Suzie’s Son-Swapping Sex Club 02

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This is actually chapter 2 of SUZIE’S SON-SWAPPING SEX CLUB, but I had to retitle it because Literotica rejected it the first time I sent it in and there is no way to delete something you’ve sent them—even though it wasn’t published to their site. They had rejected it because I did not mention the age of the son—even though it was the same son as in chapter one which was published!!


Mom and I began to have sex almost everyday after that fateful first time, and we became real close to each other. I confessed to her how many times I’d masturbated over her, thinking about her sexy body, and all the wet dreams I’d had. And she confessed to me most of her own fantasies.

We started looking at porn together, which I thought was real neat. Instead of having to sneak to do it when mom wasn’t around I could be open about it and about what I liked to look at. I was really surprised to learn that Mom got just as turned on as I did from looking at sexy girls, and we’d sometimes masturbate each other while looking at lesbian porn.

But mom also loved looking at cocks too, so one of our favorite activities (I loved this as much as she did) was where she would dress up in heels, hose, mini-skirt, and white panties (with nothing on up top) and when she’d sit down at the computer I’d get down on the floor completely naked kneeling between her legs as she sat at the computer. And then as she looked at cocks and played with her tits I would stick my face up her skirt and munch on her panties.

And, oh, the luxurious feel of her nylon-enshrouded legs and the creamy, naked upper part of her thighs squeezed tight against my cheeks was pure heaven—not to mention the heat coming from her crotch. Feeling, smelling, and tasting how hot mom was getting from the porn and my loving mouth made me so incredibly hard. As she got more and more excited she’d let her high heels drop off her feet, and start rubbing her nylon-encased feet on my ass which was sheer heaven (no pun intended) for me. My cock throbbed so hard it hurt.

Then, of course, after I gave mom a couple of cums in her panties that way, she’d return the favor getting down on her knees between my legs to tease my cock with her tongue and lips, kissing, licking, and sucking on it while I looked at sexy girls and women.

We also did a lot of role playing. Sometimes we’d do reverse age play. One of her favorite games was to dress up like a little girl in a school girl’s outfit with her hair in pig tails and call me daddy while I called her Suzie. She’d act real naughty and I’d have to turn her over my knee and spank her, and then make her suck her “daddy” off while I diddled her pussy.

Mom’s own birthday was coming up real soon, and I thought that since she had done something so special for me on my birthday, and how our sexual paradise together had started güvenilir bahis with her giving me that weight set for my birthday, I figured that I needed to do something real nice for her—something that would add to her sexual pleasure, something that I knew that would fulfill one of her biggest fantasies.

I had these two friends at school. We were all three on the track team, and all we ever talked about before, during, and after track, was sex. Usually it was about certain girls at school that we thought were real sexy. But this one day just after track practice, the conversation turned to our moms. Jimmy and Timmy were 18 year old twin brothers and they both kept their hair in crew-cut flat tops like what you would see in photos from the 1950s. Their mom and my mom had met at the Parent Teachers association, and that’s how they also became tennis partners. Their mom was 40 and just as sexy as mine, and Jimmy and Timmy were telling me how they liked to go and watch their mom and my mom play tennis together. They enjoyed watching their skimpy little tennis skirts billow up and down showing their panties as they reached, lunged, and bent to return a volley. They both told me how much they’d love to fuck both their own mom and my mom.

That’s when I bragged to them that I’d already fucked my own mom.

“You’re shitin’ us!” Jimmy said. “You ain’t never fucked your mom.”

“Wanna bet? I’ll prove it to you.” And then I told them about mom’s birthday, and about what I wanted them to do once I’d proved to them that I was fucking my own mother.

On the day of mom’s birthday, I took her out to lunch and while we were gone Jimmy and Timmy (whom I’d given my key to the house to) hid in my bedroom.

When we returned mom and I sat on the couch and made out and fondled each other. (I had rigged up a camera in the living room with a feed into my computer in my bedroom so that Jimmy and Timmy could watch all the action without mom knowing about it). Mom had dressed up real sexy as she likes to do, with heels, hose, mini skirt and half unbuttoned blouse. I knew that just the sight of her walking into the living room and sitting on the couch was bound to give Jimmy and Timmy raging hard-ons.

Soon mom and I had each other undressed and I had her lay back down on the couch with her ass near the edge and her legs up in the air—knowing what a great shot this would give my two friends watching in the other room. I kissed and licked the backs of her legs then she split them apart showing her wet pussy. I buried my face in her crotch and licked away. This ought to really blow Jimmy and Timmy away.

Then, when mom began to moan I stood up and plunged my throbbing cock into her steamy cunt while holding on to her ankles. With my two friends watching I fucked my mom silly until we both came.

Then I told mom that I had a real surprise for türkçe bahis her.

“What can be better than the good fuck you just gave me?”

“You’ll see.” I put a blindfold on her. Then we traded places. I sat on the couch and I had her sit on my lap facing away from me. And by this time I was getting hard again and my cock rose up between her thighs and extended its length along the length of her pussy slit until it touched her clit.

