The Stranger

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The StrangerI was in college and just turned 19. I attended a local community college and still lived at home with my parents. I had been reading gay stories on the net for many years year and trolling the ads on Craigslist. My parents were going out of town for the weekend and I decided to place an ad to find an older man. The responses I got were overwhelming! Who would not want to fuck a 19 year old boy? I decided on a man who was in his fifties and very muscular and hairy. He was built like a brick-shithouse! 6’7” tall and with an 11 inch uncut monster cock that was as thick or thicker than my wrist!I told him I would host. That night before he came over, I cleaned myself out very good with the spray enema hose in my parent’s shower. I had purchased some poppers and I was ready.Eight o clock came. Eight 0 Five – no one. Finally the doorbell rang. My throat was tight, my mind and heart raced. I answered the front door in my father’s white terry cloth robe. The Stranger shook my hand with a firm and solid grip. He was a Greek God! Better looking than the picture he sent. I offered him a beer and He said “No. Lets get to it.” He began to strip in my front hallway. I turned by back to him and took off the robe. He came up behind me and grabbed me in a bear hug. I could feel his hardening cock on my bottom.”Uh huh.” My own voice came out quiet, nervous, cautious.I felt the heat and hair of his body pull back from mine.I turned around on my own. My eyes bored into all that thick incredible haircoating The Stranger’s strong chest and solid stomach.My hands reached forward to find that huge fat cock surrounded by its forestof dark fur and now arching forward over heavy low-hanging big hairy balls.I couldn’t help the deep inhale of breath that raised my slender chest highand brought my prick to attention.I eased my grasp backward to feel the rippling muscular gristle underneaththe soft velvety vein-coursed skin wrapping that jutting wonder of hot adult maleflesh.I stared down in aching fascination as the full soft foreskin eased back fromThe Stranger’s massive cock-head to reveal the bulk and mighty shape of the slick,shiny, and dusky-purple monument to male pride underneath.Fat meat nearly the girth of my wrist swelled and pushed against fingers thatcame no where close to meeting around its wide stocky breadth.I slid my hands and that thick, soft, beautiful skin back forward to findpearly white flow bubbling from the fat tip.I moved my hands to The Stranger’s strong hairy thighs and lowered myself tothe floor in front of him. I had to. No choice or question to answer existed inmy mind anymore. It was just, simply…that I had to.My tongue struck out to cup the underneath of the big meaty head while mylips stretched over the massive spongy flesh.Sweet salty drool spread across my tongue at the same time as a sharp inhalecame from above me and three inches of hard fat cock flexed and pushed deeper pastmy lips.No hint of soap rose from The Stranger’s skin, only a deep musky scent. Air, heavy withthick cock and big hairy balls fed its way into my chest while The Stranger simplystood there and let feed myself on his huge hefty cock.I moved my mouth up the big man’s huge thick hard meat, my lips formed intoa tight elastic ring hugging every rippling muscular texture and pulsing vein. Ithit the back of my throat. My nose buried in that thick musty thatch of hair surrounding The Stranger’s adult cock, but couldn’t make my throat open for it.I pulled back to suction, bathe, lap, and thrill in the meaty cock-head ex-posed to my greedy mouth.Heavy lidded eyes locked down on mine when a big hand came down to cup mychin and lift my face to look up into his.He looked so incredibly tall and huge to me from that angle. His handsomebearded face so far away up the long length of the man’s muscular hairy body. Awemixed with the fiery heat raging inside me. Staring upward, I pushed forward untilThe Stranger’s massive cock pushed at the opening to my throat once more.The hand at my jaw went to the back of my head.My chest rose for a deep breath in hope the he would do next exactly what Iwanted so very badly.The large hand at the back of my head steeled.Hips pushed forward.Eleven inches of hugely thick cock forced my throat open and snaked downwardtoward my stomach until my nose was buried in curing hair and big heavy furry ballslay against my neck almost down to my collar bone.My prick jerked, my body heaved and convulsed. My youngprick exploded with my whole body in tow. My eyes drifted closed even as my lungsbegan to struggle for air.The “uh’s” and “uhm’s” from my clenching throat and the heaving of my bodyhad to have told The Stranger what was happening below him.He began hauling that huge hard fat cock from deep inside me at the same timeas my tongue began lashing and lapping at the huge thick shaft. When the wide headwas dragged from my throat, my mouth went wild while my cock still jolted cum intomy shorts and my mind spun with