Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN PAKISTAN – PART 14 A HOT HOLIDAY IN PAKISTAN – PART 14 Saturday evening [My ass deserved a rest after a day of very heavy fucking, first with an elderly turbaned guy’s huge cock in the morning, a hot threesome in the afternoon with some rough labourers and an unexpected 4-way session after that, including double ass-fucking. However, I had already agreed to a late evening gangbang and you should always keep your promises, shouldn’t you?] 24 Arif dropped me off at the hotel just before 7pm after we crawled through heavy Saturday night traffic. He said he would be back at 10 to pick me up again. There was no sign of Zain in the busy lobby and I went on up to my room. I had a very welcome shower then dressed and went down to dinner with my book under my arm. The dining room was packed with people and service was slow but the food, as always, was worth waiting for. Keeping in mind that my later appointment would involve some high level ‘exercise’, I just had a light meal. I was back in my room by about 8.30 and lay down on the bed for a bit of a nap and, of course, dozed off into a deep sleep. I awoke with a start and checked the time. Luckily it was only 9.30. I felt a bit groggy but after another quick shower to fully wake me up, and making sure I was prepared internally for the evening’s fun, I dressed and wrote up my journal until it was time to go downstairs and meet Arif. The lift stopped at one of the lower floors and when the doors opened, Zain was waiting to get in! He nodded to me but didn’t speak as the lift was full but when we got downstairs he came out with me and chatted on the steps at the hotel entrance. ‘Today the hotel has been very busy again’, he said, ‘but Arif says he is looking after you some more tonight, so that is good. You must tell me all about it tomorrow.’ He winked, so he obviously knew where we were going. He leaned forward and whispered, ‘I want to try the double-fuck, too. Tomorrow night, yes? I will get someone for us.’ He and Arif were certainly keeping each other informed! He wished me a good evening with another wink ankara escort bayan and said he would see me tomorrow. Arif arrived about 10 minutes late, complaining about the traffic but it took us only 20 minutes to reach Bilal’s house. The servant opened the door for us and Bilal was waiting for us in the lounge room, dressed in only a white bathrobe and sandals. As well as Bilal, there was another guy sitting there dressed in a bathrobe. He rose and shook hands with me. ‘This is Mahmoud’, said Bilal. ‘He is here to help you tonight’. A spectacularly handsome young man, he was a similar-looking type to Arif’s army buddy from Wednesday, Fareed, but with a beard instead of a moustache. He was, if it was possible, more flashily attractive than Fareed. I was curious to know how he was going to help me. We sat down again and Bilal’s servant brought us tea and then left the room. ‘I asked you here early to explain how this works’, he said. ‘If you are not comfortable with anything I tell you, please let me know, ok?’ The fun would take place not in this house but in a cottage in the garden with its own street entrance away from the main house. We would undress and wear only bathrobes and leave all our belongings here. The guys were already arriving and had been told they must be here no later than 11. He went on to explain that the guys were aged between 20 and 30 and known to him personally. They had all participated in this kind of event here before. ‘They were educated guys from good families’, he said, and all spoke English. ‘Older Western guys are exotic to them and particularly appealing for uninhibited sex fun’, he said. ‘You are considered a special trophy when they have had you’. ‘They enjoy watching pornography and like to recreate in group sex what they have seen in the videos’, he said. ‘They have been told that they can kiss you, suck you, lick your ass, sit on your face, do anal to mouth, fuck you without condoms and cum in your ass, in your mouth and on your face.’ ‘You must be very talented’, said Mahmoud, smiling. Bilal sniggered and then continued, ‘Piss fun eryaman escort or fisting is not allowed. They must not be deliberately rough but natural hard fucking is fine. I will watch closely to ensure that no-one goes too far. If you ask anyone to stop what they are doing at any time, they will stop, OK?’ he said. I indicated that everything he had mentioned so far was OK with me. I hoped Arif would not mention my double-fuck skills from this afternoon. I thought it best not to offer to do that in a large group situation. ‘There is no pressure on you to be fucked by everyone’, said Bilal. ‘Indeed, some guys may just do oral sex with you. You must tell us if you need a rest now and then and if your ass should get sore, we will stop immediately. The action will be fairly constant once it starts. These are young horny guys and some will be able to cum two or three times or maybe more. The cum shot record for one guy at these parties stands at 5’. Bilal continued, ‘To add a sense of competition, we always have a prize for the guy who cums the most times. Arif will be the score keeper.’ I looked at Arif who grinned sheepishly at me. Bilal went on to say, ‘Each guy is given a number on arrival and there will be a draw of a number from a bowl before we get started. The holder of the winning number will have first fuck with you’. ‘Both myself and Arif will be there’, he said, ‘and, of course, we will enjoy watching. We will fuck you at some point, too. For some reason, the guys seem to find it funny to watch us older guys fucking’. ‘As you know, porn movies usually have guys with large cocks’, said Bilal. ‘It is always expected that I will provide someone with a very large cock to fuck you, too, while they watch. That is why Mahmoud is here tonight.’ Well, if I had to be fucked by this gorgeous hunk, I felt I could probably muster up some enthusiasm! Mahmoud will stay here when we go down to the cottage’, said Billal, ‘and I will summon him at the right moment to come down to us. He has seen your photograph and is very excited to fuck you’. I wondered how many people etlik escort in Karachi had actually been given my photo! ‘Mahmoud, will now explain his role’, said Bilal. Mahmoud stood up, cleared his throat and said, ‘I have been told you are good at being fucked by big cocks. First of all, I want to check that you will be OK with mine.’ He opened his bathrobe. His body was strongly muscled and hairy and his cock was very large and thick, probably about 9 inches. ‘As you can see I am hard already just looking at you’. I said that I was experienced at being fucked by large cocks and his would probably be fine. I felt my heart was thumping in my chest. He closed his bathrobe and sat down again. ‘The guys will want to see me fucking you aggressively and we will create that illusion’, he said. ‘I will talk roughly as if I am raping you. I need you to pretend that I am too much for you, that my cock is too big and that I am fucking you too hard. You should beg me to stop and, of course, I won’t,’ he explained. ‘I will fuck you in all positions and finish with doggie style when I cum.’ ‘I can take quite a heavy fucking once my ass is used to your cock’, I said, ‘ but I would like to have a signal between us to let you know if it is too strong for me.’ ‘Of course,’ said Mahmoud. ‘Just say loudly, “God!!!!!”, and I will get the message.’ I looked at Arif who raised his eyebrows at me. ‘You are fine with all of this?’ he asked, looking concerned. ‘Yes’, I said. ‘I am quite excited to do it’. Mahmoud said, ‘Good, you are a very hot man, just my type’. Even so, he had been so business-like with his instructions that the thought went through my mind that he must be a rent boy. I turned to Bilal and asked, ‘How many guys will there be?’ Bilal chuckled and said, ‘Yes, I thought you would ask that question. I will let you discover that for yourself when we get there’. Talk about creating suspense! ‘We still have 15 minutes’, said Bilal. ‘You should undress now and put on your robes. There are sandals for your feet. I can offer you a large whiskey and ice for courage, if you like’. I nodded. I’m not much of a drinker but a whiskey right now seemed a very good idea! To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

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