Mom Teaches Son Ch. 05


At 6pm, I showed up for dinner wearing only the blue panties my mom gave to me and told me to wear. My cock was being crunched by the panties as it tried to escape. The panties could hardly contain my cock and if I got hard, then my 8 inches could punch a hole in the front. Even being pinned, the silk panties felt good against my cock and ass.

When I arrived, my mom was standing in the kitchen cooking. She was wearing the black mini-skirt with the plunging neckline. Her tits and nipples plainly visible, her skirt was just below her pussy so when she moved or bent over I could see that she had no panties.

Just seeing her made my cock start to get hard, straining at the panties even more. Without even looking up from her cooking, she said: “Keep that monster in the panties little boy until I say otherwise”.

“Come in the kitchen little boy so I can see you”. I did.

“Hmmm, you look nice in them little boy”. “Turn around so I can see your ass”. I turned around.

The panties were riding up my ass crack. “Mmmm, very nice”. “Pull them up tighter little boy”. I did as I was told and pulled them up so the panties were flossing the crack of my ass.

“Very nice indeed little boy”.

“You like my wearing silk panties”? Yes ma’am.

“Do you want to cum in your mom’s panties”? Yes ma’am.

“Do you like my dress little boy”? Very much!

“Do you think I look sexy”? Sexier than any woman I have seen.

“Even sexier than the lady in the parking lot”? Yes ma’am.

“Hmmm, I think you are lying to me little boy”. No ma’am.

“No ma’am what”? No ma’am, you are the sexiest woman anywhere. The girls in dad’s magazine do not even compare with you. A smile crossed her face.

“You will serve me dinner tonight little boy”. Yes ma’am. She went and sat at the table.

“Come here little boy and put my napkin in my lap and tuck it in my top”. I went over, took the cloth napkin, opened it, laid it on her lap.

Her dress was super short and I could see her wet, swollen pussy lips. I was still staring at her pussy as I tucked the other end in her top.

She looked directly at my cock. “I see that you are excited about helping me”? My cock was hard and pushing against the panties.

“Pour me some wine little boy”. I filled her glass. After sipping some, she put the glass down and reached for her spoon.

“Pulled your head of your cock out from the panties”. “Only the head”. I did. When I got it out, the panties snapped back into place, pinning my head against my skin.

“Open the slit little boy”. I did. She dipped her spoon in the wine and pour some in the slit. The wine burned going down.

She did this a couple of more times. What didn’t go in, seeped down inside and outside of the panties. “Do you like that little boy”? Yes ma’am.

“I don’t think you did”. With that she took the back of the spoon and gently whack the head of my cock. My cock reacted by jerking up and down in the panties.

“Do you like looking at my tits little boy”? Yes ma’am.

“Do they sag”? Before I could answer, another whack on the head with the spoon.

“I think you nodded your head yes”. Yes ma’am, no I mean no ma’am. Another whack. The blood was rushing to the tip of my cock, swelling it and making it dark purple.

“Hmmm, take my plate and go get me some pasta”. I went and fill her plate and returned.

“While I’m eating, pull the panties down just enough to let your cock out but keep your balls inside”.

When I did, the panties pushed up and were tightening around my balls. “Now go to the other side of the table and stroke yourself while I eat and watch”.

“Stroke it slowly with long strokes”.

As she ate and watched me, I took long strokes on my cock. The way the panties were flossing my ass and chocking my balls, my cock was swelling with every stroke.

She just sat there, ate and watched, never saying a word. My legs were weak, my hand was getting sore and my build-up was increasing more intense. I think she realized this also and told me to stop. “Come back by me little boy”.

When I did, she turned towards me and pulled down the panties in front releasing my balls. They were turning purple and blue from the confines of the panties.

She started massaging them making me to want to cum even more. “Stroke your cock little boy”.

