The Quarterback’s Little sister


The Quarterback’s Little sisterThis story is going to be long, but I think you guys will like it.They were at it again.Brad and his girlfriend were always very careful when their parents were around, but if it was just his little sister Emily left in the house they didn’t have a care in the world. It was funny too, because Emily and her brother never had the ‘you won’t tell mom and did, will you?’ conversation. She could have easily just hinted to her parents what was going on after they left the house.But ultimately, Emily wasn’t going to do it. Her brother was usually very sweet to her. Besides, if ever Brad did something to really piss her off, she had his afternoons with that awful girlfriend Nancy to hold over his head.One more dramatic moan from Nancy and she couldn’t take it any longer. Emily grabbed her phone and running shoes and made for the door. She was relieved to hear only the breeze blowing through their front yard as she closed it behind her.Running was Emily’s way of taking her minds off things. As soon as she took her first stride, all of her frustration began to melt away. The fact that her big brother was inside fooling around with his obnoxious girlfriend didn’t seem to matter anymore when her favorite song came up on her beloved running playlist.Her routine had more than just the benefit of keeping her sane, it was also why Emily was one of the fittest girls she knew. At 5′-3″ and 105 lbs., she was proud to be in such good shape; it made a hard run all the easier. And though she hated to admit it, seeing the eyes of neighborhood boys and husbands follow her as she ran by was something of a rush.Emily didn’t have a boyfriend; that was probably part of her frustration with her brother and his bedroom antics. It wasn’t that she didn’t want one, it was more that nobody had come along that she’d felt compelled to start a relationship with. Either they were silly boys her age, eighteen and totally immature, or they were older and with transparently lustful intentions toward her.Emily could see what Nancy saw in her brother. He was twenty, smart, handsome and yet very unassuming. Being a quarterback on his college football team probably didn’t hurt, but he wasn’t a huge jock the way most might have expected. family oriented, driven, respectful… Brad was the works. Why couldn’t more boys like him approach her rather than the guys she was used to.That’s also why she held such high standards for him. Not only was he handsome as heck, with short brown hair and masculine features that already resembled her dad, but he was just an all-around good guy. Nancy didn’t deserve him; Emily always felt that Brad had just fallen for her fast like he always did and that he liked the quarterback-cheerleader cliché too. Whatever, she thought, he’d only been with her a few months and she could always hope things wouldn’t work out.Emily was wondering if maybe her brother would set her up with one of his friends when she rounded the corner heading back to their house. She was intimately aware of how much her boobs were bouncing in her workout top when she passed Mr. Taylor’s house; he was such a creep he might as well have blown her a kiss as she passed him while he was watering his flowers.Emily’s tits… They’d been nothing but trouble since they showed up in her early teens. Boys at school stared like they’d never seen breasts before in their lives. Men too: men who were way too old to be gawking at a teenager would pretend they weren’t trying to get a look down her shirt. Even her brother! Sometimes he would stop in the middle of a sentence if she accidentally showed them too much. Maybe ‘accident’ wasn’t the right word. Brad was the only one she teased on purpose, perhaps because she knew there was nothing he could do about it.When she ran up to the driveway, Brad and his bimbo were on the front porch.”Good luck tomorrow baby,” Emily heard her say.”Thanks,” her brother replied, “I’ll see you after the game?””You’ll see me at the game!” Nancy said, standing up tall to kiss her brother on the lips.”You know I don’t look over there, I can’t be distracted.” Brad reasoned.”Yea, yea, I get it, Mr. Quarterback can’t take his eye off the ball.” Nancy said, touching her brother lovingly on the chest.Emily couldn’t help but laugh at the flirty way Nancy said it. She’d tried her hardest to take her time getting to the door, but she was thirsty and didn’t want to listen to it anymore.”O…M…G…ARE-YOU-DONE!” She chanted, mocking one of the standard cheers “CAN-I-GET-IN-THE-FUCKING-DOOR?”Brad laughed at his little sister’s attitude. He’d seen her running up and knew he’d get an earful when his girlfriend left.”Very funny Emily,” Nancy said back, unimpressed, “Though I hope that’s not what you’ll be trying out with next year.””Ugh…” Emily sighed, cocked her hip and fluffed her ponytail “should I dye my hair blonde instead?”Emily shot a nasty look at her brother. He was NOT supposed to be telling anyone on the cheerleading team that his sister would try out it if she got accepted at his school. Even though she couldn’t stand a lot of the girls on the team, she still loved cheering. Being close to the game, getting the crowd engaged, staying in shape – all of it really appealed to Emily and she had her eyes on doing it for her brother’s team if she got in.Content with the frown on Nancy’s face, Emily simply shouldered past her brother and headed inside. He took a moment saying his last goodbyes before following his little sister into the kitchen. He had to take a deep breath when he saw her tilting the bottle back and witnessed a few drips falling onto her chest as she gulped it greedily. The light glisten of sweat on her abs, the tight-fitting workout clothes…oooph. Despite having recently fooled around with his girlfriend, a hot girl was a hot girl, related to him or not. Sometimes he wished his sister understood that the way he did.”Why do you always gotta give her such a hard time?”Emily almost laughed out loud, wanting to say something about her brother giving the dumb blonde a ‘hard time’ himself.”Hey, if you are gonna bring your ditzy girlfriends around the house when mom and dad aren’t home, I’m gonna reserve the right to make fun of them.”Brad had difficulty arguing with that. He actually admired his sister’s tenacity, most of the time. She knew what she wanted, she was vocal and rambunctious – everything he wanted in a girlfriend. She was probably right anyway, Nancy didn’t really knock him out with anything but her looks. And even then, the girl standing right in front of him was far more attractive. He was pretty sure he’d be able to find someone that was right for him; Nancy was simply right for right now.”Hey Em’,” he said to her. She wanted to be mad at him but she loved it when he called her that. “I’m really sorry about the cheerleading thing. Nancy kinda put two and two together and I told her you’d probably try out.””Two and two huh? Did Nancy finally pass remedial math last semester?” Emily quipped, narrowing her eyes after she’d said it.Even though he could see her glare, Brad knew she wouldn’t really stay mad at him. She only had a few hours each week, if that, to see her brother. He’d come home on Friday and stay the night before his Saturday game. They lived close enough to campus that he would be off before she awoke the next day and went to see him play. Nancy was a part of the weekly routine too, but Brad always got rid of her before it even got dark.She always wondered how he managed to do it. Emily felt like girls were pretty dramatic when it came to quickies like Nancy seemed to come over for. One weekend she’d heard the stupid blonde say something like, “…if it helps you play better then I don’t mind!” She hadn’t made much of it then; Emily was simply glad to hear Nancy saying it on her way out.”Yeah yeah, I forgive you,” Emily said, walking towards her brother and stopping when she smacked the almost empty water bottle against his chest and held her hand there, “I’ll be picking the movie tonight.”Brad rolled his head back and smiled, glad that everything was cool between him and his little s*s. Maybe he’d even convince her to give him a back massage later if he played the “It’ll really help me play well tomorrow” card.Things went as they usually did that night. Emily even agreed to massage her brother’s shoulder for a bit, even though she made sure to get a dig in about how he wasn’t even a starter. Brad had fought hard with his coach for his nights at home. Sure, getting to see his girlfriend when most other guys were forbidden was a big plus. But he really loved seeing his little sister, and was so glad she always freed up her Friday nights for him before the game.They just got along so well. Close in age as they were, Brad and Emily had a lot of common interests. Football and video games, music and crappy TV, they typically had a blast every Friday and Brad went to bed once again happy to spend time with his little sister. Their parents always did date night on Friday, so they’d only be home shortly before he went to bed.Sometimes Brad felt guilty, but more and more he was seeing his little sister in a… different light. She’d grown up fast. Not only was she more mature, but her body was too. He was often confused by how much he enjoyed having her around. He tried to reason that being near to a pretty, youthful brunette was always going to be desirable. She just happened to also be his sister, and as long as he kept his hands to himself everything would be fine.Typically that’s the way things worked out. Yet, Emily felt just as comfortable as her brother did around her. So as she sat there massaging his naked shoulder, and seeing how huge and muscular he’d gotten since starting college, Emily had some of the same issues her brother did. She too loved being around him, and not just because of how much he made her laugh or how she could talk to him about anything. She loved massaging his back because it was the closest she’d really gotten to an attractive guy, and this one didn’t try to touch her ass or her boobs whenever he got the chance.She was only wearing a crop top and her favorite sweatpants that she rolled and wore low at the waist when she remembered her brother had made a comment about dressing inappropriately around him. Emily had brushed it off… and then worn seemingly less every time he was over after that. Hey, she thought, if he could get off while their parents were out and then get a massage out of her, she could at the very least feel sexy and totally comfortable at the same time. His stare didn’t bother her one bit.The next day was incredible. Brad wasn’t a starter, so he’d begun the game uniformed but sitting on the bench. He was only a sophomore, but next in line to start as quarterback for the prestigious college team. Things weren’t going well for the starter. He fumbled in the first quarter. The offense struggled and only got one field goal out of four or five possessions in a row as the first half was nearing its end. When the QB threw his second interception and the whistles sounded the end of the half, Emily was buzzing in her seat that her brother might get his chance.He’d played before, but nothing more than a quarter or a few minutes here and there. They went into the locker room and Emily’s mom touched her on the shoulder.”Wouldn’t it be so great if your brother started the second half?” She said, looking excited.Emily’s heart beat faster, “You think he will dad? Do you think Brad is going to start?”Her dad raised his eyebrows and said, “I know what I’d do if I was the coach… he just might.””You think he’s ready?” Emily’s mom asked her father.A passing memory took Emily as her parents chatted about her brother’s workout routine. Nancy had said something that other day when she’d overheard them. “…gotta make sure you’re ready,” she’d said, or something like that. Why was she remembering that now?Sure enough, as halftime ended Brad ran out of the tunnel with his helmet on. He was going to play.He looked shaky as he lined up for his first snap. This time, seeing him on the field felt a little different. They were coming from behind and her brother wasn’t just a quick substitution; he was meant to be the solution.He handed the ball off twice and they still had a few yards to get the first down. It looked like they were keeping the ball out of the air and in the unknown hands of her brother. But when they lined up and Brad called for the ball, he dropped back to pass it.Emily held her breath the whole time.’Pass it Brad…!’ she screamed inwardly…. COME ON PASS IT!And then he did.It was a beautiful throw – a bullet right across the middle.The receiver was brought down right away but well beyond the first-down line. The whole crowd cheered; Emily and her parents were locking arms and jumping up and down. He’d done it, she was so proud.After that, Brad was everything he needed to be. They didn’t do anything too crazy, and he was obviously playing pretty safe, but in no time they were near the end zone and Emily was clenching her mom’s arm tight until he threw a perfect pass to the back corner for a touchdown.Emily felt like she knew exactly why girls were so drawn to quarterbacks in that moment. Here she was screaming like a complete fool and jumping up and down in her team sweatshirt, yelling her brother’s name and practically in tears. Damn does he look good in that uniform, Emily thought as he trotted off the field to let the kicking team on.The rest of the game was a haze. So excited to see her brother finally playing as she was, Emily almost couldn’t handle it that he was leading them to a win. When the final second ticked off the clock and it was her brother holding the ball, she giggled outright as he threw the ball up in the air in his excitement.The team all rallied and celebrated on the field and her family was allowed to walk-on while the rest of the crowd shuffled out of the stadium. Brad hugged their mom and dad and then picked Emily up and spun her around in a circle. Emily could feel the sweat on his pads and the heat radiating from him until he set her down with a huge smile.”I think it was all because of the shoulder massage Em,” he said, “this ball’s for you.”Emily felt him push the ball into her midsection like she had the water bottle into him the day before.”You were so awesome b*o,” Emily praised, “but you better take this thing back before somebody tries to tackle me.””You mean like me!” He said, bending down to grab her waist and picking her up again, slinging her over his shoulder like it was nothing. Emily screamed and kicked but he didn’t set her down until he’d made her sufficiently dizzy. Their parents looked on and laughed the whole time.Emily saw her brother’s girlfriend looking at them from afar, clearly displeased that she wasn’t getting all the attention. It gave Emily an odd sense of satisfaction, even if their relationships with her brother were quite different.”You better go do the same thing to Nancy,” Emily whispered when her brother put her down, “she looks jealous.”Brad sighed knowingly and gave his sister a hasty, final hug. Saying goodbye to his parents and Emily, Brad ambled over to talk to his cheerleader-girlfriend. Emily couldn’t help but notice him looking in her direction over Nancy’s shoulder as she was leaving.-After that, things kind of blew up. People went on and on about how poised her brother was in the game despite having very little experience. The next week he started in the away game and they won. It was a close game, and Brad made some mistakes, but watching him on television she couldn’t help but see all of the strengths that people had been touting in the write-ups of his first big performance.Emily congratulated her brother via text and he quickly responded that he was looking forward to a Friday at home the next week.-I bet you would have made that pass at the end of the first half if you had a shoulder massage!-[I bet you’re right. Do you think I’m a big loser for wanting to hang out with my little sister on a Friday night?]Emily felt herself blush, even though she was alone in her room with the lights off.-Are you k**ding, a loser? Did you SEE the game I just did?–Oh that’s right… you were that stud quarterback who WON it!-[Thanks Em, I can’t wait to see you next week.]God did he love his little sister, Brad thought. He was in a cab on the way out to celebrate the victory that night, and all he could think about was how great it would be to talk through all the plays the way he had on the phone with Emily after his first game. Inevitably there would be a thousand girls throwing themselves at him that night, but Brad felt sure none of them could match his little s*s. Maybe he was wrong, but first and foremost they were hungry to sleep with a football player, and most of them wouldn’t even be as attractive as Emily. If only she wanted that too, then he’d really have the whole package. ‘Ugh,’ he shook off, it was probably the booze talking.Emily wished they’d seen his potential from the very start. Her brother started and won every game for the rest of the season, which was already more than half over when he’d first come out onto the field for that fateful second half. Because they had enough losses before that, there wasn’t much left to make of their season when Brad stepped in, but there was a lot of talk about the season to come.And each week, each home game at least, Emily and Brad hung out just the two of them for as much time as they could. She couldn’t stand that he insisted on Nancy coming over, hearing them in his bedroom after she got home from school, but glad to see her leave shortly after. Brad had actually insisted that their parents give him time to himself (with Emily…and Nancy) and they’d obliged given his success on the field.Their time together was usually the same, a movie and a lot of talking about what was going on in their lives. But for Emily, her feelings were slowly evolving. She couldn’t help it. Everybody was talking about him, her parents were so proud, girls at school went on and on about how hot he was. Being that he was quarterback of the state college team, the exposure meant constant reminders of him everywhere Emily went.So her attitude toward him was changing little by little whether she knew it or not. She’d often lay on top of her shirtless brother for a long time after kneading his back, just enjoying the deep bass in his voice that vibrated her chest as they bantered. Emily began to crave that time with her brother, cuddling seemingly closer every week when they watched a movie. She simply wanted to be with him.And Brad was no dummy. Despite being a big, burly football player, he was actually quite smart, or so he told himself. It wasn’t as if didn’t notice that his little sister was not so resistant to touch his back anymore or that she was wearing seemingly less and less every time she came downstairs for their movie. Yet, it still felt… natural. A lot of girls were throwing themselves at Brad nowadays, but Emily had earned his attention rather than exploited it, and he liked giving it to her.There was this one day he’d almost called her out for it. She might as well have been naked… well not quite, but perhaps the fact that he’d never seen her naked and this was as close as he’d get was why he kept his mouth shut.The underwear was enough to make him shiver: an orange-ish pair of panties, simple but tight at each curve and the gap between her thighs. They had a white edge that he followed with his eyes as it wrapped around her tiny waist and those damned legs of hers. But then the shirt, or was it a sheet? It was this d****d white thing with a big curved neck that exposed her almost from shoulder to shoulder. The tiny sleeves were all that held it up. And of course it didn’t reach more than half-way down her upper half. His little sister’s entire midsection, perhaps one of his favorite parts of her, was completely left to his view.Both of the small pieces of clothing looked somewhat transparent. Brad wanted to look long enough to determine whether he was really seeing the dark circles of Emily’s nipples or the tiny dark slit at the gap between her thighs, but he tore his gaze away before it became inappropriate. He couldn’t believe that you could buy clothing like that, or that his little sister was wearing it around him. Did it look that good on other girls, because Brad was practically hard during the entire movie and wondering why his sister would be so brazen around him. Did she know how attracted to her he was that night?Suddenly, he couldn’t get Nancy out of the house fast enough on Fridays, though he believed he needed the release on the night before the game. More and more, it seemed like she was just happy to be the girlfriend of the star quarterback; he got a little release when he needed it and she got to parade him around when she wanted to.And just like that the season was over.The hype continued for a few weeks after their last game. He had to do some interviews and a couple articles for newspapers and magazines. He was no international star, but the college team fanatics demanded plenty of him. The holidays came and went, busy as usual. And before they knew it, both Emily and her brother were well into the second half of the school year.Sometimes he couldn’t make it on Friday nights to be home with his little sister. Brad had loaded up his second semester with classes to make the workload easier during the football season. He felt awful, but she understood, and it made him love her all the more.But when he did make it home, it was awesome. It seemed like every time he saw her, Brad was getting even closer with his little sister. And she just kept getting more beautiful. She was only recently eighteen, and every day she got more aware of her body and how to carry herself. Each day on his way home, Brad guiltily looked forward to what his little sister might wear that night.Sometimes he wondered if the two of them were toying with each other, playing with the possibility that one of them might do something rash. But he knew how happy it made Emily to have someone like him that she could completely rely on to make her feel comfortable; he didn’t want to ruin that. He didn’t know that Emily was struggling to respect him in the same way. But they loved their time together so much that it really didn’t matter.They were starting to talk on the phone somewhat regularly too, or at least text when he hadn’t seen her in a while. Both of them were so busy with schoolwork, sports and training that they marked their weeks by when they talked to or saw each other. Sooner than both Brad and Emily could have imagined, pages of the dog calendar their mother hung in the kitchen flipped by and the summer was upon them.Brad had been doing almost daily training for the upcoming football season. He’d never expected for his responsibilities to become quite so important to him, his coaches or his team. Add to that finishing