The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
Glory Road

Chapter 29

The flight to KC was uneventful, and lacked the excitement the flight to LA had provided. This time there were no baes along, except of course Greg, who was still trying to work up the courage to talk to his folks about him and Isaac. He had finally decided to confront his dad with the news when he joined them for the show in Dallas, but he was still nervous, even if that was a ways off.

There were two surprises when they arrived in KC, first their lodging accommodations were nothing like those they”d  had in LA, and though nice, the motel was modest compared to the grandeur of the Hotel in LA. The second surprise was that they were not the headline act, but rather the warm up band. The main band was an Indy Grunge band called Bare Feet, and had gained some prominence over the last year after one of their songs was used in a soundtrack for a movie.

The boys weren”t bothered so much by the fact that they were the opening act, as much as they were that no one had bothered to lay this little factoid on them before they actually arrived. Greg was livid with rage however, and blamed his father for that omission, and in a heated phone call that evening he let his father know in no uncertain terms just how crummy he thought that was.

His father was apologetic, but blamed the misunderstanding on the record company and the production crew, and assured them that the rest of the gigs were theirs exclusively.

“Its not a big deal,” Isaac said trying to calm Greg down. The boy had surprised him with his anger and fire, but Isaac liked this new side of Greg, and wondered what other surprises were in store as they got to know each other, “It just means we”ll have a bigger audience, since the other  band has a real following.”

“I suppose, but it would have been nice to know we were second billing before we got here,” Jaden groused.

“Guys, guys,” Aidan said, injecting his own sense of calm into the situation, “Before today we had no audience, no stage, no show, so let”s just be thankful we are even here. Let”s go out there and give them a show they won”t forget. Let”s make em” think we”re the stars and not Dirty Feet…” he said, and they all laughed at the slur on the other band”s name.

The venue was a sports stadium with a stage erected in the end zone and the seating in a horseshoe shape. The boys estimated the stadium could seat several thousand, and from the looks of it was nearly filled to capacity by the time the show began.

As they filed onto the stage the crowd gave them a polite smattering of applause, but it was obvious most of the fans were uncertain about whether they really wanted to hear this new unknown band. They”d come here to see the Indy Grunge band and most were ready for the warm up band to do their thing and get off the stage.

Aidan stepped to the mike and gazed out at the audience. Most of the fans were young teens or young adults, and  boy girl couples, but there seemed to be more males than females in the audience. He wasn”t sure if that was a good thing, since their demographics seemed to point to the fact that young girls accounted for a big part of their target audience. He supposed there was a following of gay boys too, especially ones their age, and in SF even the older gays had appreciated their musical style.

“Hello Kansas City,” Aidan said grinning and getting an enthusiastic rise from the crowd, “We”re Alternate Love, and we want to thank you for coming out tonight. I know most of  you are here to see Bare Feet, but we”ll try to keep you entertained till they show up. We”ve put together a show that”s a little different than our usual stuff just for you, Kansas City, so…here we go, I hope you enjoy the show….”

The boys launched into a fast number with Jaden doing a rap midway and the audience seemed to warm up to the band quickly. By the third number the audience was enthusiastically clapping and swaying to the music, and as Aidan stared out at them he knew they had them hooked. It was the hardest part actually, hooking the audience and reeling them in, and once you”d done that it was all easy sailing after that.

He”d began to notice little pockets of teenage boys and girls scattered around the stadium and they seemed to be the most enthusiastic. There was a cute boy on the first row who was standing and waving at the band, and Aidan flashed him a smile and they shared a moment before Aidan moved on to connect with another member of the audience. He found that by engaging the audience this way he could pull them into the music and make them feel as if he was singing just for them.

By the time the boys finished the set with their rendition of Ed Sheeran”s Shape of You, the audience was on their feet and enthusiastically joining in the fun. When the number ended, Aidan introduced the others then one by one they filed off the stage.

When it was time for Aidan to leave the stage he waved to the crowd and blew kisses, “I”m Aidan Reynolds and we are Alternate Love, Good night Kansas City and thank you for your love and support.” 

The crowd was going ape shit as Aidan exited the stage, and from behind the curtain the boys could hear the thunderous applause and stamping of feet and then the chanting began, Encore…Encore…Encore…over and over as the stomping and clapping grew louder.

“Well, guys, I think we”re a hit, come on, let”s give our fans what they want,” Aidan said as he led the group back onstage as the crowd cheered and began to settle down some.

They performed two more numbers then finally managed to make their escape as the other band was now ready to take over.

“Good God mates, that was amazing,” one of the members of the other band said as they joined them behind the curtain, “You”ve got em” all stirred up, I hope we can keep the momentum going.”

“Thanks,” Aidan said, “but they came here to see you, so don”t worry, they”re gonna love ya.”

The boys finally escaped and were whisked away, not by limo this time, but by a van from the motel. Things  had certainly changed, but the boys supposed this was what the real deal was like, and the pampered treatment they”d gotten in the beginning was not the norm. At least not until you reached a certain level of popularity, then it was anything goes.

The boys dined at a nearby restaurant after the show and returned to their rooms at the motel feeling oddly let down. It had been a good show, but there was still something lacking, though no one could put a finger on what that was.

Isaac, Greg, and Jeremy shared a room as did Aidan and Jaden, while Mrs. Reynolds had a room of her own across the hall.

There had been no doubt that Greg and Isaac would share a bed, but they were too tired to do anything but snuggle that night, even though Jeremy had fallen asleep within minutes of hitting his pillow.

Aidan and Jaden lay in separate beds in their room, but soon Jaden got up and joined his brother as they talked softly about the show, and what was to come next. Tomorrow they would fly out to Oklahoma City for a show there, then drive to Tulsa the following day for a show, and then fly out to Dallas the following day where Mr. Miller would join them. 

“Do you think Greg will tell his dad about him and Isaac when we get to Dallas?”

“I don”t know, I hope so. Its worrying him a lot and I think the sooner he gets it over with the better things will be,” Aidan said snuggling into his twin, “mmm…you feel good.”

“What?” Jaden chuckled, “Missing Zaky boy?”

“Uh huh, but I got you,” Aidan giggled.

“Oh, what did you have in mind?”

“Oh, nothing too strenuous, we”re both tired, maybe some snuggling and we”ll see what happens.”

“Okay, we should maybe lose the undies then,” Jaden said reaching down to strip off his colorful designer boxer briefs.

“Yeah,” Aidan said pushing at his white CK”s. Soon they were naked and hard and nature took over from there.

The concert in OKC was at the Zoo Amphitheater and the crowd was much smaller than in KC, but this crowd  had come to see them, and more than made up for size with their enthusiasm. This crowd was younger and more energetic and seemed to represent their ideal fan base, with girls outnumbering the boys. There were parents there as well, riding heard on their kids, and even the moms seemed to like the simple and clean music the boys had chosen for this venue.

Each concert was different in that they hand picked the numbers for each. OKC and Tulsa had similar audiences, although the show in Tulsa was at the Tulsa Theater downtown, and the crowd bigger and more diverse. They”d added a couple of new songs to the mix for the Tulsa performance and the crowd seemed to love them.

Because the two cities were so close they had some time during the day to tour the city and were delighted by the friendliness of the people and the many attractions, including the River Parks, and the Aquarium in Jenks, a nearby city.

As they strolled along the paths at the River Parks they talked about the tour so far and shared their feelings. For the most part they were happy with the way things had gone so far, but they were only about  half way through the tour and the best was yet to come. The audiences in the Midwest were much different than those in the larger cities, but they felt they had a diverse enough repertoire to please even those audiences.

