New to a private gloryhole

Double Penetration

New to a private gloryholeDay at a special glory holeA friend of mine, chuck,had told me about this glory hole he had recently been to. He highly recommended it, stating this place was private and safe.  I had never been to a glory hole so I didn’t know what to think. I asked him where it was and he told me the address and what times the glory hole is in use.  I thought about it for a few days. Until finally, I got up the nerve to go. I went on the Internet and researched glory holes and found that it was usually with a guy on the other end. I contemplated it for a minute. Why would chuck have dudes suckin his cock? But I remembered he had said a couple lived at the residence this ghole was setup at. So I figured it was the chick. I showd up at the address and the house didn’t look like anyone was home, although I saw a strange arrow profiled into the dirt pointing towards the back. I followed around and found another arrow carved into a tree pointing at the back door. It was around the time the ghole was supposed to be in use. So I went up to the back door and knocked. No answer. I knocked again but no answer. I knocked a third time and heard the door lock turn. I stood there for a minute and then decided to go inside. Once I made it past the threshold and inside, I realized I was in a hallway with a door behind me and a wall in front. The wall had a hole in it about waist height. I walked down the hall to the hole and bent over to look through the hole. It was completely dark on the other side. I stood back up and three fingers, comes through the hole. I bent back over and saw two blue eyes eyeing back at me. She opened her mouth and motioned with her tongue provacatively. I got excited and my dick had already started to swell. I pulled my cock out and stroked it a few times and I heard a woman’s voice say “lemme suck it!” I’m not massively endowed but I’m not small either. relaxbet güvenilirmi All this going on, had me getting horny as hell. I dropped my pants and stuck my balls thought the hole then my cock. Not thinking i put both my balls and my cock through.The hole was actually a tight fit. It reminded me a lot of how my cock ring fit. Kinda felt good. All of a sudden I felt a soft, warm, velvety mouth suck in the head of my cock. Wow it felt good. This mouth knew how to suck some cock! Within no time I was at full attention and rock hard. As I got more erect , more of my cock went into her mouth and eventually down her throat. All of this wet slobbery deep throating made me leak three to four nuts, I had no control of the mannaise being drained out of my balls. And instead of going limp, the tightness of the hole around my cock worked like a cockring. As the head on my cock was polished with expert skill I got ever so harder. To the point I was stuck in the hole. I couldn’t pull my cock out with my balls through too. I tried a few times, but my fat balls kept me stuck. Suddenly I felt a hand wrap around my nuts and give them a nice tug. Not too hard but enough to stretch them out a bit. It actually felt great. With my nuts cupped and tugged I felt a mouth start sucking my nuts in. I have nuts like two smaller granny smith apples even when deflated. And somehow both my nuts were in this mouth. It felt amazing. Like something was trying to suck the mannaise straight out of my balls. I leaned against the wall cock stuck through as my nuts were being slopped on and I feel a mouth take my cock and take it straight down the throat. At first the pleasure was immense, but then it hit me that there were two mouths wrapped around my cock and balls. A part of me freaked a little. I couldn’t figure out which mouth was the chick and if the other was another relaxbet yeni giriş chick or the male spouse. I had never done anything with a guy before. Had really never wanted to. But at this exact moment i decided it didn’t matter. This was the best oral service I had ever recieved. Ever. I nutted two more times, with incredible pleasure since the unknown mouth on my nuts was unrelenting with the slopping and tugging that was occurring. After my second nut, about fifth altogether., I felt my nuts get hit with cool air as they were relinquished from the mouth that just whoreshiped them moments before. I could feel a thick glob of saliva dangling from my balls, then I felt my cock come back from the depths of this amazing throat that milked me dry for atleast 4minutes straight. My nuts hurt at this point from the amount of draining that had occurred in the last 30 minutes. My legs were a little tired from standing yet, my cock stood rock solid and stuck. Even with all the saliva running down and dripping off I still couldn’t get out. I thought back to my thoughts as I was putting my cock and balls through this hole. And how I didn’t think about what usually happens when I wear a cockring.  Suddenly I’m snapped back to the present as I hear bumping on the other side. I heard two thumps about head height on the other side. Then I felt an extremely wet pussy slide onto my cock. God if felt good. I felt like a woman that loved getting fucked. Each time her pussy slide to the base of my cock I felt her ass sit on my nuts. I realized she had her feet up towards the ceiling and was basically hanging off the wall, and sliding on my cock. It actually was quite intense. Every time she slammed up against the wall I felt my nuts get slightly mushed. I loved it. She would slide her self off sometimes and I’d feel a mouth slide all the way down my cock, relaxbet giriş and the tongue would stick out to massage my sack. Wow what oral skills this mouth possessed. I was in heaven. Bound to this wall with nothing but my cock sticking through the other side. I’m packing nearly eight inches and a thickness about that of a thin hairspray bottle. About 2inches diameter. And it was disappearing down this throat.  I felt her come off the wall and then I didn’t hear anything. After about a minute or so my cock finally had started to deflate a bit, but then I felt my cock being spit on then a hand rub some lube on it and stroked it firm again. I was hoping I had earned my freedom at this point since I had came more times already than I had all last week. I felt my dick line up to a butt and I started to think wow this lady is a serious freak. My dick slides into this extremely tight butt hole, god it felt good, I love fucking women in the ass. As my cock gets worked into this ass I start hardening like I’m gonna come, then I feel the last push as I’m enveloped fully…and fell a set of balls push against mine. My mind freaked. Wtf, but then after those balls started bouncing into mine I started liking it. I nutted deep in this ass long and hard. My dick was removed from this sperm bank and I immediately felt a warm soppy mouth envelope my whole, ass coated cock. Man it was dirty. I was sucked and licked clean. Finally my cock was left alone long enough to where I could pull myself back through. My legs where a mess and weak. My whole crotch was soaked with saliva and pussy juice and I could smell mature pussy and some ass still on my dick. I put my package back into my underwear and hobbled out of the hallway and back to my truck. I drove home in awe of what had just happened. And I then thought about chuck, and that he must have experienced something like this.  I chuckled, smiled and drove home. The ghole was open the next day and I went back. From now on I go every chance I can. Ever since I started this my nuts have been hanging lower and fuller. I achieve huge loads multiple times and my recipients are more than happy to accept all of my donations.

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