Romantic Evenings


I live in a well to do neighbourhood in Toronto, and we make plans for you come to see me. You fly in from Albany and arrive at Toronto International and are greeted by a limousine driver, carrying a sign with your name Michelle printed on it in big letters. When he greets you, he gives you a single red rose and tells you it’s from me. He gathers up your bags and escorts you to the waiting car. The short trip to downtown Toronto brings you to the front door of my condominium building, where my assistant Logan greets you. Logan introduces herself and helps you bring your things into the building. You take the elevator to my floor, and you both meet me at the door to my condo. We have a good long hug while Logan puts your things in the guest room. You freshen up and we spend the rest of the day sightseeing and window shopping on Young Street. Later that evening we spend the night making passionate love until we fall asleep.

In the morning, we have some coffee and I tell you to get dressed up, that you are going out for the day. I tell you I have special plans for dinner, and that Logan will go with you to do some shopping. I have business to attend to, so I plan to meet you later that evening. Logan arrives and whisks you away to the limo, which takes you to Yorkville and the high-end stores for some shopping. Logan won’t tell you what the dinner plans are, but she says you’ll need a sexy cocktail dress for the occasion. After browsing several stores, you finally decide on a simple but sophisticated black dress with spaghetti shoulder straps, along with a matching handbag and shoes. Logan makes a call and the limo shows up at the curb. You put your purchases in the back and you both head for an open-air sidewalk cafe for lunch.

As you and Logan have lunch you tell her how much you enjoyed playing with her beautiful bald pussy last time you were here as you slide a hand up the inside of her thigh. Logan opens her legs and welcomes your fingers to her uncovered pussy wet with desire for your touch. You thought to yourself you should have worn a skirt today too. Logan placed her hand on yours and whispered please make me come. The booth you two were sitting at allowed you to finger fuck Logan with little chance of getting caught. As you slipped two fingers into her wet cunt and your thumb teasing her clit, your other hand rubbed the outside of your pants. People passed by the outdoor cafe oblivious to the pleasures you were giving Logan. As Logan’s body vibrated to the feel of her orgasm, you removed your fingers from her pussy and brought them to your lips to taste your reward.

After lunch, you arrive at a day spa. Logan has arranged for you to get the works. Manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, body wrap, and hairdo. This takes the rest of the afternoon, as the spa personnel pampers you like a queen. Later on, the limo arrives to take you back to güvenilir bahis the condo, since it is now getting close to dinnertime.

Logan helps you bring your packages into the guest room and helps you get dressed for the evening. Your hair has been put up, with some sexy tendrils of hair falling down on each side, framing your beautiful face, you glance over at the dresser and see a small box and a card with your name on it. The card is one of those funny I missed you kind of cards. You open the box and find a special treat. Inside is a diamond necklace with matching diamond earrings. It’s a set that you had admired the previous day during our window-shopping trip. Logan stands behind you and puts the necklace on you at the same time caressing your breasts as she lowers her arms and stands back. You look in the mirror, you look absolutely stunning!

You hear a noise in the living room, and find me dressed in evening clothes and a dinner jacket. When I see you, I smile broadly and tell you how stunning you look. Logan agrees, wishes us an enjoyable evening, and leaves. We take the elevator down to the lobby and get into the waiting car. After a short ride, we pull up on a pier next to a motor yacht. As we get out, a uniformed steward greets us at the gangplank. He says hello to me, and politely comments on how beautiful my companion looks, he is right, you look incredible. He escorts you up the ramp onto the yacht.

He brings us some cocktails and we sit on the deck while the crew gets the boat ready to depart. You look around, expecting to see other guests on board, but notice we are the only ones. You look at me questioningly, but I just smile and tell you tonight is just for us. The yacht pulls away from the pier and heads out onto Lake Ontario. The sun is beginning to set as we cruise towards our destination. Just before sunset, the steward serves us dinner on deck, and it is a delicious meal comprised of all your favorite foods. We dine and watch the spectacular sunset over the Toronto skyline. The warm summer air cools a bit as evening comes, and at one point, you shiver a bit and your nipples become erect. The steward magically appears with a shawl for your shoulders. After dinner, the steward cleans up and serves us some after dinner drinks as the captain turns the boat around and heads back for the pier. We lean against the rail with our drinks and watch the lights of the city come on.

Back at the pier, the steward escorts us down the ramp and into the waiting limo. We snuggle as we take the short drive back to the condo. Once back in the condo, we go out onto the balcony. My condo has a spectacular view of the city. I tell you I have some dessert for us, and head for the kitchen. You sit peacefully enjoying the relaxed ambiance of the evening. I return with a homemade dessert, 2 cups of espresso and snifters of Grand Marnier. We türkçe bahis eat our dessert and look at the lights of the city. When we finish dessert, I pick up the dishes and take them into the kitchen, you follow. As I clean the dishes and put the last one away, I turn and find you looking at me, with a look of passion and love on your beautiful face. You reach up, pull my face gently to yours, and kiss me gently, slowly, passionately. My ears are ringing, and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. You break the kiss and smile at me. I lean in and kiss you, more intensely this time.