“This is a cool place, it reminds me of home,” Jeremy said looking a little homesick.

“Missing Dee?” Isaac said laying a hand on his brother”s shoulder.

“Yeah, I called her last night and the sound of her voice made me homesick.”   

“Well, maybe next tour we”ll be able to bring her and the others.”

“Huh, next tour?” Jeremy moaned.

“Relax bro, probably not till next summer, if…our CD is a hit. Who knows, we may crash and burn by then.”

“I just wish we could make our music and stay home,” Jeremy said, voicing the feelings of most of them.

“Hey, we just need to get through this tour and then see where things go,” Aidan added.

“Yeah, I”m actually kind of enjoying it,” Jaden said, “we”re seeing places and things we would never have seen otherwise, and I”m loving it so far.”

They ate an early dinner at The Mexcali Border Cafe which was near the Tulsa Theater, formerly The Brady Theater, but renamed due to the controversy concerning the Brady name. It seems that the man the theater was named after and one of the founders of Tulsa had been a KKK member.  

After eating, the boys went directly to the Theater to go over their numbers and check the place out. It was a cozy venue, and the place had a real history. The theater was even rumored to have the ghost of Enrico Caruso, who supposedly caught a cold while performing there and died shortly thereafter. Over the years many famous musicians had performed there, including rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Blue October and, the weird but talented Marilyn Manson. All groups the boys were familiar with.

The theater could seat well over 3,000 people, but they had no hope of attracting an audience that large, though they still expected a bigger audience than the last  venue.

“Did you know this place is haunted,” Jaden said reading a brochure he”d picked up somewhere detailing the  history of the place.

“Cool, maybe we”ll see the ghost while we”re here,” Aidan said.

“I don”t believe in ghosts,” Jeremy said shaking his head, “but if there is one here, I hope he stays away from me,” he laughed.

“Wow, this place is really something. Just look at all the bands that have performed here,” Jaden added, “Some of em” going back to mom and dad”s days,” he laughed.

The stage was at the far end of the theater with seating in the traditional horseshoe shape and even had balcony seating. The equipment was state of the art and the road crew had already set up what little they needed to add. The show was minimalized since it had been put together in such a hurry, but there were a few props and such created just for the band.

After making sure their instruments were ready to go,  they launched into one of their signature numbers, and then morphed into a new one they had chosen just for this venue.

In the wings Mrs. Reynolds stood talking to her husband on the phone and held up the phone for a moment to let him hear the music, before moving further away to continue her conversation.

“They sound great, I read the reviews and so far they seem to be wowing the audiences. Tulsa is a great place, and I bet the crowd there will love them.”

“Its a lovely city, I”ve really enjoyed our visit here. It”s a lot like home, nice people and plenty to do.”

“So, I talked to Henry yesterday and he said he and Greg had a falling out over the thing in Kansas City. Who knew that kid had so much fire in his veins? He always seemed so quiet before.”

“Well, things worked out fine. I”m sure Greg will get over it soon enough.”

“Oh, by the way…I”m going to be able to make it to the Dallas show after all. I”m taking a few days off and flying down that day, but don”t worry about picking me up, I”m going to rent a car.”

“Oh, the boys will be so happy. We”ve missed you,” she said, meaning she had missed him most.

“I”ve missed you too,” Mr. Reynolds said picking up on her tone, “Maybe we”ll  have a little time to ourselves.”

“Count on it lover boy,” she chuckled, “the boys can fend for themselves one night.”

“Well, gotta go, tell the guys I said good luck and that I”ll see them in Dallas. Love ya babe.”

“I love you too, bye now. Can”t wait to see you.”

The boys were still rehearsing when she returned to the wings, and she quickly got into the music and forgot about how much she was missing her man.

The show was a huge success, with just over 1500 fans filling the theater, and this group was the most enthusiastic so far. There were hundreds of young teens, mostly girls, as well as young adults, and even some families.

They were greeted with a resounding round of applause and as Aidan stepped to the mike he had a very good feeling about things.

“Hello Tulsa,” he said holding up his hand, “Thank you so much for coming out to see us tonight. This has to be the best looking crowd I”ve ever seen,” he said, then had to pause while the crowd roared it”s approval. When the noise died down he smiled at the audience, picking out a few of the fans and locking eyes, then continued.

“Are you ready to have some fun Tulsa?” he said, then waited for the cheering to die down before going on, “We are Alternate Love and this is for you Tulsa,” he said as the band launched right into a Leon Russell song, Home Sweet Oklahoma, and when they sang the lines “going back to Tulsa one more time” The audience went wild. Their picture appeared on the cover of the entertainment section of The Tulsa World that Sunday, and the fresh faced boys were the talk of the town for weeks to come.

“Wow, that was awesome,” Aidan said as they piled into the van to head back to the Double Tree Hotel in downtown Tulsa.

They had preformed three encore numbers before the crowd had finally died down enough to allow them to leave, and everyone involved said they had never seen such an enthusiastic audience.

“I”m tired, but it”s a good tired,” Jaden said, “Hey, anyone else hungry?”

“I could eat,” Jeremy said from beside Aidan.

“Pizza?” Isaac suggested, “I heard they got great pizza  here.”

“Uno”s,” Greg added.


“Uno”s pizza, its really good. I was here once before with Dad and we ate there. Its great. Not like the stuff you get at Pizza Hut or someplace like that.”

“Cool, lets go then. Is that okay mom?”

“Whatever you guys want is fine with me, but I think I”ll pass. You guys are old enough to go out on your own. You can use your Uber app to get a ride.”

After the boys showered and changed, Aidan punched up the app for Uber, and soon a seven passenger SUV was headed their way. His mom and dad had linked the account to their own credit card and now the boys had transportation at hand no matter where they went.

Uno”s was located on Yale Avenue in a small strip center, but it was a popular place and the boys were lucky to find a table even that late in the evening. They ordered two of the specialty pizzas and a pitcher of Pepsi, and talked about the concert and what lay ahead while they studied the others around them.

At a table not far from theirs sat two teenage couples, and one of the girls, a cute blond with big blue eyes, kept staring at the boys and turning to the girl beside her and whispering something then smiling.

“I think that girl has the hots for Aidan,” Jaden teased, “She keeps staring at him.”

“Maybe she recognizes us from the concert or YouTube,” Jeremy suggested.

“Maybe, Jaden said, “Uh oh, she”s headed this way. I guess we”ll soon find out.”

“Hi,” she said when she finally got close enough to speak, “My friends and I were wondering. Well, we went to this concert tonight, and well…aren”t you Alternate Love?”

Aidan smiled, “Never heard of em”,” he teased, “Sounds like a name for a new men”s cologne.”

“He”s just goofing,” Jaden said quickly, “I”m Jaden, that”s Aidan, that”s Jeremy, his brother Isaac, and our friend Greg. And yeah, we…are…ta..ta..ta..ta..Alternate Love…yeah….” he said hamming it up.

“Oh cool, I told them I recognized you. You”re so good…um, do you think I could have your autograph? I have your CD, would you mind signing the case. I have a felt tip,” she rattled off quickly.

 Boy, talk about being prepared, it was almost like she was expecting to meet them there, the boys thought.

“Sure, why not?” Jaden said for all of them.

When she had gone Aidan laughed, “She”s cute, just your type J.”

“Not bad, if I played on that team she”d def get my attention. I like her bf better,” he said glancing toward the hunky teenage boy who was watching her and shaking his head comically.

Jaden flicked him a knowing smile and winked, and the guy laughed.

