Natalie’s Graduation Gift


My name is Natalie and I attend college at the State University near my hometown. It’s been nice these last two years getting away from my folks but knowing if I needed to go home it was only an hour’s drive. Not that my folks are so bad mind you, really I had it lucky, but being the oldest of three, they always expected me to set the example for my little brothers. Tom and Joe, who are graduating this weekend, aren’t twins, though they act like it sometimes. Tom is the youngest, just turning 18 a week ago and Joe has been 18 since the beginning of August. I haven’t seen them since the Christmas before last so I was kinda bummed that I wouldn’t be able to make it to their graduation. Finals week would keep me locked up in my dorm. I had called and let them know and while they said that they were okay with it I still felt a bit of familial guilt after all I am their big sister. I promised I would make it up to them and pour myself into studying.

“You’re only an hour away Nat, you could go and be back in time to cram a bit before bed.” That was my roommate Gina. She and I hadn’t known each other when I moved in but we had become best friends over the course of the last two years of college. “Besides,” she continued, “it’s not like you need to study, that’s all you ever do.”

I sighed, the topic being a sore point between us. She was right though, I worked hard to achieve my grades. Gina, on the other hand, seemed to be in college for the sole purpose of screwing every guy she could get her hands on. I spent most of that Sunday debating making a quick trip home and finally decided that I would with just enough time to shower and hit the road. I would have to go straight to the ceremony in order to make it on time. I didn’t even stop to call anyone to tell them I was coming. The ceremony was long and boring but I cheered for my brothers as they crossed the stage and flipped their tassels. I’d ended up with a seat in the nosebleed section so I didn’t even try to press through the throngs of people to get to my brothers and my parents. I simply left for home and waited for them there.

“NAT!!” the hollered in unison as they clamored into the house and both my brothers tackled me with hugs. I was shocked to see how tall and handsome both had grown over the past year and a half. My parents smiled from the doorway.

“Glad you could make it sweetie,” my dad offered and hugged me tight.

We did the family thing for a bit before my brothers headed off to the after grad party the school threw every year and I said my goodbyes promising I would be back the following weekend for summer break and that I would have a great grad present for them for not getting to spend the weekend with them. ~~~

Finals had been hellish but I was certain that I had done well with my studies. My last finals had been at the last possible time on Friday. The only thing that had scarred the week had been my constant dreams at night. I had been without a boyfriend for too long. At least that’s what I told myself, because why else would I have dreams about fucking my little brothers?

I traipsed back to my room to see my bags out in the hall and the unmistakable moans of my roommate saying goodbye to her latest conquest. I scrawled a note on the note board telling her to call me and took the last of my things to my car. I hadn’t planned to leave until the morning but things being what they were…

My parents’ house was dark when I pulled into the driveway. I imagined the boys were out with friends or girlfriends and my loving parents were out enjoying an evening to themselves, so I let myself in. I didn’t feel like unloading the car in the dark so I just grabbed my mecidiyeköy escort overnight bag and headed for my old bedroom. Mom had converted it into a sewing room last year when I hadn’t come home for the summer but it still had a bed for guests. I got undressed and ready for bed stopping before the long mirror to look over my body. I ran my hands over my skin weighing my breasts in my hands. Were they getting heavier? I sighed and flopped down on the bed. It was late but my mind was still over loaded so I decided to go down to the den and see what was on television.

I pulled on my shorty pajamas and headed downstairs. I rummaged through the fridge for a snack and then made my way down to the den. As I hit the middle stair, I heard the sounds of sex. I blushed at first thinking I had almost inadvertently walked in on my parents enjoying each other. Then I heard a voice. I crept a little closer still unable to see into the den.

“Oooo…yes…suck my cock…”

It was Joe. I covered my mouth to stifle my giggle. My little brother had some bimbo sucking his cock. I was a bit surprised to find that the sounds of his enjoyment turned me on a bit. My thoughts wandered back to my dreams from the past week. I wanted to see if I knew the girl so I moved down the stairs further keeping my back to the wall. I peaked around the corner and what I saw shocked the hell out of me and tickled me in my most primal of urgings.

