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You arrive just in time, I’d had a stressful day and my body was full of tension. All I wanted to do was relax and enjoy some good company. There you are standing at the door with a beautiful bunch of wildflowers and a bottle of wine. I invite you in with just a smile and you follow me to the kitchen so I can find a vase and wine glasses. As you open the wine I arrange the flowers and thank you with a small kiss.

We move into the lounge room with our wine. I sit on the lounge and you start kneading my shoulders, relieving me of all the stress I held. Your hands are like magic, warm and gentle, yet firm and strong. I relax into your massage, closing my eyes, letting my mind drift away. I feel your breath on my neck and sense your closeness, my arousal instant. I feel your hands move down my neck to my chest, then inside my top where you find my hardening nipples. Your soft kisses send what feels like electric shocks through me. I turn my head and see the bakırköy escort longing in your eyes; I know you see mine too. You walk around the lounge, take my hand and help me up then sweeping me up into your arms; I wrap my arms around your neck, feeling dizzy with anticipation.

You carry me into the bedroom and lay me gently on the bed. Your eyes never leaving mine you unbutton my blouse allowing easy access to my breasts now afire from your touch. Your desires are apparent, as you quickly remove the rest of my clothes, leaving me naked on the bed burning with desire for you. I watch you as you remove your clothes revealing yourself to me. I beckon you to me. You move closer, lean down and kiss me, your lips crushing mine, and your tongue forces my lips apart where you find mine eager to explore your mouth.

You stop caressing my breast and move your hand down my body leaving a tingling trail to my mound already hot and throbbing from bostancı escort desire. I reach for your cock, now so hard, I wrap my fingers around your shaft, pulling you, and a low guttural moan escapes you as I pull you harder and faster. I use your pre-cum to moisten your now throbbing cock.

You push open the lips to my pussy and fondle my clit. A small moan escapes me at your touch. You kiss me harder, your tongue exploring and dancing with mine faster, your finger then slides inside me. I raise myself to you wanting you further in me, you thrust with your finger, I match you, feeling the wonder of just your finger inside me. You pause from your kisses long enough for me to whisper, I want you. Without a moments hesitation you move onto the bed covering my body with yours, I gasp as your finger is replaced by your hard cock.

You enter me, sliding your cock in my hot wet pussy. Again I raise myself to you wanting you in me fully. çekmeköy escort You pump me slowly allowing me to feel you completely going in. My head spins; all thought lost. We easily find our rhythm as you thrust deeper into me, our desire leading us on, harder and faster. We are breathing in time. We are one. I look at your eyes; hazy with lust. I feel your cock swell and feel it throb as I know you’re about to explode as am I. Instinctively I grab your arse and pull you fully into me as I climax like never before. I feel your juices flow into me, filling me, my juices mix with yours as my orgasm floods through me. We shudder in unison as we cum together. You collapse onto me totally spent, our bodies shining with perspiration, our breathing ragged.

It is then that I realize I am at my computer, but how could this be? It was real I know it was. I feel myself wet from cumming. My computer screen tells me that you are as awed as me at the intensity of our cyber love making. I watch as you type bye, telling me you have to go but promising to come online again tomorrow. I sit there stunned for another 5 minutes, feeling contented and satisfied.

I feel a touch on my hand; I rouse from sleep, realizing that it was all a dream, a wonderful dream, knowing I will revisit our first cyber encounter over and over again in my dreams.

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