Surrogate Husband Ch. 02


Bobby’s brain reeled with thoughts of his father and his grandmother together; doing it! Grandma Lilly had alluded to this same fact not too long ago, but he’d given it no mind. Could it be possible that this family was a lot closer than “normal” folks would have imagined. That thought stayed with him even as he began to fall asleep. And, it was still on his mind when he woke up several hours later.

Bobby yawned and turned his head to the right. Grandma Lilly wasn’t there. He lay in bed, blinking and trying to convince himself that he hadn’t dreamed the whole thing up. He bolted upright when he heard his grandmother scream and, a split second later he heard a loud thud.

Bobby jumped out of bed, his dick still sticking out of his pajamas and ran into the living room. Grandma Lilly was lying prostrate, her left hand clutching the phone and her right hand pounding the carpet, whimpering. Large tears were leaking from both eyes.

“Grandma Lilly!” Bobby cried as he knelt beside her. “What happened?”

Grandma Lilly continued to cry as she offered him the phone. Bobby took it from her and held it up to his ear. “Hel. . .hello,” he said tentatively.

“Bobby?” he heard his mother say.

“What’s going on?” Bobby asked his mother. “I heard Grandma Lilly screaming, came into the living room and found her lying on the floor, crying.”

“Bobby?” his mother sniffled.

To say Bobby was concerned would be an understatement. His grandmother was now pounding her chest and wailing inconsolably and his mother sounded like she was going to join her at any time.

“What’s happening, Mother?” he asked.

“It’s your father,” said the quivering voice on the other end of the line.

Bobby waited for his mother to continue but, all he heard was the sound of her heavy breathing and her muted crying. He was about to speak when she haltingly said, “He. . .he’s g. . .g. . .gone.”

“Gone? Where?”

What his mother told him next hit him like a ton of bricks. His stomach knotted and his knees grew weak.

“He passed away last night. Died in his sleep.”

“But, he was so healthy!” Bobby exclaimed.

“Apparently not,” his mother said. “The medical examiner said they won’t know what really happened until they do an autopsy.”

“You gonna be alright?” Bobby asked. “I can come keep you company if you’d like.”

“I’d like that, son,” she said. “But, Grandma Lilly is going to need you also. Besides, it’s more than an hour’s drive to get to where I am.”

“Damn that,” he said. “If you need me, no amount of distance would keep me from getting to you. You know that.”

“You’re such a sweet son,” his mother said quietly. “And I would like to stay here for another day or two until they finish with the autopsy and release the body.” She paused, took a deep breath and, with some difficulty, temporarily managed to stifle her urge to burst into tears as she added, “I want to be alone with your father one last time before they cover him up for good.”

“How ’bout I call your friend, Donna?” he suggested. “I could get her to stay with Grandma Lilly and then I could come be with you.”

Louise Chandler’s next breath was sharp and shallow. She expelled that same air as slowly as possible. Without realizing it, her crying and sniffling had ceased. It made her feel a bit better knowing her son cared enough to want to be with her in her hour of need.

“Okay, Bobby,” she told him. “You’ll find Donna’s number on my computer. Just click on the icon with her name on it.”

“Where are you staying?” he asked.

“Motel 6 on Butler,” she said. “Room sixteen.”

“I’ll be there just as soon as I can, mom.”

“Thanks, son.”

Son and mother exchanged “I love you’s” and hung up the phone.

Bobby helped his grandmother to a standing position and then led her over to the sofa and held on to her until she was seated. He turned towards the hallway.

“Don’t leave me,” Grandma Lilly pleaded. “I need you to hold me.”

As much as Bobby would have liked to comply with his grandmother’s request, he knew he couldn’t; not at the moment, anyway. He turned back around. “I’ve got to find Mom’s friend’s number and see if she will come and stay with you for a while,” he told her. “Mom asked me to come be with her until she gets things sorted out.” Bobby could see the disappointment in Grandma Lilly’s face.

“Don’t leave me here,” Bobby’s grandmother cried out. “Take me with you. He was my son, you know.”

Bobby just couldn’t ignore the look on his grandmother’s face and the desperate, pleading tone of her voice. A hesitant smile crossed his face as he moved to hold her in his arms. “I know, Grandma Lilly. Of course you can go. I just wasn’t thinking.”

They hurriedly packed a few changes of clothes in a small suitcase and was on their way out the door when Grandma Lilly stopped suddenly. “Louise,” she said. “She’ll probably be grateful if we brought some fresh clothes for her also.” She went back inside. Several minutes later, she and Bobby were bayan escort on their way to Prairie Town.

