A meeting in Leather – Part 9.


A meeting in Leather – Part 9.”Breaking free, getting a new look.”#English translation- A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-8-933489- Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923After breakfast in bed with Xiam, he took a shower, while I laid out his clothes on the bed for him. He got dressed and we walked to the door. There I kissed him and looked deep into those beautiful dark blue eyes of his. Apparently I was staring at him a little too lovingly and too long, because he said coolly, “Robby, do not misunderstand me. I am not looking for a permanent relationship with anyone at the moment. The sex with you was great, but I don’t want to go any further than that.”Somewhat surprised, I stepped back and answered; “Xi, I also enjoyed yesterday and the great sex we had last night. But you are right. I am not looking for a permanent relationship either. However I hope we can remain friends for a long time. Even if you, or I, wants to start a relationship with someone else.” And I winked at Xiam. He was reassured by that and said “I would like that too, honey.”. He proceeded to give me one last kiss and left.However, before he was fully out the door, I quickly asked him, “Who does your hair? I think I want too change my haircut. And I like yours.”, “Oh, that is Estie, he cuts at Irene’s hair salon.” Xiam said. “Isn’t that a ladies’ hairdresser?”, I asked. “No, you can go there too. But remember, Estie is a bit over-the-top gay!”. We laughed and Xiam got into his Corvette, and he tore away.”Shit, did I really just sleep with a guy last night?”, I suddenly thought. The little voice in my head answered me; “Yes man, and you thought it was great. Or did you not? But your ass is filled and was fucked hard. It can use some rest now. So keep that cock in your pants for the rest of the week. You really should not overdo it!”.I indeed intended to take it easy for the rest of the week. And wanted to wrap my head around the events from the past few days. That way I could give my feelings, and the horny sex of the last few days a place in my brain.Last Wednesday I was seduced by a 35-year-old bodybuilder in Leather Biker gear at the gym. It turned into kinky oral sex with him and he taught me the pleasure of Leather. That blowjob was fun. But the feeling of his Leathers got to me, it was fucking great!Fucking for the first time that Friday afternoon that followed was exciting. Performing assignments for a Master in this way was not something I thought myself capable of. And that I was left with a Full Leather outfit as a reward at the end of it was a super bonus. But that thought made me immediately suspicious again. Did I want to get those things from them? What did they want in return? I still had the idea that the sun didn’t come up for nothing, and that sooner or later I had to do something in return that I did not want to do.I decided to really go and stand on my own two feet now. I wanted a new look for myself. And Leather clothing would definitely be part of it. Mike had already said that I had earned his Leather stuff. I thought to myself, these clothes were ‘paid off’, as far as I am concerned. But I didn’t want to receive any more gifts from them. I prefer to work for it myself, or buy it from my own savings.However, I thought the idea of ??owning my own moped was a smart choice to make anyway. But I would rather pay for it myself, instead of getting it from Master André. I could finally go out with the youths from the neighborhood.Of course it would also be much easier and faster to get to André’s club. Because I still wanted that too. Even if it was only as a visitor and not as an employee. No, I just couldn’t think of working for an employer like Master André. I needed to take care of myself first. Then I would see how that club could fit into that picture. That Sunday I cleaned the rooms of my parents and my older brother Dave. So that there was no trace of the sex I had there the past week.Later that Sunday afternoon the phone rang. My mother called to see if everything was okay with me. I told her I had been shopping for clothes. And that I was busy creating a new cooler look for myself. She immediately wanted to know why, and what I had bought. When I told her what I had ‘bought’ she did so not agree with it at all. Because she had to wash those things and keep them clean, she said mad at me. It became a very intense and nasty discussion. And I ended it by saying; that I had been doing my own laundry for years, I cooked all our dinners, and kept the house clean by myself. All because she and my father both worked long hours. So that from this moment on I could also buy my own clothes and make my own decisions.I asked her to give me Dave on the phone. “Hey, old fuck, how are you?” He asked. “Funny that you would say that Dave! I was told to give you greetings from Mike and André,” I said sternly. It became very quiet on