A Surprising Doctor’s Office Visit


This story sounds like something out of an old Penthouse Forum story, but I assure you it isn’t.

I was told when I was in my early 30’s that I should have a prostate exam done.

This was due to a close family member having been newly diagnosed with early prostate cancer.

I was terrified! Even though I knew what the process was, as a guy you always hear horror stories about old guys with big fingers, etc. Why don’t proctologists put their ring size in their business cards?

Anyway, to the more serious. I agonized and delayed and looked all over to see if I could find a female proctologist. It took me a while, but I finally managed to find one. So, I made an appointment for a Friday. I figured that way I could get it over with, forget it and enjoy the weekend.

Friday arrived an I walked in, signed my name and a mid-20s nurse took my name and information. After a long time and all the other guys in the waiting room had cleared out, the nurse called my name.

I stood up and moved towards the door and followed her down the hall. She directed me into a examination room and handed me a gown and said to take everything off. Oh shit! I hadn’t thought of that.

Now let me describe why I was shocked. At that time, I was riding the mountain bike about 30 miles every other day and to avoid problems with my skin I was shaving my entire pubic region, including my asshole. I had just shaved the day before and it was baby skin smooth. Don’t knock it till you see it and touch it. How was grandma going to take that görükle escort when she did the exam!?! I stripped and put the flimsy gown on and sat at the now ice cold table.

Suddenly, startling me, the door opened and I looked away, embarrassed at first. I envisioned an elderly lady getting ready for retirement. I was completely wrong. Dr. R, was a platinum haired, well endowed, taking care of herself woman in her late 40s or early 50s.

Not the grandmother or aunt looking woman at all. If it wasn’t for the hair color, I would have put her at my age at the time. She had on the usual white lab coat, but it was unbuttoned, and you could see that she had a silky blouse on that the buttons were losing the battle with keeping together.

To make it worse(better) she had to have on the thinnest bra or, none, as her nipples were very pronounced, even through the lab coat. The final kicker was that the cute nurse from out front came in as her assistant! Suddenly I’m trying to think about baseball and every non-sexual thing I could think of.

She introduced herself and she had a smooth silky voice to match the blouse. She explained to me what she was planning on doing and did I have any questions. What could I say? I’m thinking of other things.

So, she has me get on my side with my left leg up towards my chest and then puts on gloves and her assistant does too. Why would the assistant need gloves!?! She asks me questions about sex life and normal health things and then asks me how often I masturbate. I almost thought bursa merkez escort I heard it wrong. She said, “Go ahead, don’t be shy, we all do it!”.

Now I’m starting to get thoughts and my dick is not helping. She hasn’t even done anything yet and I’m getting an erection. She applies some lube to her finger and gently, playfully may I say, lubes up my asshole. I have been into anal curiosity since late high school, and this is nice.

What if she sees my erection!?! Suddenly she says, “Don’t worry, it’s normal.” At that she sticks her finger in and starts to move it around to get the lay of the land, I guess.

First time I’ve ever have anything other than a sex toy in there. This is way better! I’m starting to see little stars in the corners of my vision, and she hits my prostate… “There it is…” Now she starts rubbing it and pressing on it. I suddenly feel like I’m coming but not coming.

My breath is getting quicker but I’m trying to keep it relaxed. She reaches around with a little specimen cup and starts collecting the pre-cum.

“We have to send this out to check for indicators of cancer. Cindy, can you help me with this I can’t quite reach all the way around.”

Cindy comes around and holds the cup and the doc keeps pressing harder the faster my breathing goes. Fireworks are going off in my head. Oh shit, did I just moan!?! Yes I did! I try to say something in my defense, and she says in a softer silkier voice, “Don’t worry it’s normal, and I AM a doctor!” bursa escort bayan WOW! Who has an answer to that?

She keeps going and now I know I’m going to cum and she slows down. “Cindy, can you grab a bigger specimen cup? I think we are going to need a sample too.” What kind of sample? She picks up the pace again and Cindy comes back with a bigger cup and this time with lube on her glove.

She grabs my cock and starts to stroke it gently, circling around the head and the bottom at the top of each stroke. I’m closing my eyes and trying not to embarrass myself. Doc notices me fighting and eases off a little.

Cindy gets a little faster though. Now Doc really presses on my prostate and Cindy is really giving me the hand job of my life. I’m trying not to moan but I can’t help it. I’m moving my hips back and forth with Cindy’s hand and then I grunt and grind and I’m not only filling the cup but I’m spraying the table and Cindy!

She presses and I come HARD for what seems like 5 minutes, but I bet it was only a minute. Cindy sets the cup aside and gently cleans me and her up. Doc takes off the glove and I almost come again when she picks up the cup, sticks a finger in, and then puts it to her lips and licks her fingers clean.

I’m thinking, I died, and this is heaven, or I’m on hidden camera somewhere. “Nope I don’t think anything is wrong with it, but I can’t be sure. I think you need to come in for another appointment or two.” I’m stunned!!!

“Oh, and please shave like that again, I have never seen that, and I think it helps the procedure. What do you think Cindy?” I had forgotten about her. “Maybe I can help more next time Doctor R.” I get dressed, go out and make two more appointments.

The best thing is Cindy tells me that since this is preventative the insurance covers it all!!!

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