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Love is the only satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.

-Erich Fromm

I’m lying on our king size bed, mesmerized by the flickering flames of the slate-rimmed wood fireplace across the room. I’ve kicked off my shoes, but other than that I’m fully clothed, apparently too tired to move. Weary after a long work week, I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t put much thought into our upcoming 10th anniversary. Although you’re too non-confrontational to have expressed any disappointment, I realize, belatedly, that you had been expecting something more from this evening. Bittersweet smiles don’t lie.

I yield to the comfort of our duvet and slip into that mysterious state between wakefulness and sleep. The ancients believed dreams were akin to oracles, bringing messages from the gods. The unbelieving man living in a godless world feels untouched by the breath of God, an unthinkable state of being to all but modern man. Where then, can one find illumination in a world in which the divine sun has been blotted out by the arrows of modernity?


You step into the dimly lit room, wearing a sheer black slip overlying bra and panties. I take in your smiling, lucent eyes; your expressive, slightly shy smile; the gentle curve of your neck leading down to your breasts; your curvy, porcelain white hips, thighs, and legs. I can feel the surge of lust within me, warm blood filling my stiffening cock.

You lie down next to me and press the length of your torso against mine. I caress your hips in a way that’s both gentle and insistent and kiss you with a barely restrained need for connectedness. Your moist lips part ever so slightly and our tongues intermingle. Your lips are firm but yielding, betraying a desire to both protect a tender and vulnerable heart and open yourself up to the possibility of being loved for everything that you were, are, and will one day become.

While you stroke the length of my thighs, I remove your slip and casually toss it on the floor. I trace the angle of your jaw with my finger while my left hand undoes the clasp of your bra. I help you remove your bra and glance at your breasts, which are small but firm, with a natural tear drop shape I find so enticing. I cradle one breast, slowly and gently kneading it, while sucking the nipple of the other breast. By the time I stop my ministrations, your chest is flushed and your nipples are standing at attention.

I had become so bahis firmaları focused on pleasuring you that I failed to notice your right hand slowly making its way down to my crotch. My cock is fully engorged, straining to get out of my boxers and into your wet and willing mouth.

You crane your head to the side, exposing your slender neck. I can feel the pulsation of your carotid arteries as I place delicate kisses along your neck. Your actions, like mine, are deliberate and calculated to titillate the senses. However, your pulse gives lie to your self-control. While you continue to tease me, running your fingers along the inside of the waistband on my boxers, I suck the delicate skin of your neck into my mouth. I kiss each of your earlobes in turn and as you begin to moan, I become more aggressive and suck first one earlobe, then the other.

As we lay on our sides facing each other, I can feel the heat radiating from between your thighs, which are parted invitingly. Unable to resist any longer, I move my right hand from your inner thigh to your pubic mound. I slowly trace my fingers down your panties and am astounded at how wet you are, moisture glistening on my fingers.

I feel a need to bury my face between your legs, to taste you and take in your scent. Before I can scurry to the other end of the bed, you bring my face to yours and kiss me passionately. We stare deeply into each others’ eyes and I hug you tightly against my chest. You bring me back to the raw sexuality of the moment by stroking my cock slowly and rhythmically. You spread the slippery semen seeping from my cock over its bulbous head and vein-streaked shaft.

I make my way down your naked torso, kissing as I go. I devilishly dart my tongue into your belly button, making your squeal. As I explore your body, you rub your hands over my freshly shaven head, a loving and erotic gesture.

I can’t, won’t take the time to tease you through your panties. I’m much too aroused for that. I pull your panties down in one swift motion and take in your vulva, which is topped with a trimmed patch of curly dark hair. Your clit is swollen with desire and is mostly hidden under its hood. Your outer lips are engorged with blood and your inner lips are slightly puffy and glistening with your juices. I can see that the beads of moisture emerging from your vagina are dripping down your inner lips, only to coalesce at your fourchette and drip down your crack. Even kaçak iddaa though my face is a few feet away from your sex, I can smell your arousal. It’s a sweet, ever so slightly pungent scent that leads me to lick my lips in anticipation.