the erotic spasms coursing through me.I tried to dive back onto his full incredible thick length, but the big handat the back of my head moved forward to hold me in place…licking, suctioning,and worshiping The Stranger’s huge meaty cock-head with my mouth.He held me there as I quietly moaned over and over, loving and working mymouth and tongue over the fat pulpy flesh of the broad sloping head of the bigman’s massive cock. The Stranger leaned over to the credenza where I had a bottle of poppers and took a big hit. I could feel his cock grow in my throat as he breathed pungent vapors in.I could feel the rhythm of The Stranger’s breathing growing deeper and fasterfrom the slight movement of the tall muscular man’s sturdy physique.Two big hands flew to the sides of the back of my head and fisted in the hairthere and I found myself pulled forward to sink The Stranger’s humongous fat cockback down my throat. But, it didn’t stop there. He forced me back off him and thenthrust forward once more as he did the same with my head, his huge fat eleven inchesbarreling back down my throat and into my stomach.He thrust forward and back at the same time as he jerked my slobbering lavingmouth on and off him. The feeling washed over me of him fucking even through hiscock was deep in my throat instead kocasinan escort of between someone’s legs.Suddenly, he let go of my head on an out-stroke and one big hand came downto grip the base of his wide girth just after a huge jet of thick white cumsplashed into my waiting mouth and his chest drew in and held a deep breath.His other hand came down and wrapped strong wide fingers around my upper armthen pulled me to my feet while spinning me around to face away from him. That broadhand then tipped my hips back and up with cool air suddenly flowing across mynineteen year old hole.The cool air was immediately replaced by a powerful jet of warm slick cumblasting against the tight opening. Before I could even register or thrill in thequick sensation, something blunt and demanding pressed into my tight teen hole.I pushed back on him…wanting to give The Stranger anything and everything the big handsome older man wanted from me.Instantly, cold, dark, dull pain shot through me and I collapsed forward overthe hand supporting me under my waist. The huge head of the big cock behind mesnapped back from inside the tight ring of my asshole now fluctuating with theradiating pain flowing through me in slow hot waves.In a pain-created daze, I felt myself lifted back against a strong hairy wallof a body that walked backward and then set me back down onto my feet.The Stranger had me impaled on that massive 11 inches as he looked around and saw the couch in the living room. Still dizzy, though the pain was lessening back down to nothing, I found my-self turned by the hips to see The Stranger sitting with his long strong hairy legsstretched out on both sides of me from a position on the couch. The same couch my mother entertained her friends with and our family celebrated Christmas with.From where he sat leaning forward to me, he pulled me onto the couch on myknees to straddle his waist.Once there, that thick mighty eleven inch fat cock moved up in between thecum-slick cheeks of my ass to nudge my tight hole once more.I looked down on him for the first time, my breath became paralyzed in mychest with awe over what I saw in front of me.This close, the massive breadth of his shoulders and chest sliced into mymind…the thick heavy muscles of his chest, the thick carpet of dark curling hairforesting every part of him, the soft gentle eyes and heavy sloping brows, thebroad structured face with its weathered tan and thick masculine beard. In thatmoment, The Stranger became the most handsome and impressive man I would ever see.The mental picture of him like that would last me a lifetime.I reached for his chest half to balance my weak swaying body and half to getmy hands into all that thick muscle and dense hair.As I did, The Stranger let go of the breath he’d been holding at the same timeas the cock against my ass shot another rope of cum against my hole with half shoot-ting erotically up inside while the other half poured down his hard heavy shaft.His big hands reached up to meet behind his head with the heels of those handspressing into his scalp…shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms in wide roundedcantaloupes of tense muscle.The Stranger’s eyes slid closed at the same time as his mouth parted slightlyand his hips hunched upward against my nineteen year old hole. I pushed back asanother jet of thick hot cum shot through my hole to leave it quivering, hungry,and desperate for more.I began rocking forward and back between the big man’s strong hairy chestmuscles and the thick hard eleven inch muscle jutting up proudly from over hisheavy hairy balls. He thrust and I pushed, more and more of my hole opening forhim while he shot more and more of his thick creamy cum up into my ass. He took the popper bottle and held one of my nostrils closed as I inhaled