the other side of the line. “Are you alone Dave? Can you talk?”, I asked him softly. It remained silent for a while, but he said suddenly; “Ehmmm, sorry, … Robert, … I … I don’t know what to… Yes, Mom just left with dad to go shopping.”, he said nervously. “Ok, so I ‘met’ Mike at the gym, and he told me a few things. To keep a long story short, he took me to the club. And I became a member, just like you.”, I said.”Oh God, what did Mike do to you?!?”, he said with a trembling voice. “Nothing that I would not like to do myself anyway, but I was so ready for it. And … I got a tough Leather outfit out of it! But I did not want to speak to you about that now. I will tell you all the kinky details later, as long as you I tell me how you ended up there yourself, brother.”, I continued.”What are you calling me for then, you horny fuck?”, Dave asked me relieved that the truth was out. “Just keep it in your pants Dave. I am about to buy a moped with my own savings. And I would like to hear from you which brand and what type I could buy best. It must be a reliable machine. All it needs to do is take me from A to B for school an internship or a part-time job.”, I said. “Are you going to work for André?”, güvenilir bahis was Dave’s immediate response. “Keep thinking with your brain Dave, not with your cock. We were talking about mopeds…”, I said.”Uh … Yes … I just have to get used to the idea of you also being gay… Mopeds, exactly… Uh … if I was you, I would go for a Honda that is quite reliable in terms of engine technology. Go and ask about it at the bicycle shop in the village. He also sells cool cross mopeds. Then I will prepare mom and dad for the idea that you are going to buy a moped.”, said Dave. “Thanks Dave! Kisses, mate…”, I said and we hung up the phone. I had never talked to Dave like that. But it felt liberating. So that were 4 birds with one stone. I told my mother that from now on I was going to buy my own clothes. They knew about the Leather that I had ‘bought’. Dave would tell them I was going to buy a moped. And Dave knew that I had discovered his dirty little secrets. That was probably the most liberating feeling of all.That Monday I woke up early and decided to go to the city center. To see what they had for sale at the bicycle shop. I had already decided that I would buy my own helmet that day anyway. I put on my well worn cowboy boots, leather pants and denim blouse. At the large mirror in the corridor I stopped and looked at myself. “Kinky, You look pretty cool like this, but something is missing,” said the voice in my head. “It is time for a new haircut as well!”, I thought.In the city center I first went to the hairdresser’s. “What can I do for you”, one of the female hairdressers asked. “I would like Estie to give me a new look. Xiam Heou sent me here.”, I said. Apparently Estie had heard his name and he rushed in very camp. “Hi Robby” was his reaction. “Nice to see you again, had a good weekend?”. I was staring at him in surprise. He knew my name! Would he also have been to André’s that Saturday?”, I wondered.”Earth to Robby, Hello …”, Estie joked after not getting a response from me. “Oh, … Hi Estie, Xiam Heou told me that you cut his hair. And I would also like a new much cooler look with some bleached highlights. Do you have the time to take a good look at me?”, I asked him after I recovered.His hands went straight through my hair and I was touched and he looked at it from all sides. “Yes, I think I can do something with this. And you are indeed long over due for a new look!”, He said enthusiastically. The shop attendant gave me an appointment for the next morning around a quarter past ten. I thanked Estie for the appointment, and walked to the Telecom store across the square, for my first cell phone.With that new phone in my hand, I first texted Dave, then Mike and then Robin and Rik my new number. All three responded quickly, they texted that they were happy that they could reach me privately now. And from Dave I got a dick-pic with a leather cock strap. I laughed out loud about it. I went to the bicycle shop. When I arrived there I was greeted again with; “Hey Robby, had a good weekend?”. Damn it, he was the second one today. But this time I could vaguely remember that I had seen him at André’s last Saturday.”I wanted to buy me a helmet and I want to see what kind of mopeds you have for sale.”, I said. “Alright, do you have an idea what you’re looking for?”, he asked. “No not really, it’s my first moped. It must have a reliable engine, I don’t like tinkering. Preferably a black one. It doesn’t have to be a cross moped, as long as it gets me from A to B.” I said. “For someone who has no idea, you did your homework damn well. Just walk along with me to the workshop next door, Robby.”, he said. And took me to a room where he sold and repaired the mopeds and motor bikes.”I think this could be something you like. But… Er… You are going to get a moped from