“You think Mom will suspect anything?” Bobby asked after they had entered the freeway.

“Suspect what?” Grandma Lilly questioned. Then, as if she’d had a light bulb moment, she sucked in a breath, held it for a second and expelled it very slowly.

“Oh, that!” she giggled. “No, I doubt it.”

Quietness reigned supreme for the next few miles. Then, Bobby, his mind in a turmoil over whether or not he should mention hearing his mother and grandmother talking the other day, decided to go ahead and say something about it.

“Ever been fucked in the ass?” he asked.

The question caught his grandmother off guard and, for a moment, sat stunned, unable to speak. Finally she found her voice. “No,” was her simple reply.

“Ever given any serious thought to getting your anal cherry broken?”

“Bobby!” his grandmother chided. “Where did that idea come from?”

“The other day,” Bobby began. “I heard you and mom talking.”

“What did you hear?” asked his grandmother.

“Let me see. . .,” Bobby teased. “You both know how big my cock is. You said you were so horny you could fuck a snake. Oh, and let’s not forget the part about Mother confessing that she and Donna had been loving on each other.”

Grandma Lilly laughed. “You little shit!” she said as she punched him hard, but playfully, on his arm.

“Well?” Bobby said. “Have you?”

“Not really,” Grandma Lilly said.

Bobby looked at his grandmother and raised one eyebrow before turning his attention back to his driving.

Grandma Lilly laughed nervously. “I know where you’re going with this,” she told him. “I might be willing to try it but, as big as you are, you’d probably split me wide open.”

“I’m not that big,” Bobby replied.

“Maybe,” she said. “And maybe not. Either way, you’re a whole lot bigger than what I’m used to.”

“Even bigger than Dad?”

“How did. . .?”

“You’ve let it slip about Dad a couple of times, Grandma Lilly.”

Grandma Lilly smiled inwardly, her insides suddenly warm with the memories of the sexual encounters she’d had with her son.

Like with Bobby, it’d started soon after Hank turned eighteen. It lasted up until Hank had married. In fact, they’d made love the night before the wedding, both of them weeping at the realization that it was over between them.

It had not been a mutual decision. In fact, Hank wanted their illicit, incestuous affair to continue but it had been her who said, “No.”

“You’ve got a new life ahead of you,” Lilly had told her son. “No need complicating it any more than necessary.”

More than twenty years had passed since their last encounter. She smiled as she thought of the times she’d nearly given in to her self-imposed sexual exile from her son. Every time the family had a get together, Hank would find a way to be alone with her.

“Insistent little shit,” she said to herself as she recalled each and every time her Hank had felt her up, every time he’d stuck his hand down her pants or skirt to rub her sensitive little button of desire or had fondled her breasts and every time he’d kissed her and tried to ram his tongue inside her mouth as far as it would go.

“Yes, I guess I did,” she said, realizing that she was getting wetter by the second. Now that Bobby had given her what she’d been missing for so long, how could she bear to do without him while they were cooped up with his mother in that motel room?

“I’ll die,” she said to herself. “If I can’t suck and fuck that wonderful cock of his, I’ll surely die.”

“We’re almost there,” Bobby announced absentmindedly after he exited the freeway and had made a left turn towards town. An hour and twenty minutes had passed from the time they’d left the house and were knocking on the door to his mother’s motel room, suitcases in hand.

Louise Chandler, after making sure it was her son on the other side of the door, was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door and saw not only Bobby, but Grandma Lilly standing beside him.

“Lillian,” she said, sadness reigning supreme in her voice as she gave her mother-in-law a hug. “I didn’t know how you would hold up to all of this so, I told Bobby to get Donna to come stay with you.

Grandma Lilly returned the hug. “I appreciate your concern, Louise,” she said. “But, I wouldn’t have managed too well without either of you around me.”

Louise ushered her son and mother-in-law inside and closed the door. “I apologize for the lack of room and that there only being the one bed,” she told them. “When I found out Bobby was going to drive up here, I tried to change rooms, but they didn’t have any available with two beds. In fact, they didn’t even have a vacant room at all. Some kind of convention in town”

“How about one of them roll-a-beds?” Grandma Lilly asked.

Louise shook her head. “Nope. They gave out their last one around noon today.”

Bobby bayan escort gaziantep placed the bags on the bed and put his arm around his mother’s waist. “We’ll manage, Mom. We always do.”

