Study Buddies Ch. 01


It was already a quarter past 9 and Kevin Clarke was beginning to wonder if Keeley was ever going to come out of her room to study. It’s not that he wasn’t used to his twin sister spending all her spare time in her room; if anything, he wondered what she spent all her time in there doing that kept her so preoccupied. It amused Kevin how much he and his sister would conform to a lot of stereotypes about twins, or siblings in general, if only some of their traits were swapped. Keeley was one of the most popular girls in school and, as much as Kevin hated to admit it, one of the most beautiful. She was 5’1″, with an hourglass figure; a winning, natural, unforced smile; big, brown, saucer-like eyes; long, reddish-brown hair done in pigtails that made her look younger than her 18 years; and 32D breasts that always seemed on the verge of bursting out of her school uniform. She was a cheerleader and was friends with everyone, and while Kevin was probably the only guy at school who didn’t want to sleep with her, recently she spent nearly all her free time cooped up in her room. Kevin, meanwhile, was a lanky, gawky, socially awkward bookworm with only a couple good friends, but even he had managed to land himself a girlfriend, and a very pretty one, too.

The twins were both seniors at Heatherton Academy, one of the most prestigious private schools in the United States. All the students lived in dorms on campus, but Keeley and Kevin shared one of the nicer ones, with a bedroom for each of them, a sizeable living room and kitchen area, and their own bathroom. The few scholarship kids aside, pretty much everyone going to Heatherton had parents who were rich; some were just richer.

Kevin didn’t need to study, but his sister certainly did. Kevin didn’t mind helping her, but he did mind having his time wasted, and he was starting to wonder if she was ever going to come out of her room so they could get to work. Finally Kevin got up from his desk and marched out from his room to Keeley’s. He opened the door and froze in the doorway—right there, before his very eyes, was his own sister, lying naked on her bed, masturbating. She was oblivious to the intrusion, so caught up in what she was doing. Instinctually Kevin started to turn away, but like driving past a car wreck he couldn’t help turning back around and watching. This was better than any car wreck, though. Kevin knew objectively his sister was beautiful, but actually seeing her lying on her back, her knees clenched together in the air and the muscles in her thighs and calves taut as she jammed her big pink vibrator between her naked pussy lips, was something beyond words. Her toes curled and clutched at the sheets beneath her and she squeezed one of her puffy, pierced nipples with her free hand. Keeley’s freckled face grew red and flushed as her breathing grew heavier. Her breathing turned to moans, louder and more erratic, as her wrist flicked the vibrating toy in and out of her slit at an accelerating rate.

For a moment Kevin forgot that the beautiful young girl pleasuring herself before him was his sister and he wanted nothing more than to throw himself on top of her and finish the job. The moment passed quickly as common sense kicked in and Kevin found himself having another great realization: he would never again have a better opportunity to torment his sister than the one laying supine before him at this very moment. He grinned to himself in the doorway, careful not to make a sound and alert his masturbating sister to his presence. He waited patiently, as she mashed her large tits to her chest and fucked herself furiously with the plastic toy, as her moans escalated into a breathy series of “oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH”‘s and right at the moment Keeley brought herself to her crescendo, Kevin burst forward into the room.

“Jesus, Keeley!” he exclaimed in a voice that mimicked shock but was totally calculated. “What are you doing?” Kevin’s intrusion so startled his sister that she shoved the vibrator inside her a little harder and deeper than she’d intended to, and in doing so hit the sweet spot.

“KEVIN!” she ejaculated, her voice an uneasy mixture of horror and ecstasy, and as she pulled the toy out she squirted her juices in an arc so far across the room that Kevin had to step backwards as it splashed at his feet. “GET OUT!” she screamed, but she was so lost in the throes of her volcanic orgasm that she couldn’t stop stabbing herself with her plastic pink prick. With every removal of the vibrator she sprayed another jet of fluid across the room, every replacement of the toy a brief staunching of the unstoppable flow before the next eruption. Kevin watched, hypnotized, as his sister irrigated her bed and floor like a lawn sprinkler; if this was what all Keeley’s orgasms were like, he thought, he no longer wondered why she spent so much time locked up in her room, and why every boy at school was so desperate to fuck her.

“Kevin! Kevin! Kevin,” Keeley exclaimed over and over between sharp intakes of breath. Kevin figured she was trying gaziantep escort to tell him to get out, but her cries sounded a lot like the way one cries their lover’s name during sex. Keeley bit her lower lip and tears stained her cheeks as full-body spasms wracked her petite frame. Kevin stopped counting the minutes that passed before his sister’s pleasure finally subsided; when it did she curled up on her side in the fetal position. Kevin knew he’d gone too far when he heard his sister sobbing into her pillow.