The pizza came, and once istanbul travesti they had signed the CD case the girl returned to her table to allow them to eat in peace. However, she had called attention to them, and now everyone seemed to be sneaking peeks at them to see if they could figure out what the big deal was.

They were left alone to enjoy their pizza, however when it came time to pay they discovered that the bill was already paid. 

“The manager said this was on us,” the girl said, “Welcome to Tulsa, you guys are great.”

“Thanks,” Aidan said smiling, “Everyone here is so nice. We love it here.”

“Come back and see us,” she said as they left.

“We will,” they all said in unison, and left before the crowd could figure out what was going on and demand more autographs.

The Uber arrived quickly, but the boys weren”t ready to go back to the hotel quite yet.

“So what do people do for fun around here?” Jaden asked the driver.

“Well, the kids like to cruise Peoria or Memorial mostly. Peoria used to be called the Restless Ribbon because on Friday and Saturday night there was an endless line of cars from one end to the other. Now Memorial drive is much more popular with the kids, but it”s the same thing in every town really. Every town has a restless ribbon.”

“Can we go there, to Memorial and see what you”re talking about?”

“Sure thing buddy, I”m just here to drive. You call the shots,” he laughed.

Memorial was busy that Friday night with kids from high school to college age and older, vying for position on the four lane street that ran North and South from the airport all the way to 71st Street. There were miles and miles of restaurants, convenience stores, shopping centers, fun spots, and plenty of places to pull over and socialize. 

The atmosphere was lively and the steady line of cars added to the excitement. They asked the driver to pull over at a Baskin Robbins across from Woodland Hill”s Mall and went in for ice cream, insisting the driver join them, their treat.

“Well, you”re the boss,” the man chuckled, “and who am I to pass up ice cream.”

They ate their ice cream sitting on benches outside the ice cream store and Aidan chatted with the driver and got to know him better. His name was Don and he was 43, married with two kids, a boy and girl, and worked full time at an auto shop and drove Uber in his spare time.

“So are you guys celebrities or something?” he asked finally, figuring out that these were no ordinary boys from the snippets of conversation he”d overheard.

“Yeah, sort of. We”re in a band called Alternate Love, we had a show at the Tulsa Theater earlier this evening.”

“Ah, used to be called the Brady, or The Old Lady on Brady,” he laughed, “I saw Gordon Lightfoot there once. Probably way before your time.”

“I”ve heard of him,” Aidan said, “I like all kinds of music and I”ve listened to a lot of my folks old vinyls and stuff. “We try to make our music appeal to a wide range of people. Tonight, just for this show we did a Leon Russell song. I know he was born nearby and spent a lot of time here. I really like his music and have most of it on my computer.”

“Yeah, I like old Leon. Shame he”s no longer with us, but he really made a mark on the music scene here while he was alive. Great guy too.”

“Yeah, this town has a lot of musical history from what I”ve read. Music is sort of my passion.”

“Well, I”ll have to check your stuff out. I bet my kids would like it, Steven is 14 and Jan is 12.”

“When we get back to the Hotel, if you can wait a minute I”ll run in and grab you a CD for them.”

“That would be great.”

After the ice cream, Don suggested he drive back to the Hotel via Peoria so they could see the original restless ribbon. These days it sported trendy bars, restaurants, and shops, but there were still reminders of the original hangout of the young and restless, like Webber”s Rootbeer Stand.

At the Hotel, Don waited while Aidan ran in to grab two autographed copies of their CDs and handed them to Don. “We all signed it and I wrote your kids names on them so they wouldn”t fight over them,” he joked.

“Thank god for that, they”re good kids, but sometimes they drive me crazy with their cat-fighting.”

“Well, Don, thanks for the ride, and oh…almost forgot,” he said pulling a twenty from his pocket, “buy your wife some flowers or take her to the movies.” he said grinning. 

“Oh, Aidan, thanks, thanks so much. It was my pleasure, and good luck with the rest of the tour.”

“Thank you Don, it was fun.”

They flew out the next afternoon for the short trip to Dallas, but the show wasn”t scheduled till the next day so they had some time to explore the city. Mr. Reynolds arrived shortly after they checked into their hotel and everyone was happy to see him, especially Mrs. Reynolds who smothered him with kisses.

“Get a room, you guys.” Jaden teased, “Time for some lovin” dad.”

“Behave,” his mother scolded, but she was grinning.

“How about if I take us all out to dinner and we can catch up on things?” Mr. Reynolds suggested, “but first I need to grab a shower and change out of these clothes.”

“Mom, better go help him,” Aidan teased.

“Count on it,” she said raising an eyebrow, “You boys can fend for yourselves for a while can”t you?”

“We”ll be fine mom. They have an indoor pool guys, wanna go swimming?”

While the boys enjoyed the pool and hot tub Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds got reacquainted in their room upstairs. As they lay cuddling, Mrs. Reynolds brought her husband up to date on the tour so far.

“Those boys are having the time of their lives, but I think it”s a little more tiring than they”d thought it would be.”

“KC, and Oklahoma were nothing compared to what”s ahead,” Mr. Reynolds said, “By the way, when is Henry supposed to be here?”

“Not till tomorrow, his plane arrives at 11:00. I offered to pick him up, but apparently he”s renting a car and will drive to Houston for the next show.”

“Oh, well…I wonder why he”s not flying?”

“He said he has relatives nearby and wants to visit them on the way.”

“Or a girlfriend,” Mr. Reynolds teased.

“Let”s hope not, with all those kids and a wife…”

“Well, you never have to worry about me messing around on the side,” Mr. Reynolds said, I don”t have the time or the energy.”

“Well, good to know, but something along the lines of, no woman could ever compare to you, would have been better.”

“That too,” he said nuzzling  her neck playfully, “wanna make a baby?”

“Well, I”m not sure I want a baby, but we can practice,” she chuckled.

“Okay, but one of these days the boys will be gone and we”ll be all alone.”

“This isn”t the first time this has come up, are you serious about wanting another child?”

“Well…I do sort of like being a dad,” he mumbled.

“And I love being a mom, but do we really want to start all over again, with a baby I mean?”

“Are you talking adopting? Cause if you are, I”m good with that too.”

“There are so many kids in the world who need parents, and I was thinking maybe an older child, one that was at least potty trained,” she laughed.

“Boy or girl?”

“Oh, I don”t know. We have a lot of experience with boys, but a girl might be nice too, or…maybe one of each.”

Mr. Reynolds chuckled, “What do you think the boys would say about all this?”

“I think they”d be fine with it. They”re busy with their own lives now, but I think they”d welcome a little brother or sister with open arms.”

“Well, I still think we should discuss it with them before we go any further.”

“Agreed, so when the tour is over maybe we can have a family meeting and see what they think, but right now, lets get back to what we started,” she said reaching for his hardness.

“Oh, yeah…practice makes perfect,” he giggled.

In the huge indoor pool the boys were having a good time rough-housing and playing grab ass. They were the only ones presently using the pool, but before long a man and two young teenage boys soon joined them, although the man took up a position on a lounge chair and didn”t seem anxious to get in the water. 

The two boys, thirteen  year old Josh, and his best friend Bryan, also 13, dived in quickly and started chatting the boys up.

“Hi, are you visiting too?” Josh asked in a decidedly English accent.

“Yes, and let me guess, you”re from England?” Aidan said looking the blond boy over.

“Originally, we live in Houston now, we”re up here visiting my grams, my dad”s mum that is. My dad is English, but mum is from New York. We lived in London till  two years ago, then dad transfered to the states.”

“Is this your brother?” Aidan asked looking the dark haired boy next to him over.