Grandma Louise nodded in the direction of the bags. “We brought you a couple of changes of clothes. Didn’t know how long we’d be here. And I figured you wouldn’t want to be running around all day feeling grubby. Your things are in that red one.”

“Thanks,” Louise told her. She pulled away from Bobby’s embrace and opened the suitcase. “I’m feeling that way already. Especially my und. . .” She paused, thinking that Bobby didn’t need to know that much information.

Grandma Lilly quickly picked up the slack. “I made sure I grabbed a couple pairs of panties and a couple of bras,” she said as she smiled and winked at Bobby.

Louise Chandler sorted through the clothes, settling on a pair of light gray pants, a matching blouse and laid them across her right arm and continued foraging for some underwear. With her outer garments over one arm and a plain white cotton bra and matching panties hanging from the other hand, she went into the bathroom. “I’ll be awhile,” she said. “Just make yourselves comfortable.”

As soon as the door was closed, Bobby and his grandmother were engaged in a long, sensuous, tongue swapping kiss. “I didn’t think we’d ever be able to do that again,” Grandma Lilly said breathlessly.

“Me, neither,” Bobby said as he pulled his grandmother down onto the bed. He’d already pushed his hand up under her blouse and had filled it with her bra covered tit. He lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers.

Grandma Lilly allowed him this bit of liberty for just a few seconds before backing away and sitting on the edge of the bed. She took a couple of deep breaths before she spoke.

“Remember, Bobby,” she said as she lovingly caressed his cheek and then adjusted her clothes. “Your mother’s in the bathroom. “We don’t want her catching us doing anything.”

“Maybe she’d like to join in,” Bobby said wryly.

Grandma Lilly punched Bobby lightly on his shoulder. “You really are a pervert, aren’t you?”

“Grade A, number one pervert first class,” he replied. “Grade A, number one.”

Bobby lay back on the bed and closed his eyes while his grandmother stood, moved over to the desk and sat down in the only chair the room had to offer. He opened his eyes when he heard the bathroom door opening. When his mother entered the room, he sat up and reached for the telephone.

“Anyone for pizza?” he asked.

Grandma Lilly said, “Sure, why not?”

Louise Chandler grabbed her hair brush and began running it through her hair. “Not tonight,” she pleaded. “I’ve been cooped up for I don’t know how long waiting for answers. I feel like a proper ‘sit down’ meal.”

“Fine with me,” Bobby told her. “Where do you want to go?”

Louise finished brushing her hair and placed the brush back down on the bedside stand. “Nothing fancy,” she said. “Maybe Denny’s or IHOP. What about you, Lillian?”

“Fine with me,” Grandma Lilly said. “I’m tired and I’m hungry. If I don’t get to sleep soon, I think I’ll just pass out from exhaustion.”

“I’ll drive,” Bobby told them.

“Let’s go, then,” Grandma Lilly said.

Denny’s was the first halfway decent looking place to eat they’d come to. Bobby pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. They all exited their vehicle and went inside. An hour and some later and they were on their way back to the motel.

Back inside, Grandma Lilly yawned and stretched. “Think I’m gonna lay down for a while,” she said.

“Don’t sleep too long,” Louise told her. “You might not be able to sleep later on tonight.”

“I’ll worry about that later, Louise,” Bobby’s grandmother said as she moved the suitcases to the floor. She then lay down in the middle of the bed and was soon fast asleep.

Bobby and his mother talked with each other until almost six thirty PM, neither one of them able to express to the other what was really on their minds.

Throughout their conversation, Louise Chandler’s mind kept flashing back to the other morning when she had seen her son’s cock in all its glory while Bobby’s over active imagination was nearly getting the best of him. Ever since the other morning when his mother had seen his hard piece of man meat, he’d been wondering what she looked like naked.

Grandma Lilly was just waking up when the conversation turned to food. This time they all agreed on pizza. By eight PM they’d finished eating and Lillian Chandler was announcing her desire to get some more sleep.

Each of them took turns going to the bathroom to change and to get ready for bed. Bobby was last. When he left the bathroom, clad in his pajamas as usual, his mother and grandmother were laying side by side, covers already pulled up to their necks. His mother was in the middle of reproofing his grandmother for her choice of sleep wear.

Bobby’s gaze gaziantep escort turned first turned to his grandmother who was wearing a red, nearly completely transparent babydoll outfit with matching thong and then to his mother. She had borrowed one of Bobby’s t-shirts. Being that she was a bit shorter than her son and that Bobby liked loose fitting, oversized t-shirts, her legs were covered almost to her knees.

