Among The Dunes


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Ken stretched and yawned, the sun felt good on his skin, the salt air’s tang invigorating his nostrils. He was glad he had decided to visit the beach today. It had been too long and he realized how much he had missed it. The breakup with Judy had been sharp and painful. They had been together for over two years, sharing everything, and then unexpectedly she left him for a guy she met online. “It was an instant attraction,” she said, “I don’t expect you to understand.” Of course, he didn’t, and they fought bitterly, culminating in her storming out the door, never to return. Her girlfriends came around to collect her things, mumbling apologizes to him as he sulked, pretending to watch TV.

He and Judy had loved the beach, spending as much time there as possible, enjoying the sunshine and teasing each other while applying sun tan lotion. Their hands would wander under their swimsuits, rubbing and caressing until they were both wild with lust. Then they would gather their blanket and towels and find a secluded spot deep in the undergrowth that fringed the beach dunes, peeling off their damp suits and fucking until they were exhausted. Ken rolled on his stomach, the memories of him licking Judy’s pussy while she sucked his stiff cock giving him an instant hard-on. He ground his crotch into the towel and the gritty sand beneath as the vivid memories swept over him. Judy was always vocal during their lovemaking, urging him to give it to her faster, harder, doggie style and up her gripping ass. He tried to conceal his movements from the beachgoers around him as he humped the sand, his arousal building; he had to get some relief soon.

He jumped to his feet, clutching his towel about his waist to hide his stiff cock straining against the swimsuit. Clutching his bottle of lotion, he glanced about him to see if anyone was watching. His gaze met that of an attractive, brown-haired young woman in a bikini who looked about his age, in her mid-twenties. Her breasts were small and firm, her figure slim with long legs and narrow hips. Her tanned skin glowed and she wore an amused grin, her brown eyes twinkling with mirth. I know what you’ve been doing, her look seemed to say, and I know what you’re going to do. Ken blushed and glanced down as he walked quickly towards the vegetation on the dunes, feeling her eyes on him every step of the way.

He remembered a place in the undergrowth where he and Judy used to go and fuck. Over there behind that clump of small trees was a clearing hidden from prying eyes. His cock felt ready to burst as it rubbed against the fabric of his swimsuit. Walking closer he heard moans and gasps from the clearing. He pushed a branch aside and saw a young man and woman lying naked on a blanket, kissing and caressing each other. The man rolled on his back, his throbbing cock glistening with pre-cum as the woman pumped it slowly in her hand. Kneeling over him, she spread her legs as he fingered her dripping pussy and sucked on a taut breast.

Ken barely stifled a moan of desire as he watched the couple masturbating, knowing what would happen next and wishing he were the man on the blanket. He pulled down his swimsuit and grasped his stiff dick. Snapping the cap on the tube of lotion, he squirted a blob into his hand, sank to his knees and acıbadem escort began stroke his rigid cock, watching eagerly as the woman straddled the man’s stiff prick.

Throwing her head back and sighing with pleasure, she lowered herself slowly until his pink shaft was all the way in her. She leaned forward and kissed him, their hips moving as he gripped her waist, their bodies twisting against each other. Ken’s clenched fist moved slowly up and down on his slippery cock, rubbing the purplish head before stroking down again and again. The couples moans and squeals rang in his ears as he shut his eyes and remembered the times he and Judy had fucked, their sweaty bodies moving as one as they climbed the peaks of pleasure.

Stroking his cock in time with the couples fucking, Ken suddenly noticed movement in the bushes across the clearing from him. A figure was barely visible behind the leaves, and then stepped into view for a better look at the couple. It was her, the brown-haired beauty from the beach! The one who’d been watching him earlier. Her top pulled up, she was squeezing and pinching her breast and erect nipple, while her other hand was busy between her spread legs, her suit bottom nowhere to be seen.

Their eyes met across the clearing and she pursed her lips in a kiss, he smiled and returned the kiss, their hands moving faster as the tempo of the couples fucking intensified, their own grunts and gasps increasing in volume as they neared climax. Ken and the brown-haired woman were not watching the couple any longer, they were watching each other masturbate, their eyes locked as they reveled in their self-pleasure.