“No, this is Bryan, he”s my best mate. He lives just next door back home and he”s come with us on holiday.”

“Cool, best buds huh? We”re all friends too, except that ugly guy there, that”s Jaden, my brother.

“Oh, twins, how absolutely wonderful,” Josh said, “I think it would be lovely to have a twin.”

“Its fun all right, that”s Jeremy over there, and his brother Isaac, and that”s Greg a good friend of ours.”

Aidan was reluctant to tell the boys why they were there and was thankful that they didn”t ask a lot of questions after that. Instead they joined in the fun and everyone seemed to be getting along royally. It was nice really, just a bunch of teenage boys having fun without the pressure of explaining themselves or being asked a million questions or for autographs.

When the boys and the father finally left, the group decided it was time to go as well, and as they climbed out of the pool they were in good spirits.

After showering and changing they found Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds in the lobby and they walked out to the rental, a roomy Dodge Durango, and headed to the restaurant. After a delicious Italian dinner, Mr. Reynolds drove around for a while as they took in the sights of the city.

“Its sure a lot bigger than Tulsa or Oklahoma City,” Aidan noted, “almost too big, and the people drive crazy here,” he laughed.

“They”re certainly more aggressive than back home, but I suppose a person could get  used to it,” Mr. Reynolds said.

“Compared to LA, its nothing though,” Greg reminded them, “Its bumper to bumper on the freeway most of the time.”

“Yes, that”s true. That would wear on my nerves,” Mrs. Reynolds said, “I”ll never complain about the traffic back home again.”

Despite the fact that they didn”t have to perform until the following evening, the boys turned in early, and except for Greg and Isaac who were busy making love, everyone was soon asleep.

Henry Miller arrived the next morning and they had a late breakfast, and went over the tour so far, and what was to come next. Greg seemed to have gotten over his anger about the KC concert, and things seemed fine between father and son, though Isaac knew there was more to Greg”s foul mood than the second billing in KC. 

The shows in Dallas and Houston were a big success, and in Houston they got a big surprise. In the audience were the two boys from the Hotel pool in Dallas and Aidan recognized them right away. Suddenly he had a wicked idea. Once the current number was finished he stepped back and conferred with the band for a moment, then stepped back to the mic.

“Thank you Houston, you”ve really made us feel at home here. While we were in Dallas we happened to meet some cool guys from your city and I see they”re in the audience tonight. So I was wondering if it would be okay if we brought them up on stage.”

The audience roared their approval, and Aidan walked closer to the edge of the stage pointing to Josh and Bryan who were in the third row with their father and a woman who must”ve been Josh”s mom from the proud look on her face.

“Josh and Bryan, come on up guys,” he urged, and when the boys nervously, but excitedly started toward the stage, Aidan urged the crowd to give them a round of applause.

When the boys reached the stage, Aidan gave both boys a fist bump then stood them on either side of him and placed an arm around their necks.

“These two guys made us feel really welcome here in the great state of Texas,” Aidan said, eliciting a roar from the crowd and more applause, and they seem to be typical of the great folks here. You have all made us feel so welcome and I hope you”ll have us back again.”

The crowd assured them they were welcome anytime with their thunderous applause, and when it had died down Aidan turned back to the two red-faced boys on stage.

“Folks, this guy here is Josh and he”s from the UK, but a real Texan now,” he said grinning, “and this guy over here, that”s Bryan, his best bud. We all know how important best friends are, and this next song sort of expresses how we feel about friendship. If you know the words sing along. Guys…” he said turning to the band, and the music began as they launched into Andrew Gold”s Thank You for Being a Friend.

The audience was soon singing along, as were the two boys on stage, who had seemed to get over their nervousness and were belting out the lyrics right along with Aidan. Most everyone was familiar with the lyrics since it had been the theme song for The Golden Girls TV comedy, and everyone seemed to be having a good time joining in.

When the song ended, Aidan thanked the two boys and gave them a bro hug, whispering to Josh to hang around after the concert and he would hook them up with some swag.

“Give my bros a big round of applause Aidan said, and the boys marched off to the thunderous roar of the crowd.

The boys returned to their seats, celebrities in their own right now, and the show went on and was a resounding success. Several music critics were in the audience that night and the revues were very favorable, one critic saying “This was the most fun I”ve had since I was a teenager.”

After the show Aidan send Mr. Miller out to find the two boys and he soon came back with the two and Josh”s proud parents.

“Hi, you guys,” Aidan said warmly, “this must be your folks Josh,” he said smiling at the couple, “Sorry if we sort of blindsided you guys, but when I saw you in the audience I just had to get you on stage. I hope  you had fun.”

“It was awesome,” Bryan said, “all the girls are gonna be crazy for me now,” he laughed.

“Yeah, mate it was really great of you to bring us up. It was so much fun.”

“I”m Michael Landon, this is my wife Sheri,” the man said offering a hand to shake, his accent was a bit stronger than his son”s, probably because he”d been speaking it longer, but his wife, being American, had a slight southern drawl.

“Thank you for bringin” the boys up there,” she said smiling, “they”ll be talkin” about this for months. Oh, and you boys are very good.”

“Thank you ma”am,” Aidan said, then introduced everyone, including Mr. Miller, and his parents who were very proud of their son at that moment.

As the group chatted up the parents, Aidan pulled the two boys aside and hooked them up with autographed CDs, T-Shirts, and a few pics of the band, and they talked some more.

“If you guys want to stay in touch or something you can follow us on YouTube and FaceBook  and I”ll get back to ya”,” he offered.

“Really?” Josh said looking rather infatuated with the cute blond teen.

“Yeah, we love our fans. I mean you came to see us, so you must be fans, right?”

“Well, the truth is my dad got the tickets for free, but once we heard you guys singing and stuff, we really liked it.”

“Bryan”s dad works for a TV station here and he gets lots of free stuff,” Josh explained. Hey, I was wondering though, why didn”t you tell us back in Dallas that you were…you know? Who you were?”

“I guess because we didn”t want to make a big deal out of it. We just wanted to have fun and be regular kids for a while. I hope you understand.”

“Yeah, I do. It must be hard being on stage and having screaming girls chasing you everywhere,” he laughed.

“Not for me,” Bryan said enthusiastically, “I”d love it.”

Aidan laughed, “Well, so far that hasn”t happened, but we do attract a little attention sometimes. Thanks again for being such good sports and coming on stage with us. By the way, you both have very good voices.”

“We”re in Choral Club at our school,” Josh explained, “I”ll bet our choir director will go bonkers when she hears that we were on stage,” he laughed.

“Hey, they record all the shows, if you send me your email address I”ll send you a copy of the part where you guys were on stage.”

“Cool,” Josh said.

“Boys,” Mr. Landon said then, “We need to go. Tell your friends goodbye. I”m sure they have things to do and places to go.”

“Actually we were just going to head out for some dinner,” Mr. Reynolds said. He and Mrs. Reynolds had been chatting up the couple and found they were very nice people, “if you haven”t eaten yet maybe you and your boys could join us.”

Mr. Landon looked at his wife who nodded, “That would be lovely,” she said, “And I know just the place, our treat,” she said, then added, “and I won”t take no for an answer, my father owns the place and we eat cheap there,” she laughed.

The restaurant served mostly American dishes, as well as seafood, and some Italian dishes, and the portions were generous and the food delicious. The boys sat together at one end of a long table while the adults sat at the other end and got better acquainted.

“Our boys seem to be getting along well,” Mrs. Landon said smiling, “I have to say I was surprised at how down to earth the boys in the band seem to be.”