“Keeley?” he asked, worried. She didn’t acknowledge him or even move; she just kept holding herself and crying.

Kevin closed her door behind him and went back to his room. He sat down at his desk and thought about what had just happened. He thought he knew his relationship with his sister well enough to know how to walk up to the line without crossing it. They weren’t shy when it came to talking about sex with one another; Kevin figured she’d be embarrassed by his little stunt, but not traumatized by it. He never wanted that. He loved her too much for that.

An hour passed and Kevin hadn’t heard a single sound or movement from his sister’s room. He got up and walked back to her closed door and knocked gently. Nothing.

“Keeley?” he asked.

“Go away!” he heard her through the door, half-hearted and exhausted from crying.

“Keeley, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care,” she mumbled from inside.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Kevin pleaded. “I just meant it to be a stupid gag—a very, very stupid gag by your stupid, idiot brother.”

No response. If Keeley didn’t affirm that, yes, her brother was a stupid idiot, then Kevin knew he really fucked up.

“I’m coming in,” Kevin announced. When Keeley didn’t respond, Kevin figured it was safe to enter. The lights were off and the room was dim. Kevin stepped inside and felt wetness at his feet—the carpet was damp from the puddle made by his sister’s projectile ejaculations. Kevin tried to step around it but it covered a sizeable portion of the floor. Finally he made wet steps to Keeley’s bedside, where she lay curled up in the same spot as when he left her, only now with the covers pulled tight like a cocoon over her body. Kevin sat down on the edge of her bed at her feet. She still didn’t acknowledge him.

“Keeley, the last thing I’d ever want to do is hurt you,” Kevin began. “We play pranks on each other all the time, and I horribly, horribly misjudged this one. I’m an idiot, but I’m an idiot who loves you. Please don’t hate me. Let’s just forget this ever happened.”

“Right, like you’re going to forget that,” she protested through the sheets she clutched tightly around her body.

“I can try,” Kevin said, and then he just couldn’t help himself by testing the waters. “Admittedly, that might be difficult.” Kevin felt waves of relief rush over him as he felt his sister kick him feebly from under her covers. It was playful—she was going to forgive him. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Shut up,” she croaked. “It’s not fair.”

“What’s not?”

“I just gave you the show of a lifetime, and all I’m gonna get is an apology.”

“What are you saying?” Kevin wasn’t sure he liked where this was going.

“I’m saying it’s your turn,” Keeley replied, dead serious. Kevin still felt so guilty about what he’d done that, under the circumstances, it didn’t seem like such an unreasonable request.

“Okay,” Kevin gulped as he reached for the waistline to his sweatpants to pull them down.

“Jesus!” Keeley exclaimed, kicking him harder through the covers. “I was fucking kidding!”

“Right,” Kevin said, relieved.

“For such an egghead sometimes you can be really dense, you know that?”

“No, but that’s why I have you: to point it out,” Kevin smiled sheepishly. Keeley didn’t respond for some time, like she was processing how she wanted to take things.

“Dork,” Keeley finally smiled in return.


“I can’t.”

“You don’t forgive me that much?”

“I haven’t moved in an hour,” Keeley rolled her eyes. “I’m still naked under here, dumbass.”

“Right.” Kevin got up. “I’ll get your robe.” Kevin walked over to Keeley’s dresser and pulled open one of her drawers. He received his second huge shock of the night, as the drawer he opened was filled with at least a couple dozen vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys of every shape and size imaginable. Some of them he didn’t even know what they’d be used for.

“God!” Keeley snarled petulantly, sitting up but keeping the covers wrapped tightly around her. “Can you make this situation any worse than it already is?”

“Sorry,” Kevin apologized as he slammed the forbidden drawer shut.

“Robes are in the closet, moron,” Keeley pointed. Kevin quickly made his way there and pulled Keeley’s robe from its hanger. It was pink and made of a silky, heart-covered print; Kevin couldn’t help but find it adorable how much his sister could be such a wicked smartass but still liked really adıyaman escort girly things.

“Toss it,” Keeley ordered. “And don’t turn around!” she hastened to add. Kevin tossed the robe behind him and waited for Keeley’s instruction that the coast was clear.

