The Cul-de-sac of Virgins


All characters are 18 or over.


“Jane Saunders says you’ve got a big cock!” Blurted my sister Sally as she burst into the kitchen.

“What?” I exclaimed reeling in shock as I had never heard my sister talk of anything sexual.

“You screwed her didn’t you?”

“Who told you that?” I stalled playing for time trying to find my bearings in unknown territory. Was it really little sister saying this?

“She did, she said you gave her the anti-virginity booster jab injection and fucked her brains out!”

Every time Sis used a word like fuck, screw or cock it was as if she were smashing me between the eyes with a verbal spade. I stood there speechless.

What had happened to my prude, coy sister who always got up to make a cup of tea anytime anything slightly sexy started on the TV?

“So?” Sally urged.

“So what?”

“Do you have a big cock?”

Again I staggered to speak, what the hell was I going to say to that? Even being modest these days was like a confession of inadequacy.

“That’s none of your business,” I weakly defended.

“Show me your cock?”

“Hey! Enough!”

“Oh, go on, just a peek?”

“What’s got into you, last week you were iron-clad pantie wearing virgin and now you’re talking like a streetwalker?”

“Its Jane, she’s telling everyone about the poke you gave her in graphic detail.”

Jane had surprised me, it was only a week ago she had called me around her house to have a chat. She was an attractive dark redhead, petite in build with sweet chipmunk face and flawless skin.

When I arrived she was dressed very smartly in a light grey skirt, white blouse, white stockings and black heels. Strange dress for a casual chat, I thought.

She invited me in and she sat opposite me on the sofa, always changing position and always giving me a delightful flash of her red panties and white stocking tops.

I didn’t know if she was being a tease or it was just an accident but as our conversation moved on the answer soon came to the fore.

“I’m a virgin,” she announced out of the blue.


“I’m twenty years old and still a virgin and I hate it,” she sighed.

“It’s not a disease,” I joked, “wait for that someone special, you don’t want to just do it for the sake of it.”

“I do, I’m just so horny, I’m sure its this road we live in, all girls and all virgins at our age!”

It was true, our little cul-de-sac was isolated with an abundance of bookish girls who had never been seen with a boy.

“Is my sister a virgin?” I mischievously asked.

“Of course she is! We all are, Me, Sally, Gemma and Ann-Marie all grown up and never been nailed!”

I laughed at her honesty and mewed over the reason why so many attractive girls had kept their honour intact.

Ann-Marie was a tall willowy blonde, flat-chested and very shy; Gemma was a pocket rocket, all curves and bouncing boobs; My sister I had never really thought about. She had all the assets, big boobs, long legs and long black hair. They all dressed sexily; heels, short skirts, plunging necklines and sexy lingerie.

Why none of them had managed to get laid was beyond me. They were all rather bookish and must have kept to themselves at university.

“Why do men always have to boast about the girls they bed?” Jane asked seriously, “I wouldn’t mind doing it but for them telling all and sundry that bothers me.”

“Its just male bravado, they have to tell all to prove they’re’ a man.”

“You never tell,” observed Jane as once more she opened her legs giving me an enticing glimpse of her red panties.

“I was lucky the girl that took my virginity, got me up, got me in and even grabbed and rocked my bum back and forth to give a rhythm,” I elaborated as Jane once more moved her legs giving me another panties flash.

“All I did was give a sperm donation at the end, hardly anything to brag about.” I joked as Jane came to rest with both her feet parted and her knees pulled up under her chin.

This time I got a long look at Janes red panties as she gave me a sultry look over the top of her knees.

“Does your bra match the colour of your panties?” I asked.

Jane spread her legs slightly wider and brought her hands down to her hips,

“That’s for you to find out.” She teased.

I slowly stripped Jane in the low light of her bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse, button by button, kissing in her ever plunging neckline.

“Oh come on,” she protested, “just fuck me,” she snapped in anxious desperation as she roughly pulled off her blouse. She stood up and quickly unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She looked magnificent standing in her red bra and matching panties with white stockings desperate to be screwed.

She was in a hurry and so I hurried with her. I picked her up in her sexy lingerie and laid her on the bed. I stripped off and saw her size me up with a hopeless poker face. She was frightened and was already biting her lip.

I got between her legs and pulled her panties up and off her legs. She had a neatly trimmed virgin pussy ready for my cock.

I opened güvenilir bahis her slit up pushing my hard cock head up along it, caressing her between her pussy lips and clit as Jane tensed up. I pulled back and lowered my hardhead to her opening and slowly pushed in. Fuck she was tight and not ready. She cried out.

“Are you okay, just take your time and stretch around me,” I implored.

“No, just fuck me,” she rasped.