“Cum on my tits little boy”. “I want your hot sticky cum all over them”. aksaray escort I started stroking faster. She let go of my balls long enough to slide her top down exposing her tits to me. Her nipples were hard and erect. She cupped my balls again, massaging them as I stroked harder.

“Shoot your cum on me now little boy”! I didn’t need prompting as I shot my thick cum all over her tits.

She kept massaging my balls as I shot stream after stream over her. When finished, she used her fingers, scooped up a glob of my cum and put it in her mouth. “You have good desert little boy”!

“Put the panties back on, get a plate of food and go to your room.”

“Do not come back out, masturbate or stick anything in your ass tonight.”

“Go to bed early and remember no email in the morning because I will be in there at 9:30.”

“Be ready, have the panties on and be on your stomach.”

I hid in my room the rest of the night, playing videos and finally went to bed at 10. It took me awhile to go to sleep. I massaged my balls and cock as I thought about tomorrow morning and what was next for me.

I awoke at 9, went and cleaned up and went back to my room. I put the panties on, laid on my stomach and waited.

At exactly 9:30, my mom came in and got on top of me. “Spread you legs little boy.” I was more than willing.

Soon I felt her insert her strap-on in my ass. She was pushing the panties into my ass as she continued to push it in.

The panties tightened around me, my balls and cock were being strangled as the panties went in my ass.

Even with that, I liked the way the panties felt inside me. “Do you like the panties in your ass little boy?” Yes.


She started fucking me, each time she slid out and back in, the panties rode up my ass. I was already feeling my cum building up but she didn’t fuck me long enough for me to cum.

“Turn over on your back.” When I did, I saw her wearing that barely there thong bikini with the strap-on around her. She pulled my panties off me and tossed them aside.

“Now pull your legs up, spread them and hold them with your arms.” She then took the pocket pussy she brought with her and slid it on my still hard cock. She put it on slow vibrate. With my legs being held up by my arms, my ass was wide open.

She laid down and slipped her tongue inside me, flicking her tongue in and out. I moaned out loud. “You like that little boy?” Oh yea. That feels awesome.

She continued flicking her tongue in and out, stopping every so often to circle my anus. “You want something up your ass little boy?”

She didn’t wait for an answer but shoved the strap-on cock in my ass and started fucking me.

My mind and body was reacting to everything. My cock felt good being in the ‘pussy’, my ass being fucked and watching my mom in her bikini.

As she fucked me, I watched her tits bounce up and down and the strap-on going in my ass. She was so hot and I wanted to fuck her,

“Do you like your mom fucking your ass?” Oh yea.

“Am I better than your cousin?” Yes ma’am.

“Do you want to be fucked by men?” No ma’am. I only want you to fuck me.

“Your mom likes fucking her little boy.”

“Your dad used to like it but he doesn’t want me to now.” I love and want you to fuck me forever.

“Maybe not forever, but for now I will fuck you whenever and where ever I want.”

“Would you like that little boy?” My ass is yours whenever you want.

She was fucking me harder and deeper. I wanted her deeper in me but the strap-on was only five inches but pretty thick.

Once again, when I was about to cum, she pulled out of me and took off the pocket pussy.

“Now lie on the floor”. “I will be right back”.

I did as she said. In a few minutes she came back wearing the sheer lingerie that she showed me before. The lingerie meant for my dad to see. Her tits were showing through the sheer baby-doll. Her nipples were hard.

I was lying on my back, my cock was still hard. She stood over my face, giving me a perfect view of her pussy.

“Do you like what you see little boy?” Very much.

“Does my pussy look good enough to eat?” Oh yea.

“Do you want to eat my pussy little boy?” Yes ma’am, Very much!

She then took the G-string and started flossing her wet pussy. “Do you like when I do this?” YES.

She turned around facing anal yapan escort my cock. “Do I have a nice ass?” The G-string was hidden in her crack. Her ass was sweet and tight. Yes ma’am.

