A Good Wife

Big Tits

Disclaimer! This is a cuckolding/mindfuck type of story. It fits best in the Fetish category, but it touches a whole bunch of others, thus the tags 🙂 Happy fapping.


Let me tell you, Janet is the worst kind of woman to piss off. That’s because she’s the best kind of woman. Just a regular city girl grown up right in every way a man could ever want. Ain’t saying she was a model. Saying she was one of the good ones. Kind, intelligent and with a libido no man I know could complain about. Cared. Really cared, something fierce.

She ain’t magic, she ain’t no fantasy. Worked her to get where she was. One of those normal women who doesn’t do it all but does her fair share. And then does a bit of everyone else’s share too. Worked hard for her education, and worked hard at her relationship.

At twenty three, she thought she had it all. Got her degree, got her a hot young husband and a solid job, a career even. And more sex than she knew what to do with. I’ll give him that, the guy’s got stamina. Janet didn’t mind none, she had little shame when it came to sex and she frankly loved being fucked as much as she loved that she could keep him sexually satisfied. To her, it was part of the job description and it didn’t hurt that it was the job she wanted.

Hurt can do strange things to folk. We all heard it, but Janet, she takes the cake. Deserves it, I’d say. At twenty four, she thought she’d lost it all. Caught him near red handed. Went to wash his clothes one morning after she’d hopped on and rode him cowgirl and found a phone she didn’t recognize in his pants.

Found he’d met up with a prostitute, more ‘n once. Went through the whole thing. He apologized. Then he got stupider, and tried to explain. He’d work on it. All that bullshit. But Janet, she’s one of the good ones. Or was. Not quite sure about that part just yet. So, they worked on it. Janet ain’t the type to give up, works hard at everything and her marriage wasn’t any different.

Like I said, hurt does strange things to a person. For Janet though, she tried harder. Felt maybe it was her fault too in some way. Beat herself up real good for thinking she’d been able to please him sexually. Even if they were fucking five or six times a week, it was more than about frequency, right?

She believed him. He had issues, he had things he wanted to do but couldn’t do with her but he felt awful. Never do it again. They went to couples therapy, she made sure of it. Went right back to fucking him too. Felt she had to do better. That’s just crazy, if you ask me. Like I said, she’s one of the ones who really cared.

And things were OK for a while. But she couldn’t escape that nagging feeling. He was at home, or he was at work, or they were out together. But something just felt wrong. They went to therapy every two weeks, he was doing all the right things.

And, all the wrong things, he just got better at hiding it. Planned his vacation days, just one here, one there. He just failed to tell her. Walked out like any other day except he wasn’t going to work. She never would’ve known if she hadn’t asked him to grab dinner on the way home from work.

Which he most certainly did. Except it was way too cold by the time he got home. Every other time he’d stopped to pick up dinner from this place, it had been damn hot. It made no sense, it was only a short distance away she’d said, ten minutes tops.

She started calculating travel time, he was working two hours later than usual because of a shift trade, all while making no fuss about it. She was just bein’ paranoid. Said she didn’t want to be that kind of crazy woman. Turns out she’s a whole other kind of crazy woman. Hard to blame her. He told her there’d been a wait and then traffic. It was a long day at work because of a shift swap, so she shouldn’t have been shocked he didn’t seem to want sex.

But, that didn’t stop her from grabbing the receipt from the plastic bag he’d brought it in with. Couldn’t help herself, but next morning she fished it out of the trash. She had to know if she was crazy for doubting him. Details, huh? Those things have time stamps on them, and this one showed payment nearly an hour and a half before he’d gotten home. When he was still supposed to have been at work.

She was glad she’d waited until he’d left to check. When she tried to put together the pieces she had she could only come to one conclusion: he’d picked up dinner way too early and lied about something. And probably had sex. And brought her cold dinner. She says that day was none too good. Called in sick at her job. Needed time to think.

And she did. Divorce? The thought didn’t scare her one bit this time around. I’ll tell ya again – hurt does strange things to people. And when you add some more hurt on top of that? And shovel a few more loads on top of that? Things can get downright twisted. And Janet? Well, to her credit, she only gets twisted when it comes down to Jeff. I think that’s the right word for it. Downright twisted.

