Sex Day


Sex DayIt started same as most days, i wake up MM by worshiping his bodily sex parts. My hand gently touching his limp cock and shaved balls.Making my way under the covers rubbiing his cock feeling it getting harder, tongue licking his balls i suck on them one at a time reaching upto his now erect cock opening my mouth moving my head up and down, he starts to wake up. A hand pushes my head down im gagging on my Master MM’s very thick, big hard cock.MM is fully awake now with very full balls and stiff cock. I wonder what next? Life is never boring when we are together.”‘Come here my little sub”Moving up our faces level, he opens his sexy blue eyes, I melt as he kisses me tongue exploring my mouth whlie one hand squeezes my udder with very hard erect teat.”Does my slut want me to fuck her?”MM knows when horny my nipples get hard. I try to nod my head. Pulling back the covers he nibbles my teats putting a hand beteen my thighs until he finds my soaked and swollen pussy.” You are such a slut getting horny without permission””I am sorry””I see you need disapline again, anyone would think you enjoy being bursa escort punished’Pushing me hard onto my back, sitting on my face. His smooth balls in my mouth.”Lick them slut”I do as i am told licking his great smooth balls. He moves forcing his cock town my throat, gagging with saliva running down my face as he face fucks me hard.”You should know slut that you will be punished.”I cough and splutter as he shoots his cum right into my throat. He turns me over pushing my bum in the air. Rubbing my very wet slutty pussy making his finger wet sliding them up my ass. He fucks my ass hard and fast plus I am still loose but sore from my sub training( another story on here) his cum shooting deep inside me.”Want MM to fuck your pussy”Yes MM please fuck my pussy.””No only good subs get pussy fucked”Its time to get out of bed, we shower together washing eachother. MM pushes me against the wall, fisting my loose pussy.” You are a great sub and whore with large loose holes as a whore.”” Thank you MM, I serve you anything you desire is my desire”We get out of the shower wrapping towels around us. bursa escort bayan Im standing by the bed MM comes over, pushing me onto the bed he opens my legs.” You are the perfect whore those large holes are amazing”He fingers me one finger at a time until his whole hand is inside my pussy. I let out tiny squeals, it hurts but feels so good. Pulling his hand in and out i start to cum.”Thats it my sub show MM how much you like it”My pussy is dripping from my cum, MM looks at my gaping wet pussy.”Stay there i need to get something”MM returns with a camera.”Keep your legs up and spread as wide as possible, pull you pussy lips apart, i need to see how big your pussy hole is” as im told he takes close up pics of my gaing hole. Putting the cameta down he fists me again waiting for my pussy juice which i always give. Lifting my legs over his shoulders he slowly fists my ass. This is painful and i enjoy my ass fisted, its first time MM had been able to fist my ass hole. He finishes fisting my ass.”Turn over and get in doggy position and pull you booty cheeks apart”MM takes more pics. I escort bursa stay in doggy position as he fucks and cums in both holes. More pics are taken.We shower again, good thing its the weekend, yes back in bed fucking, the whole day is fucking day. MM wants me to wear under bust red silk and lace corset and stockings. I am to wear this until bed time, which i do. I am also to open the door if anyone calls. I have been fucked on our doorstep by the post man, in the back of a delivery van and had gang bang with some students who saw the postman fucking me.It is very warm sunny day MM is getting the bbq ready as he has invited people over, some are shocked to see me with all my sexual parts on show, some you know want to touch but others just get on and fuck me.I look around MM is anal fucking a very sexy young female, her large tits bouncing with very erect long puffy nipples. I watch for a while getting horny knowing how good MM is at fucking.We fuck other people but we dont just fuck, we kinky fuck each other. I fuck men and women as i love sex but i only serve one person MM. I love watching him fuck men and women, seeing how he makes them horny often screaming when they cum but favourite part is seeing his cum flow out of thier fuck holes. Licking them and MM clean as a sub does without being asked.BBQ story is on xhamster

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