An unexpected 4some!

An unexpected 4some!Throughout the years, me and my best friend Stephanie have shared everything from clothes to cock! We have no secrets from each other and have been the others biggest cheerleader. We have made love together countless times and have also had several 3somes with our boyfriend’s at the time. This one evening was very different. I was dating a guy at the time and we were spending the evening at my house. She called and asked if she could come over. Of course I said yes. My boyfriend liked her and we had recently had a fantastic 3some with her. He enjoyed it very much. She is super gorgeous. When she got there, she was accompanied by a handsome guy that she had met the week before. I knew about him, but this was the first time we had met. Two days before, she had told me that they had sex for the first time. She gave me details as girls are known to do. I knew from her story that he was quite a passionate lover! We invited them both in, and had a great time. The guys hit it off like they had known each other for years. We decided to put on some music and the next thing I know we were dancing. Me and her gave the boys quite a sexy show. My boyfriend was getting turned on. Her boyfriend was a little more quiet, taking it all in. Steph made a crack about having recently being fucked by my boyfriend and that I should in all fairness have a chance to try her new guy out. He said, hey, whatever makes us horny! She then challenged my boyfriend saying that she could make him cum fast! He said prove it…! antalya escort We had been sipping some wine so everyone was feeling very relaxed. He then said to her, not only will I last longer than you, but that he would have her screaming! She then goes over, gets on the couch, unzips his pants and pulls out his fully erect cock. She smiled and started immediately sucking him. Me and her boyfriend, who I didn’t really know, were sitting on the other couch enjoying the show. I could tell that he was a little shy so I gently rubbed his leg. He then tells me that maybe we should join in and have our own fun. I moved over closer and began rubbing him. I could feel the pressure building in his pants. When my hand finally rubbed over his cock I couldn’t believe it. He was huge! I was watching my best friend give my boyfriend a fantastic blowjob while I was teasing her boyfriend’s cock. He unbuttoned my shirt and lifted my skirt, exposing my little panties. I wore those sexy panties anticipating my boyfriend getting to enjoy them. He rubbed my bottom and said damn! Your ass is beautiful. I knelt down and unbuttoned his pants. I slowly reached my hand into them and pulled out his cock. OMG it was so big!!! I actually laughed and yelled, Steph you weren’t joking. The sound of her sucking my boyfriend and his moans were making my pussy wet. I asked him to stand up. I then pulled him by his cock over to the couch they were on. He sat down and I then joined her on my knees and began sucking his monster cock. His escort antalya back arched when I took it in my wet, warm mouth. It barely fit but it didn’t stop me. She paused her blowjob to admire what I was doing. She then pushed my hair over my ear and said, wait until he fucks you. You will love it. She then went back to work. My boyfriend had a hand full of her hair as he was pumping her pretty face. He then said, ok…time to pound that pussy. She jumps up and lays on her back. He said he was going to pound her good. He then puts her ankles on his shoulders and slammed into her in one morion. She moaned loudly. Her head was right next to mine as I was sucking his cock. I pulled him out of my mouth to kiss her lips. She was panting from the fucking she was getting. She then yelled, OMG thats harder than last week. He just kept fucking her. Her boyfriend then couldn’t take it anymore…he said, I want to fuck you from behind. I pulled my panties down to my knees and bent over Stephanie. He got behind me and I could feel his hands on my ass. He spread me open and tapped his cock an my bottom. It felt hard, heavy and huge. His precum was dripping from his cock as I felt the head circle my already wet pussy. He didn’t say anything as he slowly pushed his cock into me. He pulled out quickly and went hard back in. A couple more times of that and he was covered in my cum making it easy for him to thrust. And…thrust he did!!! My boyfriend has a large cock, but this was muck thicker. It felt amazing. I antalya escort bayan held my breath and tried to hold it in but after a minute or so I screamed out in passion. Stephanie was now kissing me between her own cries. At one point I know they high fived. They were having NO mercy on our pussies. We then changed positions. She bent over and I went on my back. He pulled my panties off and spread my legs. I pulled them back so he could get deeper. He supported his weight with his arms and began fucking me hard. I was now crying like a school girl. Steph was really getting fucked hard and I could hear her cute bottom being spanked by my boyfriend. All of the sudden she exploded. Her cum covering his cock. She was glowing. My boyfriend didn’t pull out, but he paused inside her. After she was done cumming, he swatted her bottom and announced that she lost. He lasted longer. Then he grabbed her hips and fucked her harder. She came again and a few seconds later he blew his load inside her. He came hard. He kept his cock in her pussy. The whole time her boyfriend was pounding me good. Stephanie reached over and touched my clit and I exploded. I came violently. My pussy spasmed around his massive baby maker. He never slowed down, driving his cock hard. A minute later he pulled out and blew his load on me. The first shot went over me and hit Stephanie in the hair. The next several shots covered my belly. She then went down and sucked the rest out of him. He then fell back on the couch. We were all satisfied. We were naked and sticky with cum. We pulled ourselves together and had a little more wine. We all had such a great time that we got together a few more times. Unfortunately Stephanie no longer dates him, but we will always have a few awesome memories.

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