“This is all still pretty new to them, but I hope they”re grounded enough that it doesn”t go to their heads,” Mrs. Reynolds said, “We had some reservations about allowing them to do this, but so far it seems to be working out just fine. They understand the importance of a good education and are planning on using the money for college.”

“These boys are going to go far,” Mr. Miller said, “but we”ll do everything we can to make sure they can still live fairly normal lives. The record people have been very understanding so far, and I”ll do everything I can to make sure it stays that way.”

“Henry here is our agent, and also Greg”s dad,” Mrs. Reynolds explained, “I don”t know what we”d have done without him.”

“An agent?” Mr. Landon said, “I”d never have known,” he laughed, “I always thought agents were a bit more outrageous.”

“Some are, trust me. I”ve been in the business a long time and I”m not typical of the average agent, but my clients love me, so I must be doing kadıköy travesti something right.”

“I work for a large bank and we have quite a few celebrities as clients, but of course we don”t get into that side of things,” Mr. Landon said, “I find some of them, well…shall I say? Rather bonkers at times,” he laughed.

“Yes, they can be, but I only have a few that are like that, most of my clients are like the boys, down to earth, hard working entertainers, who just want to pursue their dream, and maybe make a living at it at the same time.”

At the other end of the huge table Greg was picking at the remnants of his steak and in deep thought. Beside him Isaac studied him carefully, guessing what was on his mind, but reluctant to breach the subject.

“I”m going to tell  him,” Greg said, suddenly turning to Isaac with a determined look, “Tonight, as soon as we get back. I”m tired of living this lie and I want to get this out in the open now, before I lose my nerve.”

“Are you sure?” Isaac said soothingly, “It can wait till after the tour you know?”

“No, I want to get this over with.”

“And what if he doesn”t take the news well and wants to send you back home or something?”

“He won”t, that would be too embarrassing for him. Besides, he won”t risk pissing off the band or Mr. And Mrs. Reynolds. After all this is a business deal for him.”

“It”s your call, you know him best. Do you want me to be there too?”

“No, yes…I don”t know…maybe afterwards. I think I want to talk to him alone first.”

“Okay,” Isaac said reaching beneath the table and taking Greg”s hand in his. Giving it a gentle squeeze he smiled at his lover and hoped for the best.

The dinner was a huge success and not only did the boys agree to stay in touch, but the adults as well. After all, you could never have too many friends.

As they parted in the parking lot, Josh got Aidan aside and seemed to be hesitant about speaking at first, then suddenly he gushed forth.

“I…like that you…that you represent the…um, gay boys in your music. That”s so cool.”

“Well, as you may already know, I am gay, and I have a boyfriend back home named Zak. Jaden has a boyfriend too, back home, Jimmy is his name, and Greg and Isaac have just recently gotten together, so…I guess we understand those boys like that pretty well.”

“Boys like me,” Josh said blushing, “but you can”t tell anyone. Not even Bryan knows, and I”d die if mum and dad found out.”

“Your secret is safe with me, but I”ll bet it”s probably not that big a deal with them. If you and Bryan are really close then he might already suspect. I assume from the way he talks that he”s smitten with girls right now,” Aidan chuckled.

“Yeah, well…he talks about them a lot, but as far as I know he”s never even gone on a date with anyone.”

“Do you like him? As more than a friend, I mean,” Aidan said, causing the boy to blush and nod.

“I could never tell him though, he”d hate me and I don”t want to lose my best mate.”

“I doubt you”d lose him, he seems to like you a lot. Look, I”m not going to tell you what to do, but I think eventually you should come clean with him and just see where it goes. Tell you what, stay in touch, and we”ll talk about this some more. Do you have a phone?”

“Sure,” Josh said producing the latest Iphone.

“Let me put in my number,” Aidan said taking the phone, “there now, you can text me or call me. We can even Skype or KIK.”

“Cool, thanks mate. Well, I should probably go, I just wanted to thank you again, and to…well, to tell you that I think you”re really cool and well…you know?”

“Hey, thanks, you”re cool too. Can I get a hug then?” Aidan said opening his arms and Josh swarmed into them, oblivious of the fact that everyone was watching.

“You and Josh got close pretty fast,” Jaden said as they rode back to the Hotel in the back of the Durango.

“He”s a cool kid. He came out to me and confessed that he has feelings for Bryan, but he”s afraid of rejection, just like a lot of gay kids. I told him to stay in touch and we”d talk about it some more.”

“Cool, advice for poor gay boys in love,” Jaden teased, “but I can totally see why he likes that kid Bryan, he”s a fox.”

“Down boy, you”ve got Jimmy waiting for you back home.”

Back at the Hotel, Greg got his father aside and asked to speak to him in private. Though the senior Miller seemed surprised at first, he agreed easily and suggested they go to his room which was on the first floor.

“I”ll catch up with you guys later,” Greg said, giving Isaac a terrified “help me” look, then trotted off to join his father.

“What”s up with him?” Jeremy asked, pulling Isaac aside.

“He”s going to tell his dad…about being gay, and I guess about us.”

“Oh man. How do you think that will go?”

“You know his dad as well as I do, its anyone”s guess.”

“Wow, I hope things work out.”

“Whats up son?” Mr. Miller said as he led Greg inside, “Need a drink or anything?”

“No, I”m fine sir,” Greg said trying to sound more calm than he felt.

“Well, sit down then. Why are you so nervous?” he chuckled, “If it”s about the things you said to me about the KC thing, forget it, that”s all been forgotten already.”

“Its not that, it”s something else, something private and personal.”

“Oh, well…maybe I should sit down then,” he said trying to make a joke of it, but Greg wasn”t laughing.

“This is really hard,” Greg said looking away and gathering his strength, “I don”t know how to start…”

“Well, try starting at the beginning, I find that usually helps,” his father said soothingly, finally seeing the distress his son was feeling.

Greg sighed, “The beginning…” he muttered, “I don”t know exactly when I began to feel this way,” he mumbled, “maybe when I was ten or 11, I don”t know, but when I turned 13…I was pretty sure by then…”

“Son, you”re not making any sense,” Mr. Miller said frowning, “Feel what, feel what way?”

“Can”t you guess?” Greg said sounding desperate, “Haven”t you seen enough of that stuff in Hollywood to know what I mean?”

“Greg, calm down. Just tell me, what”s wrong? What are you trying to say?”

“I”m gay! I”m gay damn it! There I”ve said it, are you happy now?” he said, then immediately his anger dissolved and he began to wilt. Soon the tears came as Henry Miller stared at his oldest son with surprise.

“Hey, hey…no need to cry,” he said finally moving toward his son, then taking him in his arms he held him as he got his emotions under control.

“You…you don”t hate me?” Greg sobbed.

“Hate you?” Mr. Miller said sounding shocked, “Of course not, you”re my son and I love you very much. Am I surprised? A little, but that certainly doesn”t change how I feel about you.”

“Really, cause we never talked about this stuff and I wasn”t sure how you and mom would feel about having a…a fag for a son.”

“Don”t use that word, its meant to be a put down and you don”t deserve to be put down. Are you sure about this? No, scratch that, that was a stupid thing to say. Of course you are, you wouldn”t  have went to all this trouble and distress to tell me if you weren”t sure.”

“There”s more,” Greg said wiping at his eyes, “I…I”m in love…with a guy…with, with Isaac,” he said expecting his father to finally erupt with anger.

“Oh, well…that explains a few things,” he chuckled, “I guess I should”ve listened to your mom, she seemed to think something was going on back in LA.”

“She…she did?”