up a semester of college, and his schedule was chock-full. The first week of summer would be a much needed breather, but then it would be off to summer training camp. He even got time to spend with his family and a few days of hanging out with only his little s*s. They took a day out on the lake together, went to dinner one night and he’d even agreed to go shopping with her on the day before he was to leave for summer training camp.”I don’t want you to go.” Emily said, with her big, green, puppy-dog eyes looking teary. She really was dreading that this would be the first summer she didn’t get to spend with her brother.”Do you have to?” Emily asked sadly, feeling her brother’s big strong arms wrap around her in the middle of the department store.”I don’t want to leave you Em, but I really want to be at my best for next season. It’s gonna be a big year for me.” He said regretfully, holding her close enough to catch the subtle scent of shampoo in her soft, brown hair.”We can talk or text any time you want.” he promised her, pulling back and staring into her sad eyes.That only made her feel marginally better, but she shook her head knowingly. Brad held his sister for a while as they walked through the store. She picked out a new pair of sweatpants that admittedly excited Brad, reminding him of how she usually looked when she’d be wearing them and the time they spent together… how they rode low and her hip bones were often revealed to his wandering eyes as she laid in front of him on the couch.”What do you think? She said, coming out of the changing room for the third time.Emily saw her brother jump when he looked up from the green sweatpants he recognized as the one’s she’d picked out. Suddenly, he was looking away like his eyes were burning.”EMILY!” He said, looking back toward her through his hand.”WHAT?” She mocked, giggling.”You can’t wear that out here!”He was probably right, she had on the sweatpants, as low as she possibly could wear them. The lines of her toned abdomen led down to what was likely a totally bare pussy based on what her brother could see. But the top wasn’t a top at all. It was a sexy, black bra. The lace revealed much of her breasts to her brother’s eyes. He’d always been totally caught off guard by how amazing his sister’s tits were, but this was more than she’d ever let him see.”Oh you can look Brad, stop being such a wuss.”He did slowly look back in his little sister’s direction, but it felt like he shouldn’t. Yet, as soon as he saw how the black lace pushed his sister’s breasts upward and most of the demi-cup left her chest bare, Brad wasn’t about to look away.”So… what do you think?””Incredible…” he said, unwittingly. Emily’s breasts had been amazing for years, and now that the rest of her body had caught up, he was like a helpless puppy.”The sweatpants and the bra?” she asked with a huge grin.Brad was so embarrassed. He’d literally just complimented his little sister’s tits, her beautiful body… no question there. Thank god she’d let him off the hook.”I think you should buy them, both of them.” He said without flinching.Emily had never felt sexier. As her brother pretended, poorly, that he wasn’t looking up and down every inch of tanned skin she’d revealed to him, she realized how loved it made her feel. Plenty of guys had complimented her before, but nobody made her knees feel weak the way that Brad did. She turned around and headed back to the changing room after being sufficiently convinced that he’d liked what he saw. Brad almost exploded when he saw the dimples in her lower back and then their eyes met quickly before Emily perked her little butt up for him once and then closed the door behind her.Brad had to take a deep breath. What on earth had gotten into him? And what about her? God damnit did she look breathtaking in even the simple two pieces of clothing. Why did she insist on flaunting it in front of him, and why was he feeling so much like touching her?Emily walked out of the dressing room wearing what she had on before she went in. Somehow seeing her clothed now got him just as excited. Even the cute flannel shirt and tank-top she was wearing made her beautiful, and he wondered if he’d see the bra and sweatpants she was holding in her hand again before he left.When Brad stood, his little sister stopped him before he could exit the changing rooms. Nobody was around; it felt private… intimate as she placed hand on the middle of his chest.Emily rested her head against him and wrapped her free arm around his back. Everywhere she touched he was just…solid. When his arms encircled her she felt that familiar tingling coursing through her, made stronger as she sensed the strong beat of his heart against her hand.”I’m really going to miss you, you know that, right?” She said quietly, like she didn’t want anyone else to hear.”I know little one, I’m going to miss you too.”Before he could do or say anything else, Emily stood up tall and kissed him right on the lips. His face had been downturned and his eyes closed as he held her; he didn’t even know it was coming.But her lips were so soft. There was a hint of sweetness on them, and they moved ever so slightly. He shouldn’t have been kissing his little sister that way, with his hands around her and the kiss lasting longer than it could have. But nobody could see them, and nobody had to know who they were. In that moment, the kiss felt like the best way to say goodbye.Emily dropped back from her tiptoes and finally took a breath, realizing how fast her heart was beating. She hadn’t planned it, but all of the sudden their lips were together and she didn’t want it to end. ‘Why did he have to go?’ she repeated in her head again and again, knowing the answer but still feeling frustrated.They didn’t get much more after that. They talked and laughed and played around for a bit longer before it was time to go. Even after the kiss, everything just felt …normal…right. She hated that pulling back into the driveway meant they were all that much closer to her brother leaving for the summer, but she was finally coping with it. She lay awake that night listening to her dad and brother talk in the other room as he packed until she finally drifted off to sleep thinking of Brad.Emily went with her dad to take Brad to the airport the next day, but there would certainly be no more kissing her brother the way they had the day before. She looked down at her feet as her dad was shaking her brother’s hand and wishing him good luck before heading back to the drivers’ seat.”Hey,” he said, putting his finger below her chin and lifting it up to him. His heart almost broke apart to see that Emily had tears in her eyes. “Ohhh Em’, come on, you’re killin’ me.”She half giggled, half sobbed as their gazes met.”I love you little s*s, and it’s only a few months,” he assured her.”I know,” she sighed, “it’s just…ughhhh!” Emily stomped her foot on the ground like she was going to throw a fit. She was so upset to be losing her best friend, even if it was only temporarily.”Just go… you big jerk.””I’m already marking our Fridays on my calendar for next year, and I’ll see you on the sidelines too.””Okay,” Emily agreed half-heartedly, knowing she still had to make the cheerleading team but flattered her brother just assumed she would.”I love you too,” she said finally.She jerked when her brother kissed her cheek and then squeezed her side like he always did. Watching him walk away, she felt like it was going to be a long summer.-It was tough without him, but not unbearable. A couple times a week they would text about what was going on at the football camp or how Emily was choosing her schedule, this and that. She’d gotten into the state college during Brad’s amazing football season and knew she’d be going there from the minute she opened the letter. The program they had for her major was one of the top in the country, so she didn’t feel like she was just following her brother to the same college.In fact, she was looking forward to them being at the same school. Brad was going to be a junior and Emily a freshman. Despite being very independent and proud of it, Emily had already made some friends due to Brad’s newfound fame. Every time somebody recognized her last name in the programs and orientations she attended over the summer, she felt proud to call him big brother.Emily looked forward to the times he would call her on the phone. It was always late at night, sometimes waking her up, but Emily was so glad to see his number pop up that she awoke immediately an answered with an excited “hey big b*o!”Brad could sometimes hear his sister waking. He imagined that she was wearing one of those outfits from their Friday nights at home. Laying in her bed, maybe in just a tiny pair of underwear she felt sexy in, Brad could hear his little sister yawn and he pictured her tiny frame stretching out under the covers.Sometimes late at night, their conversations felt so private, almost secretive. Whether it was the fact that they were both in a darkened room with nobody else around or that they weren’t wearing much or something else, to Emily it felt kind of naughty. She thought that the way they talked was more like the way she imagined talking to a boyfriend, one she didn’t have of course.And Brad didn’t have anybody but Em. Nancy would call now and again, but she was… not all that interesting to talk to. Usually, when he hung up with his girlfriend, he couldn’t go to bed until he talked to his little sister, hoping to have some meaningful conversation before he finally turned in.”Hey Em’, how come you don’t ever let any of those boys you tell me about take you out on more than a date or two?” Brad asked her one of the nights when they were both talking in bed a couple hundred miles away from each other.”Well that’s a little personal, isn’t it, Mr. Nosy?” she responded.”Well seeing as how you asked what Nancy looks like naked, I think we’re passed being bashful about stuff like this,” Brad chided back.He was probably right; Emily was feeling competitive one night when her brother told her he’d just hung up with his girlfriend and she wanted to know. She was now confident that her body, especially her chest was sufficiently more appealing to her brother (apparently he was a “breasts man”)”FINE…” she replied, “I dunno, I guess I just… I haven’t met anybody worthwhile yet. And they all want to get in my pants on like, the first date. It’s exhausting.””Aww shoot Em, I didn’t know that. I mean, you gotta give the guys a little slack though you know?””Why would I do that??” Emily asked, frustrated”Well, you’re… I dunno… you’re really…” he couldn’t seem to get the words out.”I’m what Brad?” Emily asked, sort-of expecting her brother to say something about her being too stuck-up or bitchy.”How do I say this…” he continued, hoping she would give him an out.Emily just waited in silence, wondering what he was trying to say.”Ugh fine.” he started, “you’re hot Em’. Guys are going to want to hook up with you when they first see you. Frankly I’m worried about it for when you start at school with me.””Oh…” Emily said. Brad wished he could be there with his little s*s so they didn’t have an unknown, uncomfortable silence on the phone. He was glad when she continued:”That doesn’t mean they can just be dogs all the time though. One guy actually pulled the car over and asked if I would blow him on the way home from our second date!””Whoa…” Brad let out, sounding upset “That’s not okay… Who is he? What’s his name?”Emily smiled when she heard her brother getting mad. As much as she would like to see her brother pummel that douche bag Eric, Brad wanting to defend her was reward enough.”Oh relax Brad, you’ll never need to see him, nor will I.””Hmmph…” He sighed, sounding unsatisfied, “So…did you?””Did I what?… OH GOD NO!” Emily gasped, “Did you really need to ask?!”She could hear her brother laughing on the other end. “No, I figured. I just wanted to rile you up.”Emily giggled too, he did always know how to push her buttons.”Can I tell you something Brad?””Sure Em’, anything.””I’ve never done… ‘it’… before.”Brad paused a few seconds, trying to process what he’d just heard. Though he hadn’t thought his little sister would ever share something like that with him, a small part of Brad was happy to hear that she was a virgin.”Oh…” he responded, “you know that’s totally okay right? A lot of girls get all worried about it but you shouldn’t be.””I know,” Emily said, “but I just don’t want to come off as really prude, like I’m above it or something, I just haven’t found the right guy.””…and that’s awesome.” Brad assured her, “I think it makes you even more attractive. Like you know what you want and it means something to you.”Emily curled up tightly in her bed. She bit the tip of her thumb, thinking about what her brother was telling her. Not only was someone she loved and wholly respected telling her not to worry about something she’d spent all-too-much time agonizing about, but he was also telling her that it made her more attractive.”What about you?” Emily asked, “I mean I guess I know you’ve done it before.””Yeah, I guess you do…” he said, knowing that Emily had heard him with Nancy before and feeling somewhat bad about it now that she’d told him she was a virgin. “But I wish I thought about it the way you did, or that I could.””What do you mean?” asked his little sister.”Well when you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and you have sex, things can just kind of change. Sometimes I wish I could really take time to care about someone before jumping into it. You can do that, at least.”He paused, seeming to be hung up on his feelings.”Nancy and I…well… I guess I don’t really want to talk about her.”Emily could hear some hurt in her brother’s voice. She felt bad for razzing him all the time about his girlfriend.”It’s okay Brad, I know things can be complicated sometimes.”He was quiet.”Do you know how much I love you?” Emily asked.”No, how much is that?” Brad said, smiling again.Emily put on the most innocent, girly voice she could, “LIKE…sooooo much,” she said. He could almost hear her smiling through the phone.”I love you too Em.” Brad told her.For the moment of silence that followed, both Emily and her brother truly wished they weren’t talking over the phone but instead being there with each other. It wasn’t just that he knew his little sister would be wearing very little and stretched out alone in her bed, it was also that he wanted to hold her so she could know how much he meant that he loved her. Emily too wondered how he might touch her if they embraced right then. Her skin tingled, wondering what her brother might look like after the months of workouts he’d been telling her about. Something told her she’d be intimidated by how big and muscular he’d gotten.She wanted to say something more. The tingling sensation working its way from her core out to her fingers and toes made Emily speak without thinking,”I wish you were here with me,” she said. Her fingers traced a path from her neck down to the curve of her breast.Brad could hear something more in his sister’s voice, and though he knew he shouldn’t, he wanted her to feel the same thing her words doing to him.”I wish I were there with you too Em.”Emily’s whole body was feeling warmer. She didn’t know what to think about how he was making her feel.”Goodnight little s*s,” Brad said after waiting long enough.”Goodnight big b*o,” she said, not meaning to sound quite as sexy as she did.”Two weeks,” Brad said, right before he hung up, hearing his little sister say sleepily, “I can’t wait.” as he hit a button to end the call.Was he going crazy? Was he supposed to feel like if his little sister was in the room right then he would have been unable to help himself touching her all over, running his hands over her body: those wonderful breasts he longed to see, kissing her beautiful neck and shoulders, caressing her legs. Did she know that he’d hung up the phone and found himself fully hard, thinking of her in a way he knew he should not?He couldn’t possibly know, but his little sister had done the very same thing, imagining that Brad came home and finally helped her understand what it might feel like to be with a boy.-Two weeks flew by. Both Brad and Emily had fully packed schedules before he was to return home. When their heads hit the pillow at night, they were lucky to even exchange a few texts before falling asleep.Then, Emily came home from the gym one day during the week before school started and almost fainted at the sight of her brother. Not only was she so unbelievably glad to see him, but he looked incredible. He was tan from all the time out in the sun. His hair had grown longer and unruly. He even had dark scruff on his face so he looked considerably older. And he was huge! He filled out an old t-shirt so it looked stretched across his muscles. His chest, his arms, his abs! Emily felt so guilty when she sensed herself getting wet as she approached him.And Brad was in for even more of a treat than his sister, or at least he thought so. She had obviously spent some time in the sun, but her body… God was she even more beautiful than he remembered. It had been less than three months and he wondered if it was the same girl. Or perhaps he was seeing her differently, still unbelieving that such a beautiful girl could also be his little sister.Her stomach was flat as ever, with a hint of her abs showing when she ran over to jump into his arms. She wrapped her toned little legs around him and squeezed him tight. Brad remembered talking with Emily about the size of her boobs compared to his girlfriend’s and he knew as she pressed them against him, even in a sports bra, that Emily’s were bigger.”Are you ready for school next week?” He said excitedly, setting her cute bottom on the counter top. Brad was glad their parents weren’t around because he was definitely taking some liberties with his hands, leaving them on her hips as he set her down.Emily shook her head ‘yes,’ looking anxious and adorable at the same time. She had imagined her brother coming home so many times and this was even better. She couldn’t help herself leaning in and planting a quick peck on his lips.They were quiet, contented, for a while. Neither of them really cared to speak. Brad was standing between his little sister’s legs and holding her close enough that he was glad he hadn’t gotten hard…yet. Even thinking about it worried him that Emily might soon be feeling something she shouldn’t pressing against the tight fabric of her workout shorts.”I know you’re going to hate me for this, but I have to be at school pretty much 24/7 before our first game in a week and a half.”Emily’s mouth dropped open. She was half-pretending, she’d expected it based on everything he’d been telling her over the phone. When he saw his little sister crack a grin instead of the big grimace he expected, Brad narrowed his eyes at her.”I know, I won’t give you too much shit about it. I’m just really happy you’re home!” She said, hugging him again. Brad was truly worried she might feel something in his shorts.”…And so BIG!” she fawned, seeing his worry disappear as she put her hands on his shoulders and rubbed them. He could tell she was giving him a hard time, acting like one of the many girls he expected to encounter on his first week back.”Will you come back on Friday before the game?””Well the coach made a big deal about it, but after telling him it was my ritual every time last year… and then you know… we won every game… he gave in.”Emily showed her beautiful white smile and it was all Brad had really needed to see that day. He was so glad to be holding his little sister and know that nothing had changed about how they interacted, even though he knew the way he felt about her had.