Watching My Sister’s Performance


“Enjoying the view? ;)”

The simple text message sent shock through me. I had been kneeling in the tree house, watching my big sister with our much older neighbor in her bedroom. I was hidden in the tree house, or so I had thought, watching them through a knot-hole in the boards. I had my cock in hand, gently stroking it while they played on the bed in front of the big sliding patio doors. The view was perfect: slightly above them and only 20 feet from the window.

I had snuck into my hiding place over an hour ago after I heard him arrive and I very publicly left the house leaving them alone. They had immediately gone to her bedroom and she was half naked before I had managed to get settled. He had been all over her, desperate to get at her, mauling her tits and ass and sinking his cock in deep and hard before he got much more than his pants down. They hadn’t lasted long, riding hard and heavy with his body almost entirely covering hers and I had barely got my cock in hand when he had come. At the time I had been pretty disappointed but that was before I had been treated to the last hour of unhurried teasing and play that they had been up to. I had a front seat (almost) to a performance worthy of any porno movie. He was really well hung and she was greedy for it. Sucking, licking and kissing it over and over again. I was mesmerized at the sight of his thick hard cock repeatedly plowing into her soft juicy flesh and the desperate eagerness she showed for it. I loved the look of total lustful abandon on her face as she took the repeated forceful battering he gave her. She came and came, their stamina was amazing.

He had just got up, was looking for ice in the kitchen. They had finished off almost half a bottle of vodka in between fucking and sucking and mauling each other. She was lying on the bed, her blonde hair spread all around her in a sexy mess, her boobs firm on her chest, nipples hard and proud. Her spread legs faced me, her hand between them playing with her pussy as she looked directly at me. One hand out of view under the pillow, obviously on her cell phone. We always joked as a family that she could text so well one handed, actually she could text with her hand and phone in her pocket – did all the time at school!

“Yeah! Slut! :)” I eventually texted back. What the fuck, I was feeling cheeky: I was busted, but so was she!

“Can’t help it, I love his cock! ;)” Was her almost instant reply.

“I can see that!” I replied.

“Do you like my pussy? ;)” She was rubbing it, her fingers wet from the combined juices of their lovemaking.

“Duh! Yes!”

“You playing with your cock?”

This was a bit too much, my stomach lurched. My cock was still hard in my hand. Slowly I typed: “Yeah.” Then hit send.

I saw her grin. “Show me!” Flashed up on my screen, followed by “fair’s fair, you’re watching me! ;)”

My heart was pounding I didn’t think I could show her, but she looked so sexy and horny, and she was asking. I was torn and still trying to get up the nerve when the phone flashed again: “I’m waiting!”

I took a huge gulp and moved forward, my cock as big as it had ever been after the hour I had been teasing it as I watched them.

“Mmmmm, nice ;)”

“Stroke it for me ;)” She was leering at me, and her fingers were stroking her pussy. As I watched slipped a finger inside and then brought it out glistening. She rolled it around her clit then sank it back into her pussy deeper. I stroked my cock, feeling it pulsing in my hand, desperate for release.

“What is in your hand?”

Sheepishly I held up her red satin panties, I’d pulled them out of the dirty clothes basket before I left the house.

“Pervert! ;)” She texted. Then: “How do they smell?”

“Sexy!” I saw her head tip back a bit and her fingers working faster in her pussy. She pulled them free and looked at me, this time she put them up to her lips and licked them clean as she watched me watching her.

“How does it taste?” I texted, feeling cheeky again.

“Salty and sexy ;)” Her fingers were back in her pussy. She looked so sexy, lying there completely naked playing with herself. She looked so horny and aroused. I was mesmerized, my hands both on my cock, one stroking while the other swirled the pre-cum around the big red swollen head.

My screen flashed again: “How do you taste?”

Almost unthinkingly I lifted my fingers to my lips. “Salty and sexy :)” I answered un-originally.

“I can imagine! You look ready to blow, have you cum yet? :)”

“Not yet, you? :)”

“You know the answer to that! How many times?”

“3, maybe 4”

“Definitely 4! Cum when I cum ;)”

“You are so dirty! I can’t believe you just said that!”

“But you’ll do it anyway! ;)” She was grinning at me. Damn she was so sexy!