André, weren’t you? Why do you then buy one yourself?”, he asked in surprised. “That is exactly what I am looking for. Looks pretty cool! And as far as André is concerned: yes apparently there is plenty of talk behind my back, instead of talking with me! I haven’t said yes at all, at that offer from his. And I’d rather buy it with my own money anyway. It is a quite nice moped, just a shame about that red saddle. What does such a thing cost?”, I asked naively. “3200” said the seller. “Whew, that is quite a lot. I will first sleep on it for a while, you always have to be careful with large purchases. But I really do like it, al lot!” I replied excitedly.”I will make you a deal. I will sell it to you for the purchase price and put a black saddle on it for you. Go straight to the post office for the necessary paperwork and an insurance,” he said enthusiastically. We walked to the rack with helmets and I chose a tough looking matte black cross helmet. Payed the helmet and left with the necessary leaflets and information about the moped. I immediately applied for the necessary paperwork at the post office. I could pick them up that Wednesday.I passed the local shoe giant and decided to buy some tough work shoes. It was very quiet in the store at this time of day. At the rack with the shoes of my size I quickly noticed a pair that were exactly what I was looking for. Tough yet subtle enough to wear every day. There were small black metal plates on the noses and heels for protection. That gave them just the ‘something-different-than-normal -look’ that I loved so much. And they would also look great under the black Leather chaps, I thought.A beautiful young black sales man, he must have been around 25 years old I estimated, came and stood close to me. I had taken off my cowboy boots to try the new shoes. “Oh, those will look good on you, Robby,” he said. And that’s number 3 today. How many people do I meet who knew about my secret, I wondered.”It was fun, last Saturday! I’m Mark, do you remember me?”, he asked me. But I had to admit that I did not know him right away. I did meet so many new people there, I said, somewhat embarrassed. He glanced around to see if we were alone. He sneakingly opened his fly and whipped out his beautiful black dick and balls. “Oh wait … Those guys I know!” I said with a grin. And rolled his balls türkçe bahis over my fingers. “You sat on top of the box, didn’t you?”, I asked.He stepped closer in my direction with a horny grin on his face. And I took the still limp cock deep in my mouth. It was already very impressive with its 15 centimeters length. I proceeded to go suck him into my mouth and throat. It was damn tasty and it was amazingly simple. I sucked on that delicious thing of his. And jerked off that cock with my lips. It quickly stiffened in my mouth due to the horny blowjob I gave him. Of course I had seen it hard before that last Saturday. Half stiff it was already a huge dick. Imagine that he would become completely stiff in me. Then I couldn’t blow him that deep anymore. But it was too fucking nice to stop sucking now. So I put a hand over the base of his shaft and pulled him off while greedily sucking off the rest.Fortunately it was very quiet in the store and we could go our way. Because of my wanking and sucking, that gigantic black cock of his got rock hard. It must have been at least 25 centimeters long. And I enjoyed every inch. He tried to push his cock deeper into my throat. But I really couldn’t have that much of his goodness that early in the morning. I pulled myself away from him, looked at him for a moment, and whispered, “You’re too damn big man!”. But then I sucked it in again for more than halfway.I increased the pace and felt how his cock started to tremble. He violently came in my mouth, without making too much noise. I tried to swallow his thick jets of seed as quickly as possible. But here and there some cum dripped over my chin. “Wow, you have talent, man!”, he said with a heavy accent. I stood up and held out my seed-covered tongue to him. He sucked me in his mouth and we kissed passionately. He took in all of his own seed. He then very horny licked my chin clean.”These shoes fit so damn nice. I think I’ll keep them on!”, I said quickly, when I heard that a colleague from Mark was coming over. Mark quickly put his cock and balls back in his pants and we walked together to the checkout to pay. “Do you want a plastic bag for those old boots?”, he asked. “You can still have them refurbished at the shoemakers next door you know. The owner also regularly visits André and he is friends with Robbin and Rik.”, he continued. “Okay, that’s a good idea. I will indeed let them take a look at them. Thanks, man!”, I said. “No, thank you”, he said with a big wink and rubbing the bulge in his pants. We settled the bill and he put some free laces and shoe polish in the bag. “Will I see you again at the club next Saturday?”, he asked. “I don’t know