-The week before school started there were tryouts for the cheerleading team. Emily had been working all summer for her big moment and she knew she was ready. Brad had even walked with her from her dorm to the facility and given her a big hug before sending her in. She felt all the more confident that he believed in her.”Can I watch?” Brad had asked.”NO!” Emily fired back, she did not want him to see just in case she didn’t make it.”Aww Em, you know you’re going to kill it right?” he said, hugging her and then pushing her through the door. His touch on her lower back was comforting; it lingered even as she walked out into the gym when her name was called.She needn’t have been nervous. The panel of four girls, a coach and an assistant coach were all that was there to watch her do her routines. There were a few routines they published online weeks before, and one that Emily was supposed to compose on her own. Everybody had seemed pleased after she completed the pre-selected routines, but everybody had cheered and clapped when she finished her own. Everybody but one… Nancy.Even though she felt like she’d nailed every part, the fact that someone on the panel had held their applause made her nervous. She hated to admit it, but Emily really was getting her hopes up for being on the cheerleading team. If she was really good, they might even let her cheer for the football team in her first year, but she had to be truly impressive.She was ecstatic to get a callback that day, and to be told that practice started that weekend. Brad told her he knew she’d make it, and that he’d be shocked if they didn’t put her on the field with him.When the Friday before his first game finally came around, Emily rushed home. The first week of school had been crazy. She’d started all of her classes, been really successful at cheer practice and she was really hopeful that she’d make the first team and maybe cheer during one of the earlier football games. She didn’t look forward to hearing or seeing Nancy, Emily thought as she pulled in the driveway, but she was out of control excited to spend her first Friday catching up with her brother.There was no noise when he entered, no sign of her brother’s girlfriend and the house sounded pretty quiet. She heard a bowl clinking in the kitchen so she followed the sound inward.”Hey you, where’s your girl?” Emily asked”She’s not coming today,” Brad said, sounding strange.”Oh…um… is everything okay?” Emily continued, coming up behind her brother and putting a hand gently on his shoulder.”Yeah,” he said, sounding exhausted, “I don’t think either of us will be seeing her much anymore.””Oh no, I’m sorry Brad, did something happen?””Don’t worry about it Em’, I’m not. It was a long time coming.” He said, but she could tell it was wearing on him. Emily d****d herself over her brother’s muscular shoulders and she could feel him start to relax. She knew he was upset, but was desperate to do anything that would make him feel better.”How about you can pick the movie tonight? And if you’re really lucky I’ll even throw in a back-rub.”He knew she would do that anyway, but it made him smile to hear her offer. Brad always liked that Emily didn’t only talk about football with him, especially canlı bahis right before the game. She might ask a few questions about who they were playing, but she didn’t get him all anxious the way others might if he didn’t hole up at his house. It was just one more reason why he liked being around her so much.They both had work to do before they could hang out, but around the time it was getting dark and their parents would be meeting after work for their weekly dinner-date, Brad waited for his little sister in the TV room. It had been a long time since they last did this, and he was a little nervous for what might happen since their relationship had progressed.He had to keep his jaw from dropping when she came bouncing down the stairs, or rather her breasts did. Just as she promised, she was wearing the outfit that she’d tried on right before he went off to training camp months ago. Was it possible that she filled out her bra even better than before, because she certainly looked it? And the pants, hanging like they might fall at any second but for the drawstring around her waist.This wasn’t going to be easy. Now that he didn’t have the typical release of spending an hour or so with his girlfriend, spending time with his far hotter little sister seemed like it might not be as easy. It worried him even more as he watched her perfect, round breasts shudder and threaten to escape her struggling bra with each step she took down the stairs.It was nice to have his eyes on her like that again. Emily hadn’t felt so desirable since they’d last had real alone time and her brother’s gaze was more than welcome. Just being in his company, and he in hers made the two of them buzz with love for each other and excitement about being together.”Lie down over here will ya?” Emily asked after they’d been watching the movie and chatting for a while. She could tell he was tense, far more than normal and she just wanted to help.Brad obliged, sucking in a breath when he felt his hot little sister straddle him. He was truly glad to be lying face down, because the thought of her perched on top of him in that outfit was driving him nuts. She was actually quite good at massaging him, seeming to know all of the tight spots after doing it many times. Brad was finally starting to feel a lot better when she’d been doing it no more than a few minutes.At some point, when Emily was trying hard to get him in the right spots on his back, she shifted over and the back of his leg as pressing against her mound. She hadn’t meant to, it had just kind-of…happened. She couldn’t help that it felt really good. But as she moved around, pressing her hands into different spots on her brother’s muscular back, it just kept arousing her more and more.Brad had no idea it was going on either, he was in a sleepy state after how good his sister’s hands were making him feel. He heard her breathing heavier, thinking she was just exerting herself as she pressed harder on him.It never took her very long, especially not when she was really turned on; Emily should have known better. She was just sitting down harder on her brother, leaning into him to ‘get more leverage on his back,’ or so he might think. Emily didn’t know what had gotten into her, but within only a minute or two of feeling her brother’s leg pushing against her pussy and her little clit being trapped and stimulated just the way she liked it, she was lost. She had to try hard beyond measure not to make a sound, yet she couldn’t stop herself squirming.It only took a moment, and Emily managed to stay quiet. Her arousal that had built up in the time she spent apart from her brother did the brunt of the work. All it took was a little push, back and forth, of her hips and then suddenly she was clenching her legs. She bit down hard on her lip, desperate not to reveal what she’d just done and feeling embarrassed as a short but powerful orgasm took her.Brad came to when he heard his sister take a few sharp breaths atop him. He couldn’t see her face, but he would have seen her coming down from her orgasm and trying to catch her breath. Her hands weren’t doing much anymore.”Tired little s*s?” He asked.From the tone of his voice, Brad didn’t know anything. She felt guilty, but Emily thought maybe she could get off without him knowing and without experiencing any of the embarrassment.”Uh huh,” Emily lied, she lifted her hips off of him so he wouldn’t feel it if she’d gotten too wet.”What if I took a turn for a change?” Brad asked.It was the only thing Emily could think of to put her out of harm’s way, or at least her brother’s discovery.She agreed and laid down on the floor where he’d just been. After cumming, her skin was sensitive and crawling for his touch. Even when his fingers grazed her, Emily could feel it through her whole body. He started slow, and then worked his fingers into the tight spots on her shoulders. His hands felt amazing – big and strong, and a little bit rough from all his hard work.Maybe Emily didn’t know she was doing it, but Brad absolutely loved the way his little sister was letting out adorable sighs and moans when he touched her just right. Brad was probably getting just as much enjoyment as his little s*s from his touching her.He wasn’t sure why he thought it would be okay, but her bra was simply in the way. In one quick motion, Brad unclasped his little sister’s lacy top. It sprung open and revealed her back to him, and Emily quickly opened an eye to look backward at him. When he didn’t offer an explanation, she stayed quiet.The tension seemed greater then, but his hands felt even better. Brad could see his little sister’s tits spreading out from her thin frame as she lay against the floor. He wanted to touch them; he even got close a few times with his fingers. Emily was fully aware of every square inch of her body that he touched: the way his fingers daringly slipped just beneath the waistband of her sweats, or how he grasped the tops of her hips a few times like he wanted to pull her towards him. After only a few moments, both of them were totally turned on, though neither was about to admit it to each other.If Brad hadn’t seen it, they would have been totally screwed. The flash of headlights shown in the room for only a second.Their parents had walked in on them watching a movie before, even when Emily was wearing relatively inappropriate clothing. But in the position they were and with Emily’s suggestive bra unclasped, it would have looked a bit more…naughty. Emily didn’t even know what hit her before she was being scooped up and flipped around into her brother’s arms as he took two stairs at a time up to her bedroom.”Brad what th…!” Emily gasped as he manhandled her. Her hands darted to the dangling bra that she’d only just managed to hold on to. Then she was twisted around and had her legs wrapped around her brother’s wide frame before she could speak another word. As they hit the top of the stairs, she heard her parents at the door.Brad dashed into his sister’s room and then stood quietly, both of them being very still in their utterly suggestive position. Even in their haste, both siblings could intimately sense Emily’s loosely covered breasts against Brad’s chest, and she couldn’t be sure, but was something extra trapped between their hips?”k**s, we’re home!” Their mother called out as she came in.”Up here, be down in a minute!” Brad called back.When he was sure they were in the clear, it was then he flopped back onto the bed and took his first deep breath. Emily laughed first; of course she would find that funny.”Oh my god that was close!” She said, giggling.”Well we wouldn’t have to be worried if you were still wearing your bra!” Brad said righteously.[U1] “Um excuuuuse me, I wasn’t the one who took it off.” Emily said.By the time they’d reached the bedroom her bra no longer covered either of her breasts. It was still trapped between them, but looking down Brad could see the full weight of his little sister’s chest held between his and hers. They were big and hanging down slightly as she propped herself up to look at her brother. With an adorable and mischievous look on her face, she looked irresistible, perched on top of her brother with both her knees on the bed.”I didn’t mean anything by it, I was just…” he started, obviously not knowing where he was going with it.Emily smiled at him, “I know you didn’t,” she said, letting him off the hook. She wiggled her hips playfully as she said it, and Emily was almost positive she could feel her brother’s cock tucked up between their two connected hips and at least partially hard. The way it was pressing against Emily right where Brad definitely shouldn’t have been made Emily desperate to know if she was the cause or not. Whatever it was, her brother felt big.Knowing that their parents would be waiting for them downstairs, Brad spoke first, breaking the silence caused by the way the two of them lay on Emily’s bed.”You should probably cover those up,” he said, half-heartedly looking away.Emily reached for her bra and finally sat up on top of her brother. For a split second, her breasts were neither covered by her hands or her bra, and Brad must have seen, because Emily felt her brother throb against her where he was touching below. Not wanting to be captive and helpless to his beautiful sister, or so obviously showing her his affection with his growing stiffness, Brad reached up to his sister’s enticing sides. She was about to inhale deeply and let him touch her, but instead he only savored her soft skin for a second before he forcibly tossed her off of him onto the other half of the bed.”HEY!” she shrieked”Time to put some clothes on little s*s,” Brad said callously, “see ya downstairs.”And then he left. She watched him walk out, still holding her arms up to cover her breasts so he didn’t see, but a part of Emily wasn’t entirely sure she didn’t want him to.This was uncharted territory for Emily and her brother both. As they spent the rest of the night around their parents, both tried hard to wrap their heads around what was going on between them. On one hand, they were still spending time together on Fridays like they always did, laughing and conversing with the same amazing level of comfort that seemed to make Emily’s weekend. And when Brad woke up in the morning he was smiling and simply glad to have had the time with his baby s*s despite the anxiety of a big game ahead.On the other hand, both siblings had gone to bed thinking of each other in ways that they weren’t supposed to. But imagining Emily wearing even less on top of Brad than just the pair of sweatpants she had been was a dream they both shared that night, ‘supposed to’ or not.Just before the game the next day, Emily got an email that she was to attend a different cheerleading practice on Monday. She was going to be cheering on the football field at their home game in two weeks! Emily was ecstatic and wanted badly to tell her brother, but decided to let him focus and wait until after the game.There was a lot of talk about how the football team would play in their first home game. There was seemingly equal coverage of Brad and how he would perform starting his first full season. Emily was perfectly confident that he would blow the competition away.And he did… for a time. He started strong, very practiced in every play. They went into the half leading, but Emily’s dad wasn’t impressed.”He looks a little off today, don’t you think?” said her father.”You know honey, I noticed that too. What do you think is up?” Emily’s mom asked.She wracked her brain. Suddenly, Emily hoped that the way she’d teased her brother wasn’t the cause. She felt guilty all of the sudden. Perhaps it hadn’t been fair to him for her to flaunt herself like that. It was selfish. His attention made Emily feel good and she hadn’t taken him into account. It was especially bad considering Brad wasn’t with his girlfriend anymore.”Did you notice anything last night Emily?” Her mother asked.”No, not really mom. He was just as happy to be home like he usually is.” Emily assured them.And she wasn’t lying. Aside from being a bit downtrodden about breaking up with Nancy, he’d been very playful and content with her the night before.Yet, when he came out for the second half, the same rustiness seemed to be staying with him. Perhaps it was the team. Nobody seemed to be blaming Brad for the way their offense was playing, but before long they were losing. And then the fourth quarter was nearly over. And then… the whistle blew for the end of game and Brad’s team had not done enough.He was understandably bummed when they met him on the field after the game.”Sorry b*o,” Emily said compassionately, feeling him wrap his arm around her side and walk toward the locker rooms with their parents. She looked cute in her little, team t-shirt, but Brad wasn’t really in the mood to check her out just then.”Yeah… ” he said dejectedly, “I don’t know why we couldn’t pull that one out… damn.””Don’t beat yourself up too much about it, you promise?” Emily asked, looking up at him hopefully.”I won’t.” He said. “Maybe I’ll just beat you up.”That elicited a smile from his sister, but Emily could tell his heart wasn’t in it. She felt bad for him; he was probably internalizing what was just an off performance by the whole team.”See you soon?” Emily asked, “Next Friday at the latest?””…away game,” Brad sighed. “But the week after for sure.”He squeezed Emily’s side before breaking contact and saying goodbye to their parents. Emily watched him jog back to the lockers and hoped he wouldn’t be depressed about the loss for too long. She hadn’t even told him about her cheerleading spot, but that could wait until later when he might be more willing to share in her excitement.-That week went by even faster than the last. It was Emily’s second week of school and she was loving every minute of it. She only got to sit down to lunch with Brad once before he was off to the away game, and when she’d told him her news he had been so happy for her. She wished furiously, as he hugged her, that she might someday find somebody who cared about her the way Brad did.It turned out that Emily hadn’t just been brought onto the football cheerleading team, but she’d replaced someone. Of course, it had to be Nancy. And making the team wasn’t the end of it.”You know you’re going to fuck this up right?” Nancy had asked, confronting Emily on the way to class one day that week. Emily wanted nothing more than to get away from her so she just kept walking.”You don’t belong in my spot you little bitch.” Nancy spat, obviously annoyed that Emily didn’t intend to engage.”Oh and tell that second string quarterback you call your brother to enjoy being tended to by his sister instead of his girlfriend… a lotta good that’ll do him.”Emily didn’t quite understand, but she wasn’t going to let Nancy talk bad about her brother.”The only one who’s second string here is you… bitch,” Emily flung the blonde’s words back in her face, “you were NEVER good enough for him. You were just EASY.”With that Emily turned on the path and headed into the Math & Science building. It took her a few minutes to calm down, and almost half the period to stop thinking about what Nancy had said…’tending to her brother.’-The away game did not go well. This time, Brad did look bad. It was like he just couldn’t find his stride. He gave up one interception in the first half and one in the second. The rest of the team could have played much better, but they simply didn’t have that momentum that everyone had seen driven by the star quarterback. There were whispers that Brad would be replaced if he kept playing like that, but that’s all they were.There was something that Emily heard in the locker room after cheer practice one day that week that put pieces together for her. It was hard for her to believe but Nancy, whom she’d overheard, had actually made some sense.”You know why he’s playing like that?” She’d been gossiping out of sight in another part of the locker room near the showers, “because he doesn’t have me.””Oh come on,” another girl on the team, who sounded like Tamara, laughed, “I know you two had your thing, but you weren’t exactly throwing the ball for him!””Think what you want, but he’s the one who insisted that I come over on the day before the game… he said having sex helped him play better.””Yeah right,” Tamara said, “that’s a myth.””You say that, but we did it before every game last year…” she’d continued, but Emily didn’t want to hear it.No way. There was no way that hooking up with that blonde bimbo before their Friday nights together was helping her brother win.Emily kept repeating that to herself all week until Friday arrived. But at some point, she hadn’t believed it anymore. He’d always been so quick to shoo Nancy out the door on Fridays, but he HAD invited her there week after week anyway. And she was right; as far as Emily knew, her brother hadn’t been hooking up with anyone else. In fact, Emily had only succeeded in teasing her brother with her skimpy clothing, certainly not helping him get any relief. Could it really be her fault? It seemed ridiculous.And then came the next thought – far more questionable than the last. Who was going to ‘tend to her brother’ now that she couldn’t expect Nancy to do it before she came home that Friday. As far as she knew, Emily would be the only girl around, the only one Brad was technically allowed to see. He could start seeing another girl, but she knew her brother and he didn’t just start sleeping with somebody because he needed to get some ass.The thought that it might be up to Emily to… relieve him… and more so than just giving a back massage seemed crazy to her. Brad would never go for it. They were brother and sister; no way! Emily thought.But by the time she arrived home on Friday, Emily had debated with herself a thousand times about it. She’d been hinting her brother toward something for a long time, always knowing that he’d never cross the line with her. But what if she told him it was okay to? She’d sensed that he was hard that one day on her bed. She’d seen him looking. She’d felt his hands touching her back in ways a brother wasn’t supposed to after he’d unhooked her bra.. What if he wanted something and she was just being naive or self-centered. What if it was way easier than she was making it out to be.Brad could tell something was up with his sister when he got home, despite her pretending.”Do you know how excited I am to see you on the sideline tomorrow Em’?” he asked, eliciting a huge smile from his sister.The way she looked right then was how he wanted to picture her always. A big smile, flashing her teeth because she couldn’t help herself. A cute, white tank-top, comfortable little shorts and her body language telling him that she’d been waiting to see him all week. It was crazy that they didn’t see each other more often, going to the same school and all, but they were just so busy with the beginning of the school year and their respective activities. Seeing her now, with that radiating energy she carried with her everywhere she went, her perfect breasts stretching the neckline of her top, and legs that went on forever… he wondered why he didn’t find the time.”Are you ready?” he asked.”Are you k**ding,” she shot back confidently, “I was ready for this since your first game.””I knew it,” Brad said, “good because I don’t need anyone else messing up out there on the field.” he said, sounding somewhat anxious.How on earth was Emily going to bring this up? By that point, she’d imagined and even gotten excited about the possibility of doing something for her older brother that his girlfriend might have done behind his bedroom door upstairs. She’d wondered what his cock might look like in her hand, what she would do with it if she got it there. Would he find her attractive enough to get hard. Emily had felt a boy before, even had one in her mouth once when she got a little too drunk, but the thought of doing that with her brother made her heart flutter. It made her shift in her seat and feel an unexpected tingling between her thighs.Yet, she was hopelessly lost on how to propose it. It would be just for his benefit, so he could play better the next day… She only wanted to help him win…”I feel really bad,” Emily started, “I was always so mean to Nancy and now I took her spot on the team.”Emily told her brother about the day Nancy had confronted her on the quad. She conveniently left out the part about ‘tending to him,’ but he seemed impressed with his little sister’s defense.”Yeah don’t worry about her Em’, she’s probably just mad at me and taking it out on you,””For breaking up with her?” Emily asked.”Well, that… and I might have had something to do with you taking her spot.””YOU DIDN’T?” Emily cried, fearful that she hadn’t deserved the advance.”No no no!” he stopped her, “it’s nothing like that. I found out that she was intentionally sabotaging your chance of making the field team. A couple of your teammates told me she was talking shit to the coaches and voting against you for no reason.””So what did you do?” Emily asked, hanging on his words.”Welllll…I might have told the coaches that Nancy was making it personal.” Emily was squeezing her brother’s arm tightly as he leaned over the table. “I guess they agreed because pretty much the next day I found out they had replaced her with you!”Emily’s mouth was agape. She had no idea.”Don’t worry about it Em’, my spies told me that everybody wanted you on the field team and this wasn’t the first time that Nancy had created drama. Apparently it was time for her to go and they were waiting for someone talented enough to help them go through with it.””I don’t know what to say… Brad…” Emily hesitated before throwing her arms around her brother and kissing him a few times on the neck.”Thank you,” she kissed him, “thank you, thank you, thank you.”Emily giggled as her brother tried to shrug her off.”Alright already,” he said, feeling that he was liking his little sister’s kisses a bit more than he should have.If Emily thought she owed her brother something before, now she was overcome with desire to repay him. Not only had he been spending time with her on Friday nights and being the perfect brother, but there was more. He’d gone to bat for her with the cheerleading team, risked losing his girlfriend and then eventually lost her and any of the physical aspects that came with… all for his little sister. As she looked at him now, her handsome, strong and unflinchingly loving brother, Emily was enamored.Yet, it took her until hours later, when he was lying face-down in his usual spot on the carpet in the living room, before she could build up the confidence to say anything. Feeling guilty, Emily hadn’t changed into anything more revealing. Unbeknown to her, Brad had been drooling over her since the minute he’d walked in the door. But now, she wondered if she should have put something on to make him more agreeable.”Brad,” she said timidly, straddling his back. “can I ask you something?””Duh,” he joked, with his face pressed halfway into the carpet.Emily paused. Her heart had been beating faster in anticipation of this moment, but now it felt like it might explode.”I heard something… the other day…” she started.”