Picked up on a train


Picked up on a trainI had been divorced about a year, and while I was still dating girls, I found sex with men much more fun and found myself going to saunas in a semi regular basis. The visits would always follow the same format, get a train into London, have a couple of beers in a bar to give me the Dutch courage to go into a gay bar in Soho, a few more beers there and finally to a sauna for some fun.. On one occaision, I just missed a train and had a twenty minute wait at the station for the next one, not a problem as it was a warm summers afternoon, so I just sat and waited. A few minutes went by, and an older guy in his late 60’s, came up to me asking what time the next train was. There are info boards all over the station so he could easily have found out from those, however I told him what train I was waiting for and asked him where he was going. It turned out he was only going one stop further on.He sat next to me and we idly chatted about nothing, but I noticed he seemed to be moving closer to me on the bench. I wasnt sure what to do, this has never happened to me before in public..I looked at him, six feet tall, lean and wiry with white hair, a holiday tan and casual clothes. Then I felt something that id never felt with men before, I suddenly realised I fancied him! What had happened to me? Was I gay now, although I’d had a fair amount of sex with men, it was all about the cock and nothing else. I felt myself getting a little hard and I blushed at the embarrassment. He seemed to sense this and gave a smile that just made my pulse race…he was gorgeous!Where are you off to he asked, I stuttered that I was just going to a few bars in London, nothing special and I wasn’t meeting anyone. Then he looked at me and asked ” what kind of bars? Do they cater for a particular clientele?” I was bright red by this point and could only mutter ” I’m going to a gay bar” sinop escort With that he put his hand on my kne. And said “I knew you were gay from the moment I saw you, and I’m pretty sure your a little sub too” and he laughed I tried to be cool, and just told him that yes, I preferred to be bottom.The train pulled in, and I thought I might lose him in the small crowd that was on the platform. He stood close beside me and got on the train with me. There were two spare seats and we grabbed the both. I didn’t know what to do, I thought I’d carry on with my original plan to go to London, and maybe get this guys phone number, after all he was quite local to me…and so hot too!He sat so close that he was pressing me against the wall of the train, he brushed my thigh ( quite high up) and said, “give me your number and we will meet tomorrow for some fun” he didn’t say this quietly either, and there were one or two glances towards us, as well as a couple of sniggers.We swapped numbers, and I asked what he was doing that afternoon/evening. He just said a friend may be coming round for a takeaway and watch a film, unless something better turned up in the meantime. I thought that if I was getting chatted up by a guy, I wouldn’t want him to think I was the sort of guy that would just jump into bed with a random stranger ( read my other blogs and you’ll know that I am…) so I decided to carry on with plan a and go into London.The train pulled into Bushey station, and he got up, squeezed my thigh and said ” ring me tomorrow gorgeous” and then got off the train. I watched him walk away and at that moment I though ” fuck it, why not” and dashed for the doors before they closed. The last thing I heard was a woman say to her friend, ” I knew that faggot would follow him”I saw him ahead of me on the platform and I followed him out of the station. He started walking şırnak escort away, and I almost caught him up, then called to him. He stopped and turned around, I said ” something better just came up” a cheesey line I know but I had to say something. He just laughed and said,m” well that’s a big opinion of yourself boy, you better be able to back it up with something decent” I told him he wouldn’t be disappointed, and he stopped turned around and stared me right in the eye and said ” I fucking better not be, you little faggot cunt” Oh no, had I gone too far, I wasn’t sure I was experienced enough to satisfy him, what would he do if I didn’t. Fuck, it was too late now, I was in too deepWe walked the rest of the way in silence, me four or five paces behind him, as I felt it set the right tone in a submissive wayHis house was a small Victorian terrace, beautifully maintained and it smelt clean, fresh beeswax. “I picked up another faggot yesterday to clean this house, so that’s one chore you won’t have to do till next week”He sternly told me to get stripped quickly, which I did. He took all my clothes and put them in the under stair cupboard, and locked it. “You’ll get them back if I’m satisfied, otherwise I’ll throw you ou the front door naked” I was terrified, but knew I had to summon the strength to accept whatever was coming my way, and make sure he was happy.”Thank you sir for choosing a pathetic faggot like me to serve such a handsome, strong and magnificent master like you” He rained in three other four kicks to my balls, two of which connected, and I quickly thanked him for themStop grovelling or I’ll throw you out now, he snarledFuck. That didn’t work then. “Sorry sir, I just wanted to let you know I understand my place here, you as the Alpha male, and me at your feet.”This seemed to please him, as I didn’t get kicked again..He went escort bayan into the lounge, turned on the TV and told me to get him a beer from the fridge. I knew enough that I would have to do this all on my knees, so I crawled all the way there and back. He took the beer and used me as a footstool as he watched TV. This lasted a good hour or more. Was this it? He seemed happy enough”Boy, you need to learn what I like, and the first thing is fir my sub to have my cock in his mouth. Not sucking it, just having it there”With this, he pulled out an uncut cock, which was a good 5 inches flaccid..it quickly grew to about 8 1/2, I’d never seen anything quite as large, but I opened my mouth and he pushed it in.I remained like this for a least 30 mins when he suddenly said”now suck it you cunt”Never have I worked so hard to try and give good head, and the noises he was making suggested he was enjoying it. Within 3 or 4 minutes, he exploded in my mouth, and as he did he instructed that I should not swallow.He pulled out and I was left kneeling there with a mouthful of his cum, he ordered that I should open my mouth and then he took some pictures. I had been very careful not to let anyone take pics of me with men, as you never know if they may be leaked out, which I certainly didn’t want to happen. “Swallow it all up now cunt” so I did, and with that, he stood up, unlocked the cupboard, threw my clothes at me and told me to fuck off..”Have I displeased you master?”Yes, you cunt, you made me cum too quickly now fuck off”I pulled my cloths on quickly, and left.The next morning I got a message, Come round today at midday, and wear panties.I had good selection of panties which I only usually wore for myself, and although I’d worn them for guys, i always felt quite humiliated, but I guess that’s why he told me to do it.So a quick shower and change, and I found myself knocking on his front door at midday prompt. He opened it and stood there with two other guys, both very tough looking, and considerable younger. “Here she is boys, our entertainment for th day”…..i will post the details if that day another timeThanks for reading..hope you enjoyed

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