summer job at the camp


summer job at the campMy mom and dad wanted me to work during summer after I turned 18So i got a job up north at a camp, my job was easy, all I did was supervised boring k**s game and make sure they stay in the designed area until the monitor came back or sometime doing the referee , disputing a goal or a penalty shot.evry night i would wait for my bus and make a 50 min ride before getting home, then every morning mom would drop me back or sometime id take the bus againhis name was Josephhe had a nephew of 13 he drop and pick up evrydayafter someweek of the camp start he saw me at the bus stop one morning and thats how i endup getting lift by himhe was a cool black dad working up north and giving lift to his nephew, so he didnt mind driving me toothe young boy was cool and had many friends at the campbut one day hegot into a dispute , i help himout of the fight with 2 other boyi endup taking care of him like that a couple of timeshis uncle always thanking me on the way home as the story of what happens unfoldhis nephew was only there for a month and the first day he wasnt i was surprised to see Joseph still driving by the bus stop to pick me up”hey boy ready to go””yeah sure, but hes done coming to the camp , you still gonna give me liftts? ””of course boy , lets go”droping me off to my job telling me hell pick me up at 8for the next weeks i got friend with this older cool black guyhe was divorced , never had k**s but was happy to help his sister with hersit was on july 10thwe were on the dirt road near the camp going homei dont know why i opened the glove box to put some papers that was on my seats but i saw the box of juicy cherry condom and the pictures of a girls sucking on the box ”oh sorry boy , i forgot bornova escort about those””ahah its ok , i never seen this, its flovoured condom?””yes, i kinda like being sucked on like my cock is a candy””ahaahah wow nice””yeah its nice ”and it stayed like thisuntil we got home and Joseph ask me if i wanted a condom to tryi took one laughting okay before going to my place2 hours later i was off to bed getting the pouch outit was so big i coudnt fit my cock ini started to wonder if Joseph cock was that big the condom not staying on my cockthe cherry flavour filling the airmy mind no thinking clearly as i go in my drawertaking a cock skaped bottle and got the condom on iton my bed mouth around the bottle slurping on the tasty cherry condomon all 4 head bobbling down having fun feeling it sliding in my mouthstarting to think of what he said about getting suck like a candy, closing my eyes picturing him with a big cock waiting to be suckedjust sucking away thinking of his big cock, wondering if he fills the condom like my bottlefalling asleep dreaming of a hot big cock to sucki knew something was going on when he picked me up the next nighti could smell it, the cherry flavor smell of the cherry condomi joke about his box smelling cherry even with the glove box closed, but when i opened it the box was gone”I got it away , sorry boy you wanted more?””ahah no it just smeels cherry in here””i cant smell , sorry””its ok, its smell like the condom thats all””oh so you tried it ahah , its nice , did you like it” replying yes a bit shy, saying i just opened it , thats all”dont be shy, did you taste it””i did but just because it smelled alot like a candy””well thats what its said on escort bornova the box””just like a candy””i love to get my big cock in those””i really make me feels like a candy ”it smells alot , I look at him as he drive, to his crotch not thinking straightseeing that bulging thing i didnt notice beforethe tension was building up as he repeated his big black cock love to get suck on like a candy not saying a word trying to look infront but my eyes coudntit smelled of cherry cock way too much for not to be what i tought it wason the small dirt road reaching over to his pants grabbing the bulge as i look up at him”oh did you found something boy”[;aying the game along, leaving me to unzip his pants looking at him nervouslythe cherry scent so present as i reach inside feeling the rubbery big cock ”oh you found the candy boy! good boy!”laughting legs spread his bbc out in the cherry condommouth open help on his cock leaving me do suck on it all, lick it, having fun taking it in my mouth sucking on the candy ”thats it, suck the candy boy, your good yeah like this ”sucking and moaning around his cock, happily sucking my first cock ever and really felt good mouth open around himmaking him call me sweat names turning me into his cock sucker it was so big and hard it made me want to keep sucking on it like a candyhe was so right about itdriving in the dark , my head bobbling on him and loving thishe stopped in the park and help me on the back seati tought i was going to suck more but he made me bend on the seat knees on the car floorand teased me with his cocknot seeing him hold the condom and piercing it his big black muhsroom head bare on my pink hole making me relax more and more , spitting bornova escort bayan on my ass and rubbing my little hole openuntil i felt the head pop inand out moaning of surprise and pleasurein again and outin and outonly to feel him twich and tell me its my faultbusting in my asslooking back wondering why i feel it weting me open , why did it felt like he cum in mejust just be able to moan at the sight of him taking my ass good, making me bounce back on him ”yes , thats what i wanted, take it boy, let me inside that cute ass”doggy taking the cock , bouncing on the seat face hiting the back restswinging me back face hitting the seat beackloosing control of my body for his pleasurehis fat cock sliding in and out of me making a wet fuck noise full of cum, kept fuck in a pool of it, lubed up open being fuck by josepg after all this time, listening to him tells me he wanted to be in my ass for so longmaking love to me , making sure i love his cock in memaking sure i will now crave his cock slapping my tight ass repeating its is cute fuck hole nowmaking me go crazy listening to him saying this ass belong to himknowing too well he his right, bend over moaning and taking the cock”damn boy , im gonna fuck you so good now””deep in that pretty white boy pussy , just like that””yeah moan , stay down and moan taking my cock ””oh fuck i love this small ass on my cock”grunting and cumming again making me feel it fill me morethe condom not being filled at all, i was i knew it and just kept moaning feeling it join the first cum loadmaking me feel full of itas he got outdriiping down in my boxer he pulled up quick”damn your a good boy , lets get you home now”he kept talking about his load dripping in my boxerasking me if i feel good asking me if i can feel all of it as he rub on my head between his legs , mouth open cleaning up his bbc , the condom all at the base broken , his bare cock in my mouth feeling way better without the rubber fucked into liking this and his hot big juicy black candy cock

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