…yeeessss?” Brad prodded”I heard some girls talking, about you…” she continued. Brad could hear the concern in her voice so he maneuvered, quite impressively, under his sister’s straddled position so he was facing her. She looked enticing with her legs spread right over his lap and her shorts bunched up even higher on her tanned legs. Brad thought immediately that he might have made a mistake now that his manhood was getting the full brunt of the eighteen-year-old’s sexiness.”…and…what did they say?” Brad felt like he was dragging it out of her.”Well, they seemed to think that you weren’t playing well because… you weren’t…” Emily hesitated again, seeing her brother look up at her impatiently.”…getting any.”Brad laughed. It was a common theory. Brad somewhat believed the sentiment himself; that’s why he’d always asked Nancy over to the house before he expected to hang out with his little sister who would inevitably be tempting him over the course of the night. Of course people at school were going to speculate that his breakup with Nancy was causing him some issues.”So what, you’re wondering if it’s true? If Nancy is the reason I’m not playing well? I bet she’s the one you heard saying that in the first place, right?”Emily paused for so long that he had to shake her hips with his hands to get her to speak.”Well yes, but that’s not it,” now for the hardest part. Again she paused.”Come on Em’, spit it out!””I thought that, maybe… you know… I could help you if you needed.”At first Brad didn’t say a word. His brain seemed to go numb with disbelief. His first reaction was to simply look at her, his gorgeous little sister, perched right on his lap. He couldn’t believe she was suggesting it, even if he’d been secretly lusting for her. What was she suggesting, that he just do what he wanted with her… take off that tiny tank-top of hers and reveal her small, naked body to him like he’d imagined. Both of them felt his cock throb beneath Emily’s seated butt.”Em… I… we…” he stuttered, “No way, we shouldn’t… I mean we can’t.”Emily had no idea what to expect. Her daydreams had all gone so much differently. One way, she’d imagined him simply flipping her over and tugging off her bottoms. She’d never had sex before, but he could fix that in one steady stroke, and she’d wanted it so bad. In another, she’d sucked on him in the kitchen right when he came in, convincing him that she needed to do it so he could win. In all of her scenarios, even now, Emily had trouble admitting that she wanted him and hoped that he wanted her too. And now it seemed that he didn’t.”I didn’t mean…I just thought that you might need it.” she said, trailing off, disheartened, into a whisper.Brad didn’t know what to say to her. He was struggling not to let the image of his little sister being on top of him in a much different way enter his mind. He worried that she could feel him stiffening through his shorts, that he would send her a different message when he needed to be simply saying no.”I’m sorry,” Emily said quietly, “I wasn’t thinking, it was stupid.”There was this long exchange where the two of them looked into each other’s eyes. In a moment that should have been uncomfortable or strange, there was a connection that they made which shouldn’t have been there after Brad’s reaction. Emily could feel that Brad was trying to do the right thing. She hadn’t fully thought through what she was asking of him. Once again she was being unfair.”I’m gonna shower before mom and dad get home,” she said after not too long, “wanna eat all of that pie mom left in the fridge before they do?” she asked, trying to lighten the mood.Brad smiled sideways, “I’ll have it ready when you get back,”With that, Emily lifted herself off her brother, not sure whether to be disappointed or glad that they hadn’t crossed a very unsteady line. She scampered up the stairs, not wanting to look back at her brother and give away that she wished he’d chosen differently, that she didn’t just want to help, she wanted him.Brad lay his head back in the same spot on the carpet. What was he thinking? He wanted her… he wanted Emily so badly. He’d spent countless nights leading up to that either falling asleep thinking about her, or dreaming of her in ways he’d feel guilty for in the morning. He’d wanted to see her naked little body, put his hands on the breasts that were incredibly generous for her frame, hold her hips as he discovered how tight she was… Now she was offering him a free pass, and he was just going to turn it down?And he knew that she had been so disappointed; that was the worst part. He kept seeing her face when he’d first said no: it had changed immediately from one of apprehension and hopefulness to complete embarrassment. How could he do that to her. She just wanted to help! He had to smooth things over at the very least.Brad didn’t know how long he lay there, but eventually he built up the courage to talk to her and practically ran up the stairs. He wasn’t thinking, opening the door behind which he’d heard the shower running in one, swift motion,”Emily I didn’t mean I don’t want you to, I just…” but then he stopped.Emily was just bending over to take off her shorts. She was wearing an incredible pair of panties, cute, purple and lacy, but only that. She was topless, and now that her shorts were off, nearly bottomless as well. Emily quickly covered her breasts with her arm, but her brother had seen them unclothed.It took him entirely too long to realize that he was staring, or that he had stopped in the middle of a sentence. He’d never seen Emily quite so revealed to him; he hadn’t been prepared. Brad’s brain searched for words, but it seemed entirely too focused on what his little sister looked like in front of him and what it made him want of her.Emily had not expected him either. She had wanted to take a shower because she simply felt… dirty after asking if her brother wanted ‘help’ and then being denied. But now he was there, he was staring at her shamelessly, and whether he knew it or not, he fully hardened in the time it took him to gather his wits.”Emily I came to tell you…” he started, watching his little sister walk towards him and stop but a foot away.”Shhhh,” she said. “you don’t have to say anything.”Emily removed her hand from her chest and watched her big brother’s eyes widen. She was giving him an uninhibited view of her breasts; she knew that he’d wanted it badly.”It’s okay Brad,” she said. He took it as permission to look at her, up and down. He took in every inch that he could see, from the beautiful tits she was baring for him, to the perfect, little pink nipples that graced them. He saw her abs, strong and smooth, the way her sides curved to her soft-yet-thin hips. He longed to know what she looked like without those adorable bottoms on, but hadn’t he come in to say something to her? At the moment it felt like he was just there to look.”It’s okay Brad,” Emily repeated, “you can touch me.” She took his hands and brought them just below her chest. He grasped her, making it clear that he didn’t expect to let go. Emily guided his hands upward over each tit before letting him do it on his own. His eyes rolled when he finally got his hands on them.Emily surprised him with a kiss. She’d leaned in while he was distracted and planted it on his lips. Firm and knowing, it lingered for a few, meaningful seconds. Upon breaking, Emily slowly bent at the knees.She held on to her brother as her knees made contact with the thick bathmat in front of the sink. Carefully, watching him, she pulled the waistband of his sweats over his cock. He did not protest.She knew he didn’t wear underwear beneath them! Emily thought victoriously. ‘But ohmygod was he more than I was prepared for,’ Emily thought. Perhaps she’d had some idea that he was big, but her brother’s cock was much more than she’d seen before. It looked like she could hold it with two hands.So she did, watching her brother intently the whole time, Emily gently moved her hands toward him. As they slid up his thick quads and lingered an inch or two away, Brad’s cock throbbed in anticipation; he needed her to touch him.That made Emily smile wide. It was comforting; he wanted her. Seeing his little sister happy to finally take hold of him, Brad felt like this was what he had truly come upstairs for.”Em'” he breathed, unbelieving that her hands were now wrapped around him.Again she smiled and held him firmly. The contented little teen slid her hands up and then down, watching how the surface of his shaft followed the path of her grip. Brad thought she was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen with the look of pure wonder and excitement on her face.A couple times she slid her hands intently back and forth. He was so warm; Emily could feel the flowing heat in his penis. Every stroke or so she could feel a throb in his cock, and by look on his face it must have felt good. The fluttering feeling in Emily’s tummy returned with intensity each second that their eyes held. Her hopes had been only temporarily dashed. It was hard to believe that she’d come this far, but clear to Emily that she was glad her brother was finally in her hands.”Am I doing okay,” Emily asked him sweetly, lovingly and wide-eyed.”God Em’, yeah… is this… are you sure…” He was never lost for words, Emily thought.”It’s okay Brad,” she assured him, “I’m just helping you for the game tomorrow. You can relax.”It was a lie, but somehow pretending it was just this once aroused both Emily and her brother. As if they could just pretend tomorrow on the field that Emily, the cheerleader, had not taken new duties to relieve the quarterback the night before.Emily had begun moving her hands around differently, she was gracing the skin around him with light touches and then testing his tip with firmer ones. Her brother flinched when she ran her palm carefully over his head and closed her fingers over it. It didn’t seem enough to her, yet it was Brad who spoke first.”Emily, ohgodEm…will you put it in your mouth?” he asked.Emily was stunned. And yet, he was used to calling the shots; it was good to know he was playing along. It made her feel sexy to hear her brother finally asking for more.Emily shook her head ‘yes.’It seemed like the right move. Perhaps he would do better, play better, tomorrow if Emily were to take his cock into her mouth. Perhaps that, or maybe he simply wanted his beautiful little sister to go a bit further. In truth, he wanted to take her up to her feet, set her on the vanity and remove her cute panties to see what she hid underneath. He could line up and ask her if she wanted to…”Oh fuck Em,” Brad let out involuntarily. She’d pushed him inward past her lips and was swirling her tongue around his tip amazingly. “your mouth feels so good s*s.”Emily would have smiled if her brother wasn’t a few inches in. She had to open her mouth wide to fit him, but the mischievous little brunette was determined to make her brother cum. She wanted to be better than his girlfriends, than anyone he’d been with before. She didn’t know that she had already surpassed that with her alluring beauty, and that being his little sister was going to bring him to orgasm even faster.Emily continued sucking on him. She couldn’t fit the whole thing in her mouth, perhaps not even half. Yet her sincere attempt had Brad wanting her more than ever. Hadn’t he been so dedicated to holding them back only minutes ago? But here he was loving every second that his little sister was stroking her hands up and down while she bobbed her mouth upon his tip, about to release.”If you keep doing that…mmmnnhh… I’m gonna cum Em,” he warned her.”Oh yeah?” she asked innocently after popping her mouth of him with a slurp.”Are you gonna cum for me Brad? Is your little sister gonna make you cum?”He could only groan. Emily leaned close and licked the head just under his tip once again, twice, sending hurtling to the edge.”Cum on my tits Brad, it’s okay brother…please, I want you to.” She said, pushing him over. He looked down at her in disbelief and deep affection and she held his gaze, not looking away for a second.The 18-year-old jerked him intently as his breaths got very heavy and then he took a single, sharp inhale. His eyes closed, and his cock throbbed perceptively against her palms. She sat up to direct him right at her youthful breasts, but not before taking the tip of her brother’s penis in her mouth right as she felt the first pump on the underside of his shaft.Emily didn’t stop moving her hands as the first shot splashed against her tongue. It was hot, plentiful and he was only just starting to release when she popped his tip out of her mouth and pointed him toward her proud teenage breasts. Each stroke elicited another pulse of his white sperm onto her chest. It was the most amazing thing she’d ever felt; Emily savored every stretch of her skin that he covered.Brad was treated with the view of his topless little sister grinning naughtily as he winced and let out the last of what she was squeezing from him. His brain, teetered on the verge of consciousness as he watched the young brunette swallow the first taste of sperm she’d daringly taken into her mouth. Emily felt as if she’d gotten everything she wanted, and the messy tops of her breasts and wet streaks of her brother’s cum up to her neck were evidence of that.God was she beautiful, and she’d been a perfect little sister, just helping out her big brother when she knew he needed it. For a moment, they simply stayed as they were, breathing heavily and taking in the forbidden sight of a little sister splashed with her brother’s cum, almost to the point of disbelief. Brad took one of Emily’s hands from his shaft and pulled her up to her pretty feet. Her other hand slid gently off of him, stimulating him one last time before falling to her side.He wanted to say how much he loved her… that he wanted her to know how good she’d done and that she could ask anything of him, even if it was to never do that again. But that wasn’t what either of them wanted, and he couldn’t say it all at once so he said it with a kiss. Pulling her face toward his, feeling her silky brown hair between his fingers, he kissed her.Was this just once? Would they wake up tomorrow and decide that it had been simply a crazy, impulsive thing that had happened and didn’t need to happen again? It didn’t feel that way when her brother’s tongue was asking permission at her lips. She gave it with the touch of her own, and for a moment they kissed like lovers… for a moment.”I better take a shower,” said Emily, pulling away from him and watching the look of surprise on her brother’s face. “I’ve got to clean off all this sticky stuff before mom and dad get home. You sure cum a lot big brother.” She finished, running a finger over one gleaming rope and the testing it against her tongue.Emily’s mother had taught her to always make a boy work for her affection. She doubted that her mom had intended her 18-year-old to use it so effectively on her brother whose spunk now covered her breasts, but nonetheless… Brad was left wanting more.”Do you think that will help Braddy?” She asked blamelessly with that nickname he’d hated until now. It sounded more like she had just finished a backrub and not sucking her brother’s cock. She let him take a good look at her before turning towards the shower.”Em, you are unbelievable…” he said, still in shock and still incredibly hard.She knew she’d done well. Everything he said, everything his eyes and body told her verified it. The proud brunette walked to the still-running water, leaving her brother there to gather his pants. As one last tease, she seductively slid her bottoms over her pushed-out butt as if she’d forgotten Brad was still in the room.”I can’t get enough of you s*s,” he said as he realized she intended for him to let her shower alone.She smiled one last time as she stood back up. Her little pink lips teased him through the darkened gap between her thighs. The room wasn’t brightly lit enough and he cursed it, wishing to truly know what Emily’s young opening looked like.”And to think…” Emily led him, “there’s so much more.”She bit the side of her pouty, bottom lip before stepping in the shower and pulling back the curtain. Brad would dream that night of what he might have done if she had invited him in.-“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Emily said into her hands which she’d placed nervously over her mouth.It was their offense’s first drive of the game and they’d advanced the football passed midfield. Brad had dropped back for a pass, and from what she could tell, it looked like he intended to throw a deep ball. He’d made a few good passes, but this one was going to be big.He faked…he dodged a tackle… and then he stepped up and planted his front foot.As Brad released the ball her heart stopped. She almost couldn’t look, but she had to. The ball soared through the air; she didn’t even know who he was passing it to. And then it came down……over two defenders… Emily gasped….right into the arms of his receiver. Much of the crowd stood, screaming. Darren, the guy who caught it, had nobody between him and the endzone. As he sprinted passed the goal line, Emily was jumping up and down, looking incredible in her cheerleader outfit and feeling it for her brother who’d passed for the first touchdown.[Today, when I score the first touchdown, I’ll only be seeing you. ]Emily had heard her phone buzz as she lay dozing Saturday morning with the sun streaming in her room. Somehow she knew it would be from her brother before she could even pick it up. It had been all Emily could think about until she saw him again on the field.When plays were going on, most of the cheerleaders were fixated on their team or favorite team members. Some of the girls were inevitably dating receivers or linebackers or even the occasional linemen if they were brave. For the first time, Emily was the quarterback’s, and the secret was all hers.Except, when the team ran by after celebrating with their receiver in the endzone, Brad had come close and pointed with the ball right at her. The other girls didn’t make anything of it, more so jealous for his unflinching attention, but to Emily it meant a lot. It was pure, like the way her teammates saw it, but in a different way. It was pure love for Brad and hope for what would come next with him.By halftime, Brad looked like a better quarterback than he had ever before. People could be so fickle: cursing him one moment and acting like he was their best friend the next. Nobody would have thought to put the first two games on Brad after time had expired. He was phenomenal.All game, Brad could feel the presence of his little sister on the sidelines. But it had focused him. He didn’t aim to prove that he had enjoyed what had happened at home the previous day, but he had anyway. It would be such a convenient excuse that Emily had led him to play his best game yet, and only with a few minutes of her time in the upstairs bathroom on her knees for her brother. He’d already looked forward to spending time with her every Friday for a year; now he had one more reason to do so if she allowed it.Emily hoped nobody could tell how wet she’d gotten over the course of the game, more each time she saw her brother score and soon after felt his eyes upon her. It connected her with his every move, every play in the game. She was slowly learning what it meant to want someone badly, she just didn’t recognize the feeling or understand how it could be so intense toward her big brother.He couldn’t do more than hug her after the game, and Emily didn’t dare whisper into his ear that she intended to blow him again before the next game; there were too many people and cameras watching. It would have to stay secret, hidden in the grin she shot him when he was escorted away by his players.”I love you,” she mouthed at him, seeing him smile as he turned away.”Oh my God will you PLEASE set me up with him?” asked her teammate Danica, throwing her arm over Emily and watching the football team walk off the field.Emily gave her friend a knowing look, “I think you’re going to have to get in line,” she said, motioning toward the tunnel and all the people, mostly girls, trying to high five or simply get a hand on the football players as they walked into the tunnel. The obvious focus of their attention was Brad, who was clueless and high five-ing everyone who reached close enough.”He’s such a punk,” Danica expressed, “he could have any one of us girls and he refuses to acknowledge anyone but you!”Emily giggled, feeling embarrassed and flattered. Danica didn’t seem to have any clue that the attention was more than innocent. Emily wondered what her teammate might say if she admitted to imagining Brad in the ways she did, let alone sucking him off.[I was watching you when I wasn’t on the field today, you’re a natural Em’!] Brad texted her at some point after the game.-You should be focusing on your team, not me!-[Well then you shouldn’t be wearing that ridiculous uniform! How am I supposed to focus my eyes downfield when my little sister is wearing almost nothing on the sideline?]-Oh shut up! You’re exaggerating-[Maybe a little. What are you doing right now?]-Um…sitting in the locker room, in my towel. The girls are planning what bar to go to tonight.-[Tell me you’re not thinking about going with them!?]The cheerleaders were known for dressing up as sexy as they could and descending on bars in a pack. Everybody got excited when they’d show up, mostly guys just hoping to take one home. The thought worried Brad to no end.The way Brad was texting her made Emily feel giddy. Sitting there in nothing but her towel, she felt secretive and loved, knowing every girl in the room would have liked to be in Emily’s position but only she was receiving attention from her wonderful brother.-Actually… Danica got me a fake so I think they’re expecting me to go…-[Damn that girl! Alright where are you going, because that’s where we’re going.]-Are you trying to keep an eye on me?? It sounds like that Irish bar on 5th St, Flannery’s or something?