The Black Panther Ch. 2


Greetings all, Jason Macquarie here again with an all-new installment of the Black Panther. Basically this chick, Ruth, had a wild sexual appetite that challenged my own overactive libido; she just loved to fuck and had a healthy addiction to anal sex. This was great because she quickly picked up that I really loved it too and during our brief affair she was always coming up with ways to challenge me. As mentioned in the first installment, I had met Ruth at the local nightclub in Albany when I was celebrating my promotion. Between leaving the branch and taking up my new appointment was a period of two weeks in which I had to organise my house sale and furniture removal.

One day I was sitting at my desk looking over the days mail when I heard a knock at the door. The weather was unusually humid and my house had this annoying tendency to retain the heat. The only relief came from opening all the doors and windows. As soon as I heard the knock I shouted to come in and I heard the unmistakable sound of the flyscreen open and close. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was Ruth and was quite excited because I knew it would be sexually gratifying. As she walked into my bedroom she leaned back against the wall with a very serious look on her face. I made the motion to speak but she shook he head and, smiling, brought her finger to her lips indicating silence. She was dressed in a black crop top covered by a lace cardigan, a flowing blue summer sarong and a pair of real slutty heals. She dumped her bag in the corner next to my wardrobe and began to massage her breasts throwing her head back in lust. I was sitting in my chair experiencing the uncomfortable stirring in my shorts.

She was staring at me right in the eye and her gaze transfixed me. I was enjoying this show and knew that she would give me everything. She undid her lace cardigan and dropped it by her feet; next she pulled the crop top above her head and discarded that item of clothing as well. Her breasts were revealed as well as that exquisite tattoo panther. I was entranced by her body art as well as her curvy figure. She had an excellent set of tits, large but very firm and her nipples seemed to be constantly erect. As she pinched and güvenilir bahis twisted her nipples her moans were becoming more earnest and I knew that she was building up to something large but never once did she break her gaze from mine.

She then proceeded to remove her blue sarong and, as I suspected, she was pantyless. Leaning back against the wall, Ruth was naked except for the heels that I insisted she wear during sex at all times. She presented a very arousing sight, tanned, curvy with very little excess weight and of course that tattoo. She looked after herself as well, keeping her delicious pussy completely base of pubic hair although she did retain a patch just above her clit maybe five centimetres in length and usually very short. Her right hand made its way down to her pussy and she began to massage her lips and clit. This stimulation increased her arousal and her moans of pleasure intensified. As she moved her hand back and fourth I could tell that she was pretty wet down below. Her left hand continued massaging her breasts.

As her orgasm was building she began to grind her hips in a swaying motion but still her stare did not waver from me. Me? I was incredibly hard and began to massage my bulge, this show was really increasing my blood pressure and I was light headed with lust. A smile broke across her gorgeous countenance but she knew what sort of effect she was having on me. In the five days since we met, we’d fucked so many times usually several times a night before sleep engulfed us and at least once in the morning before she had to go to work. Each fuck was a new and exciting situation very much based on those US porno films of which she had a sizeable collection.

Ruth’s self administered finger fuck was about to reach a climax as her tempo increased and her moans of pleasure were fast on their way to a crescendo. Within seconds she was screaming and her whole body shook as wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Still her eyes didn’t waver from mine but they became very glazed before she began to come down. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers before smearing the residual nectar across her breasts; I was going to enjoy sucking türkçe bahis on those.

When sufficiently recovered she stood up and walked over to me swaying her hips and arse like a stripper. This girl knew sex and sex knew her. She leaned into me and kissed me passionately, her tongue deep in my throat and I could make out the faint taste of her divine pussy nectar. I was hauled up to me feet and she dropped to her knees and forcibly removed my shorts. I removed my t-shirt immediately afterwards but the only sensation I could feel now was her mouth devouring my rock hard cock. Ruth was an expert oral administrator capable of pleasuring both men and women easily. Within seconds my cock was dripping with saliva and she was encouraging me to fuck her mouth like it was a pussy.

She had mastered the deep throat and I was sliding my cock well past her tonsils but she was still staring right into my eyes in that same curious manner. Her left hand had disappeared down by her arse and her motion indicated she was playing with herself although she made no sound. It was such an intense gaze that I felt that she was looking into my very soul and knew exactly what I liked. This throat fuck combined with that erotically charged floorshow had me boiling and just I was about to blow my load when she stopped and pulled me out. Ruth stood up, kissed me slightly and pushed me back into my chair.

She turned around, stuck out her arse, grabbed my cock from behind and began to insert it into her. It was a hot and wet sensation that I felt and in my highly aroused and frustrated state the sensation began to burn me. As she worked me inside, her breathing was heavy and her moaning light, she was enjoying this as much as I was. I slipped in fairly easily obviously because of her little fuck show earlier and once I was deep inside, she leaned back resting on me and brought her legs up so that they were on top of my knees. She used the table and my right shoulder as leverage and began to fuck me with short strokes. I reached around to feel my cock in her pussy and play with her clit but to my surprise, I found that my cock wasn’t in her pussy at all but in her arse. I inserted two fingers into her slippery pussy and güvenilir bahis siteleri could feel my cock sliding in her backdoor.

It wasn’t as easy job since her pussy was so tight because of the pressure from her arse. I pulled out and began to massage her clit. As Ruth began to get more comfortable with her chosen fuck position she was moving up and down upon my greased pole with ease taking more of me into her brown hole. She loved anal and I knew that this assgasm was not too far away; I was hoping that I could hold out long enough. Ruth was moaning intensely her head back and eyes closed when totally unexpected she screamed out at the top of her lungs. Her assgams tend to be very vocal and cause me some alarm. Ruth’s pussy was leaking uncontrollably and it covered my cock and balls and I could feel it seeping onto my legs.

Her screams of pleasure slowly subsided to whimpers and her fucking motion ceased. Both of us were covered in sweat and pussy juice and I was yet to come. As if on cue she dropped her legs and stood up slowly with me falling out of her well lubed arse. She turned to face me and I was met with that same stare but she dropped to her knees threw her head back, open her mouth and stuck out her tongue leaving me with no doubt what my part was. Both Ruth and I didn’t have to wait very long. I yelled out as my load erupted with all the force of a volcano (Peter North would have been proud) covering her beautiful face.

The majority filled up her slutty mouth and she didn’t hesitate to swallow for she loves my cum. I had my eyes closed and I continued to spasm and she took my rapidly deflating cock down her throat causing electricity to flow through my body. I collapsed back into my chair on a real high with my eyes still closed. Within seconds I heard the unmistakable sounds of the flyscreen door open and close. When I opened my eyes she had gone, no trace of her existed and had there not been the unmistakable aroma of sex in the room I may have been tempted to believe that the whole episode was a hallucination.

Thinking about it afterwards I realised that neither of us had spoken during this half hour sexcapade and yet where possible her eyes had never once left mine. It was to be several days before we spoke again on the telephone and this brief interlude had given me a chance to repay the favour.

Stay tuned for the next installment. Any comments would, as usual, be appreciated.

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