memphisThe key arrived in the mail on Tuesday and now everyting was in place. The plan was to drive down to Memphis on Friday morning and arrive late Friday night. Marshal enjoyed long drives and he loved preparing for such trips as well. First the car had to be detailed. The a quick stop at Home Depot and the Lion’s Den for the necessary supplies. He made a mental list…rope, plastic wire ties, plastic stretch wrap, lotions, and of course handcuffs.The 03 white Lexus was in near showroom condition when he pulled it on to the interstate and crossed the Ohio River on his way to Tennessee. The day was hot but with the AC on and the radio playing some of his old 70s rock he settled in for the long ride to his destination. The key to his new friend’s apartment in the pocket of his blue dress shirt. He eyed the coutryside around him and much of it was the same as when he had been a boy, rolling farmland broken up by exits with truck stops and fast food places. It was not until he left Kentucky and rolled into Tennessee that the full wolf in him kicked in and he began to concentrate on his plans.It was 9:30 when he made it to Memphis. It took another 15 minutes to find the address of the man he was supposed to meet from the detailed directions he had written himself before leaving. The man lived in a small brick apartment building with four units in the building. Having found his destination he looked for a neighborhood bar and found one four blocks south.Stormy’s tavern was small place in a white stucco building with an very old neon sign annoucing it’s name out front. The building looked like it was built in the early fifties and the inside showed it hadn’t had much remodling since. At least nothing recent. The walls were of dark knotty pine that probably looked hip as late as 62 but could only be called retro now. A tall blone in her late fifties with güvenilir bahis a tired but pleasant face was beind the bar. Four tables lined the wall to the left of the entrance and two pool tables were between the tables and the bar.Marshal spend the next four hours talking to the blond behind the bar who he found out was the owner. They talked of business and vacations they had both taken and how work had kept both of them from going on any vacations in the past several years. He also played a few games of pool with some of the locals including some very young ladies who were students at a local community college. He casually talked about his days in the “minors”, his term for community college and assured the pretty young ladies that if they stuck with it their college days would end and the transition to the work world would be much easier. The girl’s boyfriends sat at a table and eyed the man with suspicion but there was something about his manner that intimidated them so they stayed silent while he flirted with the girls and they with him.He had parked on a side street and decided to walk to the young man’s appartment taking with him a duffel bag that contained his supplies. It was nearly one in the morning when he arrived. He let himself in the apartment and found the man sleeping naked with a bottle fo sleeping medication beside the bed with a small glass of water. Marshal had instructed him on the exact amount of the prescription medication to take to assure he would be fast asleep when he arrived. It was the way he wanted it and the plan had worked as the young man was softly snoring and did not stir when Marshal entered the room.He worked quickly gently slipping a blindfold over the man and handcuffing his wrists over his head. He then took a length of rope out of the bag and expertly tied the handcuffs to the top of each bedpost. türkçe bahis He then took the plastic wire ties and bound his ankes together. The combination of the medication and his quick work made it so the man was still sleeping as Marshal sliped off his clothes and climbed into bed with the young man.His body was soft and a bit roundish but he had been a track champion only a few years earlier so his legs were like iron. Marshal touched his legs gently and like what he felt. He instantly became hard and pressed his hardness against the man’s butt and he continued to stroke his muscular legs. Slowly the man began to stir and Marshal’s hardness increased and he began to rock his hips back and forth driving his erection against the young mans butt. The young man began to moan softly and Marshal’s voice broke the silence. “Yes my young friend it is me” he said softly. “Do you like how my cock feels grinding up against your ass”?The young man let out a groan of pleasure and said yes softly. The man continued to stroke his legs and then moved his hand up between his legs where everything was smooth and soft. He caressed his balls and softly kissed his neck. His index finger lightly brushed his shaft then his thumb brushed the head of his now throbbing manhood. This seemed to aroused him so he continued the motion while giving his back slow wet kisses. The entire time the older man’s errection was between the crack of his ass sliding slowly across without a hint of penetration. After several minutes of this teasing the older man finally grasped the younger man’s cock and began stroking him slwoly up and down while licking and nibbling on his ear. Soon the young man’s stomach muscles begans to tighten and he made gruints signaling he was about to climax. The older man calmly moved his grip to the bottom of his shaft and squeezed tightly with his thumb and güvenilir bahis siteleri forefinger. Quickly the excitement in the younger man’s groin began to subside. The older man ran his hands through the younger man’s hair and whispered softly “not yet my young friend, it is too soon”.The older man held his grip a minute later then as he released it the once errect member now flopped side to side. All the wild sensations were gone but the desire in his heart was still there. The petting and the stroking continued and the older man spoke to him about control and harnessing his energy. He also told him what he wanted in a houseboy and told him that what he was receiving tonight was an example of what he would receive in return.Suddenly the older man got up from the bed and the younger man’s heart sunk thinking their time together was finished. He was sooo close to cumming earlier and not it was over? Please no he thought. Then he heard the sound of someting tearing and felt something thin and cold wrapping around the shaft of his cock. Soon after he felt a warm sensation and the wonderful sucktion he had desired the whole evening. The man paused to tell him he had never done this before and might never again but he felt it was the thing to do now. The older man’s head sucked and licked and moved up and down with a furious pace. There seemed to be a hunger in him to make this young man explode inside his mouth. Occasionally he would stop and go back to stoking him and rubbing his inner thighs. Them his mouth would lower sucking the head, flicking it with his tongue and then taking its whole lenght with delight. At last the young man could not longer hold his desire and the older man felt the head of his cock expand and then felt the plastic wrap expand rapidly like a mini airbag explosion. The younger man felt the euphoria of his release and then felt his load move slowly from the top of the bag down his shaft to his inner thighs.Again the mans rose from the bed and the tearing sound was heard once more. The young man suddenly felt cold palstic being thrust into his mouth…..

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