deeply. Fireworks exploded and time stood still!Suddenly, my ass-ring gave way and an entry began I was powerless to stop.Inch after impossibly thick inch of huge hard adult cock forced its way upinto my body. Every centimeter, every bulging vein, every ripple of steely gris-tle churned my brain and body into a crashing and overheated explosion of intensesensations. More and more thick massive cock pushed into me well past what seemedhumanly possible. When he finally came to rest with the cheeks of my smooth, hair-less, young ass crushed against the coarse hair of The Stranger’s crotch, I foundmy head thrown back in utter shock and dizzying pleasure.My hands left the man’s chest to rove and grip over my own, to slide overmy own arms and shoulders as if to hold myself together while I rocked my hipsforward and back against the colossal cock thrust up so deep inside me it felt asif were now nestled mightily in between my lungs. Rocking my hips left that hugemonster cock stirred my insides with excruciating pleasure while my balls, prick,ass, and the back of my thighs were sandpapered by the coarse hair of The Stranger’slong strong muscular body.I was too lost in everything raging through my body to know if The Strangerwas still cumming or not. But, his huge eleven inch adult baseball bat cock wasstill flexing and jerking and almost twisting up deep inside my body.In rocking back and forth, sinking into all the incredible feelings strikingout through my whole small frame, I began to fall to the side without the mentalability to stop myself.The Stranger shifted and rolled his body with mine until I came to rest withtwo-thirds of my body across the length of the couch’s cushions and one-third hang-ing over the edge. He maneuvered one of my legs up across his chest and toward hisshoulder while wrapping the other around his sold waist. He ended with one legon the floor and his other knee on the cushions when began immediately hauling hismassive thick cock from deep inside my ass and body.I twisted and thrashed my head at all that cock-muscle and veiny girth tread-ing torturously out from my hole to the point where big strong hands came down tomy shoulders and held me from falling off the edge of the couch.Partway out…how much, I don’t know…he stuffed all that huge fat adultmeat back into me.I arched and groaned, thrashed and twisted, it was as if electricity wasshooting through every part of me. There was no room within me to think or con-sider anything that was going on. All I could do was buck and gasp at what thebig man was doing to me inside my own body.My hands reached up past those holding my shoulders in their precarious spoton the edge of the couch. Small young fingers clasped strong wide forearms thattelegraphed the strength of the man above through both my head and body. Cravingmore, they reached further for the wide back above me while my fingers raked path-ways through the compact dark hair bristling damply there.Feeling rather than seeing The Stranger’s huge strong hairy physique over mymuch smaller younger smoother one left me feeling like a young fawn being slowly****d by a huge bear.I felt him pull out all the way to the huge flaring head…all the steelygristle, rippling muscle, heavy bulging veins, and thick sliding skin teased andtaunted my inflamed young hole with wild flashing vibrations and searing heat.He thrust that huge giant cock back inside me with one dominating lunge thatsent my entire body quivering, shuddering, clenching, gripping, and pulling atthe huge veiny uncut eleven inches of massive girth that plunged deeply into me.My head jerked repeatedly from side to side, groans and cries rose up frommy throat, hands dug into the pumped up muscle of a wide hairy back, and tearsleaked out from the corner of my eyes…not in emotion, but in my young inabilityto cope with the mind-blowing pleasure wracking my fifteen year old brain and in-experienced body.My shoulders were heaved further onto the couch, and The Stranger’s heavilymuscled hairy legs re-braced themselves.He began hauling that huge thick horse-cock from deep within me, my insidespulled and resisted while feeling like they were bring dragged out along with hislong wide muscled adult meat.I continued writhing and twisting under his big hairy form at the millionsof shattering sensations exploding from the tight ass-ring of my body being sen-sually assaulted by all the wild textures, massive girth, and incredible lengthof him.My head jerked back as the wide flaring ridge at the base of his meaty cock-head widened my hole further excruciatingly until it snapped back over the slopingand retreating flesh.Immediately, the thrust back past and shoved the tiny ring of my asshole rightback open until it slid behind the bruising head and gripped the speeding lengthand width of The Stranger’s b**st of a cock.In he thrust, impossibly deep inside me. My eyes fluttered and my heartbeatpounded inside my ears with the feel of that humongous adult male cock straighten-ing out my insides and shoving every organ within me