She looked at the bedroom door and only seconds later he appeared, with glasses filled with ice. I only just managed to hide again before he appeared. He poured more vodka and they drank and kissed some more. She Girne Escort was obviously into the hot sexy guy who knelt on the bed beside her. He looked good, naked. Big strong arms, broad chest, well hung. He was in his early thirties, lived up the street with his wife and newborn daughter. I watched his hands on her body and wondered how it would feel to cup and tease her breasts and nipples. I was so hard, wishing I was in his place. His cock was in her hand and as she stroked him she glanced over and gave me a sly grin.

She took a big pull on her drink, then leering up at him leaned down and ran her lips along the now hard length of his cock. His hands stroked her hair and his head fell back a bit, I thought I could almost hear him moan. She took the head of his cock in her mouth, it must have been cold from the ice in the drink, my own cock twitched as if her mouth was on it. She slurped on him greedily, feasting on his big hard cock, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. He was rock hard and she took him as deep as she could, even gagging a little as she pulled him out and took him again.

He couldn’t take too much of that, she was a really good cock sucker and he was panting and groaning. He said something to her, probably: “I’m going to cum!” She lifted her mouth off him and he pushed her roughly down on the bed. In one swift motion he was on top of her and without any hands to guide it his cock slid straight into her waiting pussy. Even with the windows shut I heard her gasp her pleasured cry. “Fuck me, fuck me!” And his grunts and roars as he pistoned into her hard and fast. He came deep inside her, I watched fascinated as he drove in deep and buried himself in her.

She was still gasping and clinging to him, still riding the rise up to her peak, not quite there though and he pulled out. He was rummaging through his clothes, tugging out a cell phone. Shocked look on his face. The grabbing clothes, dressing, hurriedly a kiss on her forehead and off, out of the door, gone.

There was silence and no movement. She lay back on her bed, looking a little pissed off, then her hand went to her breast and caressed it, rubbed a nipple then down to her pussy. It looked red and hot and swollen. Her lips still parted a little from his rapid departure. Her fingers stirred in the hot swollen entry to her pussy. She was looking at the tree house where I still watched through the knot hole in the planks.

My phone flashed: “Come inside ;)”

I felt a clenching in my gut again. This was an escalation I was not prepared for. I was still trying to get up the nerve to answer her when the screen flashed again.

“Did you cum already?”


“Good boy! Me neither. Come inside and let’s do it together! ;)”

“You’re weird!”

“Hell, I’m horny. I wanna see you cum. Pleeese :(” Her fingers were still busy in her crotch, stroking her lips, teasing her clit. I could barely take my eyes off her. She looked so sexy.

I tucked my cock away in my pants with some difficulty and climbed down. I walked across the lawn in a daze. I opened the sliding glass door and stepped in.

The little room smelled of sex, her sex. She watched me intently, a smirk on her face, still playing with her pussy gently. “Get naked! Fair’s fair!” She slurred her words a little and to be obvious, she stroked both hands down her soft smooth totally uncovered body, blatantly displaying herself to me.

My nerves were overloaded, part of me wanted to run but another part was telling me to stay and enjoy. I picked up the glass beside me and drained it. The spirit burned, warmed and calmed me. She knelt up on the bed handing me the bottle. I splashed more on the ice and downed it.

“Am I so ugly, you need to get drunk first?” She pouted.

“Just trying to catch up a little!”

“Strip, already!” She grinned.

Taking a deep breath I plunged. I stripped off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and then slipped my shorts off.

“Oh, fuck! This is sooo horny!” She squealled and bounced over onto her tummy on the bed, her head facing me.

My cock was tenting my boxers. She grinned up at me then reached out and tugged my boxers down. My cock leaped up as the waistband came free and she let out a gasp. “Oheeee, I think he likes me!”

Before I could say anything she reached out and grabbed my hard shaft, running her fingers over the full length of it. She sent pleasure coursing through me. I moaned and she smirked. She gripped my cock pulled on it, tugging me towards her and lowered her mouth over the head. It was more pleasure than I had ever experienced. Her mouth was warm and wet; the slight friction of her lips was heavenly. The feel of her tongue on the sensitive head was incredible. I groaned involuntarily and was lost in the sensations she was giving me. She ran her tongue along the base of my shaft as she took me deep into her mouth. She teased me with her incredibly light touch lifting and lowering her mouth over my Kıbrıs Escort cock with the lightest of touch. I twitched and my hips moved, trying to draw as much out of the sensation as possible. She drew her mouth off me completely.

