After Hours Alicia Ch. 02

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“I was wondering…” her father swallowed hard, fighting to say the next words, “…if you know of anyone who could do the show tonight?”

Irritated, but still feeling sorry for her father’s dire situation, she responded, “No. None of the girls I talk to would do anything like this!”

David Reynolds sighed deeply and sank in his seat, “I knew it. I’m sorry I asked. Fuck!”

Startled by the sudden outburst, Alicia snapped out of the daze that she was in. The situation she was involved in now was real. Her father had really asked her if any of her friends would willingly participate in a gangbang in his bar for money. She couldn’t believe he asked, but she understood why. This wasn’t the normal father-daughter conversation they were having, but then again, this wasn’t a normal situation for either of them. These were desperate times indeed.

“Alicia, I’m sorry. I can’t afford to pay for your school anymore. I’m going to cancel the show tonight. Then I might as well close the bar and go back to work for the union, if they’ll even have me back. We’re probably going to lose the house too. You and I will have to find a cheap apartment downtown if you even still want to live with me after all this. Your mother was right…”

She interrupted him, “Stop! No she wasn’t. You’re NOT a loser, daddy! I won’t hear you talk like that! This is really bad. Like really, really bad, but just because you’re going through a tough time, it doesn’t make you a loser!”

“Thank you sweetie, but I feel like one. We’re going to lose everything. Let me go tell the guys and give them their refunds.”

David started to get up out of his suadiye escort chair when he thought of something else. This idea was the most desperate idea he had ever had. His devoted daughter would probably slap him in the face and walk out on him after hearing it.

“Wait…” Alicia looked at her father. “Honey…what if…I can’t believe I’m going to say it, but what the hell? What if you did the show tonight?”

Alicia was stunned. Her father had just asked her if she would participate in the gangbang tonight. She had only been with one guy – her boyfriend, Peter. She was also in a serious relationship and had no plans on cheating with him.

“Daddy…I can’t. I’m with Peter and…that’s disgusting! I can’t do it! I can’t even believe…”

“I know, I’m sorry. Fuck. I don’t know what I was thinking. I just thought that maybe you would help me out of this jam and we could continue to have the kind of life we were used to having. We wouldn’t lose the bar. We wouldn’t lose the house. You could keep going to school. I don’t know…”

Still in a state of shock, Alicia felt a sensation come over her. One that was not obvious to her father. With her mouth still open, slowly shaking her head, she thought of the possibility of being gangbanged. The thought of several different men using her for sex started to turn her on. She wanted to fight this feeling and suppress it as much as she could, but she couldn’t. The best thing she could do was hide it. She didn’t want her father to know that the idea excited her and that, deep down, she wanted to do it. She wanted to walk out there, take her clothes off, and let the yakacık escort bar customers fuck her all night and treat her like a common whore.

Hoping she would change her mind, or at the very least not slap him and walk out, David Reynolds stood there, waiting for her to finish speaking.

“I can’t…”

“You don’t have to, baby. I’m sorry I brought it up. I’m such a fucking idiot. Damnit!”

She paused for another moment. She couldn’t believe what she was about to say. She knew that when she says it, there is no going back. She can’t get her father’s hopes up like that and crush him. Part of her wanted her to think logically and tell her, “This is not a good idea. You shouldn’t cheat on Peter. You love him and he loves you. You also do not want the whole town knowing you have sex with strangers for money. You have more dignity and self-respect than that.” Instead, her body had taken control and her brain had taken a back seat. Her body pressured her into speaking up…


“Yes, pumpkin?”

“I’ll…I’ll do it. I’ll do the party.”

Shocked and excited, her father gave her a big hug and a kiss. “Oh honey, thank you! I know this is bad situation, but you’re helping me out a lot! And this is helping you out too! Thank you!”

She knew that what she was doing would help her father out of a pretty big jam, but she didn’t care about that at the moment. What she cared about was sex. And lots of it.

“I have some questions…”

He stopped hugging her and stood back. “Sure, ask me anything, sweetie.”

“How many guys are we talking about here?”

“Tonight, şerifali escort we have eleven tickets sold. So eleven guys.”

Eleven guys. She had only been with one man her entire life. Now she was unsure about whether or not she could go through with this. She remembered that she told her father that she would do it, so she wasn’t going to back out on her word.

She loved her boyfriend, Peter, but she also loved her father. Seeing him in this situation broke her heart. If she had to swallow her pride, and a lot of other things tonight, to pull her family out of this situation, she’d do it.

“What should I wear? I don’t have anything fancy.”

“Just come back here tonight wearing what you’ve got on. That’ll be fine. I’m sure your clothing won’t matter for long.” Her father joked. Almost regretting saying it, but it made Alicia laugh too.

“OK, then. Love you daddy. I’ll be back later I guess.” She let out a deep sigh, gave her father a kiss, grabbed the keys, and started to walk out of the bar.

As Alicia stepped outside, she texted Peter:

Alicia: Hey babe. Coming over for a little while. We have to talk…

She hopped into the truck and shut the door. Before she turned the keys in the ignition, she paused for a moment. She felt like crying. What had she just agreed to do? She just agreed to be gangbanged for money tonight at her father’s bar. It felt like some sort of sick dream or bad porno. On the one hand, she was nervous and ashamed, but on the other, she was getting more turned on thinking about it.

This would mean that she would have to cheat on Peter. He was probably going to cry and break up with her. She loved him and didn’t want to hurt him. Maybe she should break up with him? Maybe what happens later tonight won’t be considered cheating then. Then she could do it, talk to him and get back together and forget any of this ever happened. Maybe…

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