Stranded on Island


“FUCK ME!! Fuck Me Marcus!” Dam it felt good with him sliding his big cock in me. I propped up on my elbows to watch him slid his black cock in my white pussy. When he was all the way in I lay back and wrapped my legs around his hips as he drove deeply in me. Never in my life would I have though I would be welcoming a black man in me like this. But then I never thought the last 2 months would be like they were. Oh fuck! He is pounding my pussy like I have never had before. “Oh yes, do it like that!” I was lifting my pussy up on each stroke he made. It was then I looked over his shoulder. My eighteen year old son was standing in the doorway with a look on his face like the one I had seen a month ago. He dropped the cover and ran away.

I dropped my legs from around Marcus. “Stop, Stop.”

He drove deep and stopped. “What?”

“Get off, Charlie just saw us.”

“So what, he is a grown man. If we are here much longer I expect he will see a lot more.”

“No stop, get off me. You don’t understand what he has been through this last month.” I couldn’t forget the look on his face when he saw Marcus fucking me. “I have to go talk to him right now.”

He roll off me. “Dam, it was just starting to feel good. Hurry back.”

I was eighteen and pregnant when Mike and I married. He was twenty two and just out of college. He was over six feet tall and the most handsome man I had ever seen. Charlie looks just like him now. He was just getting started in business and I knew that he was going to do quite well in whatever he wanted to do. I was so carried away with him being older than the boys I usually dated that I let him take my virginity on the second date. It was good and just got better the next time we did it. I forgot all about taking precautions and got pregnant. A month later we married.

Mike was always good in bed and I like what he did to me. I never remember turning him down when he wanted to make love. We only stopped when I was in my last month and after Charlie was born. When we started back it was even better than before.

Mike was on the fast track with his company and he like having a pretty wife on his arm. I don’t think I hurt his chances at all. I had been in my share of beauty pageants and knew I looked good. I stood about 5 feet 7 inches and weighed 115 pounds. With blond hair and blue eyes I attracted a lot of attention. I didn’t mind showing a lot of leg or even a quick view down my chest when I thought it might help Mike. He liked my showing off and encouraged it.

It wasn’t long before he was heading up the local office and I quit my job to stay home with Charlie. With his salary we lived in an upscale neighborhood and Charlie went to the best school. Sex was still good for us and for the first ten years we were at it every chance we got. The last few years things had slowed down for us but we stilled loved each other. Mike was just having to work harder as he was steady moving up the companies latter.

Charlie graduated from high school and was going to college this fall. He was built just like his father when I first met him. He had more than his share of girls chasing after him but he was hung up on a cute little blond named Carla. I am pretty sure they were already having sex as they spent too much time alone. Mike never had the father son talk with him and I only told him to be careful. When has telling a eighteen year old boy not to have sex ever worked?

Charlie and I were really close as I was always the one taking him places and to his ball games. When he was little he would curl up in my arms and watch TV until bed time. When I tucked him in bed I always kissed him gently on the lips. As he grew older he still snuggled up close to me and he always kissed me goodnight and good morning as well as each time he came or left home; right on the lips. Even now he kisses me that way. I wouldn’t have it any different.

We had our own back yard pool and the two of us spent a lot of time each summer in it. I have kept my body in good shape all these years. After all, Mike still needs some arm candy from time to time. This last summer Charlie and I spent a lot of time together. I always wear a bikini. I do still like to show off to Charlie’s friends. I know he likes to see his friends look at me, just like his father.

This is where the story really gets started. Mike and I decided to go to one of the resort islands for a couple of weeks. Just the two of us with Charlie staying home. Sex had been really slow for some time now and we thought it might perk us up a little. We were leaving in a couple of weeks and I asked Charlie if he would go shopping with me.

I picked up a few sports outfits I liked and carried them back to the dressing rooms to try them on. Charlie waited outside the door. I would put on one outfit and open the door so he could see them. He would give a thumbs up or down and I would move on to the next one. I liked the look in his eyes when he liked something I had on. I purchased some of them and we went across the mall for a drink. güvenilir bahis

“Thank you for coming with me. It is always better to have a second opinion.”

“No problem Mom, I like watching you try on clothes.”