“Fuck, I love how desperate you are!” She lapped at the sensitive underside of my cockhead with her tongue and I moaned in delicious pleasure, my cock so ready to explode. Her hands caressed my cock down to my balls, stroking them softly she grinned up at me.

Ask me nicely and I’ll make you cum.” She continued to tease the head with her tongue.

“Please.” I whined.

“Please, what?”

“Please make me cum.”


“With your mouth, please, with your mouth.”

“You like my mouth?”

“Yes, I love your mouth, it feels so good.”

“Will you return the favour?”

“Yes, anything, please make me cum”

“Will you lick my pussy?”

The thought thrilled and horrified me at the same time. My mind whirred and I said: “Yes.”

“Yes, What?”

“Yes, I’ll lick your pussy.”

“Till I cum? You want to make me cum?”

“Yes, I love it when you cum.”

Then with a moan she leaned over the side of the bed and impaled her mouth on my rigid desperate shaft. The sensation was amazing, it was all I could do to stay standing. She took it deep and sucked hard working her lips up and down the raw aching flesh. She greedily took it all over and over again driving me over the top of my orgasm as she moaned and slobbered on my thick pulsing shaft. I couldn’t stand much of that. With my mind a blur of lust and passion I came, gasping and shuddering as I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth. She didn’t let up, just let out a deeply gratified moan, and continued her greedy feasting on my cock, coaxing every last drop of cum out of me.

Licking the shaft and head for a last time as she raised her mouth off my slowly dwindling cock, she grinned up at me, cum on her lips. “That was so hot! You came so fast!”

I sank onto the bed feeling spent and elated. My first blowjob! From my sexy, horny, dirty minded sister!

She sat up and ran her hand gently over my cock and balls. “You needed that, Huh!”

“Yeah!” Was all I managed to get out.

“So.. was it good? Did I do a good job?”

“Yeah, you are amazing!” I grinned. “Dirty and amazing!”

“I want mine now!” She leered down at me, playfully straddling my chest. She ran her fingers over my lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked them. They were sticky and without thinking I lapped at them. She slipped two fingers into my mouth and I sucked on them like she had on my cock. “Mmmm, dirty boy, looks like you’ve done that before! Like the taste of cum? I think you’ll like the taste of pussy better!”

She scooted up and her pussy was within inches of my face. I could smell the rich heat of her. She pulled the fingers from my mouth. “You want to, don’t you?” She asked.

“Yes!” I blurted. “But I never……”

“I’ll teach you, just go with the flow. I think you’ll love it!” She lifted up a little and her pussy hovered over my face. I lifted up to kiss it but she was out of reach, she was wet and glistening, a little of her pussy juice leaking from between her hairless lips. It looked so sexy, I really did want to do this. “Ask nicely!” She teased. “I need a lover who wants me!”

“Please let me lick your pussy. I want to make you cum. I want you to teach me!”

With a satisfied grin she lowered her pussy onto my mouth and I was in heaven. I ran my tongue the length of her slit, savouring the texture and flavour of her. Her pussy was hot, and wet and my tongue delved repeatedly along the length of her lips. She moaned “Yes, just like that, don’t stop!”

I lapped at her, feeling my way along the thick hot lips of her pussy. Reveling in the flavours and the sensations. Her body was moving a little above me and her moans were a continuous thread. I delved deeper between her lips, parting them with my tongue and was rewarded with more moans, I fucked her with my tongue, slipping it in and out of her pussy as deeply as I could. “Oh, fuck, yeah!” She gasped. It was a real turn on being able to make her gasp. Fucked her deeper and faster loving the feeling, loving the lustful gasps she was giving. I ran my tongue back up and down her lips, deeper this time and hit a harder nub. I ran my tongue around it and flicked at it. “Oh, yeah! Right there! Oh, fuck yeah! Lick my clit!” She moaned in the sexiest voice I had ever heard.

She rolled forward a little giving me easier access to her and I lapped greedily at her hard little clit. She was moaning and gasping almost continuously, her hips jerking a little too. She grabbed my hands and held them up to her breasts. I cupped them, stroked and petted them. I was truly in heaven. The breasts I had dreamed about so much. I reveled in the body she was letting me love, the soft smooth skin, the sexy hot body. the full perky breasts. My fingers caressed Kıbrıs Escort the nipples, toyed with them. She moaned louder. “Harder, harder!” I pinched the nipples between my fingers as I flicked at her clit.