yet. We’ll see.”, I replied.I walked over to the shoemaker’s shop and again he went; “Hello, Robby! Nice to see you again. What can I do for you?”, He asked. “I got these cowboy boots from Mike. They are a little bit worn out. But they are much too damn comfortable to wear to just trow them away. Mark from the Shoe store next door said that you might be able to fix them up for me.”, I told him. He dropped all his other work and I gave the boots to the shoemaker and he said, “Hell yeah, I can do something with those. I will give them a good cleaning and brushing right away. And put on some new heels and stuff. What kind of soles would you like me to put them. Leather or Rubber?”, he asked. “Just put on a pair of rubber soles with a little bit of profile. As long as the boots keep that pointy look I like so much.”, I replied. “I will get right on it! If you go shopping for a little while I will have them ready for you in about 2 hours. They will be as good as new then.”, he said. I thanked the shoemaker for the quick service. And he asked, “Do I see you on Saturday?” I honestly replied that I did not know yet, but that I did hope so. He was the second today who wanted to see me there again. It seemed like agreed work, I thought.I still had two or three hours to kill in the center. That is why I decided to go and buy me some sports clothes for the fitness lessons in the Gym. Also at the local sportswear store I was greeted again as Robby by one of the vendors there. He was a big muscular bodybuilder dressed in tight sports clothing. “I hear you’re going to fitness with Mike. Great!”, said the salesman. “Is that right?” I asked, angrily. “That’s strange because I have not signed up for any fitness class at all. Let alone that I would go to one of Mike’s.” He looked back at me in surprise. “There is too much talk behind my back. And not enough actual talking with me. I really don’t like that!”, I said surly. Checked out the things I bought and left.After walking around for a bit and shopping some more, I decided to go eat lunch at the Chinese from Cheng Heou. Upon arrival I was greeted by Xiam. “Hi Robby!”, He said kindly. “A table for 1 please, Xi. I would like a light lunch, please.”, I told him. “That’s possible, shall I bring you the lunch card?”, He asked. “No, let the chef put something nice together. As long as it is not too heavy on the stomach and it is nice and sweet, like you!”, I told Xiam with a horny wink.After that delicious lunch, which again I did not have to pay for, I walked back through the city center to the shoemakers. I ran into two young police officers. One of them spoke to me. “Hey Robby,…”. he said enthusiastically. “Yes yes … I know… I know… You are going to ask me if I had a nice weekend…”, I sighed. He laughed hard. “Can you read minds now as well?”, he said. “No it seems that all entrepreneurs in the village go to André’s club in their spare time.”, I said and we all laughed loudly. “We work for André in his security team at the weekend”, the other cop said. “Nice!”, I replied. “And now you’re going to ask me if I’m going back there again next Saturday…”, I said, with a dirty grin. “You will have to take a number, because you are the umpteenth person who wants to know that!”, I Greeted them and walked on.On the way to the shoemakers I passed Robbin and Rik’s store. On of them knocked on the window. Rik asked me to come inside for a moment. Once inside their Leather clothing and handbag store, the wonderful scent of Leather güvenilir bahis siteleri filled my nose. I sniffed up the scent deeply and noticeably enjoyed it. Both men laughed hard at that. “Leather virgin!”, they said almost simultaneously.”We have almost finished your Leather Denim-look jacket. Do you have time to try it on?”, Robbin asked. “Yeah sure.”, I said, and the half-finished coat was put on me. It looked really great. Some notes where taken and changes were made here and there. After which they said they were going to be at the club that Wednesday afternoon for a staff member barbecue party. I could pick it up there.”Great, it looks already very nice now!”, I said enthusiastically. “Shall I pay for it right away?”, I asked. “No dude, you are getting this one from us!”, they said in unison. “That is not a good way of doing business. I will have none of it!”, I said. “At least I want to pay for your work. And I need a receipt for my mother anyway. And if I can, I would also like a few receipts for those Leathers from Eddy’s I got via Mike. So that my mother can see that I ‘bought’ them here. Otherwise I could be in trouble.”, I said. They reluctantly agreed and with a couple of counterfeit receipts in my pocket I left for the shoemaker.The shoemaker was just cleaning the boots when I stepped inside. “Ah, Robby, right on time. Do you want me to finish the edges of the soles in black?” he asked. “Yes, I think it would look nice. The stitching can also be dyed black, so it fits perfectly