“Most guys wouldn’t be caught dead shopping with their Mom.”

He winked at me. “Most guys don’t have a sexy Mom like mine.”

I laughed, “You think I’m sexy?”

He just laughed at me, “Well, I’m not sure but I’ll know after our next stop.”

“Next stop?” I have what I came after.”

“Oh no, you haven’t bought a swim suit yet. You can’t go to the islands without a new bikini or two.”

“I have swim suits.”

“Not like the ones you are going to buy today. Today you get the sexy ones for your trip.”

“Just how sexy do you think they are going to be?”

“Come on lets go try them on. I will tell you which ones to buy.”

Like the other store I picked out a couple of suits and carried them to the dressing room. I slipped one on and it was almost like the ones I always wore around home. It was a bikini so it was a little sexy but not like some of the others. I opened the door where Charlie could see me. I turned around and let him see the back. He gave a thumbs down. I tried another and got the same thumbs down. I had one more to try and when I came out he gave it a thumbs down. “What is wrong with these?”

“Not sexy enough. Here try these.” He handed me three more. ” See how these look on you.”

I went back in the dressing room and looked at the ones he handed me. I tried it on and looked in the mirror. No way was I going to wear this on the beach. The top barely covered my breasts and the bottom was so small that I would have to shave to even wear it. Turning around I looked in the mirror and only a thin material covered my ass. NO WAY!

I stuck my head out the door. “No way am I going to wear this on the beach.”

“Let me see,” said Charlie


“O come on, it can’t be that bad. After all you owe me for coming shopping with you today.”

“Anybody else out there?”

He looked around, “No, just me and you.”

I took a deep breath and cracked open the door. “I’m not coming any farther.” I Peeked around to make sure and then stepped in the opening. I saw his eyes grow big and heard him whistle.

“Wow Mom, you look beautiful!” I blushed to hear my son say I was beautiful. I moved to go back inside.”

“Turn around let me see the back.” It was all I could do to turn my back to him. I heard another soft whistle and I quickly shut the door . My face was as red as a beet. The other two were just as bad but it was easier to show him after the first one. All three got a thumbs up from him. I ended up buying all three at his insistence.

As we left the mall he put his arm around me; “You really are the sexist Mom I know. I don’t even know any girls as sexy as you.” I was too turned on to answer. I just gave him a elbow to the ribs. That was the last happy moment we had as we headed home.

When we pulled up in the drive Mike’s car was in the drive way along with Carla’s. “Wonder why Mike is home this early? Were you expecting Carla today?”

“She was going to come over this afternoon. I forgot to call her and tell her I was going with you.”

We gathered out packages and went in the house. No one was down stairs and I looked out the back door and didn’t see them by the pool. “Come on and help me get these to my room and then we will find them.” I found them alright! I pushed the door open and saw them. Mike was fucking her on my bed! For a second I couldn’t get a word out. The little blond had her legs over his shoulders and he was fucking her for all he was worth. They were so involved that they didn’t even hear when I dropped the packages on the floor. I heard Charlie behind me and turned to him. The look on his face I will never forget. He knew his father was fucking his girl friend! I saw him run from the room and head down the stairs. The others had not even slowed up.

Carla had her eyes shut are she would have seen me. Mike had his back to me and I could tell he was about to bring her to a climax in my bed! I don’t much remember what I did next. I was so mad that all I remember is walking to the bed and grabbing Mike by the arm and snatching him off her. Talk about timing; He was just cumin and as he came out of her pussy cum flew everywhere. Carla’s eyes were open and I could see the fear in them. “You little bitch! Get out of my bed and out of my house. If I see you here again you will be one sorry bitch.” I threw her swim suit at her. “Get the fuck out!”

Mike had been so shocked that he was standing next to the bed with his cum juice still dripping from his cock. I started on him. “You sorry bastard! It’s bad enough that you are fucking some whore that is young enough to be your daughter but you just had to fuck Charlie’s girl friend!” I slapped him, twice and he just took it. “Get out. Get your clothes and get out!” I left the room and slammed the door shut.