I slowly slide the index finger of my left hand inside your tight opening. My index finger disappears up to the knuckle and I slowly slide it in and out, picking up speed as your breathing quickens. At the same time, I start covering your inner thighs with wet kisses.

I quickly put my tongue to work with long, slow vertical licks from your fourchette to your clit. You shudder ever so slightly every time I pass over your most delicate of erogenous zones. After a few minutes, I can feel the innermost recesses of your vagina expand in size in anticipation of what’s to come. I slide a second finger into your pussy and hit your g-spot with a come hither motion. Meanwhile, I’ve been focusing my tongue movements on your clit, alternating between vertical and horizontal strokes.

I keep up a steady tempo, which finally bears fruit when I start hitting your clit from the right angle. It’s too dark to see what I’m doing, but you waste no time grabbing the back of my head with both hands and pulling me into your crotch. Getting you all hot and bothered like this is infinitely more satisfying to me than my own orgasm. Your breathing changes from a slow, steady rhythm to a more erratic pattern and I feel your thighs lock my head into position as you arch your back. I know you’re getting close to that delicious point of inevitability when I feel you get even wetter than you were before. Your juices are running through my beard and down my chin. Then, as I gently suck your engorged and exposed clit into my mouth, I feel your dripping sex contract around my fingers. Although I can feel my fingers being pushed from your opening, instead of withdrawing them, I slide them in as far as they’ll go to extend your orgasm. I know that when it comes to orgasms, seconds can feel like hours.

You come back down to earth and beckon me to move up on the bed so my face is level with yours. Many women don’t like tasting themselves on their lover’s lips but you don’t seem to mind as you pull me in for an erotic French kiss. You grab my cock at its base and squeeze, causing the veins at the base to stand out like taut cables.

I know what’s coming next so I place a pillow under your butt and prop myself up my kaçak bahis elbows. You grab my cock and guide it into your wet and willing opening. At first, you only allow the exquisitely sensitive head to enter you, before abruptly pushing me away. You smile coyly but I know you that can’t handle teasing any more than I can right now. You grab my butt and pull our crotches together and I slide into you. We both moan in satisfaction as my cock parts your labia and my balls come to rest on your firm ass.

At first we stare longingly into each other’s eyes, kissing all the while. I’m just enjoying the feeling of being inside you, enclosed in your soft folds. At the same time, the urge to come soon resurfaces and I start thrusting and grinding my hips against yours. The pillow has tilted your pelvis in such a way that the gentle upward curve of my cock is sliding along your g-spot while my pubic area is rubbing against the root of your clit.

After a few minutes of slow thrusting, I start to speed up. I know I won’t last much longer as I need to come inside you. Your breathing is becoming more ragged and you’re raising your hips to meet my thrusts. I start sucking gently on your neck and that sends you over the edge almost immediately.

I look into your eyes and the vulnerability I see there translates into a surge of orgasmic energy. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this would prove to be the most erotic moment of my life. Your own orgasm milks the semen right out of me and I spurt five or six times deep inside you.

Our breathing slows down and I climb off you. We’re both lying on our backs, covered with a sheen of sweat, our brains bathed in a wondrous neurochemical soup. You cuddle up next to me and our legs intertwine. I can feel our mixed juices seeping out of your sex and dripping onto the sheet. You don’t move to clean it up and neither do I. The oxytocin quickly takes its toll and we pass into a peaceful slumber.


You step into the dimly lit room, wearing a sheer black slip overlying bra and panties. I take in your smiling, lucent eyes, rimmed with fine wrinkles only noticeable at close glance; the gentle curve of your neck leading down to your breasts, areolas permanently darkened after the birth of our daughter; your stomach, still taut but with some loose skin below the belly button, courtesy of our son; your curvy, porcelain white hips and thighs, with a few silvery white stretch marks along the outer margins of your hips. I can feel the surge of lust within me, warm blood filling my stiffening cock. Ten years later and you still have that effect on me.

As you kiss me, I feel the breath of God on my lips.

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