Bobby lay down on the floor on his grandmother’s side of the bed.

“What are you doing down there?” Grandma Lilly asked.

“Didn’t want to bother you and Mom,” he said.

“Nonsense,” his grandmother said. “We’ve got plenty of room.”

“It might be better is he slept on the floor,” Louise said. “It just wouldn’t look right for him to be sleeping with us.”

“Who’s gonna know but us?” Grandma Lilly asked her daughter-in-law.

“Still. . .” Louise began.

“Still, my ass,” Grandma Lilly interrupted. “You want him to catch his death of cold?” She lifted the covers.

“Get on up here next to Grandma Lilly,” she told him.

Bobby hesitated, but finally decided to join her. Inside, he was a bundle of nerves and his boner was quickly approaching the diamond cutting stage. He omitted a few insincere objections for his mother’s sake and slid under the covers next to his grandmother hoping like hell that his mother wouldn’t notice his hard on.

Louise Chandler did, however, notice the bulge in his pajamas and was instantly jealous that he wasn’t lying next to her instead. She reached for the wall switch next to her and turned off the light, suddenly immersing the room into almost total darkness. All three of them fell into a deep sleep.

Somewhere in the night, Bobby was awakened by his grandmother’s fingers snaking through the fly of his pajamas. She quickly took hold of his burgeoning appendage and pulled it out of his pajamas. It was then that he realized that they were all but spooning!

Lillian Chandler lifted her leg slightly and placed his cock lengthways across her very wet pussy covered thong. Then she lowered it, trapping his dick against that thin piece of cloth. Bobby reached his hand over her upper body, cupped a soft, but firm tit, and began to roll her ever hardening nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he slowly sawed his happy pecker in and out of the gap between her legs.

Before long, Grandma Lilly once again lifted her leg and pulled the sex dampened cloth to the side and repositioned herself to where Bobby’s cock head was knocking at the door of her sex. The outer lips that guarded the ever widening opening offered little resistance as Bobby felt his foreskin being pushed back past the crown.

The hot warmth of his grandmother’s vagina enveloped Bobby’s cock head as he endeavored to push it even further inside. Millimeter by millimeter, his cock was exposed to the heat of her yielding womanhood until he found himself buried to the hilt inside Grandma Lilly’s experienced pussy.

Finally bottoming out, her hips mashed against his pelvis, Bobby lay unmoving until his massive tool settled down enough that the urge to cum was temporarily abated. Then he pulled back until his helmet shaped head was the only part of his sex still inside her, paused and slowly pushed forward until he could push no further.

Lillian Chandler, her body filled with the kind of desire that only comes from the knowledge that it was her and her grandson, her own flesh and blood, who were engaged in this most unholy, incestuous act, began to match him stroke for stroke, pushing when he pushed and pulling back when he pulled back.

Soon, they both were panting, both trying to be quiet so as not to disturb Bobby’s mother, but their passion was not to be denied.

Bobby drew back, paused for a second, and forcefully jammed the entire length of his sexual lance into his grandmother. Unable to contain themselves, they both grunted loudly. Again and again, they shoved themselves against each other, no longer able to quietly enjoy their coupling, neither one of them giving a damn about disturbing Bobby’s mother.

Nor were they aware that Louise Chandler had been awake for some time now and that she was laying there listening, feeling the bed bouncing with the force of their exertions. She soon pushed her hand under the t-shirt and began caressing her blood engorged clit, unconsciously timing her movements with theirs.

Louise’s fingers didn’t seem to be satisfying her as quickly as she thought they should. She knew that somehow, she had to be part of the good times her two bed partners were sharing. She turned to face her mother-in-law and kissed her fully on the mouth.

Grandma Lilly’s lips parted at the insistence of Louise’s invading tongue, sucking it deep into her mouth, her own tongue quickly becoming entangled with her daughter-in-law’s.

Lillian Chandler could feel Bobby’s cock expanding and knew it wouldn’t be long before he was once again depositing his thick sticky sauce inside her welcoming chasm. She disengaged herself from Louise’s soulful kiss and stopped humping herself along Bobby’s thick member.

“Pull out, Bobby!” she urged. “Pull out!”

Bobby, not understanding her reasoning, continued his long, forceful strokes in and out of his grandmother’s vaginal cavity until she pulled away from him. His dick exited with a very audible plop.

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