-[Oh God. Okay, And yes…two eyes. I’m gonna try and get the guys to go there.][Promise me you’ll keep an eye on your drink at that place, okay? I’m probably not the only one who saw how good you looked out there today]His compliments and protectiveness made her smile. Emily almost felt as if she didn’t deserve to be treated so well by him, but she wasn’t complaining. As the excited teenager got ready to go out that night, there is only one person she hoped would appreciate all the effort she was putting into her make-up and outfit.”Holy shit,” one of Brad’s linemen, Cole Hansen, said grabbing his shoulder suddenly, “the girls are here.”He knew bahis siteleri who Cole meant, and sure enough, the cheerleading team was walking through the doors one by one, each of them more seductively dressed than the last. Brad almost hoped he would not see his little sister walk through that door. And when she did, he knew his worries had been justified.She wasn’t wearing the most edgy outfit of her teammates, but Brad wondered if everybody saw what he did. It didn’t matter what she was wearing, because Emily had this incredible glow to her. Maybe it was just him, but it seemed like the whole place got quieter when she walked in.She had on a blue top, loose and with a pattern like the surface of rippling waves that hung from two thin cords over her shoulders. It stopped just below the top of her shorts, which were what Brad couldn’t tear his eyes from. They were this tiny white pair that came just higher than usual with three buttons looking like they were struggling to hold on. Obviously, they barely made it lower than her butt, drawing his eyes between his sister’s thighs and the daydream of what might be underneath.He watched the young brunette walk in and look around. She stood up on her toes to see over the crowd, showing more of her cute stomach to him while she searched expectantly. Emily’s eyes gleamed when they found her brother’s; she could tell he had seen her first.”Hey!” She said when she walked over to him, “how come you just let me stand there looking around like a dummy!””Maybe because I couldn’t believe what you were wearing! How am I supposed to relax with my little sister walking around looking like that?”Emily smiled apprehensively, “what’s the matter, you don’t like it?”Brad’s raised eyes and the way he’d placed his hand on Emily’s back momentarily, so that they felt his warm hand against her bare side, answered her question instead. Both of them had had a little to drink before getting to the bar; they had to be careful.”Don’t worry big brother, my Friday’s are already taken…” she said only to him.Emily knew she couldn’t spend the night hovering around her brother. In truth, it was kind of exciting to Emily to talk to another boy and wonder if her brother had seen. Whenever she looked his way, a girl seemed to be throwing herself at the quarterback, but when Emily caught her brother’s eye she knew he was focused elsewhere.They hadn’t only shared that one encounter in the bathroom. It felt now like everything was connected: their many years growing up, the Fridays they’d spent together for years now… Even this trip to the bar was a part of a long and significant relationship that confused Emily and yet left her excited for what might come next. Brad could see what he wanted, she was standing right across the bar from him, but he needed to be gentle, to respect her and be ready if she drew a line he couldn’t cross.At one point in the night, the slightly intoxicated teenager had made her way back over to her brother and his friends. A whole group of football players stood around both of them. It was nice to feel her brother close by her side as the team pretended they weren’t gawking at her. And though Brad felt protective of his pretty little s*s, he also had this pang of pride that struck him as he saw each guy entranced by her presence.They only got a moment or two to themselves, and even then Brad couldn’t say what he wanted to, or touch her hips or sides with his hand to express the way she was affecting him. It was so new to him, feeling utterly desirous of Emily. Seeing her now, so incredibly attractive in that top and tiny white shorts, Brad wondered if anyone would blame him for being so fixated on her and what was happening between them, regardless of the fact that they were brother and sister.It was a pretty amazing night, always better when Brad had his little sister by his side, and always a little less bright when she wasn’t.”I think I’m gonna go,” Emily yelled to one of her friends over the loud music.”Oh really? I was kinda thinking the same thing!” her friend Claire said as she looked around and relayed the message to her teammates. Like Brad had said before, they always moved in a pack.Emily was somewhat disappointed. She had thought maybe, just maybe, she could convince Brad to take her home. She would have played the “I’m drunk and you need to take care of your little sister,” card. Maybe something could have happened during the car ride home, or when they stopped to drop Emily off at her dorm.But it was not to be. Brad looked disappointedly over the crowd as Emily mouthed, ‘BYE’ at him on her way out with the rest of the cheerleading team ushering her along. The pack had moved quick. Again, Brad was left wanting more. Emily spent the cab ride home wondering if any of the girls hanging on him would succeed in bedding him. A possessive, selfish part of her hoped that she’d dressed seductively enough to be the only one her brother would remember.–Away game this week…- Emily texted her brother during class on Wednesday.[I know. I always hated not spending Friday at home during these.]-Me too.- Emily quipped. -But I’ll be with you this time!-Brad had almost forgotten, the cheerleading team travelled to away games! But that didn’t necessarily improve anything: Brad had managed to sneak a few minutes with Nancy alone on away weekends, but they’d also been seen a few times and got away with it because well… they weren’t brother and sister.[Too bad they keep us on kind of a tight leash, not a lot of alone time.]-Why would we need that? 🙂 – Emily texted back. She secretly loved that he was expecting something.[I guess I’ll just have to miss out on the backrub.]He was avoiding the real reason they might need to be alone.[Which is unfortunate because I thought you might like one too.]Or maybe he wasn’t!Emily wondered that many times before she was on the bus to the away stadium on Friday morning. They didn’t really get a chance to talk or text between then; Brad was probably really busy getting ready for the game that weekend. It was supposed to be a bit more challenging when they played on the road.Brad was beginning to worry that his little sister, and his now-ex-girlfriend had spoken the truth: that he didn’t play as well without someone else ‘helping him out’ before the big game. He’d tried doing it himself, and he probably would that night, but it definitely wasn’t as good as seeing his 18-year-old little s*s knelt in front of him and innocently bobbing her head on him ‘just to help.’Nancy hadn’t put that thought in his head, but she was definitely making him concerned about it. He was lying awake in bed next to his slumbering lineman Cole when he heard a keycard unlock the hotel room with a couple beeps.Brad waited a moment in the dark, hearing very quiet footsteps and then sensing weight being put on the end of the bed. He almost panicked and turned on the light, but when he saw Emily’s face climbing up toward him Brad let out a sigh of relief.Emily quickly climbed under the covers with him. He didn’t know it, but her pajama pants were lying in a heap by the door. He certainly felt her bare legs as she got on top of him and intentionally pushed her mound against his hips. Both of them felt Brad’s cock respond immediately.”Hey! How did you get in here?” Brad asked excitedly but as quietly as he could.”I have my ways…” Emily whispered. In truth she’d simply batted her eyes at the guy at reception and told him she’d lost her room key.She was being really forward, Brad thought. He couldn’t see her but he could feel her body and she wasn’t wearing much. What’s more, Emily was also gently wiggling her hips around and all that separated his hardening cock and her untouched little pussy was a few layers of fabric.”I’ve been thinking about you,” Emily said, causing another throb below.”I haven’t stopped for a second since last Friday…” Brad said.They were both talking so quietly; it felt naughty and secretive and there was no denying that both Emily and her brother were aroused.”I know you’ve gotta sleep,” she said, “I just thought maybe you’d like it if I came over before you got your beauty rest.””You were right,” Brad whispered back immediately, feeling like he couldn’t take the motion of his little sister’s hips on his lap without doing more. “Oh god Emily,” he breathed, knowing her little quim was set right on top of his erection.”I’ll try to make you cum quickly, okay?” Emily asked. Brad didn’t answer; that wasn’t necessarily what he wanted. Truthfully he wanted her to just stay there on top of him and let him feel her up like they were high school lovers, though Emily wasn’t far from that. But they hadn’t touched each other like that before; Brad wasn’t sure she’d be okay with it.Whether he would get that opportunity or not, Emily quickly maneuvered herself around and was no sooner turned around and facing his upturned hardness than he was ready for her to put it in her mouth.She was so determined. Right away Emily tugged his waistband down so she could take her brother’s cock to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and touched it teasingly to his head. Her hands held him firmly while she lapped at him, and before long Emily was taking an inch or more past her lips.It didn’t take long for Brad to realize that his little sister had left herself in a vulnerable position. There wasn’t much light in the room, but he could see the rambunctious brunette’s behind and simple pair of white cotton panties staring him in the face.Emily was just attempting to take more of her big brother’s cock in her mouth when she felt it.”Unhhhh…” she accidentally moaned.Both of them halted and spent a few seconds of terror waiting for the sleeping roommate to snore again. When it came, Emily sighed in relief, only to find herself fighting not to make another sound immediately thereafter.Her brother had quickly pulled her panties aside and run his tongue pointedly across her clit and taut lips. Brad thought he’d never taste something so sweet. Emily had been wet since the moment she’d decided to sneak into her brother’s room, though she hadn’t dreamed he’d be licking her young slit like he was now.She had to try to go on. It was so hard to keep licking her brother and sucking on as many inches as she could fit in her mouth when he began to lap at her pussy again and again. He’d never enjoyed giving oral to a girl so much as he did his little sister; Brad’s hands had slid over her tiny butt and grasped her hips to pull them towards him. Then one of his hands moved to thumb Emily’s clit and it was clear she would orgasm in no time.Emily had to give up sucking on her brother, but he didn’t care at all because the obviousness with which his sister’s body was showing her arousal had him sucking and licking at her clit like he was on a mission. His sister’s hips began to quiver in his hands and her tight little tunnel was saturated with her sweet fluids.Emily collapsed forward onto the bed. She’d buried her face into the mattress to stifle her moans. Brad didn’t care if his roommate had heard. It was too dark for him to know who the mysterious visitor was. If his little sister had to wake up his roommate because she was cumming too hard to contain herself, so be it. Luckily he didn’t seem to be awake anyway.”Oh my God,” she whispered to him. She’d crawled around after her orgasm trailed off to kiss him for making her feel so good.”You weren’t supposed to do that Brad!” she scolded him, “I’m supposed to be the one helping you.””I know…” Brad relented, “but you were right there in front of me and I had to do it.”Emily kissed him on the lips. “I haven’t ever cum so quickly, you are really good at that!””But we still need to take care of you. What do you want?” Emily asked, then narrowed her eyes admonishingly at him when she saw his imagination running wild, “…within reason.””Lay down.” Brad directed her.Emily apprehensively complied. She didn’t know what to expect when he got like this, but it turned her on to no end. Soon Emily was laying down and watching as her brother got on top of her. It made her nervous; she was worried that he would want to have sex with her. Did she want to? Would she be ready? Would it hurt?”Do you want me to take these off?” Emily asked. Brad nodded, leaving his little sister wondering what he had in mind. “We’re not going to have sex, are we?”Brad smiled lovingly, “No Emily, I was just going to kinda rub against you. I’m not gonna last very long.” Emily smiled with a sigh, not exactly sure that she was relieved. Her brother helped her pull the very wet pair of underwear off until she was totally bottomless.”Fuck Em’!” Brad whispered to her after he looked at her bare pussy. Again it was dark in the room, but he could see her tiny lips were totally smooth and bare. “You’re really pretty down there too.”Emily shrugged, totally bashful to hear her brother compliment her about it but crazy about him that he had. Knowing that Brad was the first to see her young pussy made Emily indescribably happy. And the look on his little sister’s face was even cuter when she felt Brad’s cock actually touch her bare skin. ‘Oh my god,’ she thought, it was so close to the real thing. They couldn’t do that! She was so conflicted, and then her brother wiggled his cock against her clit.Emily twitched as she felt her brother’s head on her. Soon he was moving more deliberately, a couple of inches at a time sliding against her soaked pussy. It was quiet enough that they could hear the sound it made when his shaft glided between her lips.The little brunette was totally at her brother’s mercy. She knew that if he wanted to, he could just change the angle of his approach and push his cock into her opening. What if he did… if he didn’t ask for permission and just fucked her… She would be so mad at him, but then… maybe not.Emily hadn’t expected it to feel so good, but knowing her brother was totally in control and they were so incredibly close to engaging in the most sincere form of i****t made Emily’s whole body buzz. Apparently her big brother agreed, because she could feel him wince in pleasure each time he slid his cock against her.She was so beautiful. Brad’s little sister let out the quietest pants and cries each time his head pried at her clitoris. She had on a thin cotton top, wrinkled around her waist and bottomless below. Her cheeks were flushed. She’d only just cum a moment before and it seemed from the quaking of her abdomen that she might again. It had just seemed right, that Brad would finish by only ‘pretending’ to have sex with Emily. It wasn’t so bad if he only touched her from the outside; it was only i****t if he pushed into her.Knowing he was so close to fucking his little sister excited Brad intensely. The head of his cock was so near her virgin opening and he was about to cum. With one hand on his shaft and the other holding her hips firmly in place, Brad prepared for the inevitable. In one last effort, he dragged his tip up and down firmly against Emily’s lips and felt his muscles tighten.Sperm shot from his head directly onto his little sister’s clit. His tip was perfectly aligned and rubbing her sensitive little nub directly. The added warmth, the forbidden nature of her brother’s cum and his penis touching her pussy was too much for Emily. Brad saw her hands grip the sheets on both sides of her body while he spurted out another stream of cum. Emily needed to cry out, she couldn’t take another orgasm so soon.To silence her, Brad brought his face to hers and kissed her. Trying to keep her mouth from springing open in pleasure, Brad felt her moan into his kiss. Each time he urged his tip against her mound, another rope of spunk coated the outside of her young, virgin pussy.Emily felt her brother slide lower after the first few streams came from his cock. It seemed like he was lined up with her tiny opening. She knew it to be true when she felt him pump his cum right upon her. Emily’s eyes opened wide, and Brad found them as he urged his hips forward just enough to feel his tip sealed against her lips. Emily could not believe her brother would do something so daring, or that it excited her so much. Her body quaked when she felt him shoot cum right between the lips his cock was threatening to pry apart.It was like he was testing her, testing the limits of what she might allow. Seeing her brother lost to such recklessness and risk gave her the most victorious feeling. As the very last of his cum trickled from his tip and right upon her entrance, Emily was as content as could be.She’d only gone to his room to give him a quick blowjob before the game. She wanted him to play well, to do for him what had so obviously helped in the last game. But now she lay on the bed, under the heavy weight of her big brother, feeling his spent cock against her thigh and the warm, messy cum that he’d deposited on, and probably some just inside her pussy.”You said you weren’t going to put it inside me,” she repeated to him,”I didn’t!” Brad whispered back.”Well you got really close!” Emily said, chastising him.”I’m sorry Em’, I guess I just got carried away.””I’ll say,” Emily said, stroking his hair behind his ears. “It’s okay, I liked it.”She could feel the white remnants coating her unprotected mound; that certainly added to the naughtiness. Even though she was on birth control, she hadn’t really considered the risk of it. Her mother told her that it was always important to use a condom; were they flirting with danger by what they had just done? Their mother would probably care less about not using a condom than the other part. Emily started to understand why Brad might have squirted all his sticky cum on her pussy: thinking about how forbidden that was made Emily want to do it again.”You made me cum twice!” Emily whispered excitedly. “That wasn’t part of the deal either!””Well then you shouldn’t wear such a cute pair of underwear like that and think I won’t want to have more.”Emily giggled mischievously. Her brother was exposing a sexy, nefarious side of her that surprised her more every day.”I gotta go you big lug,” she said, trying feebly to push him off of her.Brad rolled to his side and both of them looked at Emily’s glistening pussy at the same time. There was shiny white all over it: on her mound, clit, in the little slit between her lips. It looked just like it might if Brad had simply urged his cock inside of her and shot his cum there instead. Emily was pretty sure she was hoping for that next.She quietly climbed out of bed, giving her big brother a quick kiss on the lips before she did.”Have a good game, big brother.” She said, lingering only an inch from his face.Emily looked down one more time and then back up at him with an utterly mischievous look on her face, finally shimmying her panties back up to cover what she and her brother had done. She turned to give him a short glance at her backside with a naughty smile. Brad was awe-struck, spent and totally in love as he watched her go. The door soon opened and he was left to his thoughts, thoughts entirely devoted to Emily.-Just as she expected, Brad played perfectly the next day. He was getting better; everyone said so. Emily was not even sure that was possible, but she didn’t know that much about football. From the looks of things, Brad was doing everything right. At the third quarter their team was up one touchdown and not at all willing to give up the lead. He looked so good. He was strong and practiced, and every time he took off his helmet she loved how he looked with sweat across his brow and his hair all disheveled.Sometime in the fourth, there was a drive that put the offense close to the cheerleading team. Emily had been watching her brother all game, and the closer they got, the more excited she felt.Brad had the ball on third down and he ended up keeping it and running upfield. She loved it when he did that; he was so fast! The play took him right toward the sideline and he got the first down before being tackled out-of-bounds right in front of the cheer team. Some of the girls screamed as Brad’s helmet came off in the hard tackle and they jumped out of the way to avoid getting bowled over by the two laboring athletes. Emily stayed put and her big brother ended up close enough for her to help him up. She felt daring.Doing her best to help her brother to his feet and getting in close she spoke into his ear. Everyone else just assumed she was encouraging him; only Brad and his sister knew what she said.”Next time…” she breathed into his ear, “I want you to fuck me.”Someone else was handing her brother his helmet and Emily had only a second to catch his gaze. Brad’s eyes got so wide she thought he might faint. He almost did, too, until one of his teammates clapped him on the back and told him to shake off the tough tackle. Nobody suspected a thing. But Brad scored the next touchdown with a clear mind; he was going to finally fuck his beautiful little sister.