Mrs Officer (fantasy story)


Mrs Officer (fantasy story)After a good workout at my gym I get in the car to head home. I notice a police car follows me out of the parking lot. Thinking nothing of it, yet making sure I do the right speed, I keep rolling. I get about a half mile down the road and the cop hits the lights on me. Im looking, searching, trying to see if I failed to signal or what. I pull over on a side street and put it in park. The officer gets out and makes her way to my side of the car.I can’t help but notice how thick and powerful her thighs were in that uniform. She yells out “Driver get out and put your hands against the car NOW !” I comply, as I hear her steps getting closer from behind me. First thing she does is reach around and grab my cock. She says ” I’m horny and I wanna get off, you wanna help me ?” I said ” I don’t even know you lady”. She says ” well you’re either gonna get me off or you’re going to fucking jail”. Again I say ” I haven’t done anything”. She tells me ” if you don’t do everything fucking thing I say, I will plant thisknees on you”. Right then, I give in and ask her what she wants she pushed me over into this dark alley. As we were istanbul escort walking to the alley I feel what I thought was a nightstick or a flashlight poking me but I was so scared I didn’t think about it.Once she got me in the alley she yells ” GET ON YOUR KNEES!!!!!!” I drop to my knees with a million things going through my mind but I just figure get it over with. She looks down with a smirk and says ” now I need you to come here and unzip my pants bitch”. I start to unzip her pants, and this bulge keeps pushing out. When I get her pants fully unzipped, I look up at this 6-foot chocolate amazon goddess, with these superthick thighs, a phat bubble booty, and to my surprise I’m looking face to face with this thick, stiff, long, veiny, bulging dick. A REAL dick. Not a dildo attached to a strap-on, but a real gorgeous cock. She must have noticed the look of shock on my face so she says “what ? you suprised ? She’s pretty huh ? ” As she reaches down and grabs it at the base and swings it in my face and says ” now come here and suck it til I tell you to stop” a little reluctant at first she grabs the back of my head zonguldak escort and tells me to open up so I can taste her chocolate bar. I start sucking her cock…. And it actually tasted like chocolate lol. I like it so I open my mouth more and pull her close to me so she can get deeper. It must’ve felt good to her because she starts to moan, thrusting her hips, trying to get as much of that chocolate cock in my mouth as possible. I can feel my dick getting hard so start to pull it out so I can cum too, she sees me, pulls away and yells ” WTF ARE YOU DOING BITCH???”. I say ” I’m just enjoying this blowjob, what’s wrong ?” She says “No, you are here to satisfy me, and maybe you’ll get to cum at the end”. She pulls me back and sticks her cock back in my mouth. We get back into the groove, and I start to turn it up a notch on her and give her the deepthroat action. I can tell the way she gasps that she’s shocked, but she didn’t stop me. In fact she started to run from me , I had her backed up against the wall moaning loud as fuck. I can feel her getting close to cumming, she pulls away turns around and says ” You escort bayan think you was getting off that easy ? Now eat my ass ” I shove my face right in that big phat ass, and go to work. She moans out ” OH YOU NASTY MUTHAFUCKA !!!!!” I know she’s about to cum so I start licking her ass and I reach up front and start stroking her phat cock at the same time. I guess I hit her weak spot because she became totally submissive. She says ” ohhhhh baby I want you in my ass, after you make me cum you can fuck me”. So I turn her back around and pick her up in mid air and suck her 20′ sweet dick at the same time. She screams out ” Ahhhhohhhhh babe let cum on your face ” I put her down and as soon as she pulls out of my mouth she starts shooting hot, streams and streams and streams of hot but. My face was covered. I get up and turn her around and plunge my throbbing dick up that phat ass. I’m longstroking her phat ass deep, I’m hard as fuck and fucking her at full speed wit cum all over my face. I gotta admit I didn’t last that long in that ass because I got so worked up. I came deep in her ass. Left a huge load in her ass, it felt so good. My knees were weak, I hadn’t cum in days.She turned, looked at me and kissed me right in my mouth. With cum and all.She took me to her vehicle to clean off my face, and gave me her number. I went home and slept like a baby. Now whenever I see a police car behind me, I smirk and get a semi hard on.

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