“I think you are just saying that so you can fuck my ass.” No ma’am.

“So, you don’t want to fuck my ass?” Yes ma’am, I want very much to fuck your ass.

“Would you tongue fuck my ass also little boy?” As deep as you want.

“And what would you do for me to let you have my ass little boy?” After all I have done I didn’t know what else I could do but I was game for anything. Anything you want me to do!

She squatted down just inches from my face. I could smell her pussy and her ass had sweat running down her crack. The sweat started dripping on my face, running into my mouth.

I didn’t know what she had in store for me but my cock was rock hard. She stood up and told me to go get my dildo. “Hurry little boy before I change my mind.”

I ran to where I had hid it and hurried back.

When I turned around, my mom was sitting on my dresser, her legs spread apart. “Have you been practicing?” Yes ma’am.

“Then show me little boy.” “The bottom has a suction. Stick it to the floor and squat down on it.”

“Show me how much you can take.”

“The farther you take it, that’s how far in you can fuck my ass.”

I was stunned. Did she just say I could fuck her ass?

“Don’t look surprised little boy.”

“Now stick it on the floor and fuck your ass for me.”

I had never fuck my ass this way, but I wanted to fuck her ass and I liked having my ass fucked anyway.

I stuck it to the floor and began squatting over it, guiding it to my hole. Just then I realized I had forgotten the k-y jelly. I need the k-y.

“NO!” “Take it raw.” “Hurry up little boy!” “Fuck your ass with that big cock.”

I adjusted myself and lower myself onto the tip of the head. As I was looking down to guide it up my ass, I heard my mom moan.

I looked up to see her rubbing her pussy with one hand and using the other hand to massage and squeeze her nipples.

“Lower yourself little boy.” “Fuck your ass for me.”

I slowly lowered myself, allowing for my ass to adjust to the thick, hard ribbed cock. One inch, then two and then another inch.

My ass was burning but it felt great. “More little boy.” “I want to see it farther up your ass.”

I lowered myself another two inches. Only three inches left. My legs were getting weak from squatting and my ass was burning something fierce.

“Show me you love me little boy.” “Stick it all the way!”

Everything hurt but I allowed myself to put another two inches in me. Seven inches. Never before had I been stretch this far, my ass felt like it was being ripped apart but it felt great.

“Very good little boy.” “Now fuck it. Fuck it like I fucked your ass!” “Slowly up and down.”

“Lift yourself up until it’s almost out and then push back down on it as far as you can go.”

“Do this over and over.”

“I will help you get even hotter.”

“Look up at me while fucking yourself.”

I did as I was told. Slowly sliding up and down on my cock.

As I did, my mom was rubbing her cunt harder. She was sticking two fingers in her cunt right through her panties.

Then she put her hand down her panties rubbing her clit. I loved watching her pushing her panties into her cunt.

I was so hot and horny from watching her that I didn’t even realize I was fucking my ass harder and faster.

“That’s it little boy.” “Ride it hard.” “Fuck your ass for me!” “Faster!” “Fuck it!”

The more I fucked myself, the harder my mom rubbed and fucked her pussy.

I could feel the build-up of cum inside me. My balls were drawing up and my cock was bouncing up and down.

My ass was raw but I continued to fuck myself. Up and down. Riding it. I put my hands behind me on the floor to balance myself as I started rocking on the cock.

“Oh yea.” “Rock on it, fuck it!”

I’m about to cum. “Then stop and come here.”

“Leave it in you.” I undid the suction and with it all the way in my ass, I walked over to her.

She had jump off the dresser, turned and bent over it. “Take my panties off.” “Hurry!” I slid her panties down to her ankles.

“Now spread my cheeks and fuck my ass little boy!”

I was still in shock that she was going atakent escort to let me fuck her ass. “What are you waiting for little boy?” “Don’t you like it?” Yes.

“Then stick that monster cock in me and fuck my ass now!”

