Subject: Running With The Big Dogs 37 All the usual disclaimers apply. Please support Nifty. Donate before you masturbate ! Seriously! Nifty Stories Archive fty/donate.html Running With The Big Dogs 37. The sign out front said Tattoo and Piercing Palace. Coach and dad went in for their consultation while the rest of us stayed in the vans while Ky walked Billy around the parking lot. We clapped when Ky scooped the poop. After about 20 minutes, Coach came out and told us the artist agreed to let us watch the procedure if we would be quiet and respectful. Every one of us agreed and walked quietly into the shop. Dad and Coach sat in barber chairs, shirtless and side by side. Gus introduced himself as the owner of the business and the owner of his own Prince Albert. Kipper got excited and asked, “Can we see it ? Please !” After getting our dad’s’ permission, Gus whipped istanbul travesti out a 7.5 cut cock with a metal ring in the tip. We leaned forward to get a closer look and the young male attention gave the guy a semi and a smile. Next Gus told our dads to push their jeans and underwear down to their knees and he swabbed their exposed crotches with an orange antiseptic. Gus held up the metal ring Coach chose. Coach sucked in air and all the watchers gasped and put hands over their mouths when metal punctured flesh. I admit I pussied out when Gus pierced Coach’s cock but I saw the thick metal ring threaded into place. I promised myself I would watch my dad no matter what. Kolby and Ky and Kipper took turns massaging their dad’s shoulders and congratulating him. Gus turned to my dad and asked if he was still down. I was happy and proud when my father said, “Yes.” Gus kadıköy travesti held up a three quarter metal ring with little metal balls on each end. Pretty rad, dad ! I held onto the strong shoulders of Dayton and Joe Boxer and forced myself to watch my cool dad suck air and wince as Gus pushed a sharp metal guide through the head of the cock that gave me life almost 16 years ago. Next Gus put the sterilized metal through the new hole. I was light headed but exhilarated and starting to get hard. OMG. I gave dad a hug and when he and Coach bumped fists, we cheered. We were surprised when Gus swabbed antiseptic on dad’s left nipple. Gus said, “One more piercing,” as he took my dad’s sensitive nip in a pair of forceps I think they are. In a flash there was a small metal rod through dad’s nipple ! Oh wow. Should I ? I’m gonna do it. Fuck ! Coach got up from the chair bakırköy travesti and I took his place, stripped off my shirt and announced, “Dad, I need your permission to get my right nip pierced to match you. Please say yes !” All eyes were on my dad, including Gus. We got our answer when dad gave me a huge smile and said,”Fuck yeah, Jake. I love you, Bud. This is our thing !” The guys and Gus cheered. I shivered when the antiseptic hit my pec. All eyes were on me as the forceps held my flesh and sharp metal pierced my hard brown nip. When dad and I bumped fists, the guys cheered. Gus asked us to pipe down because a few other were in the tattoo area. We got home late the next day and our dads talked each other through their healing and recovery. Apparently it involved salt water baths and other stuff. And oh yeah. No cock sex for quite a while. Bummer ! But dad and I had a blast licking and sucking and biting and pulling our pierced nips. Father / son nipple play is fuckin’ hot ! But when these hot dad studs are back in action, it’s gonna be fuckin’ awesome ! Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys !

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