The türkçe bahis tears started to fall as I went back down stairs. Charlie was gone. I got a glass of water and sat down at the kitchen table. I was numb all over. I never expected something like this from Mike. Like me I knew he had plenty of chances to fuck around but I hadn’t and I assumed he hadn’t either. Now I didn’t know what to think. Had he been doing this all along? Our sex hadn’t been that great lately but I didn’t think he had gone this far.

“Amy.” I heard him call me from the door. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“You were thinking with the wrong head. A pretty young girl that wants to fuck and you just jump right on. Was this the first time?” He didn’t answer and I knew it had happened before. “Just get out, I need time to think and right now all I want to do is cut your balls off.”

He picked up the suitcase. “I’ll be at the Lincoln hotel when you want me.”

“‘Take that little bitch with you!” I threw my glass at the door. It burst all over the kitchen floor as the front door closed behind him. My eighteen years of marriage had just walked out the door.

I went up to the bedroom and stripped off the sheets and threw them in the washer. I then went to the guest room and lay down. It took a while but I finally went to sleep. It was morning when I woke up. I hadn’t heard Charlie come in. I checked and he was in his room. I went down and cooked breakfast before calling him. I walked back up to his room and tapped on the door. He didn’t answer so I pushed the door open and saw him asleep on the bed. I touched his shoulder and he woke. “Breakfast is ready.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You have to eat.”

“Ok, I’ll be down in a minute.”

For the next few days that was about all we did; eat and sleep. Mike called but I told him I wasn’t ready to talk. He didn’t call back. I don’t think I did much more than brush my teeth those three days. It dawned on me that we were suppose to leave the next morning for the resort. For sure I wasn’t about to go with Mike. One look in the mirror and I knew something had to give. My hair wasn’t combed and I still had on the same night gown I had worn since Mike left. This was a lot of bull. I had to get my and Charlie’s life back together.

I went to his room, not bothering to knock I opened his door and he was still in bed “Charlie, get up.”

“Go away.”

“Get up, we have to pack.”

“Pack? Where are we going?”

“The resort, You and I are going to the resort Mike and I were going to.”


“We need to get away from here for a time, and it is already paid for. Get up and get dressed. I am going to call the airline and get your name put on the tickets.”

“I’m not going.”

“Yes you are. I’m not going to waste all that money I paid for those bikinis and not have someone watch me. Now get out of that bed,” I reached down and grabbed the spread and snatched it from him. Woops! I didn’t know he slept nude!

“Mom!” he tried to grab the cover but I kept him from getting it.

“You better be getting dressed,” I backed away still holding the cover. He surprised me when he just got off the bed, walked across the room and got shorts and stood in front of me and pulled them up. I saw the twinkle in his eyes as he looked at me. I walked towards the door and tossed him the cover. “Maybe there two sexy ones in the house.” I winked at him as I left the room.

Twenty four hours later we were at the resort. I had left a note on the kitchen table for mike if he ever missed us. The water was beautiful and the resort was nice but there were a lot of people around. I had hoped to get away from so many people but it looked like everybody was on vacation. The room only had one bed although it was king size. Charlie asked where he was going to sleep. “With me, but you can’t sleep like you do at home.”

Sleeping didn’t cause a problem. The bed was large enough that we weren’t under each other. I think he felt a little uncomfortable when I kissed him good night. For the first time I felt something when my lips touched his.

We were paid up for the week but after three days we were ready to do something else. I am sure if It had been Mike we would have spent a lot more time in the room. I never even put on the sexy bikinis. Charlie didn’t mention it. I knew he was getting bored. “Would you like to do something different?”


“I was thinking about getting a boat and cruise around the islands. Maybe you could fish some and we could get away from this crowd.” He lit up like a light bulb.

“Wouldn’t that be expensive?”

“It’s your fathers money, serves him right.” That was the first time I had mentioned his father.

I asked around and most of the boats were rented. Someone told me about one that was for rent but wasn’t that nicer boat. We went down to the dock to look at it and talk with the owner. It didn’t look that bad to me; not nearly as bad as the owner. Marcus was a huge black man with güvenilir bahis siteleri dread locks that hung down past his shoulders. He was solid black and his face looked like might have been hurt in a fight. His thick lips were even more noticeable because of his perfect white teeth when he smiled. He was dressed in cut off pants that hung low on his hips and a pair of flip flops. There sure wasn’t anything ugly about his body. I have never been around a man built like him.