“Okay,” she said. Kevin came back and sat on the edge of the bed next to his sister, now clad in the little pink robe. Even with the robe tied snugly around her Keeley’s breasts still struggled to spill out, and if she stood up the bottom hemline probably wouldn’t extend past her knuckles. The robe was wasted on Keeley’s not seeing any boys, Kevin thought; all her toys certainly couldn’t appreciate how good it looked on her.

“Probably a stupid question,” Kevin began, “but I don’t suppose you want to study now?”

“It’s like 11 o’clock,” Keeley snorted. “And let’s be honest, I’m not exactly the best study partner under the best of circumstances.”

“Like when I haven’t been a colossal douchebag?”

“Exactly,” Keeley laughed and rocked to the side, lightly bumping her shoulder into Kevin’s, their familiar sibling camaraderie slowly reasserting itself. “I think I’m just gonna have to accept that I’m gonna fail this one.”

“Nonsense,” Kevin protested. “I know it’s late, but we can get you prepared for this test. It’s not hard.”

“It’s not hard for you because you’re the smart one. I’m the fun one,” Keeley exclaimed with exaggerated perkiness, “which doesn’t exactly help you pass tests.”

“Studying isn’t just about knowing the material,” Kevin replied, prompting a skeptical look from his sister. “I’m serious. A lot of studying is just knowing tricks.”

“What kind of tricks?” Keeley asked.

“Like, memory tricks,” Kevin explained. “You don’t necessarily need to have every single piece of information memorized at once; what you need is something to trigger your memories of what you studied when you need to know the information.” Keeley stared at her brother blankly. “For example, maybe you can’t memorize the Declaration of Independence. But if you study it while listening to a certain piece of music, and later you hear that piece of music, it triggers your memory of the text.”

“We can’t listen to music while we’re taking the test, stupid,” Keeley scoffed.

“I realize that,” Kevin said. “It was just an example. What I’m saying is we need to find something that we can use in class to trigger your memories of what we’re going to study tonight.” And then it hit Kevin: it was a “Eureka!” moment worthy of the invention of the word “eureka.” His sister would hate it—and, he couldn’t lie, that made Kevin like the idea even more—but it was just crazy enough he thought it might work.

“What?” Keeley asked.

“What?” Kevin replied.

“You have that look,” Keeley explained. “Like you have an idea, and you know I’ll hate it, and that makes you even more excited about it.” The twins understood each other very well.

“We need something that you can take into class with you,” Kevin got up from the bed and paced in front of his sister, invigorated by his ingenuity. “It can’t be your phone or ear buds or something visible that Ms. Blank wouldn’t allow you to have in class. It has to be something discreet, something unseen, and since I’m in your class and will be taking the test with you, something I can use to feed you the answers, without audio or visual clues.”

“What would that possibly be?” Keeley asked. She had no idea where her brother was going with this.

“What I’m saying is,” Kevin walked over to Keeley’s dresser and opened the drawer full of toys, “do any of these work on remote control?”

“You are fucking kidding me!” Keeley exclaimed. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I thought you were sorry!”

“I am sorry!” Kevin rushed and sat back down next to his sister, who refused to look at him again. “I feel terrible about what I did, but it’s happened now, and we can’t pretend it didn’t.”

“You said you were going to,” Keeley pouted.

“Yeah, like that’s possible,” Kevin stated bluntly. Keeley shot him a glare that could melt steel. “Just hear me out. The test is gonna be multiple choice, right? A, B, C, D. That’s only four cues you need to remember.” The fact that Keeley was still listening and hadn’t slapped him yet bolstered Kevin’s confidence enough that he got back up and returned to her secret drawer. He fished around and found a tiny remote control the size of an iPod Nano, and with a similar click wheel. “I’m taking the test. I’m on the first question, and the answer is A. I press the button,” Kevin pressed the click wheel on the remote and listened for the rattling sound in the drawer. Kevin fished around, to Keeley’s chagrin, through her treasure trove of sex toys until he found the vibrating culprit. He pulled out a pair of large eggs connected at the ends by a strong cord. Kevin looked at it perplexedly for a second. “Should I ask?”

“It’s got two…” Keeley started, flustered, akkent escort then angry. “You do the math!”

“Oh!” Kevin finally realized. “So you can put one in each— “Kevin stopped as Keeley’s eyes grew wider than he’d previously thought possible. “Okay, so that’s good!” Kevin continued. “Are they controlled separately?” Kevin pressed the different sides of the click wheel until he figured out how to get one egg, or the other, or both vibrating. If Kevin had looked at his sister at that moment he’d have seen the look of somebody who wanted to murder him.