I pushed on in, my foreskin stinging as it was fiercely pulled back in Janes tight pussy. I painfully inched in, Jane wailing out with every minute move in her. Are you okay? I kept asking daringly only to be reprimanded by her saying, “Just fuck me!”

Every move into her feet like I was going to rip my foreskin off making me rasp in her dryness.

I eventually took her to the balls, both of us making squeals of pain by my arrival at the station.

She was incredibly tight and I stayed deep in her and started to kiss her neck while she opened and moistened up.

“Come on fuck me!” She cried.

“But you’re not ready.”

“You’re in aren’t you, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” She frantically begged.

I had tried to play the gentle lover but it wasn’t what she wanted and so I changed tack and went to give her a swift fuck.

I pulled back and slammed into her and she cried out loud. There was no stopping me this time, she was going to get what she had asked for.

I beat away at her tight virgin gash and she bit into my neck to ride out her pain.

She screamed into my neck with every shunt before I had to shake her off as her bite was too painful. Once her mouth was off she screamed into my ear. I looked up and stared into her gnarled waterlogged face crying out with every poke of my cock.

“Are you okay?” I asked foolishly.

“Yes!” She yelled! “Fuck me,” she cried out loud.

Her nails scratched at my back as the tightness of her pussy quickly brought me to the brink. I accelerated down the home straight, pumping her hard and fast and she screamed and cried, tears rolling down her cheeks as I piston fucked her at speed quickly exploding into her.

Droplets rolled down her faces from her closed eyes, she grimaced face tightening every time I shifted into her. A face of pain squealing and struggling to ride my inserts.

As soon as I ejaculated I slowed down to empty into her not wanting to cause any more pain.

I stayed on top of her spent and Jane eventually regained her composure.

“Is that it?” She sobbed, her eyes red and waterlogged.

“Yes, you’ve officially been fucked and are no longer a virgin.” I declared sarcastically. Janes face of pain snapped into a huge smile and she urgently pushed my spent body off her and rolled over to reach for the phone.

She quickly dialled and had a quick answer,

“Hello, Anne-Marie, I’ve lost it!” She cried in celebration.

So Jane hated men telling all about their sexual conquests but didn’t mind telling all of hers.

That night I lay in bed in a semi-sleep when I heard my bedroom door slowly creak open.

“Paul?” I heard her say and as I stumbled to answer with my relaxed tongue. I saw her stumble to the floor and I was aware of the light from her phone screen.

“Paul?” She asked again in a whisper. I was suspicious and pretended to be asleep. I squinted my eyes so I could just about see what she was doing. She kept looking at me as her hands slowly lifted the duvet around my mid-drift. I could see the light from her phone move under my cover quickly followed by her head. I heard her squeal in delight as she was unaware that I never wore any pyjamas.

I sniggered inside and stayed still as I felt the small heat from her phone torch working its way over my equipment. I thought Sis must be filming and then I heard her whisper something.

“I can’t touch his cock, he’ll wake up!”

It was then I heard another voice quite loud. Sis was on speakerphone. “I used to fiddle about with my brother’s dick for ages and he never woke up,” a metallic voice said. I recognised the voice, It was Jane and very soon I realised she wasn’t alone. “Jane you slut!” Said another voice.

They had a party-line into my Sisters phone all looking at my cock.

“I’m experienced, not a slut, you’re just jealous because I’ve had that cock inside me.”

“Yeah, just the once, that doesn’t make you Mata Hari!” Said a voice I recognised as Anne-Marie.

“You’re just a jealous little virgin!”

“At least I haven’t got cystitis.”

“That was just soreness.”

“Girls, girls, stop arguing you’ll wake him up!” Interrupted Sis as I bit into my duvet in laughter so as not to let on.

I now knew there was another girl with Jane on the end of the phone and from what I could hear she was also a virgin. What was in the water in our cul-de-sac? Bromide? We seemed to have the monopoly of twenty-year-old virgins.

“Take his foreskin and pull it back,” I heard Jane instruct.

“Are you sure he won’t wake up?” I heard Gemma hiss.

“Dead sure,” came the excited reply.”

“Okay here goes then.”

Wow, Gemma was there as türkçe bahis well. I imagined her watching with her luscious ball-sucking lips. Laying on her bed in her see-through nightie showing her ample ripe ass and breasts.

I felt my sisters hands move across my loins. I did my best to keep still as I felt my sister’s dainty fingers take hold of the foreskin of my penis.

I could sense these were inexperienced fingers on my cock no matter how careful she was.

Her fingernails accidentally dug into my soft cock and I winced slightly.

“Paul?” I head her nervously ask as I opened my eyes. “Paul, are you awake?”