I took my cock and slowly stuck it in her ass. She let out a little moan. “Don’t be shy little boy.” “Jam all of it in me!” “Fuck me hard!”

I pushed in another two inches. “I said ALL the way!”

Before I could continue, she reached back with her arms and pulled me closer really hard, jamming my eight inches all the way in her.

“Now fuck me hard and fast little boy!” I started fucking her ass. I couldn’t believe I was fucking her ass. I wanted it to last forever.

“Quit thinking and fuck me faster and harder.” I did as she wanted. I fucked her ass like a wild man.

“Yes, that’s it!” “Give me more.” “FUCK ME LITTLE BOY!” “FUCK MY ASS!”

I couldn’t go any deeper or harder. The more I fucked, the louder her moans got and the hornier I became.

My ass was puckering with eight inches in me as I was fucking her with my eight inches. My whole body was shaking.

I wanted to fuck my ass while I fucked hers but it was too awkward. So, instead, I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder.

Soon, I couldn’t hold back my cum any longer and shot my whole wad in her ass. Her body twitched and she let out one more loud moan.

“That was very good little boy.”

“I can feel your hot cum in me.” “Now take it out, take yours out of your ass and drop to your knees.”

I took both cocks out and got on my knees.

“Now spread my cheeks.”

When I did, I saw some of my cum leak out.

“Now lick my ass.”

“Start with my crack and work your way to my hole.”

“When you reach my hole, stick your tongue in and ream me out.” “Suck, lick and tongue fuck my ass.”

I didn’t hesitate and began licking her crack, tasting her sweat and juices. I could smell her pussy. It smelt so good.

As I made my way up to her asshole, the cum that leaked out her ass ran onto my tongue. I just licked it up and continued.

When I reached her hole, I starting licking, sucking and tongue fucking her.

The mixture of her sweat and my cum was intoxicating. She was enjoying it and she knew I was to because every 30 seconds or so, she squeezed her ass, making more of my cum come out.

I took it all in stride, sucking her juices and my cum and then tongue fucking her hard and deep.

After about 10 minutes she let out a LOUD moan, her body started twitching.


I continued as she had her own orgasm. “Stop now little boy and lick my juices off my inner thighs.”

Her juices were running down her leg. I started licking my way up her thighs. When I reached her pussy, I gave it a lick. Mmmm, it tasted so good.

When my tongue hit her pussy, she let out another moan and came again. This time on my tongue. It was the best taste I had ever had.

“Stop now little boy.”

“Stand up.”

She turned towards me, got on her knees and started licking my balls and cock. My cock got instantly hard again.

“I love the way you react to me little boy.” She licked the length of my cock, circling my swollen head and tongue fucking my slit. I leaned back and began moaning.

“You like that?” Un huh. She continued licking my hard shaft like a lollipop, only stopping long enough to suck on my balls.

“Are you about to cum little boy?” Yes ma’am. She picked up the panties I had on and wrapped them around my cock.

“Cum in my panties.” She gave me a hand job until I came in her panties.

When I was done, she put the panties to her nose and was smelling my cum. “Very nice little boy.”

“I will keep them now.” She stood and slipped the panties on her. “Mmmm, that feels good!”

“Your sister comes home tomorrow from camp.”

“We have the summer to play in other ways but not as often.”

“Remember, your ass belongs only to me little boy.” “Understand?” Yes ma’am.


“Now go take a shower and when you are done, put on my G-string and take the casserole dish on the table over to Tasha.”

“Don’t be embarrassed about what she did.”

“We will play more games later.”

“Since you did such a good job fucking my ass, maybe I will let you play the role of your dad.”

After cleaning up, I put the G-string on. It flossed my ass and I could still feel my mom’s wetness. It felt so good.

I grabbed the casserole dish and took it over to Tasha’s house. When she opened the door, she was standing there with no top on and a red thong.

She also had a dog collar on with a leash attached.

I just smiled!

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