Joe was on the couch naked his head thrown back and eyes closed in the throws of passion. Tom was lying next to him on the couch with his lips wrapped tightly around Joe’s cock. He seemed to be enjoying himself as Joe slowly jerked his cock. The sight sent shivers down my spine and fire to my pussy. I’d seen a porn movie that had two guys going at each other before but watching my brothers working at each other was so hot. I slipped a hand into my pj shorts and rubbed my clit. Joe’s moans were getting louder as I watched. I bit my lip to keep from moaning. I was getting so wet.

“Turn around…” Joe moaned and I watched with lust-filled eyes as Joe lubed up Tom. He pushed his hard cock into Tom’s ass. Tom groaned with what could only be pleasure as his older brother fucked his ass with long hard strokes.

“God your ass is so hot and tight, little brother.” Tom was on his back with his ankles on Joe’s shoulders. Joe reached down and continued to jerk Tom’s thick hard cock. I slipped a finger up my pussy nearly biting through my lip. I needed to fuck and I imagined for a moment riding Tom’s cock while Joe fucked his ass. I couldn’t believe just how easily the fantasy filled my head. These were my little brothers. I shouldn’t be thinking things like this. I should be disgusted that they were fucking but I couldn’t get the image out of my head as I flicked my clit with one hand and fucked myself with the other. I got lost in the feelings and forgot to keep quiet as my orgasm crashed over me.

“Feeling better big sister?” Joe smirked over me at the entrance to the den. I blushed and looked up at him. I was struck by how virile he looked standing naked in front of me with his hard cock swinging between his legs. Tom was slightly behind him looking worried. I don’t know what came over me in that moment, but I seemed to lose the last of any inhibitions.

“No, but this will help,” I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth before he had a chance to move away.

Joe moaned and then laughed. “Looks like cock sucking runs in the family Tom. “OOOoo, her mouth is almost as hot as yours.”

Tom grinned at me. He was stroking his cock as Joe began fucking my face. “Let’s move nişantaşı escort over to the couch,” Tom offered.

“No,” I croaked trying to take control of myself again.

“Having second thoughts Nat?” Joe asked. Now it was his turn to look worried.

I stood and smiled at my little brothers feeling so damnedable horny that I thought I would explode. “Not at all, now listen to what your big sister’s instructions, I promised I would get you guys a good grad present didn’t I?”

I moved to stand in front of the couch and both my brothers sat down. “Wait, first, where’s Mom and Dad?”

“They had to go visit grandma. They said they would be back next weekend,” Tom supplied.

I grinned, pulled my top off, and seductively slipped my bottoms off too. “Okay boys, this is how it goes. Tell no one and you can fuck me all night. Brag once to anyone and I’ll expose you both as rump riders. You’ll never get a date again.”

“Sounds fair enough,” Joe agreed and reached for me. I looked at Tom. He nodded as I moved out of reach.

“That was a hot little scene I walked in on. Do you like getting fucked up the ass Tom?” I asked lewdly.

“Almost as much as I like to fuck,” he replied straightforwardly. His answer made my pussy twitch.

“Good, Joe would you suck his cock till it’s hard. I wanna watch.” I propped myself on the edge of the coffee table to watch.

Joe jumped right in with relish nearly swallowing Tom’s cock to the pubs. Tom groaned in appreciation and lifted his hips off the couch. I rubbed my clit as Joe began to pump Tom’s hardening cock with his mouth.

“Ohhh …yess… suck it Joe…suck it deep…fuck yeah…Nat let me eat your pussy.”

I didn’t hesitate a moment before straddling my youngest brother’s face. He had a talented tongue and I was moaning along with him, rocking my pussy on his face.

“I want some too,” Joe whined, sounding more like my little brother than he had in the passed hour. He stopped sucking Tom’s cock and moved to the floor. I had seen a suck circle in a movie once. I wanted to ride both of my brother’s cocks in fact I wanted to screw their brains out until they couldn’t move but it could wait for the moment. The feel of Tom’s tongue on my clit had decided me.

Tom got up off the couch and Joe and I pushed it back out of the way. I lay down on the carpet and spread my legs. Then I crooked my finger at my handsome brothers.

“God this is hot!” Joe spoke. He knelt next to my head and offered me his cock. I readily began to suck it and soon felt Tom’s tongue working my pussy over. I stopped long enough to turn on my side. Tom moved to lay his head on my thigh and continued to ravage my hot pussy with his mouth.