with the rest of my Leathers”. I payed the shoemaker and for very little money I had a pair of cowboy boots that looked as if they were new from the factory. He also asked if I would go to the club that coming Saturday. I shrugged and told him he might see me there. All of a sudden I was very popular. It was as if someone had smeared honey on my ass. It made me proud and suspicious at the same time.On the way home I drove past the gym, to see what options there were for one or more fitness introduction classes. Henk, the gym owner, was surprised at my question. Because, according to him, that had already been arranged. I said, “That cannot be, because I have not signed up for anything yet. And that I would rather arrange something myself than letting it be done for me. After all, I am master over my own body and I organize my own time.”, I said mad. We agreed that on Wednesday I would take 1 lesson with Mike to strengthen my core and arms and to increase my fitness. After that I could get a 10 times membership plan, so I could decide when I would like to come. I liked that deal a lot better. And canceled my remaining Judo lessons. I didn’t go there with any pleasure anymore anyway.I had now made every effort to free myself from everything and everyone. And that felt damn good.That Tuesday morning I went to Estie for a new haircut. He showed me a few photo albums with the possible hairstyles. I told him I wanted a crew-cut look on the sides with some longer hair and bleached highlights on top. And Estie quickly pulled the standard books out of my hands and gave me one of his own. It contained completely naked models with hairstyles that he had devised himself. Soon my eye went to one of the men. “That’s what I want. Do you think this is possible with me?”, I asked pointing at the horny picture. The macho model had a full erection, he only wore a Leather jacket and his hair was Crew cut. The hair on top of his head was longer and combed back. A few locks were bleached. It was a very rugged look. His beard hair was unshaven and that gave him a rough macho look. I got spontaneously horny, and my cock started to throb in my jeans.Estie had not missed that. “Yes, that should be possible Robby.”, he said. “Shall I shave you there too?”, he asked, pointing at my rock hard cock. He laughed and started cutting. He was frolicking around my head like a hummingbird around a flower. He pushed himself up against me, and I felt his stiff dick rub against my elbow. “You are getting into it, Estie!”, I said to him enthusiastically. “You are already very excited I see!”, he stopped and took my hand. Opened his fly and shoved my hand into his pants, putting my bleached locks under the hair dryer.I grabbed his smooth shaved cock and pulled it out off his pants. After which I quickly started to jerk him off. “You just have to sit under the hairdryer for half an hour”, he moaned, “I’ll entertain you in the meantime.” He leaned over and took off my hairdresser’s apron and opened the belt of my pants. It soon ended up around my ankles. Estie knelt between my legs and deliberately started to blow me. He grabbed shaving cream, a towel and a large razor. I gave him a shocked look. “Are you going to be careful with that knife, Estie? I need that thing of mine for a little longer than just today.”, I told him with a dirty grin on my face.He laughed and soaked my pubic area completely with a thick layer of shaving cream. I was shaved professionally. He didn’t have much work on that, because I regularly keep up with trimming it myself. As soon as every last hair had disappeared, he cleaned that now smooth pole and continued to suck me off. All the while my cock had remained rock hard. After licking my dick nice and wet, he turned around and dropped his own pants on the floor. I asked Estie, “Do you have a rain coat for this fellow?”. He grabbed a condom from the drawer under the mirror, pulled it over my cock, and slipped himself over my dick. We fucked for about 20 minutes in the barber’s chair. I had to fight not to shoot a load in his nice hole. But after 20 minutes I couldn’t hold it anymore and filled up the rubber. Exactly the moment I was spend we heard the ‘PING’ from the hairdryer. “Well timed, Robby,” he said with a smile. “You can get out from under the hood! You are ready!”.”Let me help you get off too Es.”, I said, winking at him horny. I pushed him on the desk under the mirror and deep throated him. It didn’t take long before I had my mouth full. We kissed and he offered me a cigarette. I thanked him, but declined and said he could smoke one if he wanted too. He did that. And when he was done he finished the haircut and trimmed my 4 day old beard. The guy who was staring back at me from the mirror was visibly impressed. This was indeed the look that suited my new tough image. I thanked Estie and immediately made an appointment for over 6 weeks.

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