The young woman’s hips thrust back and forth as her climax neared, her head thrown back she came with a soft cry, her body shivering in a spasm of release. Ken felt his balls tighten and pumped his cock frantically, his eyes never leaving hers. He could not stifle a low moan as he came, his cock spurting jets of sticky cum on the glossy leaves. He pumped repeatedly until he finished, his cock softening and the last of his cum dribbling out into his clenched hand and the sand below.

His vision blurred and when he could see again, she was gone. The couple on the blanket had cum as well, their cries of delight merging with Ken’s and the woman’s in a chorus of passion. Unaware of being watched the couple cuddled together on the blanket, kissing softly and talking in low tones. Ken pulled up his suit, wrapped the towel around his waist, turned and almost bumped into the brown-haired woman who had crept up behind him.

“I hope you’ve got more than one bullet in that gun, cowboy,” she said quietly. “I think I’d like to know you better.” Ken heard laughter behind him. Turning he saw the couple dressed and walking off through the woods. “I know just the place,” he replied, taking her hand and leading her into the clearing. Spreading their towels on the grass, they stripped and lay together, bodies warm in the afternoon sun.

“That was really something,” Ken murmured. “I never jacked off in front of anyone in public before…uh, what’s your name, by the way?”

“Kaitlin,” the young woman replied. “And I never jilled off in front of a guy in public either…ummm…”

“Ken,” he replied. “Ken and Kaitlin, sounds like a rock group,” he laughed.

“Speaking of rocks,” Kaitlin purred, rubbing Ken’s stiffening prick, “I think I’d like a piece of this one.” She rolled on her back, pulling her legs against her breasts, pussy glistening in the sunlight. “Ready to ride ’em cowboy?”

“Anything to please atalar escort a lady,” Ken replied, moving on top of her and rubbing his cock head on her pussy lips. “Is this what you want, little cowgirl?”

“All you got and then some…ooohhhh…good,” Kaitlin moaned as Ken thrust deep in her wet pussy, his cock head brushing her cervix, stretching the wet pink walls as he thrust in and out.

“Ahhhh, you’re so tight,” Ken gasped as Kaitlin’s vaginal muscles rippled along his pulsing shaft, squeezing it in a velvety fist, sending chills through him. Kaitlin locked her ankles around Ken’s ass, her hands gripping his shoulders as she impaled herself eagerly on his surging cock.

Ken crushed his lips against Kaitlin’s in a passionate kiss, their tongues dueling as they explored each other’s mouths. He hooked his arms under Kaitlin’s, rubbing her stiff nipples and firm breasts against his broad chest, the delicious friction of his chest hair against her smooth skin increasing their excitement.

“Mmmm…ohhhhh…faster, cowboy, faster,” Kaitlin moaned in Ken’s ear. Hips bucking as she rode the warm hardness, pussy juices flowing from her in waves.

“Oh, baby, you feel so damn good,” Ken moaned, grinding his hips against Kaitlin’s, his wiry pubic hair rubbing her aching clit as his cock moved rapidly in her velvet softness.

“Oooohh, fuck meee…cummingg…ahhhhh…” Kaitlin cried with passion, her body rigid as her climax hit full force, her pussy squirting around the stiff cock buried inside her, coating their thighs with warm cum.

“Ahhhhh… yeahhhh…” Ken grunted as his throbbing cock blasted rope after rope of sticky cum deep in Kaitlin’s hot pussy, continuing to thrust into her until they sank into a sweaty tangle of arms and legs, gasping and panting.

They kissed and hugged for a few moments, and then Ken rolled over placing Kaitlin on top of him, holding her closely. “That was incredible, just incredible,” he muttered. “That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had. Please don’t tell me you’re seeing someone or you’re married. I want to see you again.”

“Actually, I am quite interested in someone,” Kaitlin said happily. She grinned as Ken’s face fell, “It’s you, handsome, it’s you.” Ken hugged her, swatted her ass gently and they laughed.

As they pulled on their suits, Ken asked, “Why did you follow me? Where did you think I was going? Not that I’m not glad, I was just wondering.”

“I was watching you trying to screw your towel on the beach,” Kaitlin replied. “That was so hot and you looked cute and I just figured if I followed you we might get it on, and I was right. That jilling off session and watching that other couple doing it was an unexpected bonus.”