“Yes, you know how your mother is? She has this six sense when it comes to you boys,” he chuckled, “Well, I can”t say this is the life I would have chosen for you, not because I disapprove of gay people, but because its not always an easy path to walk. Still if you have to be gay, then LA is a good place for it.”

“That”s just it though, I want to be with Isaac and if I have to go back to LA, I… I”m afraid he will find someone else.”

“But the tour will be over in a couple weeks, what were you planning on doing, going home with the band…with Isaac?”

“I don”t know. We”ve talked some about our future, and we thought maybe we could both go to the same college somewhere.”

“But that”s more than a year away, what about now?”

“I don”t know,” Greg admitted.

“I need to think about this some, can you trust me to do that and not worry so much?”

“I think so, thanks for taking the news so well dad.”

“Greg, I was there when you were born, I held you in my hands, a tiny little squirming mass of red skin, with a cry that would rouse the dead. I was there when you cut your first tooth, when you took your first step, and when you learned to use the potty like a big boy. I”ve watched you grow up to be a kind and loving, and gentle young man, and I am very proud of you. Whether you like girls or boys, or both, has nothing to do with the real you. You are still that wonderful person inside, and I love you more than ever for having the strength to share this part of you with me.”

“Dad…” Greg said, then dissolving into tears he hugged his father fiercely and let all the years of pain and uncertainty flow from his body. When he was finally all cried out he felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from him. Wiping at his eyes he said softly, “How do you think mom will take the news?”

“What do you think sport? She”s your mom, and she loves you as much as I do. She”ll be in your corner all the way, but she may be a little upset to find out that her baby is in love, and that another boy is stealing you away,” he joked.

“Oh dad,” Greg said managing a smile, “He”s not stealing me away, I still love you guys.”

“Why don”t you go tell Isaac the good news,” he chuckled, “I”m sure he knows what you”ve been up to.”

“Yeah, he was a little worried. He”s gonna be really happy.”

The next day Mr. Reynolds drove the band and his wife to the airport where they would catch separate flights, the band and his wife and Mr. Miller headed to Atlanta, and him back home. 

The parting at the airport was painful for Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, but he promised to join them in New York for that show, and that they would tour the city and make a mini-vacation of it.

The crowd in Atlanta was the biggest yet, and a precursor to what the crowd in NYC  and Chicago would be, and the boys were looking forward to their two last and biggest concerts.

Mr. Reynolds called after the show and he and his wife talked for over an hour, discussing their plans for meeting up in NYC in two days, but tomorrow the band had a day off and they would spend it exploring Atlanta.

The day in Atlanta was pleasant and the boys liked the city a lot. It was an exciting place with great shopping and lots of things to do and the band agreed that they”d like to come back sometime, even if only to visit.

The next day they flew to New York and as they landed that afternoon they were more nervous and excited than they”d been since the tour began. Aidan summed it up best: New York was the big time. If they bombed here it was over, but if they were a success, than nothing could stop them.

Mr. Reynolds had flown in earlier that morning and was already at the Hotel when they got there and they had a little reunion party over lunch and that seemed to calm the boys down some.

The New York booking that evening was actually at Barclays Center which could seat 19,000 people, and though not filled to capacity, the boys had their biggest crowd so far at just over 10,000 people. For this show they had added four more songs and broke the show into two parts with a 15 minute intermission, and the crowd seemed to appreciate the break as much as they did.

They performed two encore numbers before finally leaving the stage for good, and they were still floating on air as the limo whisked them back to the Hotel.  Mr. Miller had made sure they had first class accommodations this time, as well as a limo, and the boys thanked him profusely.

“We”ve booked a tour for us tomorrow,” Mrs. Reynolds said, and we”ll have all day to enjoy the city. The tour is drawing to an end now, just one more show, and I was wondering how you boys are feeling about things.”

Aidan jumped right in, “I don”t know how the other guys feel, but as far as I”m concerned this has been the greatest thing that”s happened in my life so far. And even if after we go back home, the CD bombs and we never appear in public again, I wouldn”t have traded this for anything in the world.”

“We”re not gonna bomb,” Jaden laughed, “but I get what you mean. We”re not expecting this to last forever mom, but while we have it, we wanna grab onto it and hang on for the ride.”

Jeremy laughed, “I think that sort of sums it up for me. I”m looking forward to college some day, but man will this look good on a college application, especially since I”ve decided to major in music, just like Isaac,” he grinned at Isaac who put his arm around his little brother.

“That”s great bro, we can still make music together even if it”s not on a big stage with thousands of screaming fans.”

“Well, I have to admit I”ve enjoyed it myself,” Mrs. Reynolds said, “but I”ll be glad to get back home where I can see my husband every night and not just occasionally,” she said squeezing Mr. Reynolds hand and giving him a loving look.

“I agree, but I”m very happy you boys got this opportunity. To have denied you this opportunity would have been like throwing a bucket of water on your dreams. I don”t know what will happen next, but I”m glad you had this, and if this isn”t the time for you to go all the way, well…that time will come,” Mr. Reynolds added.

They dined at a restaurant near the Hotel and Mr. Miller seemed to know just what to say or do to get them seated quickly and at a good table. The service was prompt and the food was delicious, even if the portions were a bit small for five teenage boys” tastes. The adults chatted while the boys talked about the upcoming sightseeing tour of New York and of course about their final show in Chicago.

The adults turned in early that night, but the boys were still up running over some numbers and talking till way past midnight. When they finally crashed they were asleep quickly, even Isaac and Greg, who had planned on ending the day a bit more passionately.

The tour of New York was actually more enlightening than the tour of LA and SF and they found themselves falling in love with the city that never sleeps. When they gazed upon the Statue of Liberty they all felt a lump in their throats. Mr. Reynolds family had come through Ellis Island and settled in this country, though they”d moved to the Midwest to escape the crowds, and most of them lived their still.

There were a few tears when they toured the 911 memorial and they found themselves speechless as they silently read the names of the victims that day. It was a sad reminder of the evil in the world, but it only made them more determined to be good citizens and to defend their country against such atrocities.

They were exhausted by the time they got back to the Hotel and too tired to even go out. Mr. Miller suggested they order some New York Style pizza and have it delivered and the boys heartily agreed. The massive pizzas arrived about 45 minutes later and everyone enjoyed the gooey, meaty treats.

Their flight the next day for Chicago was scheduled at 10 am, and after their busy day of touring they turned in early, at least early for the boys, around 10 pm that night. That night Greg and Isaac did manage to find the energy to make love, not once but twice, but instead of being tiring it seemed to energize them. 

As Jeremy lay in his bed listening to the two, he thought about Dee and their new relationship now that they”d given their virginity to one another, and he smiled. He was sure he had the best girl in the whole world and he could see them being together for a long time, if not forever. What would that be like? He wondered. Being married to Dee would surely be the most wonderful thing in the world. When he saw happy couples like his parents and the Reynolds, he was inspired and encouraged. But they were still young and he knew things could change. As much as he”d enjoyed the tour he missed Dee so much it actually hurt, and he couldn”t wait for the tour to be over so he could see his girl again. He fell asleep thinking about what that reunion would be like.

Chicago was not the kind of city the boys would have chosen for their last concert of the tour, but they”d had no input in the selection of cities. The Hotel was okay, but the city seemed dirty, and the people unfriendly, and the wind blew the whole time they were there, making it miserable when they were outside.

The concert was held in a newer venue with seating for around 5,000 and it was packed almost to capacity. Despite their misgivings about the city, the crowd seemed energetic and enthusiastic and the show was a big success. They noticed  there were quite a few more black people in this audience, most of them teens, and they found out later that Jeremy and Isaac had quite a following in the city. 