Our desire increases with each kiss and we find ourselves working our way towards the bedroom, unbuttoning and unzipping as we go. Once in the bedroom, you push me back onto the bed and tell me to stay put. You turn on the radio to a smooth jazz station and begin a slow, sexy striptease for me. You are wearing a black garter belt, black hose, and matching bra. You still have your diamond jewelry on, and look amazing. You turn your back to me when you take your bra off and look over your shoulder at me, with a “you want to see them” look on your face. I smile and nod, so you turn around but you cover your breasts with your hands, teasing me. When you finally drop your hands, I see you have your nipple rings on and your nipples erect. I feel my cock stiffen in my pants, even more than it already is. You begin to pleasure yourself. You lean back against the dresser and run your hands up and down your naked body, tugging at your nipples, wetting your fingers and sliding them in and out of your pussy. You get hotter and hotter, your thighs begin to quiver, your stomach spasms as your climax approaches. The whole time, you are looking at me, straight in the eyes. Finally, your rub your clit furiously and explode. Convulsions of pleasure race through your body as you moan loudly. I can see the wetness between your legs; your pussy lips glisten with your arousal. Finally, your orgasm subsides and you smile at me.

My cock is rock hard and twitching in my pants. You slowly dance over and finish undressing me. You begin to caress my body, my stomach, my thighs, my cock, and my balls. Using your mouth, tongue, and hands, you bring me to the edge of exploding, but each time back away before I do. I lose count of how many times you take me to the edge. You lick and suck and caress me as no one has ever done before. I prop myself up on my elbows and watch you. You look so incredibly beautiful. No woman who has ever walked the face of the earth has ever looked as desirable as the vision I see kneeling between my thighs. Finally, you crawl up next to my face, look me in the eye and say, are you ready? I nod, and you smile and say, then hold on tight, because I am going to Rock…Your…World!

Before I can say anything more, you move back between my legs and begin. You suck, lick güvenilir bahis siteleri and massage me, but much more intensely now. There is no mistaking it, you intend to bring me all the way to climax this time, Involuntarily, I find myself holding back a bit, trying to prolong the intense pleasure you are giving me. You sense I am doing that, and you look up at me and say, Don’t bother, it won’t do you any good. You return to what you are doing, with even more intensity than before. Your hands, your mouth, your lips, your tongue, they all seem to be everywhere at once. You are like a hot wet tornado as you move over my body. Finally, you increase your sucking and massaging to an incredible level. My hands are clenching the bed sheets, my breathing is ragged and I gasp for breath. My back arches off the bed and my hips are thrusting spasmodically. Despite my gyrations, your mouth never leaves my cock. You are like a rodeo bull rider, refusing to be thrown off. My first pulse sends a stream of liquid high into the air, landing on my chest. You quickly engulf my cock and suck deeply, drawing each successive load into your mouth, swallowing greedily. You continue until I beg you to stop, I can’t take any more. You smile and let my softening cock slip from your mouth.

My body collapses on the bed, covered in sweat and our combined love juices. We rest for a bit, then you lick your way up my body, cleaning up my juices with your tongue. You reach my face and we kiss deeply. The taste of your mouth and my cum is intoxicating and I find myself getting hard again. You straddle my body and run your hot, wet seam up and down my body, against my cock. We continue to kiss and my cock gets harder. Finally, you put the head at the entrance to your pussy and you plunge down on top of me. A shiver of pleasure runs through my body as I feel your heat and wetness surround my manhood. You begin to fuck me, first slow, then gradually faster, all the while French kissing me deeply.

We continue to make love, I turn you over so your beautiful ass is in the air, I spread your ass wide open and lick your pussy wet with our juices and tongue your rosebud. I know how you like it. I tongue fuck you till your bud is open then slide my fingers into you as well opening you up more to receive my cock into the depth of your ass. As you feel my cock near your entrance you take it and guide it into your ass, slowly I push allowing your muscle to accommodate my pulsing cock. I started moving my cock in and out of the most incredible ass in the world, I watch your gaze of pure lust as my cock fucks your asshole, while my hands caress your ass and tease your nipples, you give your ass, body, and soul to me.

I feel you begin to reach your climax and I feel a familiar tingling in my balls. As you reach between your legs and touch yourself, you explode, and I explode along with you. We both have gut-wrenching orgasms, jolt after jolt of pleasure washes over us as your pussy drips and my cum fills your bowels.

We finally collapse into a pile on the bed sheets, wrapped in each other’s arms we drift off to sleep.

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