“How long do you need the boat for?”

I looked at Charlie, “two, three, maybe four days?”

Charlie smiled, “sounds fine with me.”

“Where are you wanting to go?”

“Doesn’t matter as long as we get away from the crowds. I just want to lie out in the sun and Charlie would like to do some fishing.” I swear he gave my body the once over. It made me shiver.

“Be here at dawn tomorrow and we will get gone.”

At dawn we left the pier. The boat wasn’t fancy and it was old but Marcus kept it in good shape. It was cool when we left but the sun was soon up and it got hot quick. I never realized how hot it could get on a boat. Charlie and I went below to change into our swim suits. We had left most of our clothes back at the resort. All I had was shorts and my bikinis. I hesitated putting on the ones Charlie liked. There wasn’t any crowds, and Charlie had already seen me it them, I had already noticed Marcus checking me out. Taking a deep breath I put one of them on. There wasn’t a mirror so I just tugged them in place, thankful I had shaved the necessary parts before I left home.

When I opened the door Charlie was standing there. “Wow Mom, Marcus and I are sure going to like this.” I blushed but I liked the idea that they would like what they saw.

It was for sure that Marcus liked what I had on. He didn’t bother to hide the fact that as his eyes traveled from my naked toes to the top of my head his cock came alive in his shorts. I had never had a man look at me with lust like he had in his eyes. He gave a little whistle under his breath and whispered, ” you are really hot”. He wasn’t talking about the weather.

That first day went just like we wanted. We cruised around with me sunning on deck and Marcus and Charlie fishing and sneaking glancing at me. At least Charlie was sneaking them, Marcus didn’t even try to hide when he looked at me. I didn’t do anything t stop them. The suit hid very little and I never even bothered with a cover up. We were steadily getting farther from the island resort.

The second day started off the same way as the first. After lunch was when it happened. I was asleep on the deck and Marcus and Charlie had the rods out. The boat was on cruise control. We had been passing a lot of small islands all morning but as we were passing one of the larger ones suddenly the boat pitched up and almost stopped before moving ahead again.

Marcus came up yelling.” We hit a reef! Fuck I never knew there was one this near the top of the water.” He hurried below and came right back up. We have to get close to the island, the boat is going down!”

Charlie yelled, “What happened?”

He answered, “we hit a reef and the boat is taking on water. We have to get as close to shore as we can before it sinks. He turned the boat towards the island and gave it all the fuel he could. It wasn’t long before I could feel the boat slowing down and setting lower in the water. Marcus went as fast as he could into a small lagoon before the boat stopped. Water had flooded the engine. Slowly the boat sank. Thankfully it only covered the deck as it sit on the bottom and shifted to its side. We were still a couple hundred feet from the shore but at least we would be able to swim to the beach

Marcus took charge. “We have to get off the boat. it could turn over on its side and we won’t be able to get back onboard. I got on the boat and handed them everything I could reach and they carried it ashore. By the middle of the afternoon we had most of the stuff unloaded. Working like I did I had completely forgot the tiny bikini I had on. Wet it stuck to me so that I had very little hidden from the men. I first noticed it when I saw Marcus staring at me and it wasn’t my face. My nipples were sticking out as if I had nothing on. I glanced down to see Marcus had a huge lump in his shorts. I do mean huge. Well if he could stare then so could I. I was surprised when I turned to Charlie that he was in the same condition. I looked up at him and he gave a thumbs up. I had to smile at that. I don’t guess it matters who the woman is if her tits and cunt are showing a man is going to look, and Charlie is certainly a man where it counts. His package was as large as Marcus.

Marcus had a small tarp on the boat and we made a tent out of it. At least we had a place to sleep tonight. It wasn’t much bigger than the king bed we had been in before but now there were three of us. I had a feeling it was going to be crowded.

When we got it set up I asked the question we had all been afraid to ask. When would someone come looking for us? The news was what I expected. No one knew where we were. We had just cruised around from island to island and of course Marcus didn’t have a radio on the old boat. No one even knew we were leaving. It didn’t look good.

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