apart to hug and sheath The Stranger’s massive male pride.He lowered his tall heavy body over mine, pressing my one leg near my chestand leaving me splayed open, vulnerable, and pinned under his much greater weight.Outward, he pulled…lugging that huge hulk of textured steel meat almost allthe way back out from my small feverishly aroused hole before shoving back inside.My back arched, my legs locked rigidly, and my eyes flew wide. Thick, coarse,raspy, curling hair rubbed across the soft skin of my chest and stomach while itground into the backs of my legs and the cheeks of my young ass.No words or sound except for deep labored breaths came from The Stranger’s lipswhile my eyes found the sight of him above as incomprehensible as what he was doingto my body from the inside.As he began thrusting that huge vein-ridged bulk possessively in and out ofmy shocked teenage body…The Stranger’s strong hairy stomach, thick muscular hairychest, heavy beard, and wide mustache hiding his lips filled my vision. As soonas his thick beard and mustache would come into my sight, they would disappear backover my head as the dense hair and heavy muscle of his chest would move up andover my face.I strained my face upward, meeting that solid wall of strong muscle and for-rest of dark scratchy hair. Though I heard no sound, I ‘felt’ myself groan at thecontact with the strong hairy body over mine now damp with sweat. My own smallform dove into a heated shudder.I clung to his broad back, feeling his big strong hairy body thrusting for-ward and back across my face, chest, and stomach…The Stranger’s Mack truck of acock shouldering and relocating my insides apart with each freight train thrustbarreling into me only to haul his massive meat back out to leave my body suction-ing and clutching against his fiery exit from my exasperated and now hypersensi-tive hole.Forward and back he lunged his massive thundering cock in and out of mytrembling young body. My world became a blur of thrusting muscle, hair, sweat,and huge barreling cock. I somehow felt he was fucking my nineteen year old ass,rather than just with his thick deep-driving monster-cock, with his entire 6’7″powerful body.All eleven inches of huge engorged veiny uncut adult cock and nearly sevenfeet of massive hairy masculine man pounded into the sexual upheaval quaking through-out my much younger and smaller body captured beneath the mind blowing feel of The Stranger’s much greater weight.The ramming of his his huge swollen vein-girded column of rigid steel fleshwith its massive hooded head prodding forcefully up deep into my stomach and chest,the feel of tall strong hairy physique sliding dominantly back and forth over myown, the smell of his sweat growing stronger and richer, and the wet sounds of The Stranger’s own cum slicking the way for him to fuck his huge cock almost up into mythroat left my body moving from trembling into wild bucking up against his hairytrapping weight.I began to hear sounds that seemed to be a mix of heated whimpering, groan-ing, and clipped cries coming from me as everything spun out of focus.Immediately, The Stranger reared up over me. His torso became ramrod straightand his handsome rugged face snapped back as his wide muscular hairy chest rosewith a deep intake of breath and his huge hands slipped from my upper arms down tothe sides of my hips.He pulled my hips onto him and crushed his own forward, thrusting deeper in-side me than ever before and stretching my puffy, abraded, and raw hole over thethickest part of his massive cock at the base.He held me like that, impaled harshly on that humongous b**st of a cock fora few seconds before he let out his held breath and let his head drop to the thickplates of hairy muscle spanning his chest.I had no idea what was happening until that massively thick meat inside meflexed wildly even wider and wet warmth exploded up into and jetted against my in-sides.His breath came in deep slow and heaving gasps…each one punctuated by theflexing of his mighty adult male meat and thick heavy cum blasting deep inside myguts. Each spewing flood left me feeling as if I had a huge water-hose shoved updeep inside me whose powerful stream was being turned on and off over and over a-again.It had been hard enough to grasp the reality that this big man had shovedthe humongous cock between his strong hairy thighs all the way into me. Him nowflooding my insides with his thick hot gallons of adult cum left me staring in aawed and worshipful haze.I watched in an overheated, and detached disbelief at the towering size ofhim over me. The sharp tension of his body held in the throes of cumming bucketsand flooding my insides left his shoulders flexed out like boulders, his bicepspumped out like soft balls under his skin, and his chest jutting out over me likemountains of tense muscle. He looked like a cross between a professional body-builder and a proud gorilla with a ruggedly handsome mature face.As the spasms wracking the big man’s huge hard meat that would have lookedmore proportionate on a horse