“Okay,” Kevin went on, “so as I was saying, I’m taking the test. I’m on the first question, and the answer is A. I press the first button,” Kevin presses it and one of the eggs starts vibrating, “and you know that that setting, in that location, means A. Easy peasy. You will ace this test, I promise.”

“What am I, Pavlov’s bitch?” Keeley remembered that part from class.

“I think you mean Pavlov’s dog,” Kevin corrected. “And that’s not really the same; Pavlov trained his dog via conditioned responses learned over a period of time, whereas I’ll straight up be telling you the answers.”

“Whatever. There is no way in hell I am wearing those to class!” Keeley protested.

“Well, as I see it, you have three options. Either we do this, or you fail, or we actually study.”

“I fucking hate you.”

“So that’s a yes on this, right?”

Keeley flipped her brother the finger.

“Okay, good. Now we just need to do a dry run,” Kevin replied.

“What?” Keeley exclaimed.

“Right, probably not a ‘dry’ run, considering,” Kevin couldn’t help himself. Keeley tossed a pillow at his head. Kevin laughed even as he failed to duck in time. “Seriously, though, we need to try this out. You need to get used which settings equal which answers, and I need to learn which buttons to push,” Kevin snickered. “I need…” he continued.

“No,” Keeley was stone-faced.

“…to know…”


“…how to press your buttons,” Kevin was dying laughing. Keeley chucked another pillow at his head. Kevin responded by tossing the pair of eggs to her, which she caught.

“I hate you so much,” Keeley insisted.

“No you don’t,” Kevin laughed. “Just put them in. I’ll turn around.” Kevin turned as promised, though he couldn’t help but notice the hint of Keeley’s reflection in the window. It wasn’t enough to garner any detail, but he could tell she had opened up her legs and was inserting the first egg under the hem of her robe.

“Lube,” Keeley finally said, quietly.

“Hmm?” Kevin still didn’t turn around.

“Lube, in the drawer,” Keeley was matter-of-fact. “I can’t just jam the second one in there!”

Kevin fished through the drawer and found a squeeze tube of clear lubricant. He tossed it over his shoulder and in the window he saw Keeley’s reflection catch it. He watched her figure crawl up onto her knees on the bed and work to insert the second egg in behind her.

“This is stupid,” Keeley said as she massaged the second egg against her tight rear passage. “I can’t do this between classes.”

“So just wear them to school,” Kevin replied.

“The test is last period,” Keeley protested.

“I guess you’ll just have to keep them in all day,” Kevin grinned.

“But what if I have to,” Keeley sighed, and since Kevin couldn’t see her he couldn’t tell if it was a sign of annoyance or a sign that the egg was working its way in, “you know?”

“I don’t know. Don’t eat or drink anything all day.”

“How many times can I say I hate you in one night?”

“If there’s a limit I’m sure you’ll find it,” Kevin said confidently.

“Turn around,” Keeley finally instructed. Kevin did as he was told. Keeley sat on the edge of the bed. She shifted awkwardly from cheek to cheek, trying and failing to get comfortable, but apart from her fidgeting Kevin couldn’t see anything different about her.

“See? You look almost normal.”

“Can we just get this over with?”

“Sure.” Kevin pressed the button.

“OH!” Keeley’s moan was instant and guttural, deeper than anything Kevin could remember coming out of his sister. She shook and leaned forward, placing her elbows on her knees as she squeezed her legs together, trying to keep still.

“Okay, well, you’re going to have to work on that,” Kevin said.

“You stick one of these up your ass and see how easy you keep it together!” Keeley shot back.

“So?” Kevin fished, “that was your ass, then?”

“Ugh!” Keeley shuddered, and again Kevin wasn’t sure if it was annoyance, stimulation, or both. “Yes,” she finally spoke in clipped, controlled bursts, so as not to betray the sensations coursing through her. “The right side of the wheel controls the front; the left side of the wheel controls the back. You hit the left side.”

“Okay, so we’ll say that’s A,” Kevin answered helpfully. “A for ass. See, it’s a mnemonic device too. That’s another helpful thing for studying—”

“Will you just get on with it MMMMM!” Keeley managed to shout and whimper simultaneously.

“Okay, how do I reset it?” Kevin asked.

“Mmmm, center,” Keeley managed. Kevin hit the center button and Keeley’s rigid frame loosened as she no longer had to fight against the vibrating egg buried deep in her anal passage.

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