She began to move her ass on me so as to fuck her slit and her clit against my hard-on while I played with her tits.

“Ummmm, what a nice birthday present,” she purred. “I kind of like being blindfolded. It heightens all my other senses.”

“But now for your real surprise.” I signaled to Jimmy and Timmy.

My two friends entered, both buck naked, and both sporting raging hard-ons from watching mom and I having sex. Their cocks each had red-ribbon bows tied around them.

They stood directly in front of mom.

“Happy birthday, mommy!” I said as I took her blindfold off.

Jimmy and Timmy echoed me, saying, “Happy birthday, mommy!”

Upon seeing their raging hard-on’s with the red-ribbon bows tied around them mom’s mouth dropped open.

“Oh my God!” Mom said squealing with delight as she reached out to grab a hold of both of their cocks. She pulled on their cocks forcing them to come closer until they were standing hip to hip with each other between mom’s parted thighs. With trembling hands she untied the bows then she began sucking on their hard ons, first one, then the other while I continued playing with her tits and fucking my own cock against her slit making the tip of it bang against her erect clit.

And I could feel her excitement shoot through her trembling body—and her pussy gushing its hot wetness against my cock.

The next thing I knew my cock slipped inside her pussy as if it were being sucking in by a vortex. Then as I fucked her cunt banging my cock against her G-spot from inside and played with her tits, her sexy ass warm and flexing against my tummy, she had Jimmy position himself so he could rub his hard-on against mom’s increasingly erect clit while mom sucked off Timmy.

It didn’t take mom long to cum from all of this three-cocks-at-once. I knew mom was starting to cum when her body trembled all over and her pussy began gushing hot fluids much more than before. Feeling her pleasure, excitement, and cum, made me shoot my own wad into her steaming caldron.

At the same time, Jimmy and Timmy, so excited from being with a real live naked woman for the first time in their lives, also came all over mom.

Next, she pushed Jimmy down onto the floor on his back. Mom knelt down between his legs and with her ass in the air began licking all the cum off of Jimmy’s dick. This made Jimmy get hard again. Mom paused for a moment and smiled at Jimmy’s güvenilir bahis siteleri twin letting her tongue slip out between her lips to lick Jimmy’s cum off her lips. This made Timmy start to get hard again too.

“Come on Timmy,” mom said, reaching a hand out to stroke his growing cock while her other hand continued to work on Jimmy. “Be a good boy and give me a nice good fuck from behind while I suck off your brother.”

“Yes ma’am,” Timmy said, now fully hard.

“Yes, what?” Mom said.

“Yes mommy.”

“That’s better, now get back there and fuck me.”

Timmy positioned himself behind mom’s ass, his trembling cock struggling to find the right entrance. Mom reached back and guided him into her sloshy, hungry cunt, and then as Timmy fucked her doggy style and fondled her hips and ass she sucked off his twin.

I crawled underneath mom’s chest so I could fondle and suck off her tits while she enjoyed the cocks of the twins in her cunt and mouth.

Mom and the twins soon came again but mom gave them no rest. With her skilful tongue and lips she soon had them both hard again. “You naughty little boys wanna see me suck off my own son now?”

“Yesss, mommy!” they both said in unison. Mom’s dirty talk only adding to their excitement.

“Okay, Jimmy, since I’ve already felt your twin Timmy’s cock in my cunt, I wanna fuck you next while I suck off my son. Lie down on the floor on your back.”

“Yess, mommy,” Jimmy said as he lay back down on the floor, his staff waving and bobbing in the air from his excitement.

“Now, Brad,” she said to me, “you position yourself near Jimmy’s head so I can suck you off while fucking Jimmy.

Mom mounted Jimmy, then as she began to lean forward, I stood straddling Jimmy’s head, my throbbing cock pointing at mom’s mouth. Before taking my aching hard-on in her mouth she turned to Timmy. “Well, don’t just stand there with your own cock aching for some fuck. Get behind me and rub that thing between my ass cheeks while I fuck your brother and suck off my son.”

And so, Timmy got down on his knees, his cock pointing straight up in the air. He scooted up close until the length of his cock was pressed between the cheeks of mom’s ass. He began to frantically fuck up and down, sliding his cock up and down the length of the crack of mom’s ass. On the down stroke his cock was completely swallowed up by the ample flesh of mom’s ass cheeks, but on the up stroke its bulbous head peaked out from the top of mom’s ass.

At the same time mom bounced up and down on Jimmy causing her ass cheeks to ripple and flex against Timmy’s cock and tummy.

“Ummmm,” mom said as she took my cock into her mouth. “Three cocks at once. How delightful.”

This time everyone lasted a lot longer. But when the orgasms came they were just as strong. After cuming we all fondled mom for awhile until we got hard again, and then changed positions so that each of us got to fuck mom, and get sucked by her, in just about every position imaginable. And, mom, of course, taught each of the twins how to eat pussy as well as I did.

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