finally began to subside somewhere around the twelftheruption of his heavy spewing load, The Stranger’s eyes slid half open and lookedoff to the floor next to the couch.His breathing began to slow back to a more normal pace while his eyes roam-ed the floor and avoided mine.When they finally moved down to me, but still stayed away from my face, theywidened with a small smile curving the sides of his thick mustache only slightly.I dropped my chin to look down and follow his line of sight.My chest, stomach, crotch, and still fiercely erect prick were all coveredin a thick blanket of frothy white cum that hadn’t come from The Stranger’s hugecock.There had to be at least three nineteen year old loads splashed up and overme, drenching me in cum that had gushed up from my own balls and whipped into asea of pearly bubbles by the curling hair of The Stranger’s chest and stomach wherethe light from the map of the stars caught glistening droplets still clinging tothe riot of damp ringlets.His eyes finally traveled slowly up my stomach and chest to meet mine. Itwas instantly clear to both of us that neither had felt or been aware of my let-ting my load fly multiple times while The Stranger fucked that huge cock of his inand out of my desperate and shocked body.I was especially stunned because I still felt my prick and smooth small ballselectrified and needing release. How could I have possibly already cum? And notonly once, but repeatedly? I still felt like I was going to explode if I didn’tcum soon.The movement of The Stranger’s long strong body left that question slippingquickly from my mind.He drew his body back and lowered his eyes to where his massive cock stilllay embedded inside my tight teen hole.His big warm hands still held my slim hips, and the big older man began toslowly ease his hugely thick eleven inch monster cock from inside me.Massive width and bulging veins tore at the raw sensitive nerve endings ofmy powerfully de-virginized ass-ring as well as at the grip on reality inside mymind.He dragged an inch or two of thick heavy girth from my ragged hole when thetight ring suddenly returned to clenching and desperately grasping at the massivemeat being slowly hauled out.My head jerked back and my body arched yet again at the excruciating plea-sure lightning-bolting through me once more.The sudden movement of my body twisted and ground my tight abraded hole a-gainst the solid veiny cock stuffed up inside, tripling the quick-fire jolts ofalmost impossible pleasure shooting through me.I instantly began bucking and writhing on the huge hard withdrawing adultmale meat that still impaled my young body and inflamed the tight ring of my ass-hole hugging and clutching its tremendous right in wild spasms.I was cumming again, but this time I knew it.I felt it burst from my balls and rush up the length of my prick. I feltthe head expand and the first rope explode to arc and splash across my chest…and then the next…and the next…and the next…and the next as The Strangercontinued his slow torturous withdrawal of his huge incredibly veiny cock outthrough the blazing and convulsing nerve endings of my tender hole.The broad bulky head of his fat hard meat widened my hole further for justa second before my hole closed over the sloping flesh and at the first sign thatthe jolts of cum erupting from my young prick were beginning to slow.I looked up, my eyebrows high and knitted together in surprise and confusionat the obscene and incredible pleasure he was able to force into me.He looked up at me for only a second, again.In that second, he nodded his head only once with a calm expression to hishandsome bearded face.Though I didn’t know if that nod meant ‘thank you,’ ‘good job,’ or ‘we’redone,’ I did get the feeling its meaning was somehow a positive one.Another weak rope of cum shot up from my prick and dribbled across my lowerstomach. Just as another lesser one was climbing up my shaft nearing the end ofmy load, The Stranger shoved forward and thrust his massive eleven inches all theway back up inside me, bursting past my newly closed ass-ring and shooting burst-ing white lights up into my brain.I gasped, arched, bucked, and felt the last of my load begin a long continu-ous drool of dribbling cum down the length of my prick.In a shocked daze, I felt my body shifted and turned…thick cock twistingup inside me…coming to rest with my back against a mountain of hair and sweatymuscle…a big firm comfortable bicep pillowing my head…a big hairy arm acrossmy chest…a thick muscular hairy thigh thrown across my legs and securing me inits grip…laying in a wet pool of my own cum.The Stranger took my face in his huge beefy hand and kissed me hard. His tongue ran like a snake down my throat.“When will your parents be home?” He asked.I said “ Day after tomorrow.”“Great! We have all night and tomorrow I can call over some friends of mine who would love to fuck you as well.” Saying this, The Stranger scooped up my body like a sack of feed and headed upstairs.

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