She needed to make sure güvenilir bahis though. Didn’t have a first thing what the law would require. She had a rueful look on her face when she explained that part to me. Didn’t barely have any idea of what she was going to do, but she’d best make sure she proof. Some part of her still believed he could have some bizarre excuse. Tides had shifted is how she put it. In her head. Felt less crazy and more justified.

That part wasn’t too hard she said. Her lip curled in a smile you might call sardonic. She took that day off work and did exactly what you’d expect a woman might do when she finds out her husband’s probably cheating on her for the second time: she went to the pawn shop.

Thought she was gonna say she sold the ring. Not Janet, that’d be far too simple for her. She needed cash that couldn’t be seen in their joint account. She did however have the earrings handed down from her mother that were worth a pretty penny. She’d worn them at her wedding.

It got her more than enough for what she needed. She loaded the cash up onto pre-paid credit cards first. Went home and got to work. Ordered up multiple GPS tracking devices. Their apartment wasn’t huge, but she got several spy cameras as well. Ordered to the pharmacy she worked at.

She installed software to capture all key strokes entered. She’d never cared or needed to know his passwords, but now she wanted total access to everything and any compunctions she’d had were tossed aside. At the very least, he’d absolutely lied to her again and she was going to find out why.

Required proof, she said. Needed it.

The hard part came next. She had to pretend like nothing was off. Resigned to it almost, like she was crazy to believe he might not have cheated again. That’s exactly what she expected to find. But that meant things couldn’t change. So, when he came home from work that day she didn’t shy away from spreading her legs for him like she’d been waiting for it all day. That was normal for the two of them, so she had to do it.

We were in a roadside dinner when she was tellin’ me all this in person. Booth in the back, sittin’ across from me and having a few beers. Had a whole bunch of papers, pictures, had a tablet too. Lady likes her proof. And she found all sorts of proof.

Jeff, he didn’t cheat every day. Or even every week. But cheat, and cheat he did. Janet’s too humble when it comes to her appearance but she knows she ain’t ever been a sore on anyone’s eye. Far as I can tell, same goes for Jeff. A little on the skinnier side, one of them young guys who looks like they’re still in university and the adult clothes don’t fit quite right just yet. Couple years older than her but you couldn’t tell.

Just an average lookin’ guy who a woman might give a second glance to at a bar, if she were lookin’ for a younger guy who might fit her needs. The popular type, someone people liked having around and sharing a laugh with, who always was meeting new people. If you’d asked me, I would never have thought the fella would’ve gotten laid as much as he did.

Didn’t know his passwords, but she’d seen him swipe to unlock his phone thousands of times. Found his work schedule in his e-mail that night, going back months. Found all the times he’d taken days off but had said he’d worked. Some days started later than he’d said, when he’d said he’d been working overtime.

Said it hurt, knowing how unoriginal a story it was to her at that point. Woman cheated on by her husband, lies about working late, all the usual jazz. Happened a million times before, going to happen a million times after. The browser history on his phone didn’t show anything at all – completely blank.

This stuff just fueled her even more. She didn’t even find it all, but she found out enough. The software she’d put on the computer got his passwords but it also caught way more. An anonymous browser window didn’t hide captured key strokes and she found a private e-mail address he’d been using.

It’s a hard time listening to her tellin’ that part. A woman like that sittin’ across from me saying the things she’s telling me, well, it ain’t easy. Didn’t know her much then. This is some heavy stuff, but she ain’t shyin’ away from it.

Jeff had been busy. Had what you might call a voracious sexual apatite. Lots of e-mails asking about services offered, to all kinds of gals. E-mails for password resets for different dating apps, sites, personal adds. He’d had a handful of quick hookups and more than a handful of women a good deal older than him. He had no problem lying to them either, told ’em all he was single.

The sex workers? While he was hammering away at some college girl or someone old enough to be that college girl’s mom, she knew all about what that was like. But the sex workers were all some kind of BDSM types. The tie you up and take charge types. She showed me the e-mails, and they were specific. Jeff knew exactly what he wanted, and wasn’t shy in asking for it.