“Man, that was a huge turn-on,” Ken said excitedly. “I wouldn’t mind doing that with you again.”

“The watching, the jilling off or the fucking, hon?” Kaitlin giggled. “I’m up for all three if you are.”

“I’ve got the seats folded down in my SUV and there’s some air mattresses back there. But people walking by might see us…” Ken began, smiling as he saw the light in Kaitlin’s eyes.

“I seem to have found me an imaginative boyfriend,” Kaitlin replied, taking Ken’s hand. “Show me where you’re parked and we’ll have some more fun, unless you rather do it in my Miata.”

“Too cramped,” Ken said as they walked through the woods toward the parking lot. “I like room to move when I fuck.”

Holding hands, they ran to his SUV and climbed inside. He opened the windows allowing the cooling sea breeze to blow through and they aydınlı escort lay together on the air mattress, kissing and caressing. Kaitlin unhooked her top and sighed with pleasure as Ken tongued her stiff nipples. Her hand slipped inside his swimsuit, stroking his stiff cock as he sucked harder on her breasts.

Pulling away from each other, they stripped off their suits and lay naked, arms and legs entwined in a tight embrace. “I am so glad I decided to come to the beach today,” Ken murmured, his hands exploring Kaitlin’s firm body.

“Not half as glad as I am,” she whispered, rubbing her wet pussy against his hard cock. They rubbed their nipples together and exchanged open-mouthed kisses as their passions rose. Kaitlin raised her hips and guided Ken’s throbbing cock into her sopping pussy, moaning as it slid deep into her for the second time. Ken grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against him, rubbing her aching clit on his wiry pubic hair as she sighed with pleasure.

Kaitlin opened her eyes. She saw a small crowd gathering and watching them through the open windows. “Don’t look now, cowboy,” she whispered in his ear, “But we have company.”

“Let ’em watch,” he whispered back, “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Then let’s give ’em a show,” she replied thrusting harder against him, raising her hips so they could see his cock moving in her pussy. Ken gripped her waist, lifting her and sucking on her nipples, her long brown hair falling in clouds on his face. Knowing people were watching increased their excitement as they fucked, their writhing bodies making the SUV lurch and vibrate as the crowd grew around it.

“I can’t hold on much longer,” Ken groaned as Kaitlin’s pussy rippled along his cock. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Don’t hold back lover I’m right with you,” Kaitlin cried, her body going rigid as her orgasm swept through her. “Ohhhh….yesssss…fuck meeee…”

“Aahhhh…ahhhhhh…” Ken grunted as he pumped thick jets of cum deep in Kaitlin’s juicy pussy, his hands gripping her ass as she flooded his cock with her juices.

Gasping for breath they clung together as their orgasms subsided. The people outside began to applaud and cheer until a voice cried, “Aw shit, the cops.” In seconds, the crowd was gone as Ken pulled a blanket over them as they lay together, giggling like naughty children. Two annoyed police officers opened the SUV’s rear door and confronted them.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” demanded the tall female officer.

“Um…just sleeping officer,” Ken replied, holding the blanket to conceal their nudity.

“That’s right,” Kaitlin chimed in. “We were swimming all day and we were tired. So we took a nap.”

“Yeah, right,” the stocky male officer said. “Well no sleeping or whatever else you were doing in a public parking lot. Either go back on the beach or move along, and no more public disturbances.”

Ken pulled the door closed as the patrol car drove away. Laughing with relief at avoiding arrest, they put on their suits and climbed into the front seat. “Oh my, that was so much fun,” Kaitlin said, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

“It sure was,” Ken replied, running his hand along her leg, “How about some dinner? The Ocean Grille is just down the road.”

“Sounds great. All that fucking gave me an appetite. Can we come back for my car later?”

“Sure, and if you want to stop by my place afterwards, we can have dessert.”

“Your dick covered with chocolate sauce would be a fine dessert. Ever eaten chocolate flavored pussy?”

“Mmmmm, I’m thinkin’ about a chocolate flavored 69. And I just happen to have a squeeze bottle full in my fridge.”

“I’d rather squeeze this,” Kaitlin purred, rubbing his stiffening cock.

“Forget about dinner, let’s just have dessert,” Ken laughed as they roared away.

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