-“I don’t think I have to beat into you boys what an important game this is,” Brad’s coach said in practice early the next week. “You all signed up for this. I know you’ve seen the rankings. You’ve read what they’re saying.”Brad was ready. This could end up being his best year, with the best combination of guys he could hope to play with. Everything was going right, and he wasn’t about to mess things up. After the coach spoke they joined hands and chanted before breaking to hit the showers.He got to see his little sister that week. She’d just gotten back from cleaning up after cheer practice and she was drying her hair with a towel when he knocked on her dorm room door. She was happy as always, excited that her big brother had come to visit her in the dorms. All the other girls went gaga over him when they saw him in the halls. It felt like he was all hers.”Hey troublemaker,” Brad said as he picked her up with only one arm when he walked in the room. Emily could feel his big chest as he squeezed her against him; even his arm felt hardened around her waist.”Oh hey Deb, what’s going on?” Brad said to Emily’s roommate. He tried to look excited to see her, but he’d actually been hoping to be alone with Emily. Deb said hello to her brother and fumbled over her words as she asked Brad about the upcoming game.”I’m putting this one all on the cheerleader’s actually,” Brad said, watching his little sister roll her eyes, “if they do a good job this week, we’ll all be just fine.”Deb laughed while Emily shot her brother a sideways look. She wondered if he was talking about something else, and even though he was being a bit presumptuous, she knew she had promised him something.Brad had to be careful not to be too obvious about how hot he found his little sister in just a thin top and shorts. She had planned to spend the night in studying. At the moment she was wondering what her big brother might have planned for the evening, showing up at her dorm room unannounced. Technically, they hadn’t discussed engaging in any of their extracurriculars on days other than the Friday before a game. Maybe he wanted more than that?Apparently, her roommate wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to spend time with the school quarterback, even if both he and Emily were wondering what might happen between them if Deborah had left. It was okay though, the three spent about an hour chatting and laughing out loud. Emily simply couldn’t spend enough time with her brother, and she was ensnared by his blue eyes and how often they found her as they talked. He had such an endearing quality about him; both Deb and Emily felt totally at ease.”See ya Friday s*s?” Brad asked as he gathered his things to leave.”You bet loser,” Emily promised.On his way out, Brad flicked his fingers once and caught his sister on her plump little butt cheek. Emily shrieked and pushed him out the door before shutting it behind her and rubbing the stinging spot where his fingers had touched.Deborah looked surprised and totally jealous, “do you know how lucky you are?” she asked, apparently not making much of it.”Are you k**ding,” Emily asked, “he’s been doing that since we were just k**s. I hate it!”But in truth she didn’t really hate it anymore. In truth, she craved every time Brad touched her now, worried it might be too long before he found one reason or another to put his hands on her. She was nervous, no terrified about what she thought might be coming Friday when she and her brother were alone at home. But at the same time, it was all she could think about, and it aroused her to no end.When Friday came, Emily got dolled up as much as she possibly could before she left for home. She wore the tiniest pair of soft, blue shorts she owned, a gray tank-top that fit her snugly without a wrinkle… the works. She had a naughty thought in her head that he might not be able to control himself and just attack her when she walked in the door.Emily was on autopilot; she didn’t even remember getting in the car. Would it hurt? Would he fit? What if her brother didn’t like how she felt? What if he didn’t want to? A million thoughts were rolling through her head when she pulled in the driveway.At some point when Brad was sitting on the couch waiting for his little sister to get home, wondering what might happen with her when she did, he heard a commotion in the front yard. Hearing what sounded like a bunch of screaming, he quickly darted to the front door. A whole group of girls was crowded in the front drive around someone. As they picked her up, all of them laughing excitedly, he saw that his little sister was getting carried, fighting to a party bus by the rest of her cheerleading team.He’d heard about it, but never knew when the ‘hazing’ took place. Apparently they went to every bar in town and made the new girls cheer on top of the bars and tables. He was happy for Emily, knowing she’d remember this for a long time, but it was bittersweet. He’d only caught a glimpse of her but Brad’s little sister looked incredible, and he was wondering if she’d gotten all cute just for him. He thought maybe tonight could have been the night that…”shit,” he said aloud, defeated.-Brad I’m so sorry…- Emily texted her brother when she got a chance on the bus.[Don’t be. Have a ton of fun.]She wondered if he was mad at her; she’d promised him something and now she was headed in the complete opposite direction of her amazing brother.[I’m gonna be just fine s*s. I mean I’m going to give your captain a ton of shit about taking my sister away from me on my Friday night but…]She felt so bad. He was probably relying on her, worried about his game the next day, and maybe he really did need to cum to play better the next day.-I’ll get home as soon as I can Brad, I just don’t know how long that will be-[EM REALLY. Please don’t worry about me. Just look extra pretty on the field tomorrow, promise?]-I promise, but I’m coming home tonight. I’ll wake you up…-Both of them had really hoped that was true, but something told Brad he wouldn’t be seeing the little brunette that night. From what he heard, the girls got pretty rowdy until early evening and then they stayed at someone’s house for the night having an incredibly girly sleep-over. He fell asleep knowing that he’d be waking himself up the next morning and Emily lay awake on her sleeping bag wishing she could be with her brother.-“I don’t know if it’s the competition, the weather, or something else Jim, but I’m not sure these guys can keep up today…” said the announcer as the first half of the game was nearing its end. Brad’s team was down 17-0 and none of the plays they were running seemed to be working.”I agree Phil,” said the other announcer, “the defense looks scrambled, but furthermore quarterback Brad Eldridge just can’t seem to find an open man. They are really going to need to make some adjustments in the locker room if they want to turn this game around.”The whistle went off and Brad was left holding the football all the way on the other end of the field. He went over to his sideline and ripped off his helmet, tossing it away in total frustration.They were good. He’d give them that. His receivers could only get open for a second and he was lucky if he saw it, Even then it seemed Brad was getting tackled before he could get the pass off every other play. He was lucky to have held on to the ball in the first half.Everybody was running into the locker room, but not with the same energy that they had been during their previous games. The team felt off, sluggish, and they had no points to build on coming out for the second half.Their coach didn’t have a lot to say. He drew a few plays on the board and called out different players to try to make adjustments. They all knew what they needed to do: work harder, shake it off and focus. Run the plays the way they’d practiced. They could do this.Brad had been in halftime locker rooms like this before. After the coach spoke the guys would mostly sit in silence or talk in groups about what they were planning to do. Nobody needed to talk today, apparently, and Brad needed to get some space.”I just need a few minutes coach, that alright?” Brad asked.His coach had a few words for him and then shoved him off towards a door that led to a different area of the locker room. When the games got tough, Brad would retreat to the band manager’s office in a quiet part of the facilities. He’d shut the lights off and just be quiet for the ten or twenty minutes he had before the second half. Dropping his shoulder-pads on the desk he sat back in the chair and closed his eyes.Emily knew where to find him. In one of the nights they’d spent curled up on the couch together talking, Brad told her about his funny routine. She imagined him sitting there in the dark, totally still and catching his breath; he was usually never able to sit still.Somehow, she’d managed to slip away when the opposing band usually took the field. She might catch hell for it later, but for some reason Emily felt like her brother might really need her.’Who the hell is that,’ he thought as he heard a hand on the doorknob to the tiny office. He saw the flash of yellow in her skirt and knew instantly that his little sister had come; she was the only one who could know where he’d be.”Emily what are you doing here!” He expressed. Not only was nobody else allowed in the locker room at halftime, but she was probably taking a real chance she wouldn’t be able to stay on the cheerleading team for disappearing.”Shhh…” she said, shutting the door as soundlessly as possible. Brad wasn’t sure he could handle her right now. His head was spinning and full of a million things he needed to be worried about. When he saw her in that freaking uniform, he thought he might explode.There was nowhere else to sit in the room, and it suited Emily just fine. She made a line right for her brother and sat down in his lap, facing him.”Emily… the game… I gotta…” he started.Brad’s words were quickly stifled by his sister’s lips. Emily took his face in her hands and held him tight as she kept her lips pressed to his with intent. She stayed that way until she felt his upper body relax. His matted hair pressed against her forehead, damp with sweat. She slowly moved her hands to his hair and felt it between her fingers, pulling back. Brad’s mind was beginning to quiet.”Brad,” she said, calling for his attention, “look at me.”He opened his eyes, he’d been focusing on the feeling of his little sister’s hands in his hair.”It’s okay,” she spoke softly to him, “relax.”Slowly she began dragging her fingers back and forth in his favorite spot behind his ears. Every time she did it, Brad could feel his body letting go of another hit, another botched pass.When Emily was sure that he was really letting go, she decided he needed more. Reaching her hands over her head she quickly pulled off her uniform top and bra all at once. Dim light showed through the blinds in the window as Emily’s breasts shook free of the top. When Brad opened his eyes again, his beautiful little sister was topless and sitting in his lap. She immediately took his hands and put them on her bare, ample breasts.He followed her lead like a wide-eyed c***d. His mind was empty but for the feeling of her, and Emily knew that was exactly what he needed. She cooed as she felt her big brother massage each breast with his palm slowly, longingly. Emily knew it was not how they were supposed to be touching each other, how they were supposed to be kissing each other and she certainly wasn’t supposed to do what she did next.Sliding off of him, hands grazing his biceps, Emily got to her feet. Her brother was watching with a totally dependent wonder in his eyes. He could only stare as he saw his little sister shimmy to remove the tight spandex under her uniform skirt. Seconds later she was pawing at the ties in his pants and tugging the dirty pads down far enough to spring him free.They both held their breath and stared into each other’s eyes as Emily moved to sit back in her brother’s lap. He gasped as he felt her bare mound come into contact with his cock again. He wasn’t fully hard, but when she sat down on him he quickly became it.She kissed him again, inviting him to put his hands back on her and simply follow her lead. Brad was wondering what she was planning as she moved her hips and pushed her brother’s cock firmly against her quickly moistening quim. She rubbed him there with her hand feeling his shaft get harder and harder as she stroked him between her hand and her gyrating hips.Everything was happening all at once. Both siblings were simply reacting: Emily to her brother’s need for her and Brad to the way the teenager was controlling everything around him. Even his hands were where she’d placed them; but then… god did he love her perfect tits.”Emily what are you…” Brad begged of her, feeling his little sister sit up on top of him. He could have been fine if she’d just kept sliding her sweet little pussy up and down on his bare cock.Emily put a finger to her brother’s lips. “Shhhh…” she said, hovering just above him, “just let me… unhhhh…”They’d felt it simultaneously. Brad’s tip was suddenly right at his little sister’s entrance and both of them were hypnotized by the forbidden contact.The face that Emily made next was one that Brad would take with him for the rest of his life. His mouth opened and his hips flexed as Emily did the unthinkable. She lowered herself until Brad’s head pried past her lips.She stopped moving, even their pounding hearts seemed to pause for an instant as Emily’s tiny quim allowed Brad inside. She hovered there, trembling like a leaf as she experienced being fucked, even if only by her brother’s tip, for the first time in her life. ‘It’s your brother’ her brain warned her, ‘it’s your own brother!’ And it was the most incredible feeling she’d ever known.So, after pressing her lips to her brother’s without a thought, Emily lowered herself some more.Brad’s ears filled with the sound of the unknowing brunette’s cry as she felt the pain of losing her virginity to her brother. Her gasp brushed his ear with a warmth that made the hairs on the back of his neck tremble He was inside her; there was no denying it. Brad could no longer protest, and he wouldn’t have dreamt of it. She too had her mouth agape and her eyes searching his for some kind of comfort as she adjusted to only an inch or so of her brother’s cock.Brad moved his hands to his little sister’s hips, softly sliding them down and trying to distract her from the moment.”OhgodBrad…” she gasped. “Fuck…”She tried to move more, but she needed another moment. In only a matter of minutes she’d found her brother in the room and now she had his big cock an inch or so inside her… she wanted more.”Em are you oka…unhhhhh…” he started to say when she let herself slide as far down as she could go.There was no way she could express how full she felt with her brother’s cock buried almost all the way inside her. Emily tried to kiss her brother, but she ended up merely crying and moaning into his mouth. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen her do, and it was only the very first time she’d felt a cock, her brother’s cock, all the way inside her.”So big…” she breathed, “you’re so big Brad…”Brad held her tight as she let her tunnel slowly accommodate his invading rod.”You’re inside me…” Emily told him as much as she told himself, “OhhhBrad… I’m not a virgin anymore.”Emily was obviously deriving pleasure from it, the knowledge that her brother had taken her cherry, or rather she’d given it to him.”Does it feel good Brad?””God yes… ohEmily,” Brad spoke softly to her as he felt the cute teen lifting her hips again. It was all so much. He couldn’t believe that he was sitting there in the locker room, fifty feet or less away from his team and fucking his little sister. He knew it had to be true as the incredibly tight brunette dropped back into his lap.She moaned, tensed and then tried to relax, taking another few seconds with their hips connected to adjust before withdrawing again.Brad wanted it to go on forever. Little by little, Emily was lifting and lowering herself faster onto her brother’s cock. He pawed at her body, holding her breasts and then dragging his nails across her bare back as it undulated on top of him.Knowing they didn’t have much time, Emily bit her lip and humped her big brother faster. The pain was going away, but not entirely. She still felt so unbelievably full each time her mound came into contact with Brad. So Emily held tight to his shoulders, almost digging her nails into them as he penetrated her each time. Not only was he so big but he was reaching so deeply inside her that Emily wondered if it was her cervix that she could feel his engorged tip prodding against on each thrust into her.She hugged his shoulders tighter, thrusting her tits together. She could feel the dampness from the hard work in his first half between his pecs, the scent of his sweat turning her on as she realized she was now the cliche’d cheerleader fucking the quarterback. Her breasts shook, her abs rippled and Brad was utterly mesmerized by the gasps and whimpers escaping his little sister’s mouth. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and getting messier each time she dropped onto him and felt his cock impale her. All too soon, Brad felt like he was going to cum.”Emily, you gotta… you gotta stop,” he warned her worriedly, “I’m close.”Emily pulled him with her tiny hand on his chin so he was looking right into her eyes. She only paused a second before wordlessly sinking back into her brother’s lap. He knew what she intended to do, and it floored him.”It’s okay Brad,” she whispered, “you can cum in me…uhhh… I’m on the pill.”Even though she knew they shouldn’t, Emily couldn’t think of another way…she didn’t want to. So she kept working her hips up and down and sliding her brother’s cock into her tiny opening. She realized that he mustn’t have known that his little sister was using birth control when he had squirted cum on and sort-of in her pussy a week ago. The thought that he had carelessly done so would make her giggle when she thought of it later, her brother could be so reckless sometimes.Emily stared at him, gyrating her hips in such an incredible way that Brad knew he was done for. Watching the naked little teenager thrust and flex to ride him with determination, Brad was soon there.She could see it in his face. His body tensed and his face grimaced. Brad gasped and tried not to let go; cumming inside his little sister was more than he had imagined at that point. But Emily was not going to get off him in time. She’d never intended to.”Oh Brad… that’s it…cum for me b*o…cum in your little sister’s pussy” Emily said, quaking when she felt his cock pump the first of its contents into her.She sat down hard on him, wiggling her hips as best she could while keeping him fully buried inside her virgin pussy. Steadily, she could feel his cock throb, each time followed by another flood of heat inside her womb. Her brother was cumming inside her, and from what she could tell he was cumming a lot.Brad groaned over and over as his little sister moved in his lap relentlessly. His mind was empty, taken over fully by the feeling of filling his baby s*s with cum. He held tightly to her soft little butt, keeping her planted there as he came, each throb of his cock emitting more sperm into the eighteen-year-old beauty. His mind felt overcome with sensation as the reasons to have stopped long ago lost the battle to impulse. It mattered not, she felt too good for it to be wrong, and he didn’t know it but Emily was beyond blissful to feel his spunk charging her young pussy.How long had it been: five minutes? ten minutes? more? Emily knew that they didn’t have forever, but her brother was holding her so tenderly, still hard and lodged inside her.”That was…Emily…” her brother said, drawing a smile across his sister’s face, “you are the most wonderful girl I’ve ever…”He was still recovering. Emily spoke for him, “…fucked?” she asked adorably.”No,” he said, smiling with her, “that I’ve ever known…seen…I don’t know. I just love you so much Em’.”Emily teased him by lifting her hips a little and realizing how sensitive he must have been when he winced.”I think you came a lot in me,” she told him, “I can feel it, like… everywhere.””I didn’t mean to… I couldn’t…””Shhh…” she quietened him again, “I knew you were going to.””But that wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. Last night I was gonna…””Brad, I told you,” she stopped him again, “relax…” she ran her hands through his hair again.”Go out there and win for me,” she instructed him, “and then you can fuck me tonight the way you want to.”Those words burned in Brad’s skull. They lingered there as Emily stood up, finally slipping her brother’s cock out of her with a curious gaze at their junction. White, potent sperm peeked out from between her tiny lips. It slid down her leg as Emily hurried her brother to stand up and helped him back into his pads.They only exchanged a few words before Emily knew they needed to go. She tried to push him out the door but he shoved her against it, pinning her, still topless and admittedly powerless compared to him. He kissed her, hard. He was getting geared up to get back out on the field, his adrenaline red-hot from what had just happened.They kissed and their tongues entwined feverishly. Brad didn’t want to go, and Emily didn’t want him to leave. A door closing nearby grabbed both of their attention, somebody must have come looking for their quarterback.Emily pushed her brother out the door and shut it behind him. Leaning against it, she rolled her head backward lazily and did her best to take in what had just happened. Her entire body shivered and she only half-heard her brother’s teammate urging him to say something to hype the team up.Time was lost to her, and Emily had somehow managed to get all her clothes back on and fix her hair before she felt her hand on the doorknob to leave. As she snuck out, Emily heard her brother shouting in the locker room: something about how they were going to go back out there and score a touchdown before the other team knew what hit them. She was powerless to keep the smile off her face.-“Where did you go?!” Emily’s teammate said worriedly, trying not to call too much attention to her teammate who had suddenly appeared next to her after being gone for almost ten minutes.”I’m so sorry Megan,” Emily answered, “I had the worst cramp in the world and I didn’t want to make a fool of myself on the field.””Well at least you got here in time for the half, you better be ready!” Megan warned.”I’m much better now,” Emily promised, praying that she’d done enough for her brother to help him get back in the game.Emily could still feel Brad’s warm cum inside her and threatening to work its way out, no matter how much she tried to clean up before she’d put her uniform back on. The sticky sensation made her bite her lip and grin as she finally saw her brother emerge in front of his team at the tunnel nearby. They looked amped, there was an energy in the pack that Emily hoped meant they could do what it took. The thought that Emily had ridden her brother until he came and only she, of the tens of thousands of people there, knew the truth made her feel as special as she had when she saw the love in her brother’s eyes not long before.In minutes, the game was back under way. Everybody’s heart thumped as the offense made its way out on to the field for the first time, and with Brad lined up to take a snap, Emily thought her heart might explode.Her mind replayed the feeling of her brother’s cock sliding into her for the first time until he dropped back with the ball.A pass, right into his receivers hands for about 6 yards. The whole crowd, including Emily seemed to sigh in relief at once.Now that that was over, she watched again, remembering this time the way his hands had felt as he held her breasts while she rode him.A handoff to the runningback, who quickly picked up the first down. The crowd was growing louder… more excitedEach time her brother commanded the ball and the game, it seemed, Emily’s heart throbbed and conjured up another fresh memory of what it was like to have her brother inside her. In no time flat he had driven the ball all the way down the field and then scored. The whole crowd was on their feet; it was as if a new team had come out of the locker room.Emily knew it couldn’t have been her… what they did, that made the difference. But the player that the team was clapping on the back and shoving around in excitement as he returned to the sideline was Brad, and he was all hers. Win or lose, things were going to be completely different for Emily and her big brother, and the thought brought her nothing but joy.Brad looked down the sideline to see the bubbly cheerleaders jumping around and chanting, but his eyes were only searching for one: the one with that amazing little rear and the breasts that she couldn’t quite hide in her uniform top… the girl güvenilir bahis who seemed to have a little something extra as she shouted out the cheers…Brad’s little sister.And she was all his.He could tell that Emily was avoiding looking his way. She was trying hard to focus on her cheers as she felt her brother’s eyes on her from half the field away. Thousands of people were likely looking at her right then, but Brad’s eyes were all that mattered. The things he was going to do to her…A player hitting him on the shoulder was enough to keep his head in the game, and normally a distraction was no good, but with Emily there he simply felt… clear. Brad seemed to know he was going to win this game, he was going to be the leader his team needed and then afterwards, when the crowd cleared, when people stopped texting to congratulate him, Brad was going to somehow find a way to be alone with Emily and make love to her the way she deserved.In the back of his mind for the whole game, he heard the beautiful cries of his little sister. It made him call for the snap louder, throw the ball harder and use pinpoint accuracy to direct the ball and the team wherever it needed to go. In what felt like no time at all, the game was over.Brad might have had to ask if they won if his team wasn’t hollering and rallying all around him when the whistle blew and the ball was in his hand.They’d won.They’d gone into the halftime looking like a bunch of amateurs and come out to teach a lesson.They’d won a game that would establish them a fierce competitor for at least another year to come.Brad’s dreams were coming true, and as he and the team were finally allowed to exit, he saw his little sister waiting patiently to follow the team off of the field. As soon as he possibly could, he was going to worship his gorgeous little s*s in every way he could and make her feel as amazing as he did for the second time that day.