Aidan hadn”t thought of Jeremy or Isaac as representing anyone except perhaps gay youth, but it made perfect sense to him and the others once they thought about it. Jeremy and Isaac, two black brothers who were making it big, and that resonated with their peers.

As soon as the show was over the boys were whisked back to their Hotel by limo again, where they rested and came down from the high that performing always caused. When they”d rested enough they decided they were hungry, but what they really wanted was some fast food. 

Instructing the Limo driver to find the nearest McDonalds, the boys and the adults dined on Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, Chicken Nuggets, and lots and lots of fries. The adults seemed to revert to their teenage days as they snarfed down the junk food and the atmosphere was more celebratory than morose. 

It seemed that everyone involved had enjoyed the tour, but were ready for it to end and ready to get back to the normalcy of their lives. Even Mr. Miller said he would be glad to see his wife and other sons, but was thankful for the Reynolds and the group for making him feel so welcome.

Their flight out the next day wasn”t scheduled till in the afternoon, so after stopping at a Walmart to pick up a few things the boys played board games and cards well into the night. With no pressure to organize, rehearse, and plan a concert, the boys felt almost giddy. 

Jaden seemed to sum it up best when he said, “It was a great tour, but bakırköy travesti I am SO ready to sleep in my own bed…not to mention kiss my boyfriend.”

“Maybe you can do both,” Jeremy teased, “I”m sure he”d be glad to sleep over when we get back.”

“Oh, is Dee gonna sleep over at your house?” he teased back.

“Unfortunately now that the rents know, they”re gonna be watching us a little closer, but I still think we”ll be able to find ways to be together.”

“You can always sneak her in your window,” Isaac teased.

“Yeah, I suppose. You know it”s really kind of unfair. You gay guys can have your bf”s in your bed and no one squeaks about it, but because Dee is a girl they want to keep us apart.”

“Hey bro, we”re on your side. Maybe I”ll talk to mom and dad and see if I can get them to ease up a bit on you two.”

“Thanks, I can use all the help I can get.”

“Meanwhile if you need some loving right away, I”ll be glad to hook you up,” Jaden offered, “I bet Aidan would help too.”

“Hmm..tempting, but I”d really like to save it for my girl.”

“Dude, that”s like going off with a loaded gun. Better to get off tonight and take the edge off so when you meet up with her you won”t go off half cocked,” Jaden laughed.

“Trust me bro, he”s got a point. At least rub one out tonight,” Isaac added.

“I guess you”re right, but if it comes down to my hand or these two hot dudes, I guess I”ll have to take the twins up on their offer. So…maybe I”ll spend the night with them tonight. I”m sure you and Greg won”t mind the alone time,” he said grinning.

“Never stopped us before, but that”s cool with us. Speaking of that,” Isaac said yawning, I think its time me and Greg said goodnight.”

“Yeah, I bet there will be lots of sleeping going on over there,” Jaden chuckled. “You should just join us, we could have a last night orgy.”

Isaac looked like he was about to say something when Greg spoke first, “I don”t know how Isaac feels about that, but I have been a little curious about how those things work.”

“Its fun,” Isaac assured him, especially with this bunch, but are you sure you”re ready for that?”

“I mean, I love you, but I”ve come to love the others too, maybe not the same way, but I think it might be fun to just let loose and have one last fling.”

“I forgot that until me, you really hadn”t had that much experience. Well whatever you want to do is fine by me, we”re all friends here and really don”t have any secrets, right guys?”

“Nope. Hey Greg, if you”re serious, you can always pick and choose what you want to do. No one will expect you to do anything you don”t feel comfortable with. Maybe all you want to do is watch, and that”s fine, but if you want to do more that”s even better,” Jaden said, excited at the thought of initiating another member into their group.

“He”s right, you can do as little or as much as you want,” Aidan said, “its all about trusting one another and just having a good time. No one has to do anything they don”t want to.”

“Are you really sure you don”t mind Isaac?” Greg said looking at his lover hopefully.

“I”m fine with it. I trust these guys and I won”t get jealous, if that”s what you”re afraid of. I know no one is going to try to take you away from me. All of them are attached otherwise and this is only fun.”

“Well, oh man…I”m so nervous I”m shaking, but I think I”d like to try it.”

“Okay, then…first order of business, showers for everyone. Greg and I will go to our room and shower while you guys take care of yours here and we”ll be back in say…thirty minutes.”

“Works for us, I”ll let the twins shower first, I”m gonna go down to the vending machine and get sodas for everyone.”

“Get some snacks too,” Jaden said, “if you need more money I have a bunch of singles in my wallet.”

“Naw, I”m good. Any special requests.”

“Peanuts,” Isaac said, or peanut M&Ms.

“Chips, oh and candy,” Greg said.

“I”ll clean the machine out,” Jeremy laughed, “I”m sure there will be something for everyone. I better take a suitcase with me.”

As soon as Greg and Isaac were naked and in the shower Greg began to have second thoughts about joining the boys for sex.

“Are you sure you don”t care if we join them?”

“I told you love, I”m open to whatever you want. I have absolutely no hangups any more. I love those boys like brothers, well one of em” is my brother,” he chuckled, “And being with them that way is always fun and easy. There”s never any regrets or shame afterwards. Do you think you will be able to feel the same way?”

“I think so, I hope so. I just don”t want to do anything to ruin what we have.”

“No danger there. You”re stuck with me now. We just have to figure out how to make things work for the next year until we start college.”

“I”ve been thinking a lot about that. At least I don”t have to fly back with dad tomorrow. He”s letting me stay till the week before school starts.”

“A lot can happen in that time. Maybe we”ll figure something out.”

“I hope so. Wash my back?”

“Ummmm…okay,” Isaac said pressing against Greg”s bottom and placing his rapidly growing member between the two perfect globes.

“Is that your crack washer I feel back there?” Greg giggled.

“Mmmm…yeah, and it gets bigger.”

“You know what you told Jeremy about not going off with a loaded gun, well maybe we should unload ours before we join the others.”

“You sure?”

“Uh huh, go ahead, unload that thing in me,” he said lustily.

Isaac growled and buried his face in his lover”s neck and reached between them to line his cock up with Greg”s eager hole. Soon he was balls deep in his lover and moving slowly as both boys moaned in pleasure.

Reaching around Greg, Isaac took hold of his cock and began to work it in time to his movements. Soon Greg cried out and began to spew his hot teenage seed on the tiled wall of the shower. As his body convulsed with pleasure and his sphincter gripped Isaac”s cock tight, he too began to spew.

“Oh man, that was intense,” Isaac said as he finally shrunk enough to slip out of his lover.”

“Well, we should be good for an hour or so,” Greg said leaning against the wall, still breathing heavily.

By the time the two finished showering and dressing, the others had showered and were lounging around in their underwear. As promised Jeremy had returned with a backpack full of junk food from the vending machines as well as sodas for everyone. 

“What took you guys so long?” Jaden asked, “We were afraid you”d bailed on us.”

“Naw, we just took longer in the shower than we planned.”

“Oh, does that mean you began without us?”

“Well, you know…the loaded gun thing,” Isaac said grinning.

“I thought I heard a shot earlier,” Jeremy teased. Well, we”ll just have to find something else to do for a while. Anyone up for some Monopoly?”

An hour later, after Greg had cleaned everyone out in Monopoly and they”d eaten most of the junk food, the boys began to feel randy again. Greg and Isaac had stripped down to their underwear shortly after arriving and now tents were beginning to show in five pair of undies.

“I”m gonna put out some of these lights,” Jaden said taking charge, “anyone need to pee before we get started?”

