her hands on his shoulders as he hooked his fingers beneath the waistband of her shorts and panties together, slowly bringing them down over her knees. He kissed every inch of her flesh as it was exposed, relishing the sweet taste of her skin. Dana whimpered and moaned at the sensual feel of Trey’s lips on her heated skin. She felt him remove her shoes and pull her shorts and panties over her ankles.

Trey reached out and gently parted the slick lips of her bare pussy with his thumbs. He moved in close and planted feather light kisses along the damp folds hiding the hard nub of her arousal. Dana threaded her fingers through his hair and pushed him closer. His tongue darted out and grazed her clit, causing her to cry out his name.

Pushing two fingers inside her, he continued to tease her engorged clit with his tongue. He kept a slow steady rhythm, occasionally pulling his fingers completely out, then plunging them back in. Dana opened her legs wider to give him better access. Her hips moved in unison with his fingers and she held his face against her while she felt her climax looming desperately close.

Trey closed his mouth around her clit and drew the bud into his mouth. He felt his cock harden even more when Dana reached her peak and coated his fingers with her spending. He pulled his fingers from her slick channel and lapped at her juices while she came down from the high of her release.

He felt her fingers in his hair relax and her body went limp. Slowly, he stood, trailing kisses along her abdomen to each breast. He found her waiting lips and kissed her softly. Dana wrapped her arms around him and held him close while she recovered from her powerful orgasm.

Trey positioned himself between her thighs, the tip of his throbbing erection grazing her slick opening. He kissed her neck and fought not to plunge into her when he felt her legs wrap around him. Placing his hands on the wall on each side of her, he pushed himself away and gazed into her eyes. He nearly lost all coherent thought when he saw the look of pure unadulterated lust there. He dropped a gentle kiss on her lips and forced himself to push further away from her.

Standing gloriously naked just inches from her, he clenched escort bursa his fists at his sides. He couldn’t believe he’d lost control and gone down on her, but now his thinking was returning to normal. He didn’t want their first time together to be in an elevator during a blackout. He bent to retrieve his t-shirt and handed it to her.

“Put this on.” He found his jeans and pulled them on quickly.

“Trey?” Dana held his shirt but didn’t put it on. She saw a look of uncertainty on his face and wondered if he was now having second thoughts.

“I can’t do this, Dana. Not here.”


He turned to her and stretched his arms out to his sides. “Because if you haven’t noticed, we’re in an elevator.”

Dana walked toward him but stopped when he backed away. “That doesn’t matter to me. I want you, Trey. I can’t deny it any longer.”

Trey felt his cock harden even more at her words. It strained against the fly of his jeans and he wanted nothing more than to push her against the wall and find his release in her heated core. His control was slowly slipping away.

“Will you please put my shirt on or get dressed?”

“No.” Dana crossed her arms over her breasts. She took another step toward him.

“I won’t be able to control myself if you keep standing there, Dana.”

She smiled and took a step closer. “Maybe that’s what I want.”



Trey cursed under his breath, then took a step toward her, pulling her to him and crushing his lips to hers. He turned her so her back was against the wall. He devoured her mouth, plunging his tongue inside and seeking out hers. She tasted like the sweetest of chocolate. He nearly came in his pants when she reached between them and stroked his erection through the thick material of his jeans.

In one quick movement, she had his jeans pushed to his ankles and her legs wrapped around him. She held his cock at her opening while he stepped out of his jeans. She gazed into his eyes and silently urged him to fuck her senseless. Trey paused before he surged into her. He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“I don’t have a condom.”

“I’m on the pill,” she replied, nibbling at his neck. “Fuck me, Trey. Fuck me now!”

With a deep grunt, he pushed himself completely inside her. The heat of her wrapped around his aching erection was nearly his undoing. Dana began clenching her muscles around him, encouraging him to move, to retreat, to do something besides stand there.

Finally moving inside her, his movements were slow and deliberate. He pulled himself almost completely out of her then plunged back in. Dana’s hips moved to take him deeper and she locked her ankles around his waist to hold him to her.

Trey wrapped his arms around her and held her while he increased his pace. He felt her nails dig into his arms a split second before her pussy contracted around him and she wailed his name through her release. His own climax followed seconds behind her. His body tensed then jerked as he emptied himself, bathing her womb with his heated come.

His legs felt rubbery and he fought to stay on his feet while he recovered from his powerful orgasm. Dana’s unwrapped her legs from around him and held his shoulders while she tried to regain her own footing.

Trey released her and took a step back. He cursed himself for losing control. Gazing into her eyes, he saw tears forming. Guilt ripped through him at the thought of her being hurt.


“I’m fine,” she said.

“You’re crying.”

She nodded then reached up to wipe away her tears. “I’m fine, Trey, really.”

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. Quite the opposite in fact.” She composed herself as best she could and took a step toward him. Disappointment ripped through her when he backed away.

“We should get dressed. Send another text to Mark and see if anyone’s coming for us.” He turned and crossed the elevator and gathered up their clothes. He handed hers to her then turned away and quickly got himself dressed.

While Dana got dressed, she had a thousand thoughts running through her mind. When she finished, she turned to see he had a sad look on his face as he slid down the wall opposite her and put his head down on his knees.

She walked over and sat down next to him, running her fingers through his hair. He scooted away from her, causing her hand to fall and hit her thigh.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said, not looking at her.

“Are you having regrets?”

“No. You were amazing. I just wish it could have been someplace besides an elevator during a blackout.”

“Trey, I don’t—”

“No, you don’t. You don’t realize how good we could be together, Dana. You’ve always looked down your nose at me. Sure I ain’t as classy as my brother, but you can’t seem to see below the surface to the real person underneath. I never would’ve treated you the way—” he tried to finish but she interrupted him.

“Will you just shut up for a minute?”


“I wouldn’t have made love to you just now if I didn’t want it. I always thought you hated me. After Mark and I broke up, it wasn’t dreams about him I had, it was dreams about you.” She felt the heat of a blush rise in her cheeks at her admission.

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