Tongue Dreams


A smile creeps across my lips as your body collapses onto mine, both of our juices smeared between us. With a happy sigh you close your beautiful green eyes, wrapping your arms tightly around me. I take my hand and gently push your sweaty hair from your eyes, as you’re lying on my chest. I still notice your body quivering from the events we just experienced, and how fatigued your legs must be from straddling my handcuffed body. Looking down at the sheets on my bed, they are covered with moistness from our passionate actions, bringing another wide smile to my face.

Having never experienced that type of teasing and pleasure, I know that I must do something to repay your generous efforts. As you lay resting against my body, I begin to slowly trace my fingers up and down the small of your back. Another sigh escapes your mouth, and that is when I notice that you are actually sleeping with your arms around me. I slowly get aroused from the feeling of this intimate moment. Surprising me, in your sleep you must feel my cock getting hard because you readjust yourself from my arms creating more room between us.

I hear a soft whimper as I separate myself from you, you reaching for me in your sleep. I move slowly away from you being careful not to wake you, moving my way down the moistened sheets towards the foot of my bed. I slowly un-tuck the sateen sheets from the bottom of the bed to allow me to stretch out without uncovering you as I position myself at your waist. The sweet smell of our lovemaking is strong between your legs as I slowly begin to kiss around your hips, softly enough not to wake you.

I believe bahis firmaları that my gentle intimacy is now in your dreams as you sigh and smile while you adjust your legs to give me a better access to your moistening pussy. I look up to make sure you are still asleep, and then begin to lick softly up your left inner thigh, my wet tongue tasting our dried juices against your soft, beautiful skin. A flick of my long tongue barely brushing your clit doesn’t bring the response that I’m looking for, so I decide to bring my lips next to your the area between your legs. My hot breathe on your clit, as I inhale the sweet smell of your delicately shaved pussy. My lips then softly brush over your clit, and I notice a heavy sigh from you above. My arms positioned so I’m not touching you, I decide to then tease your moistening lips more. I take the length of my long tongue, and very slowly lick between your clit lengthwise from top to bottom. A moan escapes from you, making me pull away, not wanting to wake you.

I wait a few minutes for you to drift back into a deeper sleep, and then begin to explore your pussy more. I slowly begin to stick my tongue past your outer lips, my hands gently holding your legs apart. With my long tongue entering deeper inside of you, I can then feel your newly forming wetness against my lips and against my cheeks. I have to reach down and adjust my hard cock, as it is nearly touching your leg. I try to be delicate, as I want you to experience as much of this as you can in your sleep.

My nose begins to brush against your clit, and I notice your legs slowly opening up to allow me even kaçak iddaa better access. I look up to see if you have wakened from my efforts, but I can tell nothing except of the ever increasing cum exiting from your pussy onto my lips. I slowly take my tongue from your tight pussy, and begin to suck on your clit, your juices beginning to run down the length of my chin.

You begin to stir from my efforts, and my eagerness to please you is beginning to get the best of me. I slowly go back down and move my tongue back inside of you, slowly, and begin to create small circles with it against your inner walls. You begin to match my tongue movements with your hips, which then signals me that you may be awaking very soon. I gently place my hands against your hips, helping you coordinate my action with mine. A moan comes from your mouth that causes me to look up. I notice you have awakened, and your mouth is open realizing it just wasn’t a wonderful dream. I look down again, to concentrate my efforts on you, this time your hips consciously pressing against my hot mouth with a purpose.

My entire face is dripping now from how wet you have gotten. Your moans increase as you press harder into my face with every hip thrust. I take one hand from your hip, and begin to massage your clit as in small circles as fast as I can. The feeling of my tongue inside of your tight pussy makes me want to please you so much! The hair around my face is now extremely wet from your excitement. A moan that I’ve never heard before startles me as I notice your back arching. I remove my tongue from your pussy and begin to suck on your clit as I kaçak bahis place two fingers in your tight hole. This makes you suddenly surge into my hand and my face.

At first I pull my fingers in and out of you at a gentle pace, slowly growing at a gentle pace. I look up again, and your eyes are closed in extreme pleasure, your moans getting louder with every press against my fingers. I reach up with my free hand, and begin to pinch one of your hardening nipples. This feeling of 3 pleasures at once suddenly causes a scream of ecstasy! Your legs clench against my cheeks and I then place my tongue back inside your tight pussy. Feeling your inner muscles tense I know you are near, causing me to reach and grab both of your hands, pulling you tightly against my face.

With the nearing of an orgasm, the sudden closeness of our hands together along with my tongue deeply pressing into you is enough to make your hips buck! Your legs clench onto my face with a vise-like grip, and I can barely hear the scream that erupts from your mouth as you violently gyrate against my face! I press as deep as I can into you, wiggling my tongue as much as I can as I feel you flow freely against my face your pussy muscles tensing around my tongue, dripping abnormal amounts of fluid onto my face and onto my sheets!

Your legs begin to relax, and at that moment I look up to your beautiful green eyes. Drips of sweat are running down your forehead as you pull me up close to your face. Kissing slowly around my lips, tasting yourself on my lips, my hard cock once again between your legs. Our lips interlock, with you pulling my tongue into your mouth in a passionate kiss. My hair is damp from your cum, as well as my sheets are now extremely wet. You look at me with a tender look in your eyes, causing me to think what’s going on in that mind of yours…

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