She got more calm türkçe bahis when she was talkin’ bout that part. Think she was in shock when she started finding it all out. In hindsight, she shouldn’t have been too surprised she explained. He had been her first and only partner. She enjoyed it, but his technique had been closer to a rabbit humping away than anything else. It made him happy though, and his energy made up for it so she rarely ever had to fake an orgasm.

But, he’d never been exactly take charge. He wasn’t the world’s greatest at getting things going, and if it weren’t for how desperately he’d hammer away at her it was often a close call if she’d get off or not. He was however a big fan of eating her out, even a slight hint about access to her pussy got him excited.

So it shouldn’t have come as big of a surprise as it did when he was looking to be spanked, or asked questions about rope play or describe what limits he didn’t have or did. Money didn’t seem to be an object, but probably only because he ever booked an hour here, or an hour there.

She put spyware on his phone as well, and found out even more. Every porn site he visited, every picture in every app he looked at. She knew he liked porn, they’d been dating for years before marriage and didn’t much care at the time, because of all the fucking. The man of a thousand excuses, or no man at all as she put it.

One more time: hurt does strange things to people. I kept thinkin’ that while she was tellin’ her story. Kind, intelligent and a libido to die for. Janet made no bones about it: she wanted to get revenge. She knew she could clean up in a divorce, she knew all the options available to her and had no qualms about using them.

But, she wanted more. When it comes to him, that would be all to simple. She hadn’t known him as well as she thought she had. Said that since then, she’s known exactly what she’s going to do. A divorce would be involved, but that would come later.

Me? I think it’s a power thing. Taking power back and all that jazz. When the blinds came off for her, she started seeing things a whole lot different. Ruining him financially wouldn’t be enough for her. No, money wasn’t anywhere near enough. Took a long draw on her beer but looked stone cold sober before she continued.

She wanted to change him as much as his actions had changed her. And she wanted to take pleasure in doing it. Not that she wanted to so much as nothing gave her more relief or pleasure than pondering how she could affect his life. She knew him well enough and his e-mails certainly added a whole new dimension for her to work with.

I let it soak all in. If what she were tellin’ me was true, I wanted to hear more. And Janet had proof and she wasn’t shy on sharing.

I ordered us another round, and said “Tell me more.”


I was more than happy to tell him more by that point. Because I couldn’t believe he was still listening. The trickiest part, getting someone else involved. A man who’d go along with what I had in mind. I try not to be as mindless as before, y’know? Finding a guy to cheat on your husband with, that’s not difficult.

Finding one who’ll go along with absolutely cuckolding my soon to be ex husband beyond anything anyone would recognize after was a different story. Ironically, honesty seemed to be the key to that. It certainly was working with Ed, so far.

And to be completely honest, I liked talking about it. Sure, I knew it made me look like a crazy bitch. In some very real sense, I guess I was crazy that way now. After everything I’d gone through Jeff and because of Jeff I felt different. For example, I’d never derived pleasure from the idea of fucking someone over.

That had been an alien concept to me back then. In more than one way, what was coming was his fault. I’d worn and done all kinds of things for him. Jeff was one horny fuck, and hey, so was I. He’d definitely opened my mind to some sexual things I’d never thought of, but I did them more for him than for me. I doubt I’d even be able to think like this without all his actions though.

Because I didn’t just feel good thinking of screwing him over. Things that were never thinkable before were getting me aroused. Really aroused. The first time I orgasmed to the idea of cuckolding him was better than anything he’d been able to achieve. That’s where my plan really started.

“He’s one horny son of a bitch, and I want to use that against him. Nice and slowly. One step at a time. I don’t want him suspecting a thing. He’s lead around by his dick and I’m going to use that to lead him down a rabbit hole.” I told him.

Ed seemed as safe a choice as any. He was silent though. Bigger guys like that used to intimidate me, but not anymore. Christ, he was nearly 15 years older than I am, but that didn’t bother me one bit. Didn’t say what he did for a living yet, but I might have guessed electrician. Or a wood worker. Something very normal and physical.

He was head and shoulders taller than Jeff or I, and güvenilir bahis siteleri he had that typical short hair cut every guy has. The one that says they go to the barber and say “Cut it not too short.” and however their hair falls, that’s what they get. He looked patient right now, thumbing the neck of his beer and looking at me.