-[Em… I can’t stop thinking about you]Emily’s phone buzzed as she pushed her duffel off her shoulder and the door to her dorm room closed behind her. Looking at her phone, the smile returned to her face and Emily fell back onto the couch in the middle of her and Deborah’s room. The old sofa her parents had given her when she moved in was the one that she and her brother used to battle on in the basement when they were younger. There were pulls all over it and one of the cushions definitely had a big tear in the underside where Brad had once thrown it at her and hit the cabinet instead.This was crazy. Emily could barely think what to write back as she quivered in pure excitement at what had finally happened with her and her big brother. He was apparently the man of everybody’s dreams, or so all her friends said, but only she had gotten to do what they all wanted to, brother or not.For a few moments between halftime and now, Emily had wondered if her brother was going to treat what had happened as anything more than the relationship that Brad had with that awful ex, Nancy. But upon receiving his text, and even before that when she saw him staring as he was ushered off the field after the game, Emily knew everything was going to be okay.-I could barely talk to anybody after we… it was like you made my brain melt!- Emily finally responded.She had truly avoided people as much as she could after what had happened in the locker room. Perhaps her brother could go out and win a football game after that, but Emily felt completely overcome by the experience.-You were so amazing out there Brad. Everybody is talking about it.-Brad smiled at his little sister’s compliment, almost seeing the pride on her face like she’d worn when he saw her after he scored the first touchdown in the second half.[I wonder why that is… did you tell them about how you were the MVP?]-The MVP huh? Don’t I get some kind of reward for that?-[Anything you want s*s]-Hmm… anything?-[You name it]Brad wondered if he was being too forward, and the pause after he texted her made him feel a bit nervous. They were still in uncharted territory and the last thing he wanted to do was overstep with his little sister, no matter how badly he wanted to continue what they’d started.[What are you doing right now] He asked, trying to continue the conversation.-Laying on Mom and Dad’s old couch. I just got home, what about you?-[Still in the locker room. All of the guys are finishing up showers and I think coach wants to talk to us about the game]-SO MANY NAKED DUDES, SO MUCH TESTOSTERONE.- Emily teased, always giving him a hard time about the easiest stereotypes.[I think you know where I would be if I didn’t have to be here]Again, Emily waited to send something back. She knew he was hoping for her to play into his implications but it felt good to string him along. ‘Make him work for it,’ Emily repeated in her head.[Are your girlfriends all going out tonight?] Brad asked-They said they were, but I’m thinking of staying in-Brad felt like begging to come over. He was near shouting into his phone.-I’m looking at that spot on the couch that mom had to patch when you burned it with a firecracker right now. You’re still a huge pyro aren’t you?-[Duh.] Brad responded. Some of the guys were beginning to get clothes on and wander over toward the space where they usually gathered. He didn’t want to stop texting his little s*s, but the coach had a strict no-phones policy for this kind of thing.-I love having this couch in my dorm, so many memories, so much stupid stuff we did in that basement-God did Brad love her. She was right, they had made so many memories together in that basement. Growing up, they’d fought and played together for hours on end down there, left alone to their own devices and to keep each other company. Somewhere along the line, he’d grown much bigger, and she much prettier and all the while he’d built up a love for her that meant he’d do anything to protect and take care of her.And now Brad was imagining his little sister laying out, wearing the tank-top she usually did after games and a pair of team gym shorts she always managed to roll a few times at the waist. Her lithe little frame would be stretching out and her smooth feet, with those delicate toes working their way under the arm-pad at the end. She wasn’t exactly the same little sister who he’d held down on the couch until she shouted uncle. Maybe she was, he just wanted to be on top of her for an entirely different reason.His phone buzzing in his hand brought Brad back to the present.-I think I know what I want as my prize for being the MVP.-[What’s that?] Brad texted as his coach called them over to huddle up.-I want you to come over so we can play together on the couch tonight…-He was looking down at his phone and his heart was beating faster and faster as he approached the gathering team.-Only I’m gonna be naked and mom and dad won’t come down to check on us.–Words were said, players were congratulated for spectacular play, the team huddled and broke apart and all the while Brad was thinking of Emily. He couldn’t help it; the thought of her lying on that old couch without a thing on, and waiting for him to come over made him mad with excitement.[U2] She was his baby sister, his own adorable college girl, and an unbelievably hot one at that. At a time when every girl at school would claw each other’s eyes out to get with him, Brad wanted nothing more than to rush off and meet his beautiful, eighteen-year-old sister in her dorm as promised.She wasn’t exactly waiting for him. In the time after she’d texted her brother what she wanted, Emily had laid on the couch, enamored, for a few minutes. But not for long, because suddenly she was feeling giddy and nervous like a girl who had finally gotten the attention of a boy in her grade. She got in the shower and shaved her legs, washed every inch of her body and then stared in the mirror primping and preening for what seemed like forever.Emily felt particularly relieved that the hazing of the day before had included a spa trip and wax because she could feel how smooth her pussy was as she rubbed lotion onto her skin from head to toe. After texting her roommate to ask if she could sleep somewhere else that night and tidying her room, Emily wore only a towel and waited patiently for her brother to arrive.Doing his best to be inconspicuous, Brad put the hood of his sweatshirt up and took the stairs rather than the elevator to his sister’s floor. He checked the hallway and had to wait for two girls to walk into their rooms before rushing over and turning the handle to his little sister’s room. He closed the door behind him and backed up against it, letting out a deep breath he’d been holding.The sound of the door opening made Emily’s heart jump. She knew he was coming, knew what they intended to do: something they had technically already done it earlier that day. But this time felt different.They hadn’t yet met on any day other than a Friday before the game. They had only touched each other on the premise that it was in some way a service to the football team. Before, it was like they had an excuse, but as Emily stood up and watched her brother turn the lock on the door behind him, she knew that he was there for her and only her.Brad watched his little sister stand up from the couch with a towel wrapped around her. She was adorable. Petite, youthful and so nervous – he could see it on her as she stood there shaking. He almost felt bad as he saw the body language that seeming to be praying he would approve of her. That was, until Brad watched his little sister tug at the towel and drop it around her feet.It felt like the first time he’d seen her naked… wait, was it? His head was all jumbled up as she stood there next to the old green couch and turned a little bit, shrugging her shoulders sheepishly and causing her breasts to perk up for his view.”Come here little s*s,” Brad instructed herShe sidled over to him and Brad immediately put his hands on her shoulders. The room was cold, and little goose-bumps were showing up on her skin, but his hands felt instantly warm.”You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Brad assured her.She smiled, nuzzling her head against his arm. Feeling some of the confidence of earlier that day returning to her.”What if some other boy had decided to stop by before I could get here, huh?””Well I probably wouldn’t have gotten naked for him, for one.” Emily quipped, grinning.”PROBABLY?” Brad retorted.”I definitely wouldn’t have let him fuck me if that’s what you’re asking?” Emily implied. Both of them were quiet as they absorbed what she said.Feeling mischievous enough, Emily moved her hand to the long bulge in her brother’s sweatpants.”Is that what you’re here to do big brother?” she teased. Looking down in wonder at the path her hand was tracing along Brad’s sizable erection.He couldn’t resist any longer, Brad had to get his hands on her, his lips, everything. With a hand around his little sister’s waist and one at her neck, he pulled her toward him and joined their lips. At first it was pure need, lust and magnetism that drew them together, but as their lips slowly parted, Emily’s tongue found her brothers in a way that inspired them to take their time.Emily felt her sibling’s hand move its way from her hip to her stomach, and then from her stomach to her ribcage. Finally, he reached her breast and he tested it’s weight under his thumb and forefinger before grasping the entire thing.”Uhhhhh…” Emily mewwed into her brother’s mouth as he touched her, loving the sensation of letting him be in control. His desire was obvious, but his touch was gentle. Slowly he felt her up and she let them take awkward little steps backward toward the couch while still kissing.”Brad,” she broke away as her backside touched the couch, “I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered with their foreheads touching and his eyes watching her breasts mound together as he massaged them.”Not like I said… not just to help you with your games,” she continued.Brad lifted her up, so easily it scared her, and set her naked bottom on the back of the old sofa. When she looked up, his eyes were directly in line with hers. They could hear girls talking in the hall, ambling to and from the bathroom and getting ready to go out. In the room, it was only them, and nobody knew that beyond her door, a little sister now sat completely naked and hoping that her big brother would soon make love to her.Brad put his finger under her chin the way he had so many times before.”Emily,” he soothed her, “I know you have, because I have wanted you for longer than I can remember.””Really?” She asked, with big puppy-dog eyes gazing up at him. “You’re not just saying that?””Duh,” he said, making her crack a smile, “and you’re not just my little sister anymore, you’re this beautiful girl who knows what she wants and knows how to drive me crazy and…”Emily stopped him with a hungry kiss, grabbing his neck and pulling on it so he’d let her at him. He reveled in her haste, reminding him of how she’d actually been like that since she was little, whether he’d just complimented her for growing up or not. Except now, with her naked little body in front of him, he knew she had.Her breasts, young but full, were very different after eighteen years. Her hips were more womanly, wider and tapered to from her toned abdomen. And those legs she was starting to wrap around him to pull him closer… Brad knew they had not always been so alluring.”I do know what I want,” she said between kisses.Without explaining, she reached for the bottom of her brother’s sweatshirt and pulled it up before he could utter another word, his undershirt with it. She revealed his upper body and felt a quiver in between her legs as each inch of his abs, his chest muscles and his staunch shoulders all came into view.Emily had only had sex the once, and still she knew that the extreme desire she felt as she looked at him was for him to use on her… in her…, what she had yet to reveal from his jeans.”Slow down…” Brad chuckled as he felt her hands move quickly to his belt. Her breath was so hasty that she could hardly keep kissing him. She managed to push his jeans down and leave her big brother standing in his boxer briefs before he made a move.Her hand had found his cock almost immediately, attempting to wrap around it through his underwear. It felt so good that Brad nearly allowed her to do what she must and not stop her, but he’d seen what he wanted next when he had first lifted Emily up onto the couch.With her beautiful legs spread, she couldn’t hide the bare, pink pussy that he hadn’t quite gotten to admire yet. It was pursed shut by her soft, little mound but even that couldn’t hide that Emily was getting wetter by the second. A light sheen had caught her brother’s eye when he stepped back to take off his pants and he knew he had to kiss her there.Only Brad had ever touched her, and it had happened so unexpectedly in the hotel room at the away game; so when she saw in her brother’s eyes what he intended to do, Emily once again felt her heart flutter; she was the center of his attention.First, he kissed gently around her inner thighs. Even that elicited a moan from Brad’s little s*s and her bare hips writhed, inviting him closer. He took his time, kissing and licking closer and closer to her sweet opening. Emily was positively desperate for him to put his lips directly against her when, she finally felt it.Brad dragged his tongue from the little drip of her fluids at the base of her opening all the way up to the tiny peak of her clit. The excruciating care he took, the gentle pressure of his tongue, It was like nothing she had ever felt before, and Brad didn’t stop there.Slowly and deliberately, Brad began sucking at her tiny bud to the tune of Emily’s repeated gasps.”Oh fuck Brad, ohmygod…” she called to him, her diaphragm expanding and contracting involuntarily, “keep doing that.”Brad smiled right against the cooing brunette’s quim as he felt her fingers grabbing at his hair greedily while he stimulated her with his tongue. The sounds of his little sister’s cries were so soothing after a whole day of hits and crowds and competition on the field. He’d been thinking of her every free moment, seen her on the sidelines, and imagined all of the things he wanted to do to her. Now that he had her, Brad didn’t care that she was being loud. The door was locked and Brad didn’t intend to stop making Emily moan for him.In no time flat, Emily knew he was going to make her cum. And for some reason, even though what he was doing was incredible, Emily wanted to feel an orgasm with her brother inside her.”Brad, wait,” she begged him. Brad didn’t want to obey, to stop her from having the orgasm she seemed headed for. “Please…uhhh… I want to cum with you fucking me.”She urged him up with her fingers behind his head. Even though Brad didn’t want to stop kissing and licking her, the thought of sliding his cock into Emily’s wonderfully tight pussy was too much to ignore. At the game, he had hardly the time to realize what they were doing, or how willing and desirable the eighteen-year-old brunette was to him. Now she was all his for the taking, naked and waiting for his next move on the back of their parents couch. He could really take his time and think about what they were doing.”I love you so much Brad,” she told him as he came up to eye level. She never broke contact with him as he told her the same, but he felt her hands pull his hard cock out of his boxers and shove his waistband down and out of the way.Her hand could hardly wrap him. Emily couldn’t believe that she had managed to fit most of his big penis inside her earlier that day but it didn’t worry her; she wanted to savor it this time, slowly, more than ever.”Ohmygosh Brad you’re big,” she told him,Brad returned his hands to her perfect breasts and then pawed her body while she stroked him a few times. A drop of fluid lingered at his tip already; Emily smeared it against him with her thumb.”I’ve been dreaming of this forever Em’,” he said, getting his little brunette’s attention and gazing deep into her big green eyes. “Tell me what you want s*s,” he encouraged her.”Mnnhhh…” she called out, bringing him close enough to touch only the very tip to her sensitive clit. She loved the thought of rubbing his pre-cum right against her and feeling her own fluids coat the head of her brother’s cock.”I want to feel your big…mnnhhh…” Brad urged his hips forward so the underside of his tip pressured her clit, “hard…ohhfuck…” he withdrew and lingered unmoving, “…cock in my pussy Brad,” she dared him, “Fuck me however you want me big brother.”Without another word, Brad felt his cock line up perfectly to do what she asked. Try as they might to withhold, Emily’s taut lips gave way and her brother slowly pushed inside.It felt considerably better than before, but Emily’s pussy was so wet that her brother’s cock was able to slide in half-way before she could protest. Brad held his little sister fast as she tried to adjust to being impaled on his big rod.Emily and her brother looked down together at where he was inside her. Her recently virgin lips, bare and glistening, were split wide with Brad’s cock halfway in. The room was bright, not like that tiny office; they could see and feel what they were doing without any hesitation or doubt.It didn’t worry Emily one bit. An hour before she had asked her brother for this, for him to ‘play with her’ on the very couch she could now feel beneath her, in her own dorm room with so many nosy girls moving about all around them. Yet, all she wanted was for her big brother to fill her as much as he could.When their eyes met again with clarity, it was Brad’s turn to groan. His little sister was using her heels around him to pull his hips closer and slide his cock deeper inside.”Ouuuuphhh…” Brad breathed out. He saw his little sister smirk with mischievous pride as they came together at the hips. Somehow, impossible as it seemed, Brad was buried all the way into Emily’s young tunnel.Joined at the hips, Emily’s soft breasts pressed against her brother’s chest; she could feel his powerful heart beating. Her head nuzzled against him and his breath tickled her ear.”You can fuck me now,” she whispered, “I’m ready.”Emily enjoyed a few more seconds of the embrace before she felt her big brother move. His cock slowly slid out of her, almost all the way before he urged it back in. She was so wet, Brad realized, a wonderful assurance of how badly his little sister wanted him. The slick sound of his penis sliding against her inner walls reached their ears and it was wonderful.Their hips met for the second time, then the third. Emily held onto her brother’s neck and leaned back, pushing her chest out proudly as Brad thrust again.Her whole body was displayed before his hungry eyes; causing his hips to collide with hers less and less gently. Each time, the space just below her tiny abdomen bulged just a hint, showing the siblings just how deep Brad’s head was inside his whimpering sister’s pussy.’It’s okay,” she told him, “you can fuck me harder.”Brad loved her for that; a few thrusts more and the eighteen-year-olds breasts were bouncing mesmerizingly before his eyes. Emily found herself unable to contain herself from crying out in pleasure. She’d forgotten how close she was from her brother’s mouth, but she remembered now.”OhhhBrad,” she gasped as he drove into her again, “mmmnhhh…you feel so good in me.”Her big brother could hear in her voice and the adorable sounds coming out of her mouth that Emily was once again near climax as she had been before. He adjusted the angle of his thrusts just a bit; Emily shuddered and dug her nails into his shoulder.”Ughhhh.. ohhhGOD…” she panted,Brad grasped his little sister’s soft butt, sinking his fingers into each cheek and kept fucking her. Each time he felt her young pussy fully enveloping him, each beautiful moan and pant, he was reminded of how lucky he was to be inside his beautiful baby sister.When Emily thought she could take no more, when her climax was approaching and she thought she might turn inside-out with pressure and sensation, her hands fought to stop her brother from impaling her over the edge.But he wouldn’t stop; he just kept driving into her and Emily was powerless to stop the orgasm from coming.He kept fucking her, even as Emily cried out,”OuuwhhHHHhhaaa…”Her legs locked around him, still trying to stop him from making the climax any more intense, but Brad wanted the opposite. Seeing his little sister cum with such uncontrollable passion was something he hoped to never forget.She gasped for air, and when Emily suddenly grabbed for his wrists and locked her arms straight to push herself up and off of him as much as she could, Brad decided to give her a break.She shook, her whole body shook. Her skin crawled with pins and needles and her entire pussy convulsed around the more than half her brother’s cock still tucked inside her.Brad was close to laughing he was so happy to see Emily cum like that, and to sense how helpless she must have felt as the orgasm wracked her body. Around his cock, little droplets of Emily’s wetness were peeking out, a few of them onto that beloved couch they’d known for so long.It nearly killed her, but Emily had