Everyone did, and after they”d emptied their bladders of the soda they”d drank, they piled down on one of the queen-sized beds to regroup.

“Well, since their are five of us, one bed probably isn”t gonna be big enough for all of us, I was thinking…what if we throw the covers off both beds and all these pillows on the floor and make a little nest?”

“As always, you know just what to do,” Aidan chuckled, “Everybody up, I”ll  help.”

Once they had everything arranged Jaden spoke again, “Okay, now everybody lose the undies, things are gonna move pretty fast from here on out.”

“Still good with this?” Isaac said to Greg.

“Yeah, let me  help you with those,” he said reaching for the elastic of Isaac”s boxer briefs.

Five teenage boners sprung up then and the air was thick with pheromones and testosterone.  Jaden grabbed onto Jeremy”s erection and pulled him down to the floor with him, giggling all the way. 

“Get over here Aidan, we”re going to show Greg how we tag team a guy.

As Jeremy was forced down onto his back, Jaden knelt between his legs and began licking his balls while Aidan started at the other end, kissing Jeremy deeply and caressing his chest. From there Aidan moved down, working on Jeremy”s hard nipples and licking down the center of his chest till he met his brother in the fun zone.

Grabbing Jeremy”s cock in his hand Jaden licked up one side while Aidan licked the other side and continued to rub on his body wherever he could reach.

Greg watched with wide eyed wonder, his erection jerking occasionally as the live sex show continued.

“You like that?” Isaac chuckled.

“Uh huh, God that”s so  hot,” Greg said grabbing his own cock and squeezing it a little.

“Come on, let”s join them, just jump in somewhere and do what comes natural.”

Greg was reluctant at first to touch another boy, but he quickly got into things with a little encouragement from Isaac. Leaning down he kissed Jeremy, marveling at how much Jeremy and Isaac were alike in some ways, they even tasted the same, delicious. When Jeremy reached for Greg”s cock he was reluctant at first, but with Isaac”s gentle urging he moved closer and Jeremy soon had him in his mouth.

Greg thought he had never felt so alive or so good in all his life as he finally gave in completely, as the five boys shared the most sacred gift of all, their bodies. He wasn”t sure when it  happened or how, but after a while he found himself between Aidan”s legs as he held them up exposing his pink rosebud, and with a ferocity he didn”t know he possessed, he was soon driving in and out of the cute blond twin with frenzy.

Behind him someone, Isaac he decided, was licking his asshole and then a couple of fingers replaced his tongue as Isaac lubed him up, preparing him to be entered. When Isaac lined himself up and pushed in, the heat in Greg”s loins burned even hotter, and he began pounding Aidan with renewed energy.

With each forward thrust he sank into Aidan”s hot tight insides, and on each upstroke he impaled himself on Isaac”s huge hot shaft, giving him pleasure coming and going.

With all the extra stimulation it was hard to hold back, but suddenly someone was bending down to kiss him, and he found his lips being pressed apart by Jaden”s tongue as he kissed him deeply. Another set of hands that had to belong to Jeremy were caressing his body all over and the feelings in every part of his body threatened to overload his brain. 

So this is an orgy, he thought, feeling intoxicated, is it always this good? Or is it so good because I have feelings for all these boys and I trust them with my life? He decided that had to be it, and though he was enjoying every moment, every touch, he wasn”t sure he could handle this on a regular basis. He loved Isaac and he enjoyed just being with him, quietly cuddling, and then making slow passionate love, but sharing with the others was sweet in its own way.

When he came he saw stars and felt ready to pass out as he fired off volley after volley of hot teenage cum into Aidan”s guts, and then Isaac began to unload and he was busy processing that new feeling.

All the time Jaden and Jeremy had continued to caress the three coupling boys, and there were kisses all around as the boys untangled themselves and fell on the floor spent at last.

“Lay down again,” Aidan said to Jeremy, “remember the first time I let you fuck me?”

“Oh yeah, it was wild. You rode me like a bucking bronco.”

“Well, that”s what we”re going to do now, only we”re gonna take turns. I”ll go first, then J, then Greg. Isaac, you”re excused from this one,” he chuckled.

“Why? Surely you don”t think we haven”t done that a time or two,” Isaac chuckled, “No, I”m in, but I”ll go first.”

Isaac surprised everyone by volunteering to be first and they watched in awe as he lowered himself onto Jeremy”s hard pole. Because he was considerably larger than Jeremy and weighed more, he used his strong legs to support himself as he bounced up and down on his brother”s hard cock, occasionally leaning down to kiss him.

Greg thought this had to be the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life, and he was suddenly hard once more and thinking about getting off again. What would it be like if he could have both brothers in his bed, taking and giving and loving all night long? Nice, but he knew Jeremy had a girlfriend, and that this was not something that would likely be repeated once he was back home.

Isaac didn”t stay on Jeremy long before tagging Aidan who eagerly assumed the position and slid down easily on Jeremy”s hard slick rod. Leaning down, Aidan kissed him deeply and then began moving. Jeremy reached up and grabbed Aidan around the waist and guided him along, enjoying the feeling, but not wanting to come before he got a chance to feel the other two boys around his throbbing dick.

Jaden was next and he brought Jeremy almost to orgasm, before backing off and standing, leaving Jeremy for Greg to finish off. All thoughts of modesty or shyness had long ago left Greg as he squatted over Jeremy and impaled himself on his lover”s brother”s hard cock. Even their cocks felt similar, even though Isaac was slightly bigger, and he found himself thoroughly enjoying being fucked by his lover”s brother.

Jeremy had held out as long as he could, but Greg”s ass seemed tighter, hotter, and then their was the idea that this was his bro”s lover and that made it seem hotter, perhaps a bit taboo, and there was no way he could last any longer. Crying out, he grabbed Greg by the waist and pulled him down hard, burying his cock deep within the teenage boy as he began to unload.

He saw stars and felt ready to black out as the intense orgasm washed over him, paralyzing him for a moment as every nerve ending in  his body shorted out, overcome with such intensity that he shook as if cold.

When he”d finally recovered a bit he relaxed his grip on Greg and looked up and blushed, “Sorry, did I hurt you?”

“No, it was great,” Greg said leaning down to kiss him and show he meant it. Then freeing himself from Jeremy”s sticky cock, he stood and located Isaac who was watching him with a smile on his face.

“Well, lover, welcome to the family,” Isaac laughed, and Greg felt a wave of relief wash over him.

He smiled and walked over to Isaac and sat in his lap and kissed him deeply, “Thanks, but right now I think I”d like to go back to our room and just cuddle for a while.”

“Sounds good to me, I”m beat,” Isaac said, then to the others, “Thanks for making Greg feel so welcome, but I think he”s had enough for one night.

“I”m pretty wasted myself,” Jeremy said grinning, “I have to save something for Dee.”

“Yeah, I”m tired too,” Jaden admitted, “tomorrow I get to see my bae and I am so looking forward to that.”

“Yeah, me too,” Aidan said, “in fact I”m gonna text him in a minute and let him know I”m thinking about him.”

“Good idea,” both Jaden and Jeremy said at once, and they all laughed.

End Chapter 29

 The tour is over and the boys are headed back home and to their everyday life. School will start soon and they will find they are now celebrities among their peers, but not everyone is a fan of the boys and there may be trouble brewing on the horizon.

NOTE: This chapter is much shorter than previous chapters and going forward that is my plan, to write shorter chapters and post more often to make it easier for the readers to keep up to date on the story. As always I welcome your emails.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support, and please keep those emails coming to: ail


Kewl Dad 


I have updated my story list if you see any missing please let me know.

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