“Cuckolding him is just going to be the start. I know him well enough and his little adventures… I want to make sure they cost him dearly. I want them to cost him so much that if he’d known the price would’ve been that high he’d never have done it in the first place. That he’d regret having ever thought about it in the first place.”

“So far, his dick has been in charge. So I’m going to use his cock against him. To ruin him. Money, he could make more of and I don’t really need it. That’d be getting off way too easy. And I know exactly what gets him off, wouldn’t you agree?” I asked, handing Ed the tablet.

He picked it up to look, eyes scanning from left to right as he read. I’d given him a particular e-mail thread outlining exactly what he’d been paying for from one domme. Spanking, spitting, nothing more than a finger in his ass and jerking him off. Wanted her to be verbal, call him whatever came to her mind as long as she shamed him.

That was going to be integral to everything. My husband was one hell of a kinky fuck. He’d messaged fifty seven different prostitutes, trying to find what he liked, so I had a pretty good idea of that part. I would’ve never guessed it, from how often we were having sex. Thought he just liked eating pussy more than usual.

Well, that’d still be in his future. For a while. Ed had big hands, and was taking his time, scrolling, reading more. Picking out different e-mails to read, so I took another long pull on my beer. I watched his face intently. He wasn’t unattractive, just a bit older. Looked like he’d shaved a couple of days ago and it was growing back in. Same color for both, a rusty looking brown. I decided it suited him as well as anything.

Of course, he wanted more. Anyone who’d accept what I wanted with a couple of beers and half an hour in the back of a bar couldn’t be what I was looking for. “Look” I said as I leaned in “I’m not going to hurt him. But there are some things I’d rather not say in public. You good to drive? Your place?” I asked.

He handed me back the tablet, “Sure am.” he said, standing up. I was still a little taken aback at his size. He was bigger than my dad for crying out loud. I found it oddly comfortingly, even if I was getting a strange man’s car. To go to his home, and talk about how I wanted to ruin my husband. Life leads you strange places sometimes.

And of course, it was a pick-up truck. I should’ve known. Clean though. I went over what we’d gone over so far as he drove. It wasn’t too long, and I was glad to be able to say things out loud. I hadn’t told anyone anything. It was part of the plan, and if I’d chosen well enough, I’d be able to talk all I wanted to.

I don’t know what I was expecting, as if the type of guy who’d engage in my fantasies needed to live in a batcave sex dungeon. It was just an apartment though in a decent building not too far from the city. It looked like and smelled like man. I made the decision to keep my heels on because I knew exactly how they made my ass look, and that couldn’t hurt in my situation.

He grabbed a couple of beers from his fridge, as I touched my purse on the couch. He cracked them both open and handed me one. I was two in already, but that didn’t matter. If anything, it helped relax me. “I wouldn’t hurt anyone, y’know? Your guy sounds like the king of assholes, but I ain’t hurtin’ no one.” he said. It was music to my ears.

“Most couples just want a threesome. Guy wants to watch me nut in his wife, or wifey wants to see him suck dick. Or he wants to suck dick in front of his wife. That don’t sound like the shit you want though.” he said. For a moment I was struck by the oddness of it, I’d never talked to anyone like that in my life, let alone someone who looked like Ed.

“That’s because it’s not.” I said, “I mean, something like that. To start.” I took a long sip of my beer. As much as I wanted to say it out loud a little more liquid courage didn’t hurt. More than a little. “And it’s going to be a full-time sort of thing.” I said.

He was giving me that look that men do when they’re trying to treat me seriously. He was treating me seriously. He was leaning against a counter-top, and asked, “What sort of thing?”

“A full-time cuckolding sort of thing. I’ve seen the sites he looks at, the porn he looks at. All the really kinky stuff is guys sucking on strap ons, wives forcing them to suck dick. He’s not the type to turn that kind of opportunity down, no matter how it’s presented to him. His dick’s in charge, always has been.” I said.

“Guess so. Lotta guys like that. You that sure?” he asked me.

I couldn’t help but smile at him. Ever since I found out, I was sure. “I’m completely sure. But, it sure as hell doesn’t hurt I have all this wonderful information that I can use to mess with him. I never thought of this kind of thing once, the first time he cheated. I don’t think you should do that to a man.” I said.

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