to go limp and fall into her brother’s arms so she slid what she had managed to retreat from of her brother’s shaft back inside and let him hold her up.Brad listened to her deep breaths and felt her back heave as she tried to regain her wits.”You jerk!” she breathed into his ear.”What? What did I do?” Brad asked, leaning back to try and look into her eyes.”You made me cum so hard!” She whined, “I couldn’t even control my body and you kept fucking me…”Emily knew she was being silly, and so did Brad. He simply held her and let her catch her breath, though his cock, still buried in Emily’s tiny pussy, hadn’t softened a bit.When Brad couldn’t take it anymore, and Emily seemed to be recuperated from her earlier near-loss of consciousness, he withdrew from his little sister a few inches and urged back in to see how she would react.She didn’t protest, so Brad made a different move. Emily yelped as she felt her brother’s arms around her back and then suddenly she was being lifted up from the couch.”Where are you…” Emily started, shivering and glancing behind her when she felt her back come into contact with the cold surface of the door.Looking back at him, she could see the excited look in his brother’s eyes. He’d never felt so free and uninhibited with a girl before, and the way his little sister grinned as he pinned her against her dorm-room door assured him that she was perfectly content.Once again, Brad’s hips began to move, and before long so did Emily’s. She was starting to get the hang of it, starting to understand how her brother’s body worked and what the best way was to help them fuck like long-time lovers.The way her body moved, how her stomach muscles tensed against him and her butt wiggled in his hands as he held her up was irresistible to Brad. She was the sexiest girl he’d ever seen and now she was proving herself the same as a partner.The door jiggered a few times as he fucked her against it, and the surface slid against Emily’s back each time her brother thrust up into her.”I love you,” he panted in her ear, pounding her again, “uhhhh…I am so fucking crazy about you,”Emily grabbed his head and pulled it toward her for a kiss. Their tongues attacked clumsily before she pulled apart to tell him she loved him too.He manhandled her and fucked her so easily against the door that Emily was positively smitten and impressed. She reached up to grab the top frame of the door. She could feel her tits jiggling as they hung higher now and her brother continued his thrusts, unrelenting. She knew that sex could feel good, but she didn’t know it could be so fun.Emily felt playful, diving in and nibbling on her brother’s ear. She wrapped her hands around his shoulders and squeezed tight. Her nipples grazed her brother’s chest and she shuddered at the added sensation.Emily was giggling and panting and moaning, totally letting go of her reservations and letting her body tell her how to react. Outside the door, some girls were laughing and standing nearby to remark on the noises coming from Emily’s and Deborah’s shaking door. If only they knew who was fucking her senseless on the other side; if only they knew that her own brother was shoving his big cock inside her again and again… what would they say then?Hearing it too, Brad pulled away from the door. Emily seized the opportunity to gyrate her hips and fuck her brother back a little. He stood still, letting her go as wild as she liked. She held on while he supported her above the waist and she worked her little hips as fast and hard as she could. It felt incredible to them both.When he started to feel like she might be getting him close, Brad spoke softly into his sister’s ear.” I’m close s*s, uhhhfuck, I can’t take you moving your hips like that much longer.””Oh yeah?” Emily teased, “like this you mean?”With an intent look on her face, biting her bottom lip and leaning back like a gymnast, Emily rotated her hips around on her brother’s big cock and felt his tip prodding her as deep as he’d ever been.”Ohgod… yes,” Brad answered, firmly grasping her hips to keep her from continuing her dangerous movement.”We shouldn’t Em!” he admonished her.”Why not?” she whined, “you already did earlier today… and it felt so good!”She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him the most innocent, pleading face she could manage.”Don’t you want to cum inside me again Brad?” she beckoned, pecking his lips to be even cuter.”Didn’t you like squirting all your sticky cum in me, in your little sister’s pussy?”Brad was speechless. How could he tell her no? The way she was sticking out her bottom lip… the way her big green eyes were begging him the same way they did if she wanted something when they were little… It was so different now; his little sister was now his lover, with her beautiful body wrapped around him like a monkey. He wanted everything about her, every inch of her, and he’d already done it before…Emily knew she had won as her brother carried her over to that shag carpet she’d felt so silly buying with her mom when they moved her into her dorm. Now it didn’t feel quite so silly; it felt soft on her naked back when her brother set her down.”You didn’t know I was on the pill huh?” Emily asked naughtily as her brother positioned himself on top of her, “even when you came all over my pussy that night in the hotel?””I guess not,” Brad admitted, feeling guilty.”It’s okay, that was really hot…unhhh…” she let him off, cooing when Brad slid into her as he hovered above her. “…I couldn’t stop thinking about it all week.””I wanna feel it again Brad, go ahead brother,” she asked, pulling needily at his hips with her feet,”Fuck your naughty little sister and then fill me up with your cum,”‘Holy shit,’ Brad thought. It was so unexpected, Brad had apparently opened Emily’s eyes to being just as much a troublemaker as always, except now it included having sex with her big brother.Immediately Brad commenced sliding in and out of her. She was still dripping wet, her eighteen-year-old pussy had been waiting for this kind of attention from him for far too long.Emily felt more full than she had ever before. Brad was being less and less gentle, and Emily loved it. Over and over he shoved into her; she could feel his tip prodding her depths. Looking down, she wondered how it could possibly fit inside her.But it did, countless times it did. When Emily looked up she could see the concentration on her brother’s face and a look as if he was holding back. Her poor brother, all this and he was still too good to her to cum inside her when she asked.”OhgodBrad…” she breathed, “I want it so bad.””Fuck Em’, I’m so close,” he told her. Emily knew it, and after being impaled so many times on her big brother’s cock, feeling his weight as he buried inside her tunnel, she was too.”Uhhhhhh…” she returned, “Cum inside me…unghhhh…cum in your little sister’s pussy.”His motions became erratic, and suddenly Emily knew what was happening. Her brother’s hips stopped their onslaught, pressed against her with his cock buried as far as it could be. As she watched his whole body, his big arms, rippling abs and even his neck tense-up she felt a gush of heat deep inside her.From his head, Brad shot forbidden semen deep into his little sister.Holding the little teenager tight, he throbbed again, coating her cervix…Again, he splashed her insides with sperm.As soon as she felt it, there was an electric reaction in Emily’s body. She hadn’t expected it, thinking maybe her brother had worn her out before, but when the reality of her womb being flooded with Brad’s cum hit her, her little body went into a fit of sensation.Emily gasped along with her brother. Again a wave of stimulation flowed from the places inside her being painted with her brother’s cum to the synapses in her brain before firing out to the tips of her fingers and toes.”Ohhhh Brad,” she called, “I’m cummmingggg,”Blackness.The room was perfectly bright, but Brad and Emily could only feel each other as they lay on the rug being overcome by their mutual climaxes.It felt like it would never end, or maybe Brad didn’t want it to. Every time he pumped another rope of semen into his teenage sister’s pussy, she seemed to quake and pant again. He wanted to watch her like that as long as possible.Emily’s face was flushed, her eyelids fluttering with her head rolled back. Her chest heaved against her brother as he tried not to put too much weight on her. He felt weak, and he struggled to focus on anything but the squeezing sensation of little Emily’s convulsing tunnel. Each time she breathed, her young quim ushered one more defiant rope of white from her big brother’s cock.Even when he had no more to release inside her, Emily’s orgasm didn’t seem to want to end. He could only watch her, wince when her tunnel massaged him again, and marvel at how beautiful she looked with the mane of hair about her head and the glisten of sweat on her cheeks.She was something out of a dream: too adorable, too petite, too alluring to really be his little sister… his little sister who he remained buried inside on that dorm room floor. She finally spoke to him,”I love you,” she said, almost too quietly for him to hear.Brad leaned down and kissed her collarbone, then her neck, her cheek and finally a peck on her lips.”Love you too,” he promised her back.Emily finally opened her eyes. Seeing her brother above her brought a smile to her face. She felt wonderful… warm and protected under his gaze. He was still hard inside her and she could feel all that cum he’d squirted into her trying to work its way out, though it would have a hard time finding a way with how well her brother’s penis filled her tiny tunnel.Her brother: the now famous… well, somewhat famous quarterback that every girl would be dying to get their hands on. A guy who could have been out scooping up girls on that Saturday night. Instead he’d snuck into HER dorm room, spent the night with ONLY her, and from the way he was looking at her now she didn’t believe he had any intention of seeking another.”You made me cum TWICE…AGAIN!” Emily yelled, almost sounding like she was scolding him. Her brother laughed and then his face showed of pride. He’d never had sex like that with any past girlfriends.”I know, I guess I just liked seeing you so much the first time.”Emily was running his fingers over his arms as they held him off the floor around her. She giggled when she saw Brad staring at her breasts like he usually did.”No,” Emily corrected him, “it happened when I felt you cumming in me! It was like one minute I wasn’t and then all of the sudden it was so warm and…fuuuuck!”Brad couldn’t help himself, hearing his baby sister talk about the feeling of him cumming in her pussy, he simply had to shove a little harder against her. They were already touching at the hips but she could feel him push in just a bit more.”BraAAAD!” She yelled, slapping her hand against his shoulder, “dooooonn’t, I need a little time!”She smacked him again when she saw him smile like he knew he wasn’t supposed to have done that.”Did you like cumming in me?” she purred.”Um… duh,” he retorted, making Emily roll her eyes.”I guess that was obvious, you came so much! I can feel it like…everywhere.”It made both Emily and her brother look downward again. He was still lodged inside her and the knowledge was heartwarming to them. Brad decided to finally withdraw, and though it caused his little sister to growl in protest, he slowly slid his cock out inch by inch; he’d put it back later.The naughty brunette may have loved seeing her brother’s cock inside her, but she had no idea how sexy it would make her feel to see what followed. Right behind Brad’s tip peeked a bead of white cum, her brother’s cum, from between her tiny lips. Little by little it snuck out while they both watched. Emily wiggled her thighs together and it made even more sperm flow out.Brad marveled at his little sister’s incredulous, open-mouthed stare. She looked like the little sister he remembered again, fawning over some present she hadn’t expected to receive. It made him unspeakably happy to cause that feeling in her again.Emily lay there with her brother’s spunk working its way out, at least the amount of it that wasn’t still spread over every little bit of the eighteen-year old’s insides that there was to coat. When she looked at her brother again, she could see that the way she felt about it was mutual. They knew exactly what they had done, the evidence was plain enough: thick and white on Emily’s thigh. They knew that they had done something forbidden that would change their relationship forever: the tangible passion between them revealed that. But most importantly, Emily and Brad knew it was exactly what they wanted, like maybe they’d always been meant to end up as they were now.”Will you stay with me tonight?” Emily asked him sweetly.”Ahhh, I don’t know,” Brad said, raising his arms over his head and stretching, “I was thinking I might go out with the guys…:”Emily scoffed, hurt.Brad let his teasing sink in, shrugging and letting her believe he might be serious. Finally he reached over and pulled Emily so she rolled partially atop him, flopping there like she had no intention of showing him any affection.”Of course I’m staying with you Em’,” Brad assured her. “You didn’t really think I’d leave did you?””Well I don’t know!” She said in a kind of sing-songy voice. “You’re some kind of big-deal quarterback now, maybe you didn’t want to be stuck in all night with your little sister or something.””You’re a little more than that to me now, don’t you think?” Brad asked. Emily was silent for a few seconds before looking up at him innocently.”Just a little more?” She asked.”A lot more,” he corrected.Emily and her brother lay there, thinking hard about what was happening between them and wondering longingly what might be next. Both of them were exhausted, so they slowly drifted off to sleep on that ridiculous shag carpet in Emily’s dorm room.It was hours later when Brad awoke to find his sister spooned in front of him, clutching his arms and trying to wrap herself as much as possible within his embrace.All of the realities came back to him at once. He was still in his little sister’s room, she was still completely naked in his arms and little by little his erection was making its way between her legs until it pushed its way against the teenager’s soft pussy.”Mnnnnhhh…” Emily cooed sleepily, “what time is it.”It was still dark outside, it might not have even been past midnight. Most girls would be out of the dorms by then if they weren’t staying in, so there wasn’t a sound beyond Emily’s waking breaths.Feeling her against him, Brad was helpless to prevent pressuring Emily’s innocent mound. She hadn’t done anything, but he knew she would feel the tip of his cock in that tantalizing gap between her thighs.Emily was still sensitive from before, but she wanted him all the same. The feeling of her brother’s cock hardening between her legs was so intimate that she sensed her whole body reacting. Without a word, Emily began rotating her hips to provide gentle touches of her inner thighs against the head of her big brother’s unspoken contact.’The way she moved her hips…ohhhman!’ Brad thought. Where did she get that? Did she know that it was the sexiest thing he could imagine? Somewhere along the line, his little sister whom he used to see as this awkward, all knees-and-elbows troublemaker, became irresistibly complicit in their forbidden act of i****t. How could he have missed the way her teenage body had filled out, how her face had taken on model-esque features, and as he held Emily’s squirming backside against him, how her most unspoken assets were now overpoweringly alluring.When neither of them could stand it anymore, Emily reached down and gave her brother’s desire the proper direction. Both siblings exhaled simultaneously, a sigh of relief at the visceral reminder of their unlocked passion for each other.But the calm didn’t last long, because yet another new position for the inexperienced brunette soon brought cries of ecstasy to each thud of Brad’s pelvis against her. Emily’s hands grabbed the carpet, they reached back for her brother’s hair, anything they could do to ground her as she approached another earth-shattering orgasm.Brad may have prided himself on stamina in the past, but he was no match for the panting, crying and writhing of his little sister. For the third time in however many hours, as she quivered and screamed her way through another climax, Brad held his sister tight, buried deep in her sweet pussy and flooded her with cum yet again.Emily cooed praises at her brother as she caught her breath, but he was pretty sure she fell asleep, exhausted, before he could even soften and slip out of her. She might have liked to look once more at the warm stream of her brother’s spunk that found its way between her taut lips, but apparently she was content enough to know it was there as she drifted off without him. It was fine with Brad, though; in the time it took for him to fade back to sleep, he got to hold onto Emily, caress her and marvel at the evolution of his unadulterated love for her.When light began to peek through the old curtains of the dorm room and chanced across the carpet and Emily’s pretty, slumbering face, it woke her from one of the most wonderful night’s sleep she could ever remember. How many hours had it been?Emily turned her head and smiled upon seeing her brother fast asleep with heavy arm over her. God was she crazy about him. Sometime in the future, she and her brother might have to answer some tough questions together, but now it just felt…right.”Hey big brother,” she called, wiggling against him.Nothing. The big lug, he could sleep through anything. She gave him another jolt.”Wake up, you big jerk.”Brad smiled, infinitely happy that the first thing he heard when he woke up was his little sister’s voice, and the first thing he felt was her naked body still pressed against him. Of course the second thing he felt was himself hardening.So did Emily, but for once, reason got the better of her. If light was coming through the window, it was the morning. Depending on how early it was, girls would be stirring in the dorm rooms nearby. It wasn’t uncommon to hear cries of passion coming from this room or that, but anyone who heard her last night would probably be curious who had been inside fucking Emily so thoroughly. Brad had to get out before they were discovered.She felt her brother’s hand on her hip and rolled back toward him. He wanted her, again. It brought the same feeling within Emily to know his desire for her, but she couldn’t appease him this time.”We can’t Brad,” she pled, “I know you want to but we can’t.”Brad was confused, he couldn’t just NOT react to feeling the eighteen-year-old’s toned butt against him or the breast his hand was d****d across with her pink nipple gracing his palm. He pulled on her hip again.”Brad!” she said, rolling away from him and getting to her feet. Seeing her brother stare at her in admiration made her grin, but it was only for a second because she squinted her eyes at him and continued.”It’s the morning Brad, you gotta sneak out!”He hated it, but knew she was right. After all the noise Emily was making last night, he definitely couldn’t be seen in the room with her by any of the girls who lived around her. Still he didn’t want to give up the access to the naked little brunette standing over him. Emily helped him to his feet and then tossed his clothes at him while Brad dressed.She’d put on a silky robe when Brad looked up from tying his shoes. He loathed seeing her body hidden from his eyes.”So, things are going to be…like…different now, aren’t they?” Emily asked hesitantly, standing a few feet in front of him.”Different how?” Brad replied, reaching out and pulling her close with hands around her waist. Brad continued before Emily could worry any further.”Different like: I’ve never felt about anyone the way I do about you?”Emily’s eyes brightened as he went on.”Different like: I can’t imagine that better sex with a more beautiful girl even exists?”Emily blushed at that.”Or different like: I know who the first person I call is going to be after practice today, hoping she’ll be done with her homework so we can hang out?”Brad had gotten to his feet and was looking down into his little sister’s eyes when she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. She kissed him wildly, unable to contain her emotions and joy at knowing everything was going to get better and better with her brother.Emily didn’t even notice that he had walked her across the room until she felt the wall near the door against her back. Reminding her of how he had pinned her and fucked her intently against the door the night before, Emily considered throwing caution to the wind and asking him to stay.But after a few moments, Brad let her down to the ground. She stayed on her tiptoes, trying not to lose contact with his lips while he pulled away.”Wanna go on a date tonight or something?” He asked the disappointed teenager.Emily looked up at him and shook her head excitedly. Once he got her reply, Brad turned towards the door and opened it to peek out. The coast looked clear.Before he could swing the door open, Emily grabbed his hand and pulled it toward her. “Wait, Brad,” she said.He turned back towards her and admired her gorgeous face for one more time that day. Brad wanted to remember that cute, recently woken smile she wore during practice that day.”I love you so much,” she told him, once again.Brad leaned in for one more kiss on her cute little lips.”I love you too Em’,” he responded sincerely.Brad paused a moment, thinking better of leaving without one more thing. He reached down and uncinched the ribbon around his sister’s waist and swiftly reached up to push her robe right off her shoulders.”There,” he said, “that’s better.”The image of the nude little eighteen-year-old, his own baby sister, and the wide-eyed, open-mouthed look of astonishment at his shameless act would stick with him for the rest of the day until she was back in his arms again.Brad made sure he snuck out of her dorm unseen. He rolled his eyes, overwhelmed knowing that his newfound popularity was going to make visits to Emily’s dorm-room almost impossible after last night. Still, all the way home, all the way to practice, every free moment he got Brad was thinking of Emily. Likewise, Emily spent the better part of her day dreaming of him.Together, their thoughts were free from doubt or worry, instead full of hope and excitement for what would come next. There was going to be a lot to figure out between them, thought Brad as he reached for his phone after practice, but he’d do anything to make it work. As Emily’s heartbeat danced upon seeing brother’s call, she answered knowing that somehow her life was headed in a wonderful new direction.”Hey you!” she said first.”Hey s*s, what have you been thinking about today?”

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