“Suck Tom’s cock,” I ordered huskily. In moments, the room was filled with the sounds of sucking licking and kissing. I was the first to cum, sucking Joe deep into my throat as Tom slipped two fingers into my dripping cunt. Then, I felt Tom stiffen as he blew his load. Joe sucked it down and followed suit within seconds. The three of us lay still for a while not saying anything to each other. The guilt of what we had just done seemed to fill the air. I sat up finally.


“Don’t Nat. Joe and I have talked this to death. We keep trying to tell ourselves that we aren’t queer, that fucking each other isn’t any different then fucking around with our friends. We both like girls, but so far none of them will fuck just to fuck. And we love to fuck. They expect us to give them things and act a certain way. At first it just happened because we were frustrated, we turned to each other for relief. Now, we fuck every otele gelen escort chance we get. Family is supposed to help each other out right?”

It sounded weak but while he was talking, Joe had moved behind me and was fondling my breasts. I was beyond caring about anything more than getting one of them to fuck my hot pussy. “Doesn’t it feel good Nat?” Joe whispered in my ear, “If it was really bad, why would it feel good?”

I couldn’t argue with his logic and again my lust took hold of my senses and gave them a shake. “Yes, please Joe, I need to have your cock buried in my pussy.”

Joe laughed, “I think I could handle that.” His cock was hard again. He positioned himself between my soaked thighs and pressed at the entrance to my pussy. “Should I use a condom?”

“I’ve been on the pill since I was sixteen.” I smiled and moaned as the head of his cock popped into my slippery cunt. “MMmmm, Joe, fuck me, fuck your big sister.”

Joe was plowing me good. I couldn’t remember ever feeling so full and so turned on. Remembering my fantasy from earlier, I tightened my knees on his sides and rolled him over. I could see Tom now. He was on his knees jerking his cock. I watched it grow to amazing hardness. I leaned forward teasing Joe by tightening my pussy around his cock head and grabbed the tube of lube I’d seen them use earlier. I squeezed a dollop from the tube and reached around behind us, sinking his cock deep into my pussy again. He moaned and grabbed my hips. I moved Joe’s tightened ball sac slightly and anointed his puckered hole. Tom watched me with interest moving behind me. Joe was trying to lift his hips and fuck me but I held him still. I lifted up on my knees.

“Spread your legs and bring up your knees. I want Tom to fuck your ass while I ride your cock. I felt his cock twitch inside me and I leaned over and kissed him. He seemed surprised but kissed me back with gusto doing just as I asked.

I stood and turned around to face Tom. I grabbed my little brother’s heavy cock and gave it a squeeze. Tom slid a thick pillow from the couch under Joe’s ass. Then I guided his cock to Joe’s puckered hole. Tom pressed, Joe groaned and then Tom’s cock head pushed through the tight hole. I couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on it made me to watch Tom saw in and out of Joe’s asshole each stroke bringing him deeper until he was all the way in. Joe is sweating with the exertion.

It was my turn now. I guided Joe’s thick cock back into my pussy noticing immediately that it felt even bigger than before and I leaned back on my hands crab style over Joe. He helped me to fuck his cock. I watched Tom’s strokes and matched mine to his so that our pelvises nearly touched with each stroke. We all got quiet with our concentration on fucking. My pussy sucked at Joe’s cock while Joe’s ass milked Tom’s cock.

“Jeez, Joe you should see how fucking great this looks!” Tom reached out and played with my clit as I fucked Joe. Tom’s strokes were getting faster and I was going wild. Tom jerked first exploding into Joe’s ass as he continued to fuck him hard. He held still and shot the last of his load then pulled out. I was up on the balls on my feet bouncing on my brother’s cock in an instant. I threw back my head and closed my eyes concentrating on my impending orgasm. Tom had gotten down between Joe’s thighs and was sucking my clit for the second time that day, every so often he would lick all the way down Joe’s balls and back up. Joe was groaning and grunting and I was panting and moaning. The dam broke and Joe shoved his cock into me as deep as it could go spilling his hot seed deep in my pussy, which caused me to have to best orgasm of my lifetime.

The three of us collapsed into a sated heap.

“Jeez, Nat, where did you learn to do that?” Joe puffed. “I get to fuck you next time, while she rides your cock Tom.”

I laughed and hugged both of my brothers. “I told you I would get you guys a good grad present.” It was going to be an interesting week.

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