I opened my eyes and could see the light from her phone leaking through my duvet in the tent Sis had made over my genitals.

I laughed and thought how much fun it would be to say, “What are you doing?” I kept in check as I wanted to see how far she would go.

“I almost woke him up then, I don’t think I’ll be able to get his foreskin back,” whispered Sis.

“Just keep squeezing his shaft that will soon get him hard and then you’ll slip his foreskin back easily,” suggested the self-appointed sex professor Jane.

My sister obeyed and started squeezing my shaft. I laughed to myself as it reminded me of my first girlfriend’s exploration of my penis. All squeezes and strokes to see what worked. To my surprise, the old novice trick of squeezing my cock worked.

“It’s growing!” My sister commented in her excitement.

“Well done Sally!” Excitedly exclaimed Gemma, “god that cock looks hot!”

Soon my sister had a hard cock in her hands, “oh my god how did you get all of that in you?” Squealed Sis in excitement.

“Oh, I’ve taken bigger than that.” Nonchalantly said, Jane.

What a liar! I thought, fighting the urge to call her out as a virgin who painfully took my cock.

“You took a cock bigger than that, Jane, what have you been doing?” Blurted a worried Gemma, “I thought you’ve only had sex once.”

“What do you mean?”

“You must have practised with a cucumber or something,” nervously said Ann-Marie. I could sense the worry in her voice, a worry that she was being left behind in a Cul-de-sac of lovelorn virgins.

“I’m just a natural at taking big cocks, and by the way, a cucumber is much too big,” expounded professor Jane once more to my disgust.

“I wouldn’t put it past you to shave one down a little,” haughtily opined Gemma.

Suddenly there was a gasp from one of the girls. “Anne-Marie?” Wondered Jane.

“Yes,” Anne-Marie croaked back.

“Are you masturbating?”

“No,” she slurred her raspy tottering voice giving her away.

“You are,” Gemma giggled.

“Oh fuck, I’m so horny! Gasped Ann-Marie.

“Haha your always the first with your fingers in your panties,” sniggered Gemma.

“Yeah but you’re not far behind,” backed Jane.

“Yeah but you always finish first!” Chided Gemma!

“Ha! Some of us have blood in our veins!”

“All your blood is in your clit since you’ve been screwed you’re hornier than ever. You and Sally cum three times in our last meeting.”

Meetings? I thought. It sounded like they all met to watch porn. Not only watch it together but get off together as well. I imagined them side by side on the sofa watching porn on the Tv. All with their skirts up and a hand down their panties rubbing their pussy’s.

“Look my batteries are going to run out if you two don’t stop arguing, what do I do now?” Interjected Sis.

“Don’t ask me, ask our local whore,” tartly rebuked Gemma.

“Poor little virgin Gemma, don’t worry all that anxiety over your inexperience will go once we get you screwed,” informed Jane warming to her position a Dr sex.

“What you need to do now is lightly grip his forsaken at the tip and slowly pull back.” Instructed Jane.

“How do I know how I’ve pulled it back far enough?”

I gritted my teeth trying not to laugh.

“Jane?” Sis asked to a wall of silence.

“Yeah come on Miss know-all, how does she know when she’s pulled it back far enough?” Gemma suspiciously interrogated.

Jane went dubiously quiet leaving only the sounds of Ann-Marie masturbating. Sis went about pulling back my foreskin with her clumsy inexperienced hand.

She took hold of my cock and lightly started to pull back.

“Ann-Marie, will you try and keep the noise down!” Scolded sis.

“Sorry,” croaked Ann-Marie, “I didn’t wake him, did I?”

Sis laughed, “No you’re getting me wet with your noises!”

Oh God, my Little sister Sally getting wet to Ann-Marie masturbating, I was getting harder thinking about the meeting and the pair of them getting off together.

I wondered if they pleasured each other?

“Is that far enough?” Asked Sis delicately holding my for-skin with finger and thumb.

“That’s it, now pull it forward and then back again,” Instructed Jane.

“I know I know,” hissed Sis, “I’ve seen the same porn as you!”

“Then get on with it before he wakes up!” Gemma urged.

“Yes, hurry!” Agreed Anne-Marie, ” clearly close to the edge.

“Yes Hurry!” Croaked Gemma.

“Gemma?” güvenilir bahis siteleri Said Sis.

“What,” she breathily murmured.

“Are you fapping as well?”

“Just keep wanking him,’ Gemma managed to rasp.

“I’m doing all the work and you’re all wanking,” laughed SIs.

“I’m not,” haughtily said Jane.

“Oh, above wanking now you’ve had a fuck?” Laughed Sis.

“No, I have you know I’m getting my panties down now! Anyway, you’ve got a spare hand, get it into your wet panties.”

I jolted and winced as Sis did as she was told, struggling hard to keep up the charade of being asleep as her inexperienced hand pulled my foreskin back too hard and too quickly.

“Oh god!” I heard Gemma excitedly exclaim, “it’s so big, I wish it was in me now!”

The thought of my virgin audience all looking at my cock and wanking stirred my ardour. Sis had taken up Janes advice and I could feel my bedclothes moving back and forth. I dared to take a peek and could see Sis bent over my bed with her nightie up and her fingers deep in her panties rubbing away.

That was exciting and despite sisters inexperience at tossing boys off, I began to spill a little pre-cum that was immediately seen by Anne-Marie.

“Ewww what’s that?”

“Its pre-cum,” haughtily informed Jane, they do that just before they are going to cum.”

“So, I’m doing all right?” Asked Sis pumping away on my erect dick at the same tempo she was pleasuring herself, unknowingly getting loud in her excitement.

“Yes, don’t wank him any quicker or he’ll shoot too early, and keep the phone still I want to see!” Instructed Jane, “I’ve got some catching up to do!” Jane gasped losing her expert cool authority of sex.

“You try wanking a cock and you’re own pussy and filming, it’s not bloody easy!” Hissed Sis beginning to laugh.”

“Hey, we’re girls, we can multi-task!” giggled Jane.

“Let’s see his balls,” gently asked Gemma.

“Do we have time?” Continued Sis.

“Don’t bother, balls are boring!” Said Jane, “I need to see his cock,” she insisted, sounding as if she was well into her stride.

“They might be to you but I want to see them,” insisted Gemma.

“They’re just round wrinkly bags and I need something to help,” argued Jane, “I need the memory of his cock in me!”

“I want to see his balls!” Shouted Gemma angrily, “I need to keep the wolf from the door!” She squawked sounding as if she was right on the edge.

“And I don’t want to miss him cuming,” retorted Jane.

“Girls, girls, stop arguing or you’ll wake him up and we won’t see anything!” Stamped down Sis, “Gemma I’ll give you a quick shot of his balls.

“Waste of time,” spluttered Jane her vibrato voice telling all that she was deep in her panties and well into her stride.

“Well, I want to see them as well!” Cut in Anne-Marie unusually forcefully for the cul-de-sac’s little mouse.

“Okay, balls it is!” Decided Sis.

I bit into my duvet in my mirth and peeked through my eyelids to see the light from the phone move under the cover. They were so noisy and I thought if I really was asleep I’d have awoken ages ago. The girls didn’t seem to see this wrapped up in their excitement of seeing a live cock.

“There you go,” reported Sis.

“Boring,” sarcastically blurted Jane.

“Oh! They’re not dangly at all,” said Gemma regaining some composure.

“That’s because they are pulling up and hardening ready to cum and we’ll miss it!” Anxiously exclaimed Jane.

“Bollocks! You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Said the mousey Anne-Marie.

All the girls burst into a fit of giggles at Anne-Marie’s unintended pun, which somehow excited me causing me to expel a little groan.

“Quite hissed,” Sis as she buried her head into the duvet to stifle her laughter. Her head unintentionally went down on my hard cock and the vibrato movements from her giggling speedily excited my cock causing me to groan.

“He’s going to cum!” Yelled Jane, “get the camera on his cock!”

“Are you all ready girls?” Asked Sis.

“Yes!” Barely cried, Gemma.

“Ugh,” sighed Jane.

“Anne-Marie?” Asked Sis.

“Uuuughhhh!” She replied.

“I think Annies Cum already, “laughed Sis.

“Finish him off,” cried Jane loudly.

“Hey, I need to be up to speed as well!” Laughed Sis.

“Hurry,” urgently gasped Jane, “I can’t hold back much longer.

My balls were fit to burst and my sperm ready to jump and then Sis got her act together and positioned her phone at my cock on edge.

“Here we go!” said Jane as I struggled to hold onto my spunk biting into my duvet, my body giving away my consciousness by stiffening ready to cum.

“Oh! My word,” cried Anne-Marie as she cum still marvelling at my straining cock as I clenched my base muscles.

“I’m cumming!” Yelled Jane.

I clenched my teeth and stiffened up to keep my spunk and was sure that I was winning.

“What’s happening?” Shrieked Sis oblivious to the fact I may be awake!

“You need to finish him off!” Excitedly urged Jane, “wank him off, wank him off!”

Sis grabbed my foreskin again and went to a quick hand shuffle and the game was lost. I ejaculated a long thick pearl of white-hot spunk and all the girls Squealed in unison. Excited by the sight of my spurting spunk while rubbing their virgin clits.

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