Flicking faster and harder, she began to groan and buck. “Oh, fuck, yes, yes, yesssssssssss.” I beat on her clit as hard as I could with my tongue and she crashed into her orgasm with cries and gasps of pleasure that were louder than I could have imagined. She writhed above me and I struggled to keep my tongue on her clit but I kept lapping at her and her cries continued. She pulled my hands from her breasts but held my head tight to her pussy riding the high wave of orgasm for as long as she could.

Finally, Gasping, she panted: “Gentle, gentle!” I eased my tongue, slipping it down the length of her hot wet slit before running it over her clit again. She moaned and then gasped as my tongue hit her clit. I repeated the motion as her moans subsided, reveling in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“That was amazing! Damm, you’re good!” She grinned down at me, lifting her pussy off my mouth, moving her legs back down. Her body slipping over mine, her wet pussy running down my chest

“We’ve got to do this more often!” She laughed, purposefully grinding her pussy into my chest. “It’s so kinky but it is sooooo good!”

I just grinned, I could think of nothing to say. It was so wrong, but it felt so good, and I knew if she wanted to do it again I would want it too.

I gasped. Her body was still sliding down mine, our faces now in line. She looked into me, a delighted leer on her face. “I think you like eating pussy!” Her hot wet pussy had just bumped into my cock. I was rock hard. Eating her pussy had been a huge turn on and making her cum had been even more so.

“Hell yeah, I loved it.” I grinned.

She wiggled her hips, making her pussy slide against the head of my cock. It felt really good and I moaned a little. She did it some more. She looked at me slyly. “You like making me cum?”

“Yes, it was so horny!”

“You’re going to like this more!”

She rocked her hips a little and I felt the head of my cock slip between the lips of her pussy. She gave a little gasp and her eyes closed, relishing the sensations like me. I couldn’t believe it! My cock was inside my sister’s pussy! Dirtier still, she wanted it there! This was wrong on so many levels, but she didn’t care and I had lost any will to resist. She continued rocking, the head of my cock slipping around just inside her pussy lips. The friction on my cock head, the slick movement was incredible; I was gasping and writhing below her. She was looking at me, her half lidded eyes showing the pleasure she too was feeling.

She sank her hips down, taking me all the way in and groaned: “Oh fuck, yessssssssssssss. I love that first deep push!”

She rose up, lifting almost all the way off me and then sank down. It felt really good. I had never felt anything this good. My cock was encased in a slippery tight sheath. Amazingly tight, since I had seen it gaping wide only a few minutes earlier. I was gasping with the pleasure of it. She rode up and down the full length of my cock, both our bodies writhing and churning with the tight slick pressure. She rode me harder and faster, my own hips bucking up to meet hers, her breathing ragged as her hyper sensitive body neared another orgasm. She pounded down into me, grinding her pussy into me at each thrust, pulses of pleasure driving us onward. She was moaning and crying out with each deep plunge onto my cock. My hands were running all over her, caressing and stroking her wildly, in complete abandon. I was gasping and panting.

She leaned down and kissed the side of my neck, running her tongue up to my ear where she breathed huskily. “You want to cum again, don’t you!”

“Yes!” I groaned.

“Me too. I love your cock inside me. I love your big hard cock.” She was still moving her hips, keeping us both on the edge. “Do you like this? Do you like being inside my pussy?”

“Oh, yes. You feel so good, I love your pussy”.

“This is not the end, you know! I’m going to want more of this! Do you want more?”

“Yes, oh yessssss!” She continued to tease me by rocking her hips.

“This is nothing compared to what we are going to get up to! You want me, don’t you!”


“Will you do anything I say? We only have five weeks before we both go off to college. I want every day to count. Will you fuck me every day? Will you be my toy and do everything I say?”

Delirious in my desire to cum, and the dirty images of fucking her wherever and whenever, I said: “Yes, oh Yes, anything! Make me yours!”

She groaned sinking her body down onto mine, grinding her clit onto me in a frenzy of lust, her body pressed hard against mine, her lips on my neck, sucking then biting me.

“Cum inside me, whore.” She moaned, her body bucking with a crazed desire to cum.

I grabbed her hips and pulled myself up into her, fucking up into her tight pussy as she rocked hard against me. Both of us gasping and thrashing in a frenzy as our orgasms overtook us. My cock seemed to explode in a cascade of cum and desire and she bit my neck harder as she